Divorce Records for King County Washington 1870-1899

All information has been extracted from a government website.

I usually have more information on these folks listed, but I wanted to get them online.
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Last First Year Def/Pet Case Number Action Sought
Abbott S B Defendant 1873 KNG-27 Divorce/Custody
Alicoate James Defendant 1888 KNG-5746 Divorce
Alland Frances Defendant 1885 KNG-4685 Divorce
Anderson Louis Defendant 1884 KNG-3662 Divorce/Custody
Arnold Lucia Jane Defendant 1882 KNG-2820 Divorce
Atkins A W Defendant 1884 KNG-3656 Divorce
Babcock Nelson Defendant 1870 KNG-34 Divorce/Custody
Bailey George A Defendant 1887 KNG-5544 Divorce
Bales Julia J Defendant 1883 KNG-3274 Divorce
Bales Julia J Defendant 1887 KNG-5558 Divorce
Ball Caroline Defendant 1887 KNG-5457 Divorce/Custody
Bartholomew William A Defendant 1874 KNG-39 Divorce/Custody
Barton Orrel Lawrence Defendant 1887 KNG-5682 Divorce
Basler G A Defendant 1888 KNG-5864 Divorce
Beckemeyer Kate Defendant 1889 KNG-6726 Divorce
Bedell Charles C Defendant 1889 KNG-6902 Divorce
Beglie Jacob Defendant 1889 KNG-6674 Divorce
Bell Adam Defendant 1888 KNG-5808 Divorce
Bell Isabel Defendant 1871 KNG-38 Divorce
Belshee Zutulby Defendant 1876 KNG-87 Divorce
Bender John Defendant 1887 KNG-5326 Divorce
Benson Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-6563 Divorce
Bertrand Edward Defendant 1889 KNG-7063 Divorce
Bidekoff Mary Defendant 1882 KNG-2918 Divorce
Bisazza Ellen Defendant 1889 KNG-6932 Divorce
Blair William H Defendant 1878 KNG-1761 Divorce; Alimony
Blick William Defendant 1889 KNG-7353 Divorce
Boman George M Defendant 1883 KNG-3296 Divorce
Brace Jessie Defendant 1889 KNG-7416 Divorce
Bradovitch Josephine Defendant 1889 KNG-7039 Divorce
Brand John Defendant 1889 KNG-7376 Divorce/Custody
Brownfield Harriett Defendant 1874 KNG-43 Divorce
Bryant Clara B Defendant 1885 KNG-4463 Divorce/Custody
Bryden Jennie Defendant 1888 KNG-6267 Divorce
Buckley John Defendant 1867 KNG-45 Divorce
Bunster Nicholas H Defendant 1885 KNG-4623 Divorce
Bunte John G Defendant 1873 KNG-83 Divorce
Burget James Defendant 1886 KNG-4796 Divorce/Custody
Burns John Defendant 1885 KNG-4390 Divorce/Custody; Conveyance of Deed
Burns Margaret Defendant 1885 KNG-4390 Divorce/Custody; Conveyance of Deed
Busha William Defendant 1887 KNG-5109 Divorce/Custody
Cadwell Geneieve Defendant 1882 KNG-2950 Divorce
Caldwell Catherine Defendant 1887 KNG-5529 Divorce
Calhoun Margaret Defendant 1889 KNG-6749 Divorce
Calmyer Christian Defendant 1881 KNG-2633 Divorce
Calmyer Christian Defendant 1882 KNG-2945 Divorce
Campbell David Rice Defendant 1865 KNG-144 Divorce/Custody; Alimony
Caous Martha Defendant 1883 KNG-3337 Divorce
Carlson Anna G Defendant 1889 KNG-7417 Divorce
Carlton Harry L Defendant 1888 KNG-6146 Divorce
Carr Josephine Defendant 1876 KNG-174 Divorce/Custody
Carskaden Eliza Defendant 1876 KNG-166 Divorce
Caskey Lenora Defendant 1889 KNG-7086 Divorce
Chase Reuben W Defendant 1871 KNG-180 Divorce
Chauvin Peter Defendant 1888 KNG-5779 Divorce
Chick George H Defendant 1887 KNG-5498 Divorce
Christopher John Defendant 1883 KNG-3455 Divorce
Clancy Abigail Defendant 1876 KNG-198 Divorce
Clancy Abigail Defendant 1877 KNG-168 Divorce
Cline Ella Defendant 1887 KNG-5383 Divorce
Comfort Luella Defendant 1889 KNG-6774 Divorce
Condon Catherine Defendant 1874 KNG-199 Divorce/Custody
Conner James W Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Conner Richard C Defendant 1888 KNG-5840 Divorce
Corgiat Mary Defendant 1888 KNG-6342 Divorce
Coulter Sarah F Defendant 1877 KNG-216 Divorce/Custody
Cowan McClure Defendant 1884 KNG-3813 Divorce/Custody
Cramer Charles Defendant 1872 KNG-150 Divorce
Crater Celia C Defendant 1882 KNG-2909 Divorce
Crater Celia C Defendant 1882 KNG-3316 Divorce
Crawford Carrie S Defendant 1889 KNG-7365 Divorce/Custody
Creswell Rufus M Defendant 1885 KNG-4341 Divorce
Croft Emma C Defendant 1875 KNG-133 Divorce; Alleged Adultery of Defendant
Crosby Rebecca W Defendant 1877 KNG-1621 Divorce
Crossen Charles Defendant 1884 KNG-3738 Divorce
Cull Isabella Defendant 1877 KNG-1676 Divorce
Curtis Jesse Defendant 1889 KNG-7410 Divorce
Cushman George A Defendant 1889 KNG-6486 Divorce
Cutler William I Defendant 1889 KNG-7248 Divorce/Custody
D'Arcy James F Defendant 1879 KNG-2335 Divorce/Custody
Davis Charles M Defendant 1887 KNG-5111 Divorce/Custody
Davis George W Defendant 1883 KNG-3134 Divorce
Davis Izora L Defendant 1873 KNG-235 Divorce
Dawes Edward Defendant 1885 KNG-4286 Divorce/Custody
DeWitt John B Defendant 1889 KNG-6737 Divorce
Dickerson William E Defendant 1881 KNG-2786 Divorce
Dillon Martin A Defendant 1887 KNG-5565 Divorce
Dodds George A R Defendant 1885 KNG-4648 Divorce/Custody
Dodge Eugene W Defendant 1885 KNG-4281 Divorce/Custody
Doyea Frank E Defendant 1886 KNG-4950 Divorce
Dubois Henry Defendant 1886 KNG-5022 Divorce/Custody
Dunham Albert Defendant 1876 KNG-233 Divorce
Dunning George Defendant 1885 KNG-4304 Divorce/Custody
Dwyer John W Defendant 1881 KNG-2784 Divorce
Eberle Frederick Defendant 1877 KNG-244 Divorce/Custody
Edwards Henry H Defendant 1874 KNG-245 Divorce
Edwards Mary Defendant 1876 KNG-252 Divorce
Egan Johnston Defendant 1889 KNG-7222 Divorce
Eger George Defendant 1889 KNG-6733 Divorce/Custody
Ehman George Defendant 1888 KNG-5744 Divorce
Elwell Edgar H Defendant 1883 KNG-3174 Divorce
Emberthson Peter Defendant 1889 KNG-7377 Divorce/Custody
Ernst Jacob Defendant 1888 KNG-6245 Divorce
Esmonin Alexandra Defendant 1881 KNG-2595 Divorce
Essency James Defendant 1884 KNG-4054 Divorce/Custody
Evans William Defendant 1888 KNG-5756 Divorce
Facett Saletha E Defendant 1881 KNG-2632 Divorce
Fares Joseph Defendant 1878 KNG-1765 Divorce
Farley Margaret Defendant 1888 KNG-6193 Divorce
Farrar Converse P Defendant 1885 KNG-4598 Divorce
Ferguson James F Defendant 1872 KNG-270 Divorce/Custody
Fetzer Albert Defendant 1881 KNG-2673 Divorce
Finn George R Defendant 1887 KNG-5545 Divorce
Finnegan James Defendant 1887 KNG-5450 Divorce/Custody
Foster George H Defendant 1888 KNG-5895 Divorce
Foster Oscar W Defendant 1881 KNG-2768 Divorce
Foster W J Defendant 1889 KNG-6611 Divorce
Fowler Patrick Defendant 1870 KNG-267 Divorce
Freed Myra B Defendant 1883 KNG-3465 Divorce
Freeman Fred Defendant 1884 KNG-3971 Divorce
Freeman Mary Beard Defendant 1889 KNG-6463 Divorce
Frie Gottlief Defendant 1883 KNG-3289 Divorce
Fuge John W Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Gale J M Defendant 1889 KNG-6941 Divorce
Gallagher William R Defendant 1889 KNG-6928 Divorce
Ganke H A Defendant 1888 KNG-6167 Divorce
Gard Catherine Defendant 1874 KNG-301 Divorce
Garrett James M Defendant 1886 KNG-5054 Divorce
Gellerson Daniel Defendant 1876 KNG-309 Divorce
Gillespie Henry J Defendant 1889 KNG-7014 Divorce
Gilmore Ann E Defendant 1889 KNG-7225 Divorce
Givler Martin S Defendant 1876 KNG-319 Divorce
Glover Mary S Defendant 1889 KNG-7057 Divorce
Goodnow Christina Defendant 1885 KNG-4736 Divorce/Custody
Goodrich William Defendant 1888 KNG-5880 Divorce
Graham John Defendant 1889 KNG-6593 Divorce
Graham Mary E Defendant 1887 KNG-5258 Divorce
Graham Patrick Defendant 1886 KNG-5012 Divorce
Grant Fred Defendant 1889 KNG-6738 Divorce
Greely William Defendant 1889 KNG-6764 Divorce/Custody
Green Leander Defendant 1883 KNG-3188 Divorce
Griffin Eugene Defendant 1883 KNG-3240 Divorce
Grinwald Nina Defendant 1882 KNG-3102 Divorce
Grothen Lizzie Defendant 1879 KNG-2314 Divorce
Grothenn Theresa Defendant 1888 KNG-6457 Divorce
Grove Franklin H Defendant 1879 KNG-2315 Divorce
Hahn Minna T Defendant 1887 KNG-5562 Divorce
Hahn Minna Trillhof Defendant 1884 KNG-4157 Divorce
Haines Kate Defendant 1888 KNG-5973 Divorce
Hall Isaac M Defendant 1874 KNG-386 Divorce
Hall Isaac M Defendant 1883 KNG-3397 Divorce
Hall Walter B Defendant 1884 KNG-3731 Divorce
Hamblin Frank Defendant 1889 KNG-6736 Divorce
Hannon Thomas Defendant 1883 KNG-3334 Divorce
Hansen Gabriel Defendant 1889 KNG-6690 Divorce
Hanson John Defendant 1885 KNG-4638 Divorce/Custody
Harding Lucy Defendant 1884 KNG-3682 Divorce
Harn Michael Defendant 1889 KNG-7331 Divorce/Custody
Harrigan James Defendant 1882 KNG-2932 Divorce
Harriman John Defendant 1865 KNG-328 Divorce/Custody
Harrington Henry Defendant 1889 KNG-7432 Divorce
Harris Tracy S Defendant 1884 KNG-3719 Divorce
Harrison Thomas M Defendant 1887 KNG-5254 Divorce
Harshell John T Defendant 1888 KNG-6269 Divorce
Hart Eleanor Defendant 1886 KNG-4883 Divorce
Hart Eleanor Defendant 1886 KNG-4785 Divorce
Harvey James Defendant 1889 KNG-7029 Divorce
Harvey John Defendant 1871 KNG-347 Divorce
Helm G W Defendant 1864 KNG-358 Divorce
Hemen John F Defendant 1889 KNG-6755 Divorce
Hemen Mary Condon Defendant 1889 KNG-6998 Divorce
Hewson Hattie Defendant 1888 KNG-6083 Divorce/Custody
Hill Frances J Defendant 1887 KNG-5381 Divorce
Hill George Defendant 1884 KNG-3634 Divorce
Hine Celia C Defendant 1889 KNG-6975 Divorce
Hines William Augustus Defendant 1877 KNG-1537 Divorce
Hitchcock Henry Defendant 1878 KNG-1797 Divorce/Custody
Holdredge Mary Defendant 1883 KNG-3306 Divorce
Holt A F Defendant 1889 KNG-6754 Divorce
Holt Andrew A Defendant 1886 KNG-4841 Divorce
Holt Andrew A Defendant 1889 KNG-6742 Divorce; Conveyance of Deed
Hoskinson Katie M Defendant 1881 KNG-2778 Divorce
Hoskinson Stuart F Defendant 1888 KNG-5867 Divorce
Howe Elizabeth Defendant 1875 KNG-351 Divorce
Hoyt Theodore M Defendant 1884 KNG-3996 Divorce/Custody
Hubbard Alton P Defendant 1885 KNG-4642 Divorce
Hubbard Frances A Defendant 1876 KNG-350 Divorce
Hulbert Andrew J Defendant 1889 KNG-6560 Divorce
Hull Henry Defendant 1883 KNG-3320 Divorce
Hunt Carrie Defendant 1889 KNG-6680 Divorce
Hunt Mary Ann Defendant 1884 KNG-3739 Divorce/Custody
Hurdleboo Ellen Defendant 1876 KNG-383 Divorce
Jackson Frances Defendant 1889 KNG-7239 Divorce
Jackson Frances Defendant 1889 KNG-6481 Divorce
Johns William F Defendant 1870 KNG-421 Divorce
Johnson Alfred Defendant 1888 KNG-5833 Divorce
Johnson Matilda Defendant 1888 KNG-5874 Divorce
Jones Daniel Defendant 1877 KNG-1609 Divorce
Jones John W Defendant 1889 KNG-7062 Divorce
Jose Elizabeth H Defendant 1889 KNG-7177 Divorce/Custody
Joseph David Defendant 1882 KNG-3032 Divorce
July Nicholas Defendant 1889 KNG-7052 Divorce
Kahole William Defendant 1882 KNG-2843 Divorce
Kaiser John Defendant 1887 KNG-5566 Divorce
Kanalo Samuel Defendant 1868 KNG-443 Divorce
Keeley Josey Defendant 1889 KNG-6976 Divorce
Keller Emma Defendant 1883 KNG-3566 Divorce
Kelley John Defendant 1882 KNG-2818 Divorce/Custody
Kelly John Defendant 1883 KNG-3505 Divorce
Kelly Mary Defendant 1883 KNG-3571 Divorce
Kerr Niola Bell Defendant 1887 KNG-5492 Divorce
Kiester Laura B Defendant 1880 KNG-2578 Divorce
Kirby Ann M Defendant 1878 KNG-1786 Divorce
Klink Minnie E Defendant 1873 KNG-445 Divorce
Knapp William H Defendant 1886 KNG-5021 Divorce
Knowlton Sarah E Defendant 1875 KNG-453 Divorce
Kowen John Defendant 1886 KNG-5087 Divorce/Custody
Krebs Rudolph Defendant 1887 KNG-5454 Divorce
Kreisher Mary Defendant 1884 KNG-3904 Divorce
Kruz Charles Defendant 1882 KNG-2904 Divorce
Labonte Frederick Defendant 1872 KNG-497 Divorce
LaCost Frank D Defendant 1881 KNG-2765 Divorce
Ladner Thomas H Defendant 1878 KNG-1934 Divorce
Laing Julius Defendant 1874 KNG-489 Divorce/Custody
Lamb Thomas P Defendant 1887 KNG-5284 Divorce/Custody
Lark Thomas F Defendant 1888 KNG-6199 Divorce
Lee Charles H Defendant 1888 KNG-5924 Divorce
Lee Ralph Defendant 1882 KNG-2827 Divorce
Lewis Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-6229 Divorce
Linville James B Defendant 1888 KNG-6384 Divorce
Livingston Levi Defendant 1877 KNG-503 Divorce
Livingston Levi Defendant 1878 KNG-1872 Divorce
Lord Donald R Defendant 1871 KNG-501 Divorce/Custody
Lott Niles N Defendant 1885 KNG-4350 Divorce
Lowe Fanny E Defendant 1887 KNG-5627 Divorce/Custody
Lozeau Eldeore Defendant 1880 KNG-2537 Divorce
Lukanovic Katherine Defendant 1888 KNG-6094 Divorce
Mahoney Daniel Defendant 1886 KNG-5092 Divorce/Custody
Maples Kate Defendant 1880 KNG-2402 Divorce
Martin Elmina Defendant 1867 KNG-542 Divorce
Martin James V Defendant 1888 KNG-6236 Divorce
Martin N H Defendant 1880 KNG-2384 Divorce
Mason Elazor B Defendant 1875 KNG-557 Divorce
Matthews Charles W Defendant 1888 KNG-6261 Divorce
McCarthy John C Defendant 1888 KNG-6302 Divorce
McCarty John Defendant 1872 KNG-555 Divorce
McCarty John Defendant 1873 KNG-576 Divorce
McCaskey Edward Defendant 1889 KNG-6767 Divorce/Custody
McCausland Ezekial Defendant 1885 KNG-4572 Divorce/Custody
McCorkle Martha Defendant 1878 KNG-1914 Divorce
McCormick Anne Defendant 1888 KNG-6409 Divorce
McDaniel Richard N Defendant 1884 KNG-3696 Divorce/Custody
McDonald James E Defendant 1889 KNG-7233 Divorce
McDonald Joseph Defendant 1888 KNG-6176 Divorce
McDonald Samuel Defendant 1877 KNG-1536 Divorce
McGlaughlin Robert G Defendant 1885 KNG-4273 Divorce
McGuire John S Defendant 1886 KNG-4858 Divorce
McHugh Michael Defendant 1876 KNG-1614 Divorce
McHugh Michael Defendant 1878 KNG-1801 Divorce/Custody
McInnis Ann Defendant 1889 KNG-6727 Divorce/Custody
McKenzie Albert W Defendant 1883 KNG-3418 Divorce
Mealey George F Defendant 1888 KNG-5854 Divorce
Mears Deala Defendant 1884 KNG-4079 Divorce/Custody
Meeker Marion J Defendant 1887 KNG-5111 Divorce/Custody
Meister Mary Ann Defendant 1884 KNG-3776 Divorce
Merwin Willard K Defendant 1881 KNG-2777 Divorce
Meyer Marie Defendant 1889 KNG-7336 Divorce
Michel Heinrich Defendant 1889 KNG-7407 Divorce/Custody
Miles John L Defendant 1885 KNG-4555 Divorce/Custody
Miles John R Defendant 1885 KNG-4503 Divorce/Custody
Miller William E Defendant 1889 KNG-6598 Divorce/Custody
Mittlestadt Frederick Defendant 1884 KNG-3640 Divorce
Moody Napolean B Defendant 1889 KNG-6668 Divorce
Moore Charles W Defendant 1879 KNG-2319 Divorce
Moore William B Defendant 1887 KNG-5660 Divorce
Morgan William Defendant 1878 KNG-1775 Divorce
Morgan William Defendant 1886 KNG-4917 Divorce
Morris Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-6705 Divorce
Morse M E Defendant 1887 KNG-5447 Divorce/Custody
Moss Theresa Jane Defendant 1865 KNG-518 Divorce
Mulhern James Defendant 1878 KNG-1687 Divorce
Murphy Charles S Defendant 1872 KNG-517 Divorce
Murphy James A Defendant 1889 KNG-7252 Divorce/Custody
Murray John P Defendant 1881 KNG-2649 Divorce/Custody
Mysel Charles Defendant 1877 KNG-582 Divorce
Nassar John Defendant 1887 KNG-5614 Divorce/Custody
Neiger Alvira C Defendant 1887 KNG-5401 Divorce
Neill Atchison Defendant 1883 KNG-3231 Divorce
Nellist Emma Defendant 1888 KNG-6393 Divorce
Nicholls Ann Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Nickels Albert M Defendant 1882 KNG-2964 Divorce
Nickum Sarah Defendant 1888 KNG-5776 Divorce
Niegemann Wilhelmina Defendant 1889 KNG-6957 Divorce/Custody
Norberg Ida E Defendant 1886 KNG-5080 Divorce
Nugent John Defendant 1889 KNG-6723 Divorce
Osborn John Defendant 1887 KNG-5115 Divorce
O'Shea Patrick Defendant 1886 KNG-4859 Divorce
Otis Rosa Defendant 1889 KNG-7263 Divorce/Custody
Otterson Alfred A Defendant 1888 KNG-5829 Divorce
Palmer Isabel A Defendant 1876 KNG-655 Divorce/Custody
Parker Sarah Defendant 1871 KNG-629 Divorce
Pasquero Joseph Defendant 1886 KNG-4959 Divorce
Patterson M S Defendant 1888 KNG-5861 Divorce
Pennell Richard R Defendant 1876 KNG-669 Divorce/Custody
Perry Belle J Defendant 1886 KNG-4852 Divorce
Petcovich Annie Defendant 1889 KNG-6881 Divorce
Peters Manuel Defendant 1877 KNG-1540 Divorce/Custody
Pfieffer Daniel A Defendant 1882 KNG-2965 Divorce
Pfister Andreas Defendant 1888 KNG-5806 Divorce
Philbrick Charles W Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Philbrick Ellen Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Phipps Viola J Defendant 1888 KNG-6061 Divorce
Pinnell John W Defendant 1880 KNG-2591 Divorce
Pinto Henry Defendant 1873 KNG-634 Divorce
Pitman George Defendant 1877 KNG-654 Divorce/Custody
Pitt Richard D Defendant 1883 KNG-3342 Divorce
Pixley Robert F Defendant 1889 KNG-6431 Divorce/Custody
Plummer James D Defendant 1888 KNG-6365 Divorce
Polly William E Defendant 1889 KNG-7045 Divorce
Polsen Erasmus Defendant 1888 KNG-6292 Divorce
Pontius Rezin W Defendant 1880 KNG-2176 Divorce
Porter William Defendant 1885 KNG-4423 Divorce/Custody
Powers John Defendant 1885 KNG-4390 Divorce/Custody; Conveyance of Deed
Preacher John Defendant 1888 KNG-5921 Divorce
Price Jenny Defendant 1888 KNG-6425 Divorce
Price Margaret Defendant 1883 KNG-3139 Divorce
Price Mary A Defendant 1888 KNG-6309 Divorce
Prongua Anthony Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Prout Ellen Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Qualls Susan Defendant 1888 KNG-5955 Divorce
Quinn Mary Defendant 1887 KNG-5292 Divorce
Raber Susan A Defendant 1882 KNG-2801 Divorce
Racine Michael Defendant 1887 KNG-5685 Divorce
Rae Fred Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Ratcliff William Defendant 1883 KNG-3156 Divorce
Ray Mary F Defendant 1887 KNG-5525 Divorce
Reese Jane Defendant 1884 KNG-4063 Divorce
Reinheimer Henry Defendant 1876 KNG-707 Divorce
Renton Hannah Defendant 1888 KNG-6198 Divorce
Reynolds Susannah H Defendant 1879 KNG-2131 Divorce
Rice Mary Jane Defendant 1888 KNG-6354 Divorce
Richard Sarah Defendant 1879 KNG-2284 Divorce
Richards Cornelius Defendant 1883 KNG-3851 Divorce/Custody
Richards Lewis L Defendant 1865 KNG-682 Divorce
Rickards William Defendant 1889 KNG-6590 Divorce
Robinson Mary Jane Defendant 1865 KNG-811 Divorce
Romines Josephine Defendant 1874 KNG-689 Divorce
Romines Mary Ann Defendant 1871 KNG-696 Divorce
Roper James C Defendant 1873 KNG-688 Divorce/Custody
Rose Albert A Defendant 1880 KNG-2579 Divorce/Custody
Roser Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-7358 Divorce
Ross Belle Defendant 1879 KNG-2097 Divorce
Ross John Defendant 1885 KNG-4622 Divorce/Custody
Ross Medora A Defendant 1874 KNG-677 Divorce
Ross Medora A Defendant 1875 KNG-686 Divorce
Sanders James S Defendant 1884 KNG-3718 Divorce/Custody
Sanderson Catherine J Defendant 1886 KNG-5049 Divorce/Custody
Scalf John Wesley Defendant 1877 KNG-763 Divorce
Schaefer Maria Defendant 1889 KNG-6732 Divorce
Schmid Lucas Defendant 1886 KNG-4931 Divorce
Schofield S P Defendant 1889 KNG-6684 Divorce
Schunbachler Clementine Defendant 1886 KNG-5084 Divorce/Custody
Schuster Clara Defendant 1886 KNG-4994 Divorce/Custody
Selby Mary Defendant 1888 KNG-6413 Divorce
Settim Enral Defendant 1881 KNG-2619 Divorce/Custody
Shafer Maria Defendant 1889 KNG-6813 Divorce
Shaw James Defendant 1883 KNG-3460 Divorce
Sheehan Daniel P Defendant 1888 KNG-6178 Divorce
Sheldon Harlow Defendant 1884 KNG-4102 Divorce/Custody
Sherman Anges M Defendant 1873 KNG-741 Divorce
Shields John Defendant 1888 KNG-6062 Divorce/Custody
Silvene Anna Defendant 1879 KNG-2085 Divorce
Silver Catherine E Defendant 1889 KNG-7030 Divorce
Sinn Louisa Defendant 1882 KNG-2986 Divorce
Sloan Frank P Defendant 1888 KNG-5860 Divorce
Smart James Defendant 1887 KNG-5411 Divorce/Custody
Smith Alice Defendant 1881 KNG-2780 Divorce
Smith Annie V Defendant 1876 KNG-752 Divorce
Smith Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-7276 Divorce/Custody
Smith George Defendant 1870 KNG-815 Divorce
Smith Ira Defendant 1889 KNG-6718 Divorce
Smith Margaret A Defendant 1880 KNG-2394 Divorce
Smith Narcissa D Defendant 1879 KNG-2337 Divorce
Smith William P Defendant 1884 KNG-3703 Divorce
Smithers Frederick G Defendant 1885 KNG-4711 Divorce
Snider Louis C Defendant 1885 KNG-4317 Divorce
Sohncke Alvira Olga Defendant 1883 KNG-3391 Divorce
Sohns Louis R Defendant 1884 KNG-3762 Divorce/Custody
Spaulding Valeria Defendant 1885 KNG-4464 Divorce
Sproul Robert Defendant 1876 KNG-762 Divorce
St John Alexander Defendant 1887 KNG-5568 Divorce
St Johns Alex Defendant 1887 KNG-5188 Divorce
Stackpole Isabelle Defendant 1887 KNG-5526 Divorce/Custody
Stamp Lovina Miller Defendant 1885 KNG-4484 Divorce/Custody
Steeves John A Defendant 1889 KNG-7015 Divorce
Steinle Adele Defendant 1888 KNG-6268 Divorce
Steinle Emil Defendant 1888 KNG-6314 Divorce
Stender Lissetta Defendant 1889 KNG-6702 Divorce
Sternitzkey William Defendant 1887 KNG-5111 Divorce/Custody
Stetson George W Defendant 1886 KNG-5057 Divorce/Custody; Petition for Restraining Order
Stetson Defendant 1886 KNG-5057 Divorce/Custody; Petition for Restraining Order
Stewart Charles Defendant 1884 KNG-3636 Divorce
Stewart Edwin J Defendant 1875 KNG-814 Divorce
Stone John Defendant 1886 KNG-5078 Divorce
Story George J U Defendant 1889 KNG-6694 Divorce/Custody
Story Robert Defendant 1876 KNG-755 Divorce
Stowell Hugh Defendant 1884 KNG-4080 Divorce/Custody
Straub R H Defendant 1888 KNG-5853 Divorce
Stringham Martha Defendant 1873 KNG-750 Divorce
Stringham Martha A Defendant 1879 KNG-1993 Divorce
Sullivan Robert Defendant 1884 KNG-4086 Divorce/Custody
Sweet Charles Defendant 1889 KNG-6822 Divorce
Taylor Charles Defendant 1883 KNG-3385 Divorce
Taylor Edward A Defendant 1889 KNG-7275 Divorce/Custody
Taylor Oscar C Defendant 1887 KNG-5128 Divorce
Taylor Theodore A Defendant 1875 KNG-842 Divorce
Tetzlaff Herman Defendant 1882 KNG-2952 Divorce
Thayer Walter B Defendant 1866 KNG-840 Divorce
Thomas Carrie Defendant 1889 KNG-6763 Divorce
Thomas Ida M Defendant 1888 KNG-6001 Divorce/Custody
Thompson Joseph E Defendant 1889 KNG-6740 Divorce/Custody
Thorndike Edward A Defendant 1885 KNG-4690 Divorce/Custody
Thorne Woodbury J Defendant 1887 KNG-5232 Divorce
Thurston Daniel Defendant 1879 KNG-2062 Divorce
Tibbetts Henry H Defendant 1878 KNG-1692 Divorce
Tolmie Alexander John Defendant 1887 KNG-5228 Divorce/Custody
Tomson Benedict Defendant 1877 KNG-850 Divorce
Torjusen Torkel Defendant 1886 KNG-4863 Divorce; Land Title Dispute
Treat Augusta Defendant 1883 KNG-3339 Divorce
Treatman Sarah Defendant 1885 KNG-4421 Divorce
Tschott Sebastine Defendant 1889 KNG-6691 Divorce
Tuite Daniel Defendant 1875 KNG-857 Divorce
Van Ankin James R Defendant 1887 KNG-5691 Divorce
Van Ankin Laura A Defendant 1887 KNG-5698 Divorce
Van Waa Adolph Defendant 1888 KNG-6343 Divorce
Villie James Defendant 1887 KNG-5580 Divorce/Custody
Wadleigh W I Defendant 1882 KNG-2908 Divorce/Custody
Wahlberg Ingeberg H Defendant 1889 KNG-6988 Divorce
Walker Isabella Defendant 1889 KNG-7046 Divorce
Wallace John G Defendant 1889 KNG-7095 Divorce
Ward John C Defendant 1886 KNG-5081 Divorce/Custody
Warren Francis M Defendant 1875 KNG-1222 Divorce
Warren Frank M Defendant 1889 KNG-7437 Divorce
Watson William M Defendant 1882 KNG-2942 Divorce/Custody
Wellington Edward Defendant 1872 KNG-1201 Divorce/Custody
Wells Herod Defendant 1886 KNG-5020 Divorce/Custody
Welsh Frank Defendant 1882 KNG-2922 Divorce
Wenburn Rebecca Defendant 1871 KNG-1184 Divorce
West John Defendant 1883 KNG-3142 Divorce
Wheeler Nettie May Defendant 1888 KNG-6291 Divorce
Whitford Mary J Defendant 1885 KNG-4303 Divorce/Custody
Whitmire Sophie Defendant 1888 KNG-5747 Divorce
Whittier Edward S Defendant 1877 KNG-1204 Divorce
Wilber Malvina Defendant 1883 KNG-3345 Divorce
Wilkie Warren Defendant 1889 KNG-7289 Divorce
Williams William E Defendant 1889 KNG-7059 Divorce
Wilson Emmanuel Defendant 1885 KNG-4311 Divorce
Wilson John Defendant 1884 KNG-3790 Divorce
Wold Peter A Defendant 1883 KNG-3451 Divorce/Custody
Wood Ahrina Defendant 1879 KNG-2132 Divorce
Wooster George Defendant 1882 KNG-3053 Divorce/Custody
Wright Thomas Defendant 1888 KNG-5851 Divorce
Young Charles W Defendant 1888 KNG-5807 Divorce
Zavery William Defendant 1888 KNG-6383 Divorce

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