Probate Records for King County Washington

All information has been extracted from a government website.

I do have more information on these folks listed, but I wanted to get them online.
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Last First Year Record Number

Record Type

Abbott William D 1888 KNG-8230 Administration of Estate
Abegg Emma 1884 KNG-7865 Probate of Will
Ackerson John W 1882 KNG-7778 Administration of Estate
Ah Ching 1879 KNG-7629 Insanity
Ah Chu 1875 KNG-7525 Insanity
Ah Ting 1883 KNG-7779 Insanity
Albert Frederick 1889 KNG-8342 Administration of Estate
Albrecht Julius 1871 KNG-7476 Insanity
Alexander Marvin B 1889 KNG-8268 Insanity
Allen C J 1875 KNG-7531 Administration of Estate
Allen Henry S 1881 KNG-7697 Administration of Estate
Allen John P 1880 KNG-7648 Administration of Estate
Allen Llewellyn John 1882 KNG-7756 Estate/Guardianship
Alvord Albert S 1883 KNG-7814 Guardianship
Alvord Elisha H 1883 KNG-7814 Guardianship
Alvord Irving T 1883 KNG-7814 Guardianship
Alvord Jack 1887 KNG-8099 Administration of Estate
Anderson Annie T 1889 KNG-8395 Administration of Estate
Anderson Elizabeth 1880 KNG-7651 Adoption
Anderson Johannes 1887 KNG-8072 Administration of Estate
Anderson John 1880 KNG-7651 Adoption
Anderson Peter 1886 KNG-8011 Insanity
Andrews Aminger P 1882 KNG-7741 Estate/Guardianship
Andrews Charles E 1882 KNG-7741 Estate/Guardianship
Andrews Peter 1886 KNG-7970 Probate of Will
Andrews S B 1871 KNG-7461 Guardianship
Andrews Stephen P 1882 KNG-7741 Estate/Guardianship
Arkle Caroline E 1889 KNG-8378 Adoption
Arkle Christopher 1889 KNG-8378 Adoption
Atkins Frank Rufus 1888 KNG-8238 Guardianship
Atkins Henry A 1885 KNG-7913 Probate of Will
Aubert Jack 1883 KNG-7792 Probate of Will
Babbitt Samuel 1883 KNG-7783 Administration of Estate
Baden Basel 1887 KNG-8069 Probate of Will
Badger George 1888 KNG-8168 Insanity
Baer Mary Louise 1889 KNG-8311 Administration of Estate
Bagley Alvin 1887 KNG-8021 Probate of Will
Bagley Alvin 1887 KNG-8022 Probate of Will
Bailey Robert F 1883 KNG-7804 Administration of Estate
Bailey William 1883 KNG-7777 Administration of Estate
Baker Bendix M 1876 KNG-7562 Guardianship
Baker John 1888 KNG-8162 Probate of Will
Balcom George A 1887 KNG-8066 Insanity
Baldwin Einarson 1888 KNG-8241 Insanity
Ball Austin 1883 KNG-7811 Administration of Estate
Ballard Irving 1881 KNG-7683 Administration of Estate
Bankson Charles H 1888 KNG-8242 Probate of Will
Barnes B 1887 KNG-8069 Probate of Will
Barnum Melvin C 1885 KNG-7889 Administration of Estate
Barron Alexander 1877 KNG-7587 Insanity
Barron Alexander 1878 KNG-7588 Administration of Estate
Barry William 1881 KNG-7696 Probate of Will
Bart Francis J 1884 KNG-7856 Adoption
Bart John H 1884 KNG-7856 Adoption
Bart William George 1886 KNG-7969 Adoption
Bartlett George R 1870 KNG-7510 Administration of Estate
Barton John S 1888 KNG-8248 Guardianship
Barton Samantha 1888 KNG-8166 Insanity
Basler George A 1888 KNG-8219 Administration of Estate
Baulavine Peter 1884 KNG-7851 Insanity
Baxter Solomon 1877 KNG-7577 Probate of Will
Beacon Henry 1889 KNG-8343 Administration of Estate
Beaton Alexander 1886 KNG-7974 Insanity
Beatty Robert H 1887 KNG-8089 Insanity
Beck Charles 1886 KNG-7950 Insanity
Becker Otto 1886 KNG-7962 Administration of Estate
Bell Austin A 1870 KNG-7481 Guardianship
Bell Austin A 1889 KNG-8309 Probate of Will
Bell George K 1889 KNG-8349 Administration of Estate
Bell Henry M 1889 KNG-8273 Administration of Estate
Bell William N 1870 KNG-7481 Guardianship
Bell William N 1885 KNG-7922 Estate/Guardianship
Bell William N 1887 KNG-8091 Probate of Will
Bender Anna 1888 KNG-8195 Probate of Will
Bergman John 1887 KNG-8049 Insanity
Berry Alfred 1887 KNG-8059 Adoption
Berry Alice M 1888 KNG-8249 Administration of Estate
Berry Charles 1879 KNG-7638 Administration of Estate
Berry Ella Eveline 1887 KNG-8059 Adoption
Berry Joseph Francis 1887 KNG-8059 Adoption
Berry Lillie Alice 1887 KNG-8059 Adoption
Bigelow Katie 1883 KNG-7829 Insanity
Black William 1889 KNG-8290 Administration of Estate
Blair Susie 1882 KNG-7726 Commitment
Blanchard Abbie M 1887 KNG-8107 Probate of Will
Blood John Doe 1888 KNG-8187 Insanity
Bloom Frank 1880 KNG-7663 Insanity
Boelert Mary 1880 KNG-7653 Insanity
Boelert Mary 1881 KNG-7694 Insanity
Bogue Owen C 1885 KNG-7881 Insanity
Bolin Edward 1889 KNG-8358 Insanity
Bond Gaines 1887 KNG-8045 Administration of Estate
Bosanik Antonio 1888 KNG-8156 Insanity
Bossert A J 1883 KNG-7832 Adoption
Bossert Alice 1883 KNG-7832 Adoption
Bow Edmund 1888 KNG-8179 Administration of Estate
Bowe Dennis 1885 KNG-7902 Insanity
Bowls William 1883 KNG-7816 Insanity
Boyd Lottie C 1880 KNG-7662 Probate of Will
Bozenhart Gotlieb 1882 KNG-7733 Administration of Estate
Brannen Patrick 1887 KNG-8116 Probate of Will
Bratt C A 1888 KNG-8151 Insanity
Brawley John A 1887 KNG-8018 Probate of Will
Brewer William E 1889 KNG-8285 Adoption
Brockway Charles A 1888 KNG-8186 Insanity
Brooks Albert M 1880 KNG-7666 Adoption
Brooks Laura 1880 KNG-7666 Adoption
Brooks McLaughlin 1886 KNG-8010 Administration of Estate
Brotherhood Thomas 1883 KNG-7793 Probate of Will
Brown Charles 1876 KNG-7566 Insanity
Brown George 1885 KNG-7883 Guardianship
Brown Henry 1885 KNG-7883 Guardianship
Brown Lucy May 1885 KNG-7883 Guardianship
Brown W H 1881 KNG-7724 Administration of Estate
Brown William 1867 KNG-7548 Administration of Estate
Brownell Thomas M 1877 KNG-7576 Administration of Estate
Brownfield Ellen 1884 KNG-7867 Guardianship
Brownfield George 1884 KNG-7867 Guardianship
Brownfield James 1884 KNG-7867 Guardianship
Brownlee Jennie 1887 KNG-8098 Insanity
Broyles Lodelius H 1889 KNG-8324 Probate of Will
Brunn Abraham J 1881 KNG-7736 Probate of Will
Brunn Jacob 1889 KNG-8255 Administration of Estate
Bryant Elise 1880 KNG-7666 Adoption
Brygger John 1888 KNG-8237 Probate of Will
Buckley C A 1886 KNG-7960 Insanity
Buckley John 1872 KNG-7492 Administration of Estate
Burce Susan A R 1879 KNG-7623 Guardianship
Burke Harry D 1888 KNG-8245 Administration of Estate
Burnell Strong 1885 KNG-7917 Probate of Will
Burns James 1877 KNG-7574 Insanity
Burr Theodore 1886 KNG-7983 Probate of Will
Burroughs Sarah L 1885 KNG-7905 Probate of Will
Burton Henry 1889 KNG-8387 Probate of Will
Byr August 1889 KNG-8329 Insanity
Campbell John 1877 KNG-7579 Insanity
Cannon John 1885 KNG-7938 Administration of Estate
Cannon Marion S 1884 KNG-7833 Administration of Estate
Caous Y V 1884 KNG-7841 Administration of Estate
Card George S 1889 KNG-8254 Guardianship
Card James 1889 KNG-8254 Guardianship
Card Sarah E 1868 KNG-7470 Insanity
Carey George F 1889 KNG-8355 Insanity
Carleton Julia 1887 KNG-8093 Insanity
Carman A C 1887 KNG-8065 Administration of Estate
Carman Mary Alice 1888 KNG-8175 Guardianship
Carman Walter F 1888 KNG-8175 Guardianship
Carr Edmund 1886 KNG-8009 Probate of Will
Carr John C 1866 KNG-7466 Probate of Will
Carr Olivia H 1876 KNG-7567 Guardianship
Carroll John S 1885 KNG-7933 Administration of Estate
Carton John 1884 KNG-7873 Insanity
Cassen Charles H 1889 KNG-8290 Administration of Estate
Castlemain Carrie Mabel 1882 KNG-7758 Adoption
Casto William 1864 KNG-7455 Administration of Estate
Cavenaugh John 1868 KNG-7473 Guardianship; Insanity
Chambers Frank W 1887 KNG-8020 Administration of Estate
Chandler Aaron W 1885 KNG-7886 Probate of Will
Chapin John W 1888 KNG-8135 Probate of Will
Cheney William B 1885 KNG-7915 Probate of Will
Chilberg Charles F 1885 KNG-7897 Administration of Estate
Chin Foo 1884 KNG-7874 Insanity
Chin Gee 1889 KNG-8271 Insanity
Chow Cook 1877 KNG-7583 Insanity
Christy George 1878 KNG-7596 Insanity
Clancy Elizabeth 1888 KNG-8218 Administration of Estate
Clancy Emma F 1886 KNG-7968 Adoption
Clancy Thomas 1886 KNG-7968 Adoption
Clancy William 1879 KNG-7613 Administration of Estate
Clark E A 1860 KNG-7454 Administration of Estate
Clark Frank 1885 KNG-7927 Insanity
Clark Henry 1883 KNG-7788 Administration of Estate
Clark James E 1884 KNG-7838 Administration of Estate
Clark Seth C 1881 KNG-7712 Insanity
Clarke Joseph E 1882 KNG-7753 Adoption
Clarke Mary J 1882 KNG-7753 Adoption
Classen John D 1876 KNG-7646 Probate of Will
Cleaver Samuel 1888 KNG-8183 Insanity
Cline Harry 1888 KNG-8210 Insanity
Closson John D 1875 KNG-7530 Probate of Will
Cloucks Mary M 1885 KNG-7930 Insanity
Clymer Christian 1879 KNG-7618 Administration of Estate
Coffman Laura K 1887 KNG-8105 Probate of Will
Collins James W 1881 KNG-7680 Administration of Estate
Collins Mary Ann 1871 KNG-7475 Administration of Estate
Collins Stephen 1882 KNG-7748 Administration of Estate
Collins William H 1882 KNG-7771 Estate/Guardianship
Collins William M 1883 KNG-7828 Administration of Estate
Colson Joseph V 1884 KNG-7858 Insanity
Colson Oliver 1879 KNG-7743 Insanity
Comstock Philena C 1884 KNG-7876 Probate of Will
Condon Kate 1873 KNG-7503 Insanity
Condon Kate 1887 KNG-8031 Guardianship
Condon Kate 1887 KNG-8028 Insanity
Conklin Catherine 1881 KNG-7715 Probate of Will
Consigne Charles 1888 KNG-8119 Administration of Estate
Cook James 1872 KNG-7490 Insanity
Cooper Enos 1861 KNG-7451 Administration of Estate
Cooper William E 1873 KNG-7498 Administration of Estate
Corbin Ethel 1885 KNG-7904 Guardianship
Corbin Joseph S 1885 KNG-7904 Guardianship
Corbin Maud M 1885 KNG-7904 Guardianship
Corin William 1888 KNG-8244 Insanity
Cornwall William 1888 KNG-8131 Administration of Estate
Cota Delima E 1889 KNG-8265 Administration of Estate
Cowles Albert C 1885 KNG-7936 Guardianship
Cowles Edwin K 1885 KNG-7935 Probate of Will
Cowles Eva K 1885 KNG-7936 Guardianship
Cox Joseph 1888 KNG-8247 Adoption
Cox Virginia C 1888 KNG-8247 Adoption
Craige John 1888 KNG-8208 Administration of Estate
Crane David Mumford 1887 KNG-8044 Probate of Will
Craven Mary 1881 KNG-7709 Probate of Will
Crawford James 1883 KNG-7830 Probate of Will
Crede Frederick 1887 KNG-8092 Probate of Will
Creiger James 1889 KNG-8302 Administration of Estate
Crooks D W 1883 KNG-7610 Administration of Estate
Cropley Edward 1883 KNG-7815 Probate of Will
Cross Florence 1888 KNG-8148 Insanity
Crow William L 1868 KNG-7471 Guardianship; Insanity
Cruise Frederick H 1887 KNG-8109 Probate of Will
Cullen Thomas 1880 KNG-7639 Administration of Estate
Cunningham John 1881 KNG-7678 Insanity
Cure Martin W 1882 KNG-7770 Administration of Estate
Curtiss Harry Ward 1888 KNG-8247 Adoption
Cusler Abraham 1889 KNG-8303 Adoption
Cusler Rachel 1889 KNG-8303 Adoption
Cutler Esther I 1889 KNG-8260 Guardianship
Dalton James 1887 KNG-8102 Administration of Estate
Dane Sarah A 1872 KNG-7485 Administration of Estate
Daniel   1875 KNG-7527 Insanity
Davis Louis 1889 KNG-8305 Insanity
Dawson Abraham 1887 KNG-8078 Insanity
Dean Martin 1881 KNG-7710 Administration of Estate
DeBois Louis 1888 KNG-8157 Insanity
Delaney Harry 1889 KNG-8292 Administration of Estate
Delaney Patrick 1889 KNG-8287 Insanity
Deneen Cornelius 1881 KNG-7718 Insanity; Estate/Guardianship
Denny John 1875 KNG-7542 Probate of Will
Denny Samuel 1889 KNG-8315 Probate of Will
Denny Sarah 1888 KNG-8146 Probate of Will
Densmore Annette O 1886 KNG-8006 Probate of Will
Derfler Michael 1886 KNG-8016 Insanity
Devlin John 1887 KNG-8026 Guardianship
Dingwall Donald 1883 KNG-7764 Administration of Estate
Dinsmore William P 1878 KNG-7602 Administration of Estate
Dinsmore   1878 KNG-7602 Administration of Estate
Dodds Frank 1886 KNG-7980 Guardianship
Dodds Hannah M 1886 KNG-7961 Probate of Will
Dodds Nellie 1886 KNG-7980 Guardianship
Doe John 1884 KNG-7857 Insanity
Doe John 1888 KNG-8251 Insanity
Doe John 1888 KNG-8170 Insanity
Donahue James 1883 KNG-7774 Insanity
Donnelly Simon 1888 KNG-8137 Administration of Estate
Donohue Michael 1885 KNG-7908 Insanity
Donovan Albert 1889 KNG-8335 Guardianship
Donovan Anna 1889 KNG-8335 Guardianship
Donovan Bridget 1889 KNG-8261 Administration of Estate
Donovan John J 1889 KNG-8405 Administration of Estate
Donovan Thomas Jr 1889 KNG-8335 Guardianship
Dorr Fred 1887 KNG-8039 Adoption
Douette Joseph 1889 KNG-8381 Administration of Estate
Douglass William E 1888 KNG-8220 Administration of Estate
Dougliss Hosea 1885 KNG-7906 Insanity
Dougliss Hosea 1887 KNG-8046 Insanity
Doyle J R 1884 KNG-7850 Insanity
Doyle Reuben L 1881 KNG-7682 Administration of Estate
Doyle Richard 1885 KNG-7882 Insanity
Driggs Jeremiah 1880 KNG-7676 Probate of Will
Duffack Beryl B 1888 KNG-8167 Guardianship
Dunfield Perry 1877 KNG-7575 Administration of Estate
Dunlap Charles H 1887 KNG-8030 Administration of Estate
Dunn Patrick J 1888 KNG-8147 Probate of Will
Durnal Eli 1882 KNG-7760 Administration of Estate
Duvall Mary 1886 KNG-7957 Guardianship
Dwyer Jerry 1884 KNG-7877 Adoption
Dwyer Mary 1884 KNG-7877 Adoption
Dwyer William 1875 KNG-7546 Administration of Estate
Edes George A 1884 KNG-7870 Probate of Will
Edsall John M 1885 KNG-7939 Insanity
Ehern John 1888 KNG-8202 Insanity
Ellis Lorenzo 1888 KNG-8141 Administration of Estate
Elliston W Frank 1888 KNG-8163 Administration of Estate
Emerson Albert C 1889 KNG-8300 Administration of Estate
Emery David E 1881 KNG-7691 Guardianship
Emery Francis E 1881 KNG-7691 Guardianship
Emery Lavina D 1881 KNG-7686 Probate of Will
Enright John D 1887 KNG-8111 Guardianship; Insanity
Epler Jacob A 1887 KNG-8071 Probate of Will
Ervin John W 1874 KNG-7520 Administration of Estate
Estes Marshal 1882 KNG-7768 Insanity
Evans Ann 1888 KNG-8154 Insanity
Fahie Bridget 1889 KNG-8338 Probate of Will
Fairchild George H 1884 KNG-7843 Insanity
Fares James 1887 KNG-8024 Guardianship
Fargerberg Charles 1886 KNG-7950 Insanity
Farley Eugene 1889 KNG-8353 Insanity
Fauth Elizabeth 1887 KNG-8110 Adoption
Fell Ann A 1887 KNG-8036 Insanity
Ferguson Elizabeth 1886 KNG-7947 Guardianship
Ferguson Elizabeth 1888 KNG-8203 Probate of Will
Ferguson Isabella 1886 KNG-7973 Administration of Estate
Ferguson John 1880 KNG-7657 Administration of Estate
Ferguson John 1886 KNG-7972 Administration of Estate
Fife John 1876 KNG-7553 Administration of Estate
Finch Edward 1887 KNG-8053 Adoption
Finch Mary 1887 KNG-8053 Adoption
Fisher George C 1874 KNG-7600 Guardianship
Fisher George C 1878 KNG-7603 Administration of Estate
Fitzgerald Julia Miomi 1885 KNG-7923 Adoption
Fitzgerald Thomas 1880 KNG-7641 Administration of Estate
Fitzpatrick William 1879 KNG-7624 Administration of Estate
Flaten Peter Olsen 1889 KNG-8263 Administration of Estate
Flecheux Frederick 1879 KNG-7617 Probate of Will
Fleming Andrew 1889 KNG-8312 Probate of Will
Flynn Daniel 1888 KNG-8215 Insanity
Flynn Maurice 1889 KNG-8310 Administration of Estate
Flynn Minnie 1880 KNG-7651 Adoption
Follansbee Ellen 1884 KNG-7846 Administration of Estate
Ford Bertha May 1882 KNG-7755 Guardianship
Forney Catherine M 1884 KNG-7879 Guardianship
Forney Serena G 1884 KNG-7862 Guardianship
Forsblade Jackobina 1883 KNG-7776 Commitment
Foster J C 1886 KNG-7949 Administration of Estate
Fountain Caroline R 1884 KNG-7856 Adoption
Fountain John 1884 KNG-7856 Adoption
Fox Archie 1875 KNG-7538 Probate of Will
Fraker Emma Jane 1889 KNG-8293 Adoption
Frances Phillip J 1889 KNG-8275 Insanity; Guardianship
Francis Philip J 1889 KNG-8391 Administration of Estate
Francisco Joseph 1875 KNG-7535 Probate of Will
Francisco Joseph 1885 KNG-7923 Adoption
Francisco Julia 1885 KNG-7923 Adoption
Franklin Lumley 1887 KNG-8075 Probate of Will
Frazier William 1888 KNG-8236 Insanity
French Edward 1873 KNG-7495 Probate of Will
French Harry Courtland 1886 KNG-7968 Adoption
Frink Hannah 1876 KNG-7547 Probate of Will
Frost Osmine 1870 KNG-7483 Guardianship
Frost Osmine 1882 KNG-7737 Insanity
Gage Emily 1887 KNG-8039 Adoption
Gage William 1887 KNG-8039 Adoption
Gagnon Joseph 1884 KNG-7878 Administration of Estate
Galer Jacob 1885 KNG-7885 Administration of Estate
Gard Theophilus 1889 KNG-8356 Administration of Estate
Garnor John 1864 KNG-7456 Administration of Estate
Garrison George W 1889 KNG-8408 Insanity
Gaul Joseph H 1886 KNG-7956 Administration of Estate
Gaustad Arnt Isakson 1885 KNG-7900 Insanity
Gellerson Josiah 1876 KNG-7555 Administration of Estate
George Flavius J 1884 KNG-7847 Guardianship
Gilbert Charles 1883 KNG-7797 Administration of Estate
Gilliam Mary Jane 1876 KNG-7540 Administration of Estate
Givler Martin 1873 KNG-7508 Insanity
Glendening Joseph 1868 KNG-7468 Administration of Estate
Glove   1880 KNG-7650 Administration of Estate
Goldmeyer Henry H 1877 KNG-7598 Administration of Estate
Gooding Sarah Emma 1882 KNG-7769 Probate of Will
Gordon Alexander 1886 KNG-7918 Administration of Estate
Gordon Azel 1887 KNG-8063 Insanity
Gordon Azel 1888 KNG-8184 Insanity
Gordon Lucinda 1886 KNG-8013 Probate of Will
Gore Euphima 1889 KNG-8322 Insanity
Goss J J 1876 KNG-7565 Insanity
Gould Edwin 1888 KNG-8231 Insanity
Graham W J 1888 KNG-8224 Insanity
Grasse Eva C 1887 KNG-8110 Adoption
Grasse John C 1887 KNG-8110 Adoption
Gray Homer 1888 KNG-8223 Insanity
Gray Lemuel C 1881 KNG-7700 Administration of Estate
Green James 1878 KNG-7611 Probate of Will
Green John O 1880 KNG-7660 Insanity
Greene John D 1875 KNG-7528 Administration of Estate
Greenfield William 1868 KNG-7459 Guardianship
Gregg Abraham 1885 KNG-7896 Insanity
Griffiths James 1888 KNG-8122 Administration of Estate
Grotherm Henry 1887 KNG-8061 Guardianship
Gruver Charles 1876 KNG-7604 Administration of Estate
Guiberson Leander R 1887 KNG-8050 Probate of Will
Gunn Thomas J 1889 KNG-8365 Administration of Estate
Guthrie Edmund 1889 KNG-8284 Insanity; Guardianship
Gwordz Anton 1887 KNG-8038 Insanity
Gwordz Anton 1888 KNG-8126 Insanity
Hagberg Carl Frederick 1886 KNG-8003 Administration of Estate
Haley Manley 1877 KNG-7585 Insanity
Hall James 1885 KNG-7901 Insanity
Hall Orin A 1884 KNG-7864 Insanity
Hallberg John 1888 KNG-8188 Administration of Estate
Halloran Patrick H 1887 KNG-8097 Administration of Estate
Halstead John 1864 KNG-7747 Administration of Estate
Hamilton Simon 1889 KNG-8345 Probate of Will
Hamlin John 1888 KNG-8194 Insanity
Hanks Minnie B 1887 KNG-8090 Administration of Estate
Hanlon Charles 1878 KNG-7612 Insanity
Hannath Eliza 1886 KNG-7994 Probate of Will
Hansel Calvin E 1879 KNG-7616 Guardianship
Hansel George F 1879 KNG-7616 Guardianship
Hansel James S 1879 KNG-7616 Guardianship
Hansen Charles 1883 KNG-7805 Insanity
Hansen Gabriel 1889 KNG-8323 Insanity
Hansen Gabriel 1889 KNG-8333 Insanity
Hanson Alex 1882 KNG-7746 Administration of Estate
Hanson Ed 1886 KNG-7986 Insanity
Hanson W 1873 KNG-7501 Administration of Estate
Harcus James 1888 KNG-8118 Administration of Estate
Hardin G W 1876 KNG-7557 Probate of Will
Harkness L B 1882 KNG-7739 Probate of Will
Harmon Annie Laura 1880 KNG-7664 Guardianship
Harmon Charlotte 1880 KNG-7664 Guardianship
Harmon Edward L 1880 KNG-7664 Guardianship
Harmon Jane 1888 KNG-8198 Guardianship
Harris L C 1886 KNG-7987 Election Returns Oath
Harris M M 1885 KNG-7898 Insanity
Hart George 1888 KNG-8161 Probate of Will
Hart James 1880 KNG-7644 Insanity
Hart Mary 1884 KNG-7852 Insanity
Hart William 1882 KNG-7772 Administration of Estate
Hartman Conrad 1888 KNG-8143 Probate of Will
Harvey Bertha 1889 KNG-8384 Adoption
Harvey Hellen 1889 KNG-8384 Adoption
Harvey Wilson B 1889 KNG-8384 Adoption
Hathaway Henry E 1885 KNG-7931 Probate of Will
Hayes Cornelius 1883 KNG-7800 Administration of Estate
Hayes John 1883 KNG-7773 Administration of Estate
Hayward James F 1889 KNG-8376 Probate of Will
Heden Matthias 1884 KNG-7840 Administration of Estate
Hedges William 1869 KNG-7474 Probate of Will
Heenan F C 1885 KNG-7926 Insanity
Heisenberg Peter 1888 KNG-8201 Probate of Will
Helin C E 1888 KNG-8185 Insanity
Helmund Alexander 1889 KNG-8328 Insanity
Helper Harriet C 1889 KNG-8364 Administration of Estate
Hemisphere Elma Stella 1886 KNG-7958 Guardianship
Hemisphere Maud May 1886 KNG-7958 Guardianship
Hemisphere William F 1886 KNG-7958 Guardianship
Henderson George 1881 KNG-7707 Administration of Estate
Hendricks Nellie 1879 KNG-7621 Insanity
Henry H 1875 KNG-7561 Insanity
Henry James D 1886 KNG-8012 Probate of Will
Henry Margaret 1889 KNG-8371 Administration of Estate
Henry Randolph R 1889 KNG-8314 Administration of Estate
Herkimer George 1887 KNG-8115 Insanity
Herndon Harriet E 1886 KNG-7991 Probate of Will
Hicks Eliza 1887 KNG-8114 Insanity
Higgins Almira S 1873 KNG-7511 Administration of Estate
Hill Catherine 1886 KNG-7981 Habitual Drunkard
Hill Ellen K 1887 KNG-8101 Administration of Estate
Hill Eugene Cary 1888 KNG-8152 Guardianship
Hill George D 1880 KNG-7669 Contested Election
Hill Wilbur H 1888 KNG-8155 Probate of Will
Hilton George 1888 KNG-8178 Administration of Estate
Hinds Dell M 1876 KNG-7551 Estate/Guardianship
Hinds Lizzie M 1876 KNG-7551 Estate/Guardianship
Hinds Nellie B 1876 KNG-7551 Estate/Guardianship
Hinds Sumner B 1873 KNG-7499 Administration of Estate
Hipkins Edward E 1889 KNG-8266 Administration of Estate
Hoff John C 1889 KNG-8390 Administration of Estate
Holly Polly P 1879 KNG-7636 Probate of Will
Holmes John 1889 KNG-8299 Insanity
Homes Isaac Davis 1873 KNG-7529 Administration of Estate
Hopkins Georgiana E 1883 KNG-7817 Adoption
Hopper Annie 1886 KNG-7964 Insanity
Houghton Justin 1889 KNG-8377 Guardianship
Hovey Stephen W 1885 KNG-7894 Probate of Will
Howe Thomas 1889 KNG-8348 Probate of Will
Howells Letitia 1878 KNG-7594 Insanity
Hoyt John T 1873 KNG-7497 Administration of Estate
Hubbard Martin W 1887 KNG-8054 Administration of Estate
Hughes Henry L 1886 KNG-7976 Insanity
Hulse James 1875 KNG-7536 Administration of Estate
Hunt Bernetta 1882 KNG-7754 Adoption
Hunt Fredie 1882 KNG-7753 Adoption
Hunt Louis Delmar 1882 KNG-7752 Adoption
Hutchinson David 1882 KNG-7766 Insanity
Hutchinson Margaret 1880 KNG-7661 Probate of Will
Ihrig Mary 1885 KNG-7921 Administration of Estate
Iverson Sivert 1889 KNG-8370 Administration of Estate
Jacoby William 1872 KNG-7489 Insanity
Jansen Gustav 1888 KNG-8134 Administration of Estate
Jasper Catherine 1887 KNG-8029 Insanity
Jenkins Josie 1888 KNG-8214 Adoption
Jensen Ole 1881 KNG-7714 Insanity
Jewett William 1876 KNG-7564 Guardianship
John Francis Pelletrau 1886 KNG-7946 Guardianship
Johns Bennett L 1880 KNG-7667 Probate of Will
Johns Hugh M 1873 KNG-7513 Guardianship
Johns Joseph M 1888 KNG-8136 Probate of Will
Johnson Andrew 1888 KNG-8243 Insanity
Johnson August 1886 KNG-7955 Insanity
Johnson George 1881 KNG-7716 Insanity
Johnson George 1886 KNG-7951 Insanity
Johnson John W 1882 KNG-7730 Adoption
Johnson Rebecca C 1882 KNG-7730 Adoption
Johnson William 1887 KNG-8103 Guardianship
Johnson William 1888 KNG-8132 Insanity
Jones A H 1876 KNG-7560 Probate of Will
Jones Benjamin P 1879 KNG-7631 Probate of Will
Jones Rebecca L 1883 KNG-7821 Administration of Estate
Jones Richard A 1888 KNG-8234 Administration of Estate
Jordan Amanda 1882 KNG-7738 Administration of Estate
Jordan Frederick A 1886 KNG-7966 Guardianship
Jordan John T 1886 KNG-7953 Probate of Will
Jordan Thomas M 1886 KNG-7966 Guardianship
Jordon John T 1868 KNG-7459 Guardianship
Joseph Pierre 1874 KNG-7522 Insanity
Joy Madie 1889 KNG-8330 Insanity
Judkins Norman B 1865 KNG-7458 Administration of Estate
Julin Mathias 1889 KNG-8297 Insanity
Kearney [Baby] 1888 KNG-8212 Adoption
Kehoe Catherine 1889 KNG-8269 Probate of Will
Keith Joseph S 1881 KNG-7720 Probate of Will
Keller Laura A 1877 KNG-7597 Probate of Will
Kennard Thomas C 1889 KNG-8340 Probate of Will
Kennedy Joseph 1882 KNG-7742 Probate of Will
Kensworthy Mary E 1888 KNG-8205 Guardianship
Kidd Almira 1885 KNG-7884 Probate of Will
Kidd John A 1861 KNG-7453 Administration of Estate
Kimball Augustus C 1888 KNG-8206 Probate of Will
Kindling Augusta 1888 KNG-8144 Administration of Estate
King George A 1875 KNG-7533 Administration of Estate
Kinnear Joseph C 1881 KNG-7721 Administration of Estate
Kirby Mike 1888 KNG-8229 Insanity
Klass John 1883 KNG-7806 Insanity
Knatz Martin 1871 KNG-7494 Administration of Estate
Knauss Martha 1883 KNG-7820 Insanity
Koerner Paul 1877 KNG-7581 Insanity
Kopf A A 1888 KNG-8250 Insanity
Kranz Carl 1882 KNG-7749 Administration of Estate
Krogh Agatha 1889 KNG-8350 Insanity
Kruko Ludwig 1889 KNG-8385 Insanity
Labeau William 1889 KNG-8320 Administration of Estate
Lacy Dilluzons 1878 KNG-7593 Insanity
Ladhoff Fred 1874 KNG-7517 Administration of Estate
Lampe F W 1872 KNG-7484 Administration of Estate
Lanbesher John 1883 KNG-7795 Administration of Estate
Langdon James 1887 KNG-8079 Administration of Estate
Lange Ernst F 1888 KNG-8240 Administration of Estate; Guardianship
Lange Ernst F 1888 KNG-8239 Insanity
Lange Ernst Ferdinand 1888 KNG-8252 Probate of Will
Lange Martin 1889 KNG-8307 Administration of Estate
Langston John 1868 KNG-7473 Guardianship; Insanity
Larsen John 1882 KNG-7729 Administration of Estate
Larson Annie 1886 KNG-7989 Probate of Will
Larson Frank 1888 KNG-8123 Insanity
Larsson Aron 1884 KNG-7839 Administration of Estate
Larsson Carl W 1869 KNG-7479 Administration of Estate
Lathrop Ella C 1872 KNG-7493 Administration of Estate; Guardianship
Lathrop W P 1872 KNG-7493 Administration of Estate; Guardianship
Layer John 1888 KNG-8149 Insanity
Layton Celia 1882 KNG-7752 Adoption
Layton Philander D 1882 KNG-7752 Adoption
Leabert Edward 1875 KNG-7526 Insanity
Leary William 1889 KNG-8262 Insanity
Leayer John 1885 KNG-7890 Insanity
LeBalister Frederick Augustus 1889 KNG-8303 Adoption
LeBallister C T 1870 KNG-7483 Guardianship
LeBerge Ella 1885 KNG-7940 Insanity
Lee John 1888 KNG-8128 Insanity
Lee Gee   1887 KNG-8035 Insanity
Lee Mah Poo   1885 KNG-7887 Insanity
Leifelen Theresa 1887 KNG-8048 Insanity
Lewis Cornelius E 1889 KNG-8398 Administration of Estate
Lewis Minnie 1883 KNG-7801 Administration of Estate
Lewis Nels 1883 KNG-7808 Administration of Estate
Libby James G 1876 KNG-7558 Probate of Will
Lipsky Jules C 1889 KNG-8272 Guardianship
Lipsky Jules C 1889 KNG-8267 Insanity
Lombard Ransom R 1888 KNG-8138 Administration of Estate
Longaker Mary A 1887 KNG-8060 Probate of Will
Low [Baby] 1887 KNG-8058 Adoption
Low Charles H 1887 KNG-8062 Probate of Will
Low Ruby May 1887 KNG-8053 Adoption
Lozza Angelo 1889 KNG-8357 Insanity
Luff Charles E 1882 KNG-7735 Administration of Estate
Lynch Louisa M 1876 KNG-7556 Guardianship
Mack Ethel May 1889 KNG-8378 Adoption
Mack Joel M 1889 KNG-8332 Administration of Estate
Mackay John 1887 KNG-8100 Insanity
Maginnis George T 1889 KNG-8301 Administration of Estate
Maginnis Mary Jane 1889 KNG-8259 Probate of Will
Maloney George 1883 KNG-7790 Administration of Estate
Malson Allen W 1879 KNG-7637 Probate of Will
Malson Allen W 1880 KNG-7642 Guardianship
Malson Chester A 1880 KNG-7642 Guardianship
Malson Helen 1880 KNG-7642 Guardianship
Malson Hester 1880 KNG-7642 Guardianship
Mansfield George 1873 KNG-7502 Insanity
Maple Jacob 1885 KNG-7893 Probate of Will
Maple Samuel A 1880 KNG-7665 Administration of Estate
Maples Aaron 1874 KNG-7523 Insanity
Marle H B 1887 KNG-8074 Insanity
Marsh Catherine 1889 KNG-8306 Administration of Estate
Marshall Ellen M 1876 KNG-7551 Estate/Guardianship
Marshall Ida Bell 1878 KNG-7609 Guardianship
Martin Henry 1889 KNG-8361 Insanity
Martin N H Jr 1887 KNG-8108 Estate
Martin Patrick 1885 KNG-7909 Insanity
Mass Peter 1882 KNG-7757 Insanity
Massey James L 1882 KNG-7754 Adoption
Massey Ollie A 1882 KNG-7754 Adoption
Matthews Gideon R 1887 KNG-8077 Administration of Estate
Maud Timothy 1885 KNG-7903 Probate of Will
Maurer David 1875 KNG-7534 Administration of Estate
Maurus Wendelin 1888 KNG-8211 Administration of Estate
Maxwell Samuel L 1881 KNG-7725 Administration of Estate
May Naomi E 1887 KNG-8047 Guardianship
May Zelda I 1887 KNG-8047 Guardianship
Mayhew Oved 1873 KNG-7505 Insanity
McAleer Hugh 1888 KNG-8153 Administration of Estate
McAllister John S 1889 KNG-8363 Administration of Estate
McCall Edward 1885 KNG-7929 Insanity
McCarty John 1888 KNG-8216 Insanity
McCarty Mike 1888 KNG-8227 Insanity
McClanahan Adelia A 1888 KNG-8209 Probate of Will
McComb Robert 1885 KNG-7934 Administration of Estate
McConaha George 1881 KNG-7704 Insanity
McCormick Charles 1889 KNG-8380 Insanity
McCormick Owen 1886 KNG-8007 Administration of Estate
McCormick William 1886 KNG-8014 Insanity
McCoy Luther 1883 KNG-7824 Insanity
McDaniels James 1889 KNG-8388 Insanity
McDonald Catherine 1884 KNG-7859 Insanity
McDonald D V 1880 KNG-7658 Insanity
McDonald Daniel 1876 KNG-7568 Insanity
McDonald Daniel D 1887 KNG-8080 Probate of Will
McDonald Michael 1888 KNG-8207 Probate of Will
McDonald Patrick 1886 KNG-7965 Insanity
McDougal James 1872 KNG-7488 Insanity
McDougald John D 1882 KNG-7731 Insanity
McElroy John 1889 KNG-8278 Insanity
McElroy Thomas 1889 KNG-8319 Administration of Estate
McGary William 1888 KNG-8165 Insanity
McGee Anna 1889 KNG-8375 Guardianship
McGee Barney 1880 KNG-7668 Insanity
McGee Henrietta 1889 KNG-8375 Guardianship
McGinnis George T 1888 KNG-8177 Administration of Estate
McGough Michael 1889 KNG-8298 Insanity
McHenry John 1881 KNG-7690 Administration of Estate
McInerney Angus E 1889 KNG-8285 Adoption
McInerney Clarissa S 1889 KNG-8285 Adoption
McIver Daniel 1888 KNG-8142 Administration of Estate
McKay James C 1875 KNG-7532 Administration of Estate
McKecknie A D 1876 KNG-7549 Administration of Estate
McKecknie Andrew 1874 KNG-7516 Administration of Estate
McKeon Daniel 1886 KNG-7944 Administration of Estate
McKeon Daniel 1886 KNG-7945 Administration of Estate
McLaughlin D J 1886 KNG-8005 Administration of Estate
McLaughlin D J 1886 KNG-8010 Administration of Estate
McMahon Michael 1887 KNG-8070 Probate of Will
McMasters Daniel 1878 KNG-7607 Administration of Estate
McMillan David R 1880 KNG-7674 Administration of Estate
McMillin Lewis 1887 KNG-8064 Probate of Will
McNeil Neil 1889 KNG-8374 Administration of Estate
McPhee James A 1886 KNG-7995 Probate of Will
McRait Minnie 1884 KNG-7875 Insanity
McRedmond John 1889 KNG-8400 Administration of Estate
McRedmond William 1889 KNG-8401 Administration of Estate
Meagher Emma 1888 KNG-8160 Administration of Estate
Meagher Mary J 1884 KNG-7844 Insanity
Meaney Stephen 1880 KNG-7659 Administration of Estate
Means Thomas 1861 KNG-7448 Administration of Estate
Mehr Andrew 1887 KNG-8025 Insanity
Merritt Josiah 1883 KNG-7789 Probate of Will
Merritt Rufus 1878 KNG-7589 Insanity
Merriwether Frank 1887 KNG-8042 Administration of Estate
Mesdag May 1889 KNG-8282 Administration of Estate
Mexica Rufajo 1884 KNG-7872 Administration of Estate
Mickelson Hendrick 1889 KNG-8389 Insanity
Miles Fred 1888 KNG-8212 Adoption
Miles Louisa 1888 KNG-8212 Adoption
Miles Milo Cooper 1888 KNG-8212 Adoption
Miller C B 1885 KNG-7907 Adoption
Miller Carrie 1885 KNG-7907 Adoption
Miller Celia 1888 KNG-8222 Guardianship
Miller D A 1883 KNG-7781 Administration of Estate
Miller David 1888 KNG-8199 Administration of Estate
Miller George D 1888 KNG-8222 Guardianship
Miller Joel 1887 KNG-8068 Insanity
Miller Joel 1889 KNG-8386 Administration of Estate
Miller Robert 1873 KNG-7506 Insanity
Miller William 1885 KNG-7892 Insanity
Miller William 1885 KNG-7891 Insanity
Miller William 1886 KNG-7971 Insanity
Miller William 1886 KNG-7975 Insanity
Milligan Andrew 1889 KNG-8341 Administration of Estate
Mills Elizabeth A 1888 KNG-8121 Administration of Estate
Mitchell Alvin W 1883 KNG-7794 Insanity
Mitchell James 1887 KNG-8019 Probate of Will
Mitchell Julius 1870 KNG-7478 Administration of Estate
Monroe David 1889 KNG-8346 Adoption
Monroe Ellen 1889 KNG-8346 Adoption
Montgomery William 1883 KNG-7807 Administration of Estate
Moore John 1879 KNG-7619 Insanity
Moore Laura 1887 KNG-8083 Insanity
Moorhouse John 1881 KNG-7703 Insanity
Moran Annie 1880 KNG-7673 Guardianship
Moran Joseph 1888 KNG-8200 Insanity
Moran Malcolm 1880 KNG-7673 Guardianship
Moran Paul 1880 KNG-7673 Guardianship
Moran Sherman 1880 KNG-7673 Guardianship
Morgan Margaret 1882 KNG-7761 Insanity
Morrill Gustavus A 1878 KNG-7601 Administration of Estate
Morrill Joseph F 1877 KNG-7572 Administration of Estate
Morris Michael 1888 KNG-8150 Insanity
Morton Sallie Virginia 1889 KNG-8404 Probate of Will
Mosakowsky Frank 1880 KNG-7677 Administration of Estate
Moss Albertina 1884 KNG-7835 Probate of Will
Moss S E 1884 KNG-7854 Administration of Estate
Muldoon James 1879 KNG-7615 Insanity
Mulvihill John 1888 KNG-8133 Insanity
Munroe William Frederick 1888 KNG-8182 Administration of Estate
Murphy Julia 1889 KNG-8362 Insanity
Murphy P M 1888 KNG-8228 Insanity
Murphy Patrick J 1887 KNG-8052 Administration of Estate
Murray James 1887 KNG-8081 Insanity
Myers John Edgar 1882 KNG-7730 Adoption
Nagle John H 1874 KNG-7518 Insanity
Neff Mary Jane 1888 KNG-8124 Administration of Estate
Neill Atchinson 1888 KNG-8127 Administration of Estate
Nelson Andrew 1873 KNG-7496 Probate of Will
Nelson James L 1889 KNG-8382 Probate of Will
Nelson Katie Anna 1888 KNG-8193 Guardianship
Ness Richard 1882 KNG-7763 Administration of Estate
Newell Charles 1889 KNG-9396 Administration of Estate
Nichols William 1878 KNG-7606 Administration of Estate
Noonan John J 1883 KNG-7826 Insanity
Norby Oley 1889 KNG-8325 Insanity
Nosakowski Frank 1881 KNG-7706 Administration of Estate
Noyes John 1883 KNG-7825 Administration of Estate
O'Brien John 1880 KNG-7671 Insanity
O'Brien Patrick 1883 KNG-7786 Probate of Will
O'Brien Patrick 1886 KNG-7998 Insanity
O'Brien Thomas 1887 KNG-8082 Insanity
O'Conner James 1889 KNG-8317 Insanity
Ogden John T 1887 KNG-8117 Administration of Estate
Ogle Fannie 1889 KNG-8293 Adoption
Ogle James 1889 KNG-8293 Adoption
O'Keefe William 1872 KNG-7491 Insanity
Olmstead John 1867 KNG-7464 Guardianship
Olmstead John Martin 1877 KNG-7592 Guardianship
Olmstead Lucy 1867 KNG-7464 Guardianship
Olmstead Martin J 1867 KNG-7464 Guardianship
Olmstead Stephen H 1867 KNG-7464 Guardianship
Olmsted Stephen H 1886 KNG-7988 Administration of Estate
Olsen Andrew C 1889 KNG-8366 Administration of Estate
Olsen Andrew Kristian 1889 KNG-8366 Administration of Estate
Olsen Elsie May 1886 KNG-7984 Adoption
Olsen John 1881 KNG-7702 Administration of Estate
Olsen Nestor 1889 KNG-8369 Administration of Estate
Olson Alford 1887 KNG-8085 Administration of Estate
Olstad John 1884 KNG-7834 Probate of Will
Orr George 1860 KNG-7450 Administration of Estate
Osborn James 1881 KNG-7723 Probate of Will
Ostheim Herman 1889 KNG-8360 Administration of Estate
Oulet Leonard 1868 KNG-7465 Probate of Will
Owen Oscar 1887 KNG-8033 Administration of Estate
Owens William D 1885 KNG-7912 Insanity
Page Anna H 1883 KNG-7822 Probate of Will
Palmer Fred T 1882 KNG-7759 Guardianship
Palmer Walter G 1882 KNG-7759 Guardianship
Payne Quinn E 1888 KNG-8173 Insanity; Guardianship
Pearce William 1876 KNG-7545 Administration of Estate
Peebles Emeline 1885 KNG-7899 Probate of Will
Peterson Alfred 1889 KNG-8274 Administration of Estate
Peterson Anne Marie 1886 KNG-7997 Administration of Estate
Peterson Peter 1883 KNG-7818 Administration of Estate
Peterson Peter 1883 KNG-7796 Insanity
Pettys Charles N 1884 KNG-7880 Insanity
Philbrick Catherine Jane 1889 KNG-8289 Administration of Estate
Phillips Alfred 1889 KNG-8270 Insanity
Phillips David 1872 KNG-7486 Administration of Estate
Philpott William 1882 KNG-7750 Probate of Will
Picht Anna 1876 KNG-7563 Guardianship
Picht Auguste 1876 KNG-7563 Guardianship
Picht Clara 1876 KNG-7563 Guardianship
Picht Ernst 1876 KNG-7563 Guardianship
Pickering William 1883 KNG-7787 Probate of Will
Pickering William 1888 KNG-8139 Probate of Will
Pierce Daniel M 1888 KNG-8246 Administration of Estate
Plimpton Charles E 1874 KNG-7512 Guardianship
Plummer Edward H 1871 KNG-7461 Guardianship
Plummer Elwood E 1871 KNG-7461 Guardianship
Plummer Frank L 1871 KNG-7461 Guardianship
Pontifac Fred 1884 KNG-7861 Insanity
Post Daniel W 1881 KNG-7685 Probate of Will
Powell Francis 1884 KNG-7853 Insanity
Powell Leonard Jackson 1887 KNG-8087 Probate of Will
Powell Thomas 1887 KNG-8076 Insanity
Power Thomas J 1889 KNG-8406 Administration of Estate
Powers Alice Mary 1889 KNG-8346 Adoption
Powers Thomas 1879 KNG-7626 Administration of Estate
Prescott George W 1877 KNG-7599 Administration of Estate
Pringle Albro M 1876 KNG-7554 Probate of Will
Proll   1889 KNG-8384 Adoption
Purcell David 1888 KNG-8140 Administration of Estate
Putnam Solon T 1878 KNG-7608 Administration of Estate
Quinlan Michael 1879 KNG-7633 Insanity
Rae Clarence Victor 1888 KNG-8180 Guardianship
Rae James 1881 KNG-7699 Probate of Will
Rae John Thomas 1888 KNG-8180 Guardianship
Rae Mary Jane 1888 KNG-8180 Guardianship
Rae Thomas 1885 KNG-7911 Administration of Estate
Rae William 1876 KNG-7698 Probate of Will
Rae Wilson Lee 1888 KNG-8180 Guardianship
Raney James 1888 KNG-8204 Administration of Estate
Ratcliffe William 1884 KNG-7849 Administration of Estate; Guardianship; Insanity
Raymond August 1884 KNG-7868 Administration of Estate
Raymond August 1884 KNG-7855 Insanity
Reding Annie 1885 KNG-7914 Insanity
Reed Benjamin A B 1889 KNG-8372 Insanity
Reed Grosvenor 1889 KNG-8334 Probate of Will
Reed Grosvenor C 1889 KNG-8296 Probate of Will
Reese E M 1888 KNG-8176 Insanity
Rehmke Henrietta 1881 KNG-7679 Guardianship
Rehmke Henry 1880 KNG-7656 Administration of Estate
Reis Mary R 1886 KNG-7954 Insanity
Reitzel Frank A 1881 KNG-7684 Insanity
Reynolds Annie Elizabeth 1884 KNG-7845 Guardianship
Reynolds George B 1882 KNG-7728 Administration of Estate
Reynolds James William 1884 KNG-7845 Guardianship
Reynolds John D 1883 KNG-7775 Probate of Will
Rice Carrie A 1887 KNG-8095 Clerk Appointment
Rice John F 1887 KNG-8041 Administration of Estate
Riedel Charles 1877 KNG-7582 Insanity
Riedel Charles 1878 KNG-7634 Insanity
Riley William 1884 KNG-7869 Insanity
Rines Amey 1885 KNG-7895 Insanity
Robb Celia K 1886 KNG-7977 Guardianship
Robb Celia K 1886 KNG-8001 Guardianship
Robb Celia K 1886 KNG-8000 Guardianship
Robb Charles K 1885 KNG-7888 Administration of Estate
Robb Ella C 1886 KNG-7999 Probate of Will
Robb Mildred 1886 KNG-7977 Guardianship
Robb Mildred 1886 KNG-8000 Guardianship
Robb William 1886 KNG-8000 Guardianship
Robb William 1886 KNG-7977 Guardianship
Robinson Fred 1887 KNG-8073 Insanity
Robinson John Gilman 1874 KNG-7509 Administration of Estate
Rocco Fritz 1876 KNG-7571 Insanity
Rock Barney 1878 KNG-7590 Insanity
Rogers Phillip 1884 KNG-7863 Insanity
Romaine Ralph 1881 KNG-7695 Administration of Estate
Romey Ernst 1888 KNG-8181 Probate of Will
Romine Martha A 1889 KNG-8291 Probate of Will
Ronberg Elizabeth 1883 KNG-7799 Guardianship
Ronberg Kathrina 1883 KNG-7799 Guardianship
Ross Catherine Elizabeth 1886 KNG-8017 Guardianship
Ross John 1886 KNG-7963 Probate of Will
Ross John Jr 1886 KNG-8017 Guardianship
Ross Louis Rex 1886 KNG-8017 Guardianship
Ross Mary E 1886 KNG-7982 Administration of Estate
Rowland David 1879 KNG-7635 Probate of Will
Rowland Horace W 1879 KNG-7625 Administration of Estate
Rowland William 1878 KNG-7605 Administration of Estate
Rush Scott 1887 KNG-8055 Insanity
Rusow Ida 1883 KNG-7809 Guardianship
Russell Jane 1881 KNG-7693 Administration of Estate
Russell Lulu M 1872 KNG-7573 Guardianship
Russell Robert 1888 KNG-8235 Probate of Will
Rutherford Christina A 1883 KNG-7798 Guardianship
Ryan John H 1880 KNG-7647 Administration of Estate
Rylander G 1868 KNG-7744 Insanity
Saar Alice Jane 1877 KNG-7591 Guardianship
Saar George Henry 1877 KNG-7591 Guardianship
Saar John M 1877 KNG-7591 Guardianship
Saglien John G 1889 KNG-8379 Administration of Estate
Saifread Arhart 1886 KNG-7969 Adoption
Saifread Ettieu 1886 KNG-7969 Adoption
Salsbury T G 1883 KNG-7812 Administration of Estate
Sam Gee Duee   1886 KNG-7996 Insanity
Sandberg John Albert 1888 KNG-8164 Administration of Estate
Sander R E 1889 KNG-8344 Insanity
Sansom Julia Hannah 1883 KNG-7832 Adoption
Sarr Laura A 1877 KNG-7591 Guardianship
Schindler John 1888 KNG-8192 Probate of Will
Schindler Matthias 1888 KNG-8192 Probate of Will
Schmid Sarah A 1885 KNG-7919 Probate of Will
Schmieg Arthur 1887 KNG-8027 Guardianship
Schmieg Martin 1884 KNG-7866 Probate of Will
Schroeder Elizabeth R 1888 KNG-8221 Probate of Will
Schultz George 1877 KNG-7580 Insanity
Schwab Martin 1885 KNG-7916 Insanity
Schwartz Jacob 1874 KNG-7519 Administration of Estate
Schwebs Louis 1883 KNG-7813 Insanity
Scott Annie 1888 KNG-8159 Insanity
Scott John 1889 KNG-8337 Administration of Estate
Scott Lora L 1885 KNG-7928 Guardianship
Scott William H 1889 KNG-8359 Guardianship
Sedden Richard 1888 KNG-8232 Insanity
Seldon James Miles 1888 KNG-8189 Probate of Will
Settem Lena 1882 KNG-7732 Commitment
Settle Josiah 1868 KNG-7471 Guardianship; Insanity
Settle Josiah 1876 KNG-7552 Probate of Will
Settum Oline Berthine 1886 KNG-8002 Commitment
Sharp Matthew S 1886 KNG-8004 Administration of Estate
Shaw Edward C 1889 KNG-8316 Guardianship
Shaw Walter 1889 KNG-8277 Insanity
Sheridan O J 1888 KNG-8217 Insanity
Shimke Chris 1889 KNG-8397 Insanity
Shinn Martha N 1886 KNG-7978 Guardianship
Shinn Martha N 1887 KNG-8051 Administration of Estate
Shoemaker Amelia 1885 KNG-7920 Probate of Will
Shoemaker Charles 1884 KNG-7836 Insanity
Shoemaker Joseph 1881 KNG-7719 Probate of Will
Shoudy Martha F 1886 KNG-7948 Administration of Estate
Shriver John P 1871 KNG-7477 Insanity
Silber M R 1889 KNG-8313 Administration of Estate
Sires David 1881 KNG-7713 Probate of Will
Sloane Thomas S 1886 KNG-7941 Probate of Will
Slotter Caroline 1876 KNG-7515 Guardianship
Slotter Frederick 1873 KNG-7514 Administration of Estate
Slotter Frederick 1876 KNG-7515 Guardianship
Slotter Minnie 1876 KNG-7515 Guardianship
Smart John A 1881 KNG-7692 Administration of Estate
Smith Agnes 1883 KNG-7791 Probate of Will
Smith Alma D 1885 KNG-7924 Probate of Will
Smith Anna Eliza 1881 KNG-7688 Probate of Will
Smith Benjamin C 1885 KNG-7925 Guardianship
Smith Calvin 1883 KNG-7828 Administration of Estate
Smith Elizabeth 1886 KNG-7992 Probate of Will
Smith Frederick W 1886 KNG-8015 Guardianship
Smith Harry 1872 KNG-7487 Administration of Estate
Smith Ione 1880 KNG-7675 Estate/Guardianship
Smith John S 1885 KNG-7937 Administration of Estate
Smith Julius W 1886 KNG-7952 Probate of Will
Smith L P 1886 KNG-7959 Probate of Will
Smith Lillian 1880 KNG-7675 Estate/Guardianship
Smith Louis M 1887 KNG-8094 Guardianship
Smith M D 1881 KNG-7689 Probate of Will
Smith Mary A 1880 KNG-7672 Administration of Estate
Smith May 1880 KNG-7675 Estate/Guardianship
Smith Ralph W 1880 KNG-7675 Estate/Guardianship
Smith Thomas 1886 KNG-7943 Probate of Will
Smith William C 1883 KNG-7819 Administration of Estate
Snow Harman Hartman 1886 KNG-7967 Probate of Will
Sondermann William 1884 KNG-7871 Insanity
Spray Jesse S 1882 KNG-7727 Probate of Will
St Charles Joseph 1881 KNG-7705 Insanity
St Germain Edward 1880 KNG-7654 Insanity
Stadlmann Emma 1889 KNG-8393 Insanity
Stafford John 1883 KNG-7784 Insanity
Stanton Mary 1873 KNG-7504 Insanity
Starkey D W 1883 KNG-7823 Insanity
Starr Lewis M 1887 KNG-8112 Probate of Will
Steele James 1886 KNG-7985 Guardianship; Insanity
Steele James 1888 KNG-8226 Probate of Will
Steele Jane C 1888 KNG-8225 Probate of Will
Steen Clara 1888 KNG-8214 Adoption
Steen Clarita Louisa 1888 KNG-8214 Adoption
Steen Louis 1888 KNG-8214 Adoption
Stetson Amasa E 1889 KNG-8258 Administration of Estate
Stevens Edwin 1879 KNG-7614 Probate of Will
Stevens Robert E 1889 KNG-8318 Insanity
Stevens Robert E 1889 KNG-8402 Insanity
Stewart Algernon 1887 KNG-8037 Guardianship
Stewart Charles L 1887 KNG-8037 Guardianship
Stewart Mary E 1887 KNG-8037 Guardianship
Stewart Robert M 1887 KNG-8034 Probate of Will
Stickler William H 1868 KNG-7469 Administration of Estate
Stone Servell 1889 KNG-8257 Insanity
Stotler Frank 1876 KNG-7570 Insanity
Stranz Margaret 1881 KNG-7681 Insanity
Strum Leander 1889 KNG-8407 Insanity
Stubb Math O 1888 KNG-8196 Insanity
Stump Thomas J 1882 KNG-7765 Administration of Estate
Sullivan Jeffery 1881 KNG-7708 Administration of Estate
Sullivan Jeremiah D 1879 KNG-7620 Administration of Estate
Sundberg M 1889 KNG-8264 Insanity
Swain Walter 1889 KNG-8336 Administration of Estate
Sydney George 1881 KNG-7717 Administration of Estate
Szelogowski Stanislaus 1889 KNG-8256 Guardianship; Insanity
Taft George 1888 KNG-8171 Insanity
Taylor Arthur 1883 KNG-7782 Guardianship
Taylor Charles 1883 KNG-7782 Guardianship
Taylor Emma 1883 KNG-7782 Guardianship
Taylor Herbert 1883 KNG-7782 Guardianship
Taylor Nellie 1884 KNG-7785 Guardianship
Taylor Thomas 1889 KNG-8331 Administration of Estate
Temple Sarah A 1888 KNG-8174 Probate of Will
Terry Bessie Jane 1875 KNG-7462 Estate/Guardianship
Terry Charles C 1867 KNG-7463 Probate of Will
Terry Charles T 1875 KNG-7462 Estate/Guardianship
Terry Edward L 1875 KNG-7462 Estate/Guardianship
Terry Nelly May 1875 KNG-7462 Estate/Guardianship
Testman Charles 1873 KNG-7507 Insanity
Tetzlaff Herman 1889 KNG-8351 Administration of Estate
Thomas Abraham 1886 KNG-7942 Insanity
Thomas George 1881 KNG-7701 Administration of Estate
Thomas George 1888 KNG-8169 Insanity
Thomas Mary A 1889 KNG-8352 Insanity
Thompson Alice 1882 KNG-7751 Administration of Estate
Thompson Ed 1888 KNG-8213 Insanity
Thompson John 1865 KNG-7467 Administration of Estate
Thompson Peter 1878 KNG-7595 Insanity
Thorndike Charles M 1889 KNG-8253 Administration of Estate
Thorndike Eben A 1881 KNG-7722 Administration of Estate
Thornell Cora Louise 1889 KNG-8295 Administration of Estate
Thornell Cora Louise 1889 KNG-8294 Administration of Estate
Thornton James Franklin 1885 KNG-7907 Adoption
Tighe James P 1889 KNG-8409 Administration of Estate
Tobin Charles H 1885 KNG-7910 Administration of Estate
Toellner Adolph 1889 KNG-8327 Probate of Will
Toellner August 1889 KNG-8392 Guardianship
Toellner Elise 1889 KNG-8392 Guardianship
Toellner Henry 1889 KNG-8392 Guardianship
Toellner Katie 1889 KNG-8392 Guardianship
Tracey Philip 1889 KNG-8280 Insanity
Tuck LaFayette 1888 KNG-8130 Administration of Estate
Turner Merritt 1889 KNG-8347 Administration of Estate
Turner   1876 KNG-7569 Insanity
Tuttle Hannah B 1887 KNG-8057 Administration of Estate
Twiss William S 1888 KNG-8172 Administration of Estate
Tyler Robert 1877 KNG-7586 Insanity
Uder William 1888 KNG-8158 Insanity
Ulin E 1886 KNG-8008 Wreckmaster Oath
Utter Ira W 1879 KNG-7630 Administration of Estate
Valois F A 1887 KNG-8096 Insanity
Valois F A 1887 KNG-8067 Insanity
Van Doren C M 1887 KNG-8023 Administration of Estate
Van Doren Delia F 1889 KNG-8276 Probate of Will
Van Dyke Carrie 1886 KNG-7984 Adoption
Van Dyke George P 1886 KNG-7984 Adoption
Van Vorst Marguerite E 1886 KNG-7990 Probate of Will
Vetter John 1884 KNG-7848 Insanity
Voigt Martha 1884 KNG-7837 Probate of Will
Von Schmeling Rino S 1882 KNG-7762 Insanity
Waddell Mary 1879 KNG-7622 Administration of Estate
Wagenner Sophrona B 1889 KNG-8321 Administration of Estate
Wagner William J 1880 KNG-7645 Insanity
Wait J W 1870 KNG-7480 Administration of Estate
Wakefield Charles W 1872 KNG-7493 Administration of Estate; Guardianship
Walden C Wesley 1887 KNG-8106 Administration of Estate
Waldron Della 1884 KNG-7877 Adoption
Walker Alfred 1887 KNG-8104 Guardianship
Walker Alfred E 1885 KNG-7932 Administration of Estate
Wallis Richard 1879 KNG-7627 Probate of Will
Walsh Michael 1882 KNG-7758 Adoption
Walsh Rose 1882 KNG-7758 Adoption
Ward Elmer 1887 KNG-8056 Administration of Estate
Wassum R 1880 KNG-7670 Insanity
Waugh William 1888 KNG-8145 Administration of Estate
Weaver Clarence W 1876 KNG-7559 Guardianship
Weaver Cora E 1876 KNG-7559 Guardianship
Weaver O W 1875 KNG-7544 Administration of Estate
Weaver O W 1875 KNG-7543 Estate/Gaurdianship
Webster Mehetable S 1889 KNG-8354 Probate of Will
Webster Phoebe Ann 1889 KNG-8279 Administration of Estate
Webster Phoebe Ann 1889 KNG-8281 Probate of Will
Welch Henry 1887 KNG-8084 Insanity
Welch Stephen 1888 KNG-8197 Insanity
Welch Stephen 1889 KNG-8283 Administration of Estate
Wells Alice 1874 KNG-7521 Guardianship
Wells Edger B 1874 KNG-7521 Guardianship
Welton Isaac 1879 KNG-7628 Administration of Estate
Wern John 1887 KNG-8043 Administration of Estate
Werrett Catherine 1882 KNG-7740 Probate of Will
West Jane Ellen 1889 KNG-8304 Guardianship
Weygant W E 1883 KNG-7810 Insanity
Wharton Hiram 1888 KNG-8190 Administration of Estate
White George 1883 KNG-7827 Insanity
Whittlesey Joseph H 1886 KNG-7993 Administration of Estate
Whitworth Susan 1880 KNG-7643 Probate of Will
Wilkin Robert 1889 KNG-8399 Administration of Estate
Williams David T 1887 KNG-8058 Adoption
Williams Fannie M 1887 KNG-8058 Adoption
Williams John 1877 KNG-7578 Insanity
Williams John 1883 KNG-7803 Insanity
Williams John Henry 1887 KNG-8058 Adoption
Williams Thomas A 1889 KNG-8368 Insanity
Williamson Joseph 1875 KNG-7539 Probate of Will
Wilson Alfred C 1889 KNG-8403 Guardianship
Wilson George 1883 KNG-7780 Insanity
Wilson   1874 KNG-7524 Insanity
Wilton Elizabeth 1883 KNG-7817 Adoption
Wilton Frank 1883 KNG-7817 Adoption
Winters John J 1883 KNG-7802 Probate of Will
Winton Mary Frances 1889 KNG-8326 Administration of Estate
Wise L W 1881 KNG-7687 Administration of Estate
Witt John F 1873 KNG-7500 Administration of Estate
Wong Tie   1877 KNG-7584 Insanity
Wood William F 1889 KNG-8288 Insanity
Wooden M D 1875 KNG-7537 Administration of Estate
Woodhouse S G 1888 KNG-8129 Insanity
Woodward L T 1876 KNG-7550 Administration of Estate
Woodworth Selim E 1889 KNG-8308 Probate of Will
Wright Ethel 1888 KNG-8191 Guardianship
Wright Helen 1888 KNG-8191 Guardianship
Wright Helen 1889 KNG-8373 Guardianship
Wright James R 1875 KNG-7541 Estate/Guardianship
Wright Nellie 1875 KNG-7541 Estate/Guardianship
Wright Thomas A 1875 KNG-7541 Estate/Guardianship
Wunder Barbara 1880 KNG-7652 Guardianship
Wunder Gertrude 1880 KNG-7652 Guardianship
Wunder Michael 1880 KNG-7649 Administration of Estate
Wunder Rosa 1880 KNG-7652 Guardianship
Wurmnest Valentine 1889 KNG-8394 Insanity; Guardianship
Wyckoff Lewis V 1882 KNG-7734 Administration of Estate
Yates Iver 1889 KNG-8286 Guardianship
Yates Susan D 1888 KNG-8125 Probate of Will
Young Alexander Z 1888 KNG-8233 Administration of Estate
Young Frederick A 1880 KNG-7640 Administration of Estate
Young   1886 KNG-7945 Administration of Estate
Zachmann Phillip 1889 KNG-8367 Insanity
Zellaney Charles 1887 KNG-8086 Administration of Estate
Zobrist John 1887 KNG-8113 Insanity
Zobrist John 1888 KNG-8120 Insanity


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