Birth Records for King County Washington

Extracted from the King County Birth Register

arranged by surname

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All information has been extracted from a government website.
Note: I have access to more information on all the births located on this page, if you would like more information please email me here.
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Last Name First Name Date Father's Last Father's First Mother's Last Mother's First Gender
Aabling 1897 Aabling A M
Abb 1900 Frank Guthart Rebecca F
Abbot Walter 1905 Abbot Chas Stein Cecelia M
Abbott E Lillie 1897 Abbott William Abbott Blanche F
Abbott 1906 Abbott Cecil Mannon Blanch F
Abbott 1907 Abbott Chas Stein Cecelia F
Abbott 1907 Abbott A Gilden Gertrude M
Abel Geo 1905 Abel Sam Oliver Gertrude M
Abelsath Ruth 1898 Abelsath John Olson Tad F
Abelst 1895 Abelst John Olsen Ida F
Abernathey 1907 Abernathy Albert Freese Lydia F
Abraham Bergetrom 1904 Abraham Lewis Abraham Annie F
Abraham Ruth 1901 Abraham Louis Davis Rose M
Abraham 1905 Abraham Wm English Annie M
Abrahams 1900 Abrahams A Cadwell Maud F
Abrahams 1904 Abrahams Lewis Jones Demaris F
Abrahams 1905 Abrahams A Caldwell Maud M
Abrahams 1906 Abrahams S Doris F
Abrahamson 1905 Abrahamson A Grastad Jenny F
Abrahamson 1905 Abrahamson H Saragrew Ellen F
Abrahamson 1905 Abrahamson A Olsen Sophia M
Abrahamson 1906 Abrahamson F Larson Anna M
Abrahamson 1906 Abrahamson Frank Olson Lilli M
Abram 1900 Abram Joseph Sheminske Slay M
Abramof 1906 Abramof Stephen Tonlabajof Mary M
Abrams Dorothy 1891 Abrams John Ross Marion M
Abrams 1894 Abrams Jacob Crawford Mamie M
Abrams 1897 Abrams Rich Anderson Mattie M
Abrams 1901 Abrams Richard Anderson Martha F
Abrams 1906 Abrams N Littlefield F
Acorn 1905 Acorn D M
Adair 1900 Adair Geo M
Adams Arthur 1901 Adams Arthur Eat Rhoda M
Adams baby 1899 Adams Ed Brown Carrie M
Adams Helen 1902 Adams Eugene Langley Mabel F
Adams Jas 1893 Adams John Hay Janet M
Adams Leslie 1896 Adams Walter Hart Hattie M
Adams Lorance 1899 Adams M Klatt Silma M
Adams M 1907 Adams John Bertram Helena F
Adams Ronald 1904 Adams Leslie Tyler Jessie M
Adams V 1898 Adams E Simpson O F
Adams 1892 Adams G Mcwilliams C F
Adams 1892 Adams Clarence Youngs Edith F
Adams 1893 Adams Ernest Fanell Rena F
Adams 1894 Adams Chas Mullarkey Mary F
Adams 1896 Adams Clarence Young Edith F
Adams 1898 Adams C Youngs E F
Adams 1899 Adams C Youngs Caith F
Adams 1899 Adams Geo Morris Nettie M
Adams 1900 Adams A Hummell Anna F
Adams 1900 Adams Dorr Bridges Mabel M
Adams 1901 Adams R Chatman Sarah F
Adams 1902 Adams A Ranson Alice F
Adams 1903 Adams Harry Ebbens Annie F
Adams 1905 Adams Chas Villabba Jennie F
Adams 1905 Adams Wm Weeks Ida F
Adams 1905 Adams Fred Ra Dell Lena F
Adams 1905 Adams Geo Clary Emily M
Adams 1906 Adams Chas Villaba Jennie F
Adams 1906 Adams C Warde M
Adamson 1907 Adamson Franklin Glenn Samantha M
Addis 1900 Addis W Fonda M F
Addleman Hazel 1895 Addleman J Mclaughlin Emma F
Addleman 1891 Addleman John Sherer Stella F
Addleman 1893 Addleman Jno Sherer Stella F
Addleman 1897 Addleman J Mclaughlin Emma M
Aden 1902 Aden Frank Henderson Olga M
Adkins 1906 Adkins Claud Hay F
Adler 1898 Adler G Brunsel N F
Adler 1901 Adler Joseph Kraft Louisa F
Adsum Ruth 1893 Adsum Jonas Madson Ida F
Agassiz George 1902 Agassiz Lucian Stewart Eva M
Agassiz L 1898 Agassiz C Stewart Eva M
Agassiz 1892 Agassiz Rich Calligan Ada F
Agassiz 1895 Agassiz Richard Callagan Ada F
Agen Kathern 1901 Agen J Agen Florence F
Agen 1905 Agen J Ryan F
Agnew D 1907 Agnew Michael Yellers Katherine F
Agnew 1894 Agnew Mr M
Agnew 1894 Agnew John Evans M
Ah 1897 Ah Lung Hong Go F
Aharan 1898 Aharan S Rodger A M
Aheren 1903 Aheren Saml Rogers Carrie M
Ahlberg 1902 Ahlberg Elias Annie F
Ahnreg (?) 1905 Miller Lara M
Ahoo 1905 Unknown Ahoo Hilma M
Ahren 1906 Ahren Owen Watson Winnie F
Ahrens Flora 1897 Ahrens Andrew Smith Lulu F
Ahrens 1902 Ahrens Melvin Joenka Clara F
Ahrens 1907 Ahrens M Jorback Clara F
Aidisson J 1899 Aidisson M Albeginni M M
Aiken Robt 1902 Aiken R Downey H M
Aiken 1905 Aiken J Flaming Marie M
Aingham 1900 Aingham F Winkler Lulu F
Ainsworth 1893 Ainsworth F Haight Minnie M
Ainsworth 1897 Ainsworth E Grub Helen M
Aitken Frances 1905 Aitken C Steinberg Ida F
Aitkin 1902 Aitkin Alfred Smith Mamie F
Ajalo W 1906 Ajalo Oscar Kaslo Mauda M
Ajax 1898 Ajax H Austin Ethel F
Ajax 1900 Ajax Jas Conrad Maud M
Ajola Henry 1905 Ajola Oscar Kasla Wanda M
Akerman 1907 Akerman Earl Murphy Stella F
Akimoto M 1901 Akimoto M Shika F
Akimoto 1905 Akimoto U Akimoto Suka M
Akin 1905 Akin Robt Dewine Henrietta F
Alakangas 1904 Alakangas F Jossila Sofia F
Alberts 1892 Alberts Wm Grubb Ida M
Alberts 1900 Alberts Horace Moss Laura F
Albertson 1900 Albertson Edwd Beck M
Albertson 1905 Albertson Matais Olsen Hanna M
Albin R 1907 Albin Geo Burns Clarice M
Albin 1899 Albin John Backman Anna M
Albin 1902 Albin Peter August Nelson Mary M
Albrecht 1900 Albrecht M Topp A M
Albrecht 1906 Albrecht G Meier M
Albricht 1893 Albricht G Hoffman Marie M
Albright 1905 Albright F VanNorman Mary F
Albright 1906 Albright Morse Kirk Katherine F
Alden B 1899 Alden B Diemer Lila F
Alderson Thos 1901 Alderson Thomas Thomas P M
Aldrich 1907 Aldrich Claude Blair Lena F
Alexander Eva 1901 Taber John Alexander Sadie F
Alexander May 1895 Alexander B Sparling Mary F
Alexander 1891 Alexander J Emmons Effie M
Alexander 1893 Alexander David Amelia M
Alexander 1896 Alexander A Worsling Lillie M
Alexander 1897 Alexander Thos Mckavor Carey F
Alexander 1898 Alexander Alfred Nooding L M
Alexander 1900 Alexander Henry Adams Kittie F
Alexander 1900 Alexander A Wooding L M
Alexander 1905 Alexander Thos Mckeevan Caroline F
Alexander 1906 Alexander Wm Perkins Myra M
Alexandrof W 1898 Alexandrof Trikwons E M
Alexandroff A 1902 Alexandrof V Koores E F
Alfonso A 1907 Alfonso Vincent Ballagrino M F
Alfonso Lacey 1902 Alfonso Mike Alfonso Mary M
Alford Fredrick 1895 Alfred Frank Holmes Georgia M
Alford LeRoy 1906 Alford A Carter Nora M
Alfred 1902 Alfred Ida F
Alhrich 1902 Alhrich Paul Schileiff Kate M
Alin A 1907 Alin Peter Stonbacher Emma M
Alin 1898 Alin A Pearson Tilda M
Alin 1900 Alin Andrew Person Tilda F
Alison W 1898 Alison W Cahalin G M
Allard Olga 1899 Allard Alfred Irnbault Marie F
Allbin A 1898 Allbin John Backman A M
Alleman Chas 1901 Alleman Arnold Hull Bessie M
Allemandi F 1907 Allemandi Antony Olodisson Clementine M
Allen Ella 1891 Allen James Ward Viola F
Allen Emma 1891 Allen James Ward Viola F
Allen Frederick 1903 Allen Frank Oughton Lilly M
Allen George 1903 Allen J Adams Ellen M
Allen H 1899 Allen Howard Marshall Buji M
Allen H 1902 Allen C Stearling Claudia F
Allen Jesse 1892 Allen Wesley Hamilton Rose M
Allen John 1896 Allen P Otman Sara M
Allen K 1899 Allen E Soule Emma F
Allen Mercedes 1904 Allen Joseph Allen Ida F
Allen Orpha 1900 Allen James Ward
Allen Thomas 1892 Allen Ben Powell Jane M
Allen Willard 1904 Allen Henry Petty Libbie M
Allen 1891 Allen J Julia F
Allen 1891 Allen Eugene Soule Emma M
Allen 1892 Allen Eugene Soule Emma M
Allen 1894 Allen Eugene Soule Emma F
Allen 1895 Allen Arnold Hubbard Kate F
Allen 1895 Allen Frank O'Neal Alice F
Allen 1896 Allen Robert Prattey Sarah M
Allen 1896 Allen Eugene Soule Emma M
Allen 1897 Allen Alex F
Allen 1897 Allen Arnold Hubbard Kate M
Allen 1899 Allen A Hubbard Kate M
Allen 1900 Allen Pliny Oltman S M
Allen 1901 Allen Benjamin Seaber Ella M
Allen 1902 Allen Eugene Soule Emma F
Allen 1903 Allen Victor Richardson Maud F
Allen 1905 Allen B Abell Ida F
Allen 1905 Allen Geo Latimer Millicent M
Allen 1905 Allen Chas Lloyd Hannah M
Allen 1906 Allen Arn Hubbard Kate F
Allen 1906 Allen J Rawls Martha M
Allen 1906 Allen Victor Richardson Maud M
Allen 1907 Allen Geo Latimer Millie F
Allen 1907 Allen Russell Richmond Emma F
Allen 1907 Allen Mckenzie F
Allenby Snoogar 1902 Allenby Walter M
Alling Ebenezer 1891 Alling Horatio Dehank Catherine M
Allison D 1898 Allison W Bailey E F
Allison Floyd 1902 Detwiler Agnes M
Allison J 1901 Allison J Thompson Ella F
Allison 1897 Allison Hugh Allen Agnes F
Allison 1899 Allison Hugh Allen Agnes F
Allison 1899 Allison M Ford Effie M
Allison 1900 Allison H Allan Agnes F
Allison 1901 Allison William Grace Hattie M
Allison 1901 Allison Wm Kune Annie M
Allmain Anna 1903 Allmain Henry Englund Edith F
Allmond Euphemia 1905 Allmond C Weinell E F
Allred Baby 1902 Allred Jess Moss F
Allred 1906 Allred Jessie Moes Josephine F
Alm 1902 Alm Andrew Pearson H M
Alma Fred 1905 Alma B Bloemsma Gertrude M
Alme Paul 1906 Alme Iver Ingeborg M
Almquist 1907 Almquist John Erickson Mathilda M
Alphonso Tainy 1905 Alphonso Vincent Tellegrino Mary M
Alsbury 1903 Alsbury J M
Alslung 1905 Alslung J Campbell Clair M
Alstrom 1907 Alstrom Louis Hanson Julia M
Alter 1905 Alter J Dawse Dora F
Altizer Edwin 1894 Altizer L Lockridge Nettie M
Altman 1906 Altman P Lewis Lora F
Altshuler 1905 Altshuler Cass Keuch Lillian M
Amadi 1895 Amadi Vauchance Favro Mary M
Amato 1905 Amato Barnardo Bellinger Mary F
Amato 1905 Amato Vincent Ruffnis Josephine F
Ambrosie 1907 Ambrosie Louis Teti Masy F
Ames 1893 Ames Fred Chappel Ella M
Ames 1895 Ames John Preston Lillie F
Ames 1897 Ames John Preston Lillie F
Ames 1905 Ames Chas Longfellow Mabel M
Amick 1906 Amick Hal Padgitt Nellie F
Amith 1907 Smith Wm Frazier M
Amkrum 1907 Amkrum Frank Spaulding Jessie M
Ammerman 1901 Ammerman E F
Ammidon 1906 Ammidon Phillip Kimball Margaret M
Amson 1892 Amson A Aaberg Annie F
Amundsen 1905 Amundson C Anderson Ida F
Amundson Margaret 1905 Amundson A Nohnson Nellie F
Anabl 1899 Anabl C Anabl Kate M
Anardi F 1907 Anardi Vincent Farin Maria M
Anas 1905 Anas Ike Tumer Annie M
Anderson A 1893 Anderson Andrew Nerland Amanda M
Anderson Alf 1903 Anderson Jins Olsen M
Anderson Alma 1903 Anderson James Dalquist Alma F
Anderson Amelia 1897 Anderson Jno Berg Sarah F
Anderson Anna 1898 Anderson Anders Martinson Christina M
Anderson Anna 1900 Anderson Andrew Knutson Christina F
Anderson Baby 1902 Anderson August Berg Lena F
Anderson E 1892 Anderson Edw Johnson R M
Anderson E 1903 Anderson E Wilkes Ora M
Anderson E 1905 Anderson Hans Pribarge Mary F
Anderson Earnest 1899 Anderson A Johnson Charlott M
Anderson Edw 1891 Anderson Chas Abelona Mary M
Anderson Elvera 1905 Anderson E Edenstrom A F
Anderson Emma 1891 Anderson Benj F
Anderson Eva 1896 Anderson B Gunderson Anna F
Anderson F 1906 Anderson M Enock Annette F
Anderson Frank 1901 Anderson Frank M
Anderson Fred 1895 Anderson Anders Martinson Christina M
Anderson Fred 1895 Anderson Anders Mortinson Christine
Anderson Hazel 1895 Anderson A Lawrence Lillie F
Anderson Hendric 1894 Anderson Andrew Anderson Anna M
Anderson Hilda 1904 Anderson Anton Anderson Anna F
Anderson J 1898 Anderson J Pubu M M
Anderson Joseph 1887
Anderson Karl 1900 Anderson Chas Johnston Anna M
Anderson Lilly 1905 Anderson Albert Swanson Carolina F
Anderson Lola 1901 Anderson Bert Flood Evelene F
Anderson Louise 1905 Anderson Merton Marston Catherine F
Anderson M 1899 Anderson M Tobison Trina M
Anderson R 1897 Anderson Sam Calson Emma M
Anderson Ray 1903 Anderson Nels Holmann J M
Anderson Selma 1895 Anderson Wm Nilson Annie F
Anderson Stiffen 1905 Anderson Stiffen Hansen Annie F
Anderson Victorie 1894 Anderson J Nelson Olive F
Anderson Violet 1895 Anderson Andrew Carpenter Elsie F
Anderson Wm 1898 Anderson B Carlson M M
Anderson Wm 1899 Anderson Axel Bennett Lulu M
Anderson 1881
Anderson 1891 Anderson Axel M
Anderson 1892 Anderson Geo Osborne Annie F
Anderson 1892 Anderson Anders Christene M
Anderson 1892 Anderson S Beek D M
Anderson 1892 Anderson A Free Lena M
Anderson 1892 Anderson Chas Nelson Rena M
Anderson 1892 Anderson A Olsen Lena M
Anderson 1892 Anderson J M
Anderson 1892 Anderson K M
Anderson 1892 Anderson Ole M
Anderson 1893 Anderson Chas Headquist Annie F
Anderson 1893 Anderson C Nelson Lorena F
Anderson 1893 Anderson Emil Rippe Annie F
Anderson 1893 Anderson John Beck Susie M
Anderson 1893 Anderson August Olson Lizzie M
Anderson 1893 Anderson H M
Anderson 1893 Anderson Oscar Rosentwitt Pauline
Anderson 1894 Anderson R Delin Bertha F
Anderson 1894 Anderson Chas Mcpherson Laura F
Anderson 1894 Adams Clarence Young Adah M
Anderson 1894 Anderson Andrew Nesge Martha M
Anderson 1894 Anderson August Paulson Mary M
Anderson 1894 Anderson Louis Thompson Gunda M
Anderson 1894 Anderson William Williams Catherine M
Anderson 1895 Anderson Andrew Carpenter Elsie F
Anderson 1895 Anderson Nels Johnson Katie F
Anderson 1895 Anderson David Karlson Matilda F
Anderson 1895 Anderson August Treduka F
Anderson 1895 Anderson Knud Englebrettson Matilda M
Anderson 1895 Anderson Steve Hansen Anna M
Anderson 1895 Anderson C Johnson Louisa M
Anderson 1895 Anderson Charles Mcpherson Laura M
Anderson 1895 Anderson A Osborn Annie M
Anderson 1895 Anderson Robert Stewart May M
Anderson 1895 Anderson Albert Taylor Harret M
Anderson 1896 Anderson M Bartelson Irena F
Anderson 1896 Anderson John Gustavson Anna F
Anderson 1896 Anderson A Johnson Martha F
Anderson 1896 Anderson Knut Skebstadt Minnie F
Anderson 1896 Anderson A Dahlene Burta M
Anderson 1896 Anderson Wm Jones Catherine M
Anderson 1896 Anderson Andrew Knudson K M
Anderson 1896 Anderson John Olson Minnie M
Anderson 1896 Anderson Chas Sevenson Wilhelmine M
Anderson 1896 Anderson Alexander M
Anderson 1897 Anderson A Egge Marie F
Anderson 1897 Anderson C Johnson Louise F
Anderson 1897 Anderson Peder Nelson Ellen F
Anderson 1897 Unknown Anderson Ida F
Anderson 1897 Anderson Wm Nilson Annie M
Anderson 1897 Anderson John Olson Anna M
Anderson 1898 Anderson J Christofferson P F
Anderson 1898 Anderson J Johnson A F
Anderson 1898 Anderson J Berg Sarah M
Anderson 1898 Anderson B Englesussess W M
Anderson 1898 Anderson Steph Hanson Anna M
Anderson 1898 Anderson F Kelly Mary M
Anderson 1898 Anderson A Vorss Martha M
Anderson 1898 Anderson L Thompson M
Anderson 1898 Anderson Otto
Anderson 1899 Anderson A Anderson Anna F
Anderson 1899 Anderson N Anderson Amanda F
Anderson 1899 Anderson A Dahlene B F
Anderson 1899 Anderson Fred Gustafson Anna F
Anderson 1899 Anderson Carl Johnson Christina F
Anderson 1899 Anderson Niels Larson Lina F
Anderson 1899 Anderson J Gough N M
Anderson 1899 Anderson Jacob Brawarsky M
Anderson 1900 Anderson O Hoggswell Hedda F
Anderson 1900 Anderson Otto Landen Elsie F
Anderson 1900 Anderson Wm Mastersen Clara F
Anderson 1900 Anderson Otto Newman Anna F
Anderson 1900 Anderson C Carlson Alma M
Anderson 1900 Anderson A Christianson M M
Anderson 1900 Anderson S Hansen Annie M
Anderson 1900 Anderson G Osborn Margaret M
Anderson 1900 Anderson E Illegible M
Anderson 1901 Anderson Gustave Tilda F
Anderson 1901 Anderson Victor Anderson Matilda F
Anderson 1901 Anderson Elaf Buckstrom Elemona F
Anderson 1901 Anderson Ira Hurbert Laura F
Anderson 1901 Anderson Ole Lavatte Gertrude F
Anderson 1901 Anderson A Wilson Roda F
Anderson 1901 Anderson Nels Larsen Lena M
Anderson 1901 Anderson A Nelson Annie M
Anderson 1901 Anderson Peter Nielson Merry M
Anderson 1901 Anderson C Schllichtman M
Anderson 1902 Anderson Axel Bennett Lulu F
Anderson 1902 Anderson E Carlson Alma F
Anderson 1902 Anderson Otto Newman Annie F
Anderson 1902 Anderson Hans Prisbarg Mary F
Anderson 1902 Anderson Chas Mcpherson Laura M
Anderson 1902 Anderson W Page Emma M
Anderson 1903 Anderson A Nielson Ana F
Anderson 1903 Anderson Peder Olson Jenny F
Anderson 1903 Anderson N Peterson Christine F
Anderson 1903 Anderson Ole Sorenson Kristine F
Anderson 1903 Anderson William Stewart Jaenie F
Anderson 1903 Anderson Geo Walby Lena M
Anderson 1904 Anderson Frank Rhodes Ruth Abigail F
Anderson 1904 Anderson Ira Brown Altha F
Anderson 1904 Anderson Ira Brown Altha F
Anderson 1904 Anderson Nels Roberts Edna F
Anderson 1904 Anderson John Sanders Jennie F
Anderson 1904 Anderson Ben Hoglof Hilda M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Chas Anderson M F
Anderson 1905 Anderson Theodore Mcbro Sarah F
Anderson 1905 Anderson J Mccutchin Nellie F
Anderson 1905 Anderson C Mcpherson Laura F
Anderson 1905 Anderson A Quaal Louise F
Anderson 1905 Anderson John Segahstrom E F
Anderson 1905 Anderson A F
Anderson 1905 Anderson J Burket F
Anderson 1905 Anderson John Abrahamson Ester M
Anderson 1905 Anderson R Fenton Maud M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Fred Gross Anna M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Saml Lirrysky Hannah M
Anderson 1905 Anderson B Pederson Elise M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Carl Sigstrom Mami M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Perry Tomquist Hanna M
Anderson 1905 Anderson Ira M
Anderson 1905 Anderson C Thompson M
Anderson 1906 Anderson N Eimers Kate F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Martin Hedstrom Marie F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Anton Lebor Rosalia F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Gustaf Ostrom Eleen F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Nels Roberts Edna F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Wm Stewart Jeannie F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Frank Ring F
Anderson 1906 Anderson Hjalinan Barry Kathryn M
Anderson 1906 Anderson R Berquist Ellen M
Anderson 1906 Anderson W Cole Vera M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Carl Cook Fannie M
Anderson 1906 Anderson F Flaherty Rose M
Anderson 1906 Anderson O Hagen Vera M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Nils Hanson Karolina M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Bert Hill Jennie M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Jos Johannson Addie M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Gus Johnson Bertha M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Oscar Johnson Elizabeth M
Anderson 1906 Anderson T Lachrison Maria M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Chas Loorson Mary M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Jas Mcaloon Ida M
Anderson 1906 Anderson A Nelson Anna M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Otto Ogren Ellen M
Anderson 1906 Anderson John Olson Anna M
Anderson 1906 Anderson W Page Emma M
Anderson 1906 Anderson A Quall Louisa M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Peter Sorenson Mary M
Anderson 1906 Anderson John Tovitchell Addie M
Anderson 1906 Anderson John Tovitchell Addie M
Anderson 1906 Anderson Jonas Westland Emma M
Anderson 1907 Anderson H Berry Katherine F
Anderson 1907 Anderson Chas Fablend Anna F
Anderson 1907 Anderson C Faulk Anna F
Anderson 1907 Anderson Gus Lee Sigrid F
Anderson 1907 Anderson LeRoy Matson Clara F
Anderson 1907 Anderson C Anderson Anna M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Victor Anderson Ida M
Anderson 1907 Anderson John Hedlund Mathilda M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Sam Lilleskeg Hannah M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Andrew Olson Andia M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Bernt Petterson Lizzie M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Gordon Seaman Christine M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Carl Swanson Sigrid M
Anderson 1907 Anderson Carl Zellar Clara M
Anderson 1907 Anderson M Laffroy M
Anderton 1906 Anderton Jas Bronniche Amelia M
Ando K 1907 Ando Taijiro Sekino M
Andreas 1903 Andreas Gus Andrens Mary May M
Andresin 1906 Andriesen P Overdiep Aafge M
Andrews R 1898 Andrews H Mcpherson A M
Andrews 1893 Andrews C Swaggart Ida F
Andrews 1893 Andrews Wm Irving Annie M
Andrews 1893 Andrews E Orth Sarah M
Andrews 1893 Andrews Todd Smith Rhoda M
Andrews 1897 Andrews Franklin Drekow Elizabeth F
Andrews 1898 Andrews F
Andrews 1905 Andrews Edw Henning Clara M
Andrews 1907 Andrews Oliver Gale Jenette F
Andrews 1907 Andrews J Evans Cora M
Andrews 1907 Andrews Lyman Rehanke Henriette M
Andrus 1906 Andrus Clifford Nemdorffer Marie M
Angel Wesley 1904 Angel Wm Richards M
Angelo 1900 Angelo Jas Katrina Georgia M
Angelo 1905 Angelo J George Carrie M
Angle Andrew 1896 Angle Jim Morris Mary M
Angle 1898 Angle Edw Davidson F M
Anicich Francis 1894 Anicich Anton May Florence M
Annand 1900 Annard Wm Patterson Anna M
Annibal M 1907 Annibal G Way Grace F
Anordi 1899 Anordi V Forks Mary F
Ansell 1907 Ansell John F
Ansley 1905 Ausley Wm Rowan Jean M
Anthoney 1905 Anthony H Mulholland C M
Anthony Elizabeth 1894 Anthony David Nicholas Margaret F
Anthony Philip 1905 Anthony Mark Bittle Ida M
Anthony R 1907 Anthony R Beach Eleanor M
Anthony 1906 Anthony Mark King Anna F
Anthony 1907 Anthony Walter Lake Jennie M
Antier 1905 Antier Micheal Gorham Myrtle F
Anton Estella 1892 Anton Fred'k Krueger Augusta F
Antonairch 1905 Antonairch John Drark Mardard M
Antoncich 1906 Antoncich Lewis Berry Anna F
Antonin 1898 Antonin J M
Apelloina 1893 Apelloina D Tranata Sanda M
Apestrand 1906 Aspestrand E Kogstad Helen M
Aplain 1907 Aplain M
Appenzeller 1906 Appenzeller A Gest Lizzie F
Appenzelles 1906
Applegate 1894 Applegate Chas Smith Cavia F
Appleton 1902 Appleton Frank Taylor Althea F
Arabalad 1907 Arabalad Geo Narhis Wadia F
Arai N 1905 Arai S Aral Y M
Arbore 1905 Arbore John Goetsch Anna M
Archambeau 1907 Archambeau R Vestrees Alyce M
Archer 1906 Archer A Thornton Cilie(?) F
Archibald George 1905 Turner Mary M
Archibald 1899 Archibald C Shanahan May F
Archibald 1907 Archibald Robert Gage Gertrude F
Arcoodares 1906 Arcoodares Nicholas Wilson Dorothy F
Ardway Ruth 1892 Amway Jay Livesley Blanche F
Argens 1898 Argens Henry Closson Eliza M
Argens 1901 Argens Henry Clausen Eliza F
Ariex 1902 Ariex Philip Binorini F
Ariizumi Keirjo 1905 Ariizuma D Nishimura Yon F
Arina K 1906 Arina Kitaro Arina Suye M
Arita S 1907 Arita Satoo Tetsu F
Arlitt 1892 Arlitt Gustave Kuenhman H F
Arlitt 1895 Arlitt Gustave Karuchmann Hellena F
Armentrout Hazel 1906 Armentrout Chas Anabee Eunice F
Armitage 1898 Armitage J Hobitsell A M
Armons 1901 Armons William Cook Susie M
Armour R 1898 Armour Thos Duchage M
Armour 1898 Armour W Cook Susie F
Armstrong Adelaide 1905 Armstrong Chas Wildberger Adelaide F
Armstrong Dennis 1897 Armstrong Dennis Turner Mary M
Armstrong G 1898 Armstrong J Acurlia O F
Armstrong S 1900 Armstrong T Lacy C M
Armstrong 1895 Armstrong Wm Pell Anna F
Armstrong 1896 Armstrong Jno Erickson Bertha M
Armstrong 1896 Armstrong Wm Hoyt Mary M
Armstrong 1898 Armstrong F Argyle Annie F
Armstrong 1898 Armstrong I Clark Clara M
Armstrong 1900 Armstrong R Boyd P F
Armstrong 1900 Armstrong I Clark Clara M
Armstrong 1900 Armstrong I Clark Clara M
Armstrong 1904 Armstrong Geo Mcevoy May M
Armstrong 1906 Armstrong J Fadenhauer Kate F
Armstrong 1906 Armstrong Oliver Schwartz Mary F
Armstrong 1906 Armstrong E Brockisay Cossa M
Armstrong 1907 Armstrong G Keddell Clara M
Arnardi 1897 Arnardi V Favoro Mary M
Arndt 1898 Arndt F Watson E F
Arndt 1907 Arndt August Bauer Minnie M
Arnell 1900 Arnell J Hansen Emma M
Arnell 1905 Amell J Hanson Emma M
Arnesen 1902 Arnesen Nils Christiansen Carrie F
Arnevick 1907 Arnevich Axel Tweet Randy M
Arnewick 1903 Arnewick Axel Tabect Romdy M
Arniss 1905 Arniss S Milland Ester F
Arnold Helen 1902 Arnold Solon Campbell Ida F
Arnold Silas 1900 Arnold S Greer Alice F
Arnold 1898 Arnold S Greer A F
Arnold 1898 Arnold J Millbrandt S F
Arnold 1899 Arnold Peter Purdy Millie M
Arnold 1901 Arnold Peter Purdy Milllie F
Arnold 1901 Arnold Samuel Raney Annnie F
Arnold 1901 Arnold Sila Greer Amalia M
Arnold 1902 Arnold H F
Arnold 1903 Arnold Samuel Raney Anna M
Arnold 1906 Arnold C Hines Cliston F
Arnold 1906 Arnold Andrew Arnold Marion F
Arnold 1906 Arnold Grant Peterson Nellie F
Arnold 1906 Arnold Byron Allen Fanny M
Arnold 1906 Arnold John Milbern Louise M
Arnold 1907 Arnold C Bumstead Lena F
Arnoldo 1905 Arnoldo Egidio Leconanet Louise F
Arnstron 1901 Arnstron A Anderson Gurta M
Aronev 1902 Aronev Israel Baugham Lena F
Aronin 1907 Aronin Mendel Klevey Gene F
Aronson 1905 Aronson Chas Goldstein Della F
Aronsonson 1898 Aronsonson Sig Morganstern Eva F
Arp 1900 Arp L DePue Maud F
Arrata 1895 Arrata Rosa M
Arrowsmith 1896 Arrowsmith John Ihm Millie F
Arrowsmith 1898 Arrowsmith J Ihm Miller F
Arrowsmith 1901 Arrowsmith John F
Arrowsmith 1904 Arrowsmith John Thon Millie F
Artaza M 1907 Artaza Justo Egnsquinza Teresa F
Arter 1905 Arter A Mynatt Grace F
Arthur W 1898 Arthur C Karstad B F
Arthur 1896 Arthur Wm Harrison Helen M
Arthur 1905 Arthur John Hirsh Amy F
Arutson Wiegard 1906 Arutson A Wingard Sigrid M
Arveson 1905 Arveson John Rasmussen Sene F
Asbridge O 1907 Ashbridge Otto Stirling Agnes M
Aschout 1901 Aschout Henry Cason Catherine M
Ash 1901 Ash I Mabery Monica M
Ash 1907 Ash E Rhodes Alice F
Ashland Percy 1899 Ashland Percy Low Julia M
Ashling 1906 Ashling Percy Seavey Louise M
Ashman Inez 1897 Ashman P Davis Ella F
Ashton M 1898 Ashton Clifford Rauschilbach A F
Ashton 1902 Ashton Wm Mook Sarah M
Ashworth 1892 Ashworth W Colestrowpot H F
Ashworth 1895 Ashworth Wm Calestropant N M
Askberg 1902 Askberg Carl Anna F
Askman 1894 Askman Philip Davis Ella F
Aslakson Cecil 1905 Oslakson J Evanson Cora F
Asmernig 1905 Asmernig C Ekenan Hannah M
Asmervig 1903 Asmervig C Eiman Hannah F
Asp M 1894 Asp Peter Mabey Manika M
Aspland 1905 Aspland Wm Wagenblast Minnie F
Aspria 1905 Aspria Nicolis Muscolo Maria F
Astry 1907 Astry W Ragars Rebeckly F
Ateinson 1898 M
Atkins 1896 Atkins John Brown Lucy F
Atkins 1899 Atkins Wm Fitzgerald Agnes F
Atkins 1906 Atkins Henry DeCamp Mary F
Atkinson 1894 Atkinson James Dillen Mary M
Atkinson 1894 Atkinson Fred Flemming Lottie M
Atwater 1906 Atwater John Jones Tessie F
Atwood R 1907 Atwood S Burwell Edith M
Aubry Rasin 1902 Aubry John Otter Kittie F
Auburn R 1898 Auburn C Pulver J F
Auburn 1900 Auburn N Celere M M
Auckland 1905 Auckland J Black Mary F
Audette 1892 Audette J Watson Margaret F
Auernheime 1892 Auernheimer A Berthold L F
Auernheimer Julia 1900
Auers Ella 1892 Auers David Lower Susie F
Auers 1907 Auers Chas Beaker Anna F
Aughton R 1906 Aughton James Teal Birdie M
Auld 1894 Auld A Tiedemann Nettie F
Auld 1895 Auld Edwin Friedmann Anneke M
Ault 1900 Ault John M
Aultion 1895 Aultion Julius Land Maria M
Aune 1894 Aune Andrew Iverson Mary F
Aust 1894 Aust Geo Whittington Elsie F
Austen 1907 Austen Horton Millett M
Austin Albert 1906 Austin A Lewis Josephine M
Austin Evelyn 1907 Austin L Moffitt Mary M
Austin H 1906 Austin J Churchill Ruth F
Austin 1895 Austin W Close Neva M
Austin 1895 Austin Frank Ruper Hattie M
Austin 1897 Austin W Close Veva M
Austin 1902 Austin Albert Lewis Josie F
Austin 1904 Austin Julian Grasch Leman M
Austin 1905 Austin J Smith Phoebe M
Austin 1905 Austin B Sweny Jennie M
Austin 1906 Austin Alonzo Flander Alma F
Austin 1907 Austin C Avey Adelaide F
Avar 1907 Avar Arthur Farrell Florence F
Averbuch 1907 Averbuch M Welpin Sonia M
Aversano M 1906 Aversano Mike Gando Fannie F
Avery 1900 Avery Bertrand Spencer Grace M
Avery 1903 Avery Don Johnck Caroline F
Avesano Raphello 1905 Avesano Michalo Andello Fanny M
Avey 1897 Avey H Burness Mary M
Axe Ellen Vivian 1897 Axe Burton Lapham Laura Elizabeth F
Axling 1906 Axling Phil Steidel Julia M
Ayers 1898 Ayers D Cameron T F
Ayers 1902 Ayers William Blanchard Rose F
Ayers 1903 Ayers G Leney Minnie F
Ayers 1906 Ayers W Sisler Nora F
Ayton Rachael 1902 Ayton James Crapp Lillian F
Ayton 1901 Ayton James Cropp Marian M

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