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Kittitas County, Washington
Genealogy and History


1930 Census

Transcribed by Marla Snow

1930 United States Census
Mountain Precinct, Kittitas Co., Washington
May 6-7, 1930
Lee R. Pays, Enumerator











Age at







1 1 Kelly, Louis Head R 10 M W 71 S   Pennsylvania Canada Canada Laborer Boom Man  
2 2 Greenway, Fred Head R 2 M W 56 Wd 40 England England England Laborer Saw Mill  
3 3 Johnston, Leo Head R 2 M W 40 M 32 Nebraska Pennsylvania New York Laborer Woods  
4 4 Shaffer, Chas Head R 2 M W 56 S   Pennsylvania Germany Germany Laborer Saw Mill  
5 5 Gowans, Samuel Head R 2 M W 62 S   New York Iowa Iowa Laborer Saw Mill  
6 6 Robertsen, Olaf Head R 6 M W 39 M 38 Norway Norway Norway Laborer Planer Mill WW Veteran
    Robertsen, Lula Wife     F W 42 M 16 Wyoming Maine Illinois None    
7 7 Danese, James L. Had R 5 M W 63 M 27 Wisconsin Indiana Indiana Laborer Logging Camp  
    Danese, Nellie Wife     F W 61 M 25 Wisconsin Vermont Pennsylvania None    
    Danese, Winfield Son     M W 30 S   Montana Wisconsin Wisconsin Laborer Saw Mill  
8 8 Morton, Edward W. Head R 5 M W 54 M 27 Nebraska Massachusetts New York Salesman General Store  
    Morton, Jessie Wife     F W 54 M 28 Wisconsin Indiana Indiana Cook Saw Mill Camp  
    Morton, Edgar C. Son     M W 21 M 20 Wisconsin Nebraska Wisconsin Laborer Laboring  
9 9 Bush, Edward Head R 5 M W 45 M 21 Missouri Kentucky Missouri Laborer Saw Mill  
    Bush, Elizabeth Wife     F W 46 M 15 Wisconsin Wisconsin Scotland None    
10 10 Lamb, Frank Head R 5 F W 32 M 30 Washington Iowa Washington Fireman Saw Mill WW Veteran
    Lamb, Carrie Wife     F W 22 M 20 Oregon Kansas Illinois None    
    Lamb, Clarence Son     M W 1 S   Washington Washington Oregon None    
    Lamb, Ruth Daughter     F W 1/12 S   Washington Washington Oregon None    
11 11 Hodges, John E. Head R 4 M W 36 M 18 Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma Laborer Woodsman  
    Hodges, Anna Wife     F W 33 M 16 Oklahoma Alabama Georgia None    
12 12 Lanna, George Head R 10 M W 42 M 21 Oregon Missouri Missouri Logger Woodsman  
    Lanna, Minnie Wife     F W 39 M 24 California Kentucky Pennsylvania None    
    Lanna, Willie Son     M W 14 S   California Oregon California None    
    Lanna, Glen Son     M W 5 S   Oregon Oregon California None    
    Lanna, Sylvan Son     M W 3 S   Oregon Oregon California None    
13 13 Wasson, William Head R 10 M W 51 M 43 Texas Texas Texas Gate Tender ?  
    Wasson, Maud Wife     F W 34 M 26 Oklahoma Mississippi Texas None    
14 14 Stevens, Frank Head R 5 M W 43 M 37 Virginia Virginia Virginia Laborer Watchman  
    Stevens, Barbara Wife     F W 30 M 27 Kansas Wisconsin Wisconsin None    
    Rima, Henry Father in Law     M W 73 Wd 37 Wisconsin Pennsylvania Pennsylvania None    
15 15 Stoneburg, John E. Head R 5 M W 42 M 34 Wisconsin Canada Eng Wisconsin Laborer Tug Boat Master  
    Stoneburg, Olvia Wife     F W 26 M 18 Washington Missouri Illinois None    
    Stoneburg, Nealia Son     M W 5 S   Washington Wisconsin Washington None    
16 16 Osh, John J. Head O 500 M ? 54 Wd 21 Illinois Ireland Scotland Laborer Coal Mine  


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