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Anti-Chinese Riots at Seattte[sic], WN., February 8th, 1886

By Geo. Kinnear
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Riots, Seattle Washington, Feb. 8, 1911


Work in Progress!!

The History of Seattle, Washington: with Illustrations and Biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers.

Edited by Frederic James Grant
New York, American Publishing and Engraving Co., Publishers


Chapter I. Introductory

Chapter II. Settlement and pioneer times

Chapter III. Indian War of 1855-56--Siege of Seattle

Chapter IV. Development of local interests after the Indian War

Chapter V. The struggle for existence

Chapter VI. The lynching of Howard, Sullivan and Payne

Chapter VII. The anti-Chinese agitation

Chapter VIII. The great fire

Chapter IX. Events after the fire

Chapter X. Commercial development and general growth

Chapter XI. Manufactures

Chapter XII. Railroads and navigation

Chapter XIII. The stages of growth from 1867 to recent times

Chapter XIV. Phenomenal growth of the present

Chapter XV. Commercial conditions and prospects

Chapter XVI. Schools

Chapter XVII. Churches

Chapter XVIII. Banks

Chapter XIX. Courts and judges

Chapter XX. Newspapers

Chapter XXI. General description of the city

Chapter XXII. Men of Seattle

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