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Pierce County, Washington
1930 Census

Fircrest Precinct
Transcribed by Marla Snow

1930 United States Census
Fircrest Precinct, Pierce Co., Washington
April 17, 1930
Beulah C. Melen?y, Enumerator












1st Mar







  1 1 Green, W. Burl Head O 3500 M W 39 M 25 Michigan Ohio Ohio Accountant Railroad  


    Green, Golda Wife     F W 42 M 28 Ohio New York Ohio None    
      Green, Betty Daughter     F W 12 S   Washington Michigan Ohio None    
      Green, Annabelle Daughter     F W 9 S   Washington Michigan Ohio None    
      Green, Robert Son     M W 7 S   Washington Michigan Ohio None    
  2 2 Sturley, Walter R. Head     M W 56 S   England England England Assistant Secretary Golf Club  
  3 3 Murray, Harry L.       M W 40 S   Missouri Georgia Missouri Janitor Golf Club  
  4 4 Pitter, Lyle       M W 20 S   Holland Minnesota France Professional Instructor Golf Club  
  5 5 Janes, James A. Head     M W 56 M 28 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Manager Dining Golf Club  
      Janes, Jennie Wife     F W 56 M 28 New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey Cook Golf Club  
  6 6 Wildner, Jacob Head O   M W 59 M 38 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Farmer Dairy Farm  
      Wildner, Martha Wife     F W 48 M 27 Sweden Sweden Sweden None    
      Wildner, John J. Son     M W 17 S   Washington Czechoslovakia Sweden Laborer Railroad Shop  
      Wildner, George Son     M W 8 S   Washington Czechoslovakia Sweden None    
      Wildner, Margaret Daughter     F W 20 S   Washington Czechoslovakia Sweden None    
  7 7 Smith, Adolph Head     M W 47 M 26 Russia Russia Russia Farmer Dairy Farm  
      Smith, Wanda Wife     F W 39 M 17 Russia Russia Russia None    
      Smith, Hardwick Son     M W 17 S   Canada English Russia Russia Laborer Dairy Farm  
      Smith, Hugo Son     M W 16 S   Canada English Russia Russia Laborer Dairy Farm  
      Smith, William Son     M W 13 S   Washington Russia Russia None    
      Smith, Rudolph Son     M W 11 S   Montana Russia Russia None    
  8 8 Hanson, George F. Head     M W 43 M 32 Wisconsin Sweden Sweden Farmer Dairy Farm WW Veteran
      Hanson, Christine Wife     F W 41 M 21 Denmark Denmark Denmark None    
      Carlson, Nicolai Step Son     M W 19 S   Washington Denmark Denmark Laborer Dairy Farm  
      Carlson, Christine Step Daughter     F W 18 S   Washington Denmark Denmark House Work Dairy Farm  
  9 9 Dewey, David Head O 850 M W 52 M 28 Michigan New York New York Laborer Dress Factory  
      Dewey, Jean Wife     F W 41 M 16 Scotland Scotland Scotland None    
      Dewey, David Son     M W 24 S   Iowa Michigan Scotland Farmer Sheep Farm  
      Dewey, Leslie Son     M W 22 S   Iowa Michigan Scotland Laborer Ranch  
      Dewey, Naomi Daughter     F W 13 S   Idaho Michigan Scotland None    
      Dewey, W. Frank Son     M W 9 S   Idaho Michigan Scotland None    
  10 10 Ruble, Addie Head O 1800 F W 49 Wd 18 Minnesota Wisconsin Minnesota Practical Nurse Private Home  
      Ruble, Wilma Daughter     F W 17 S   Washington Massachusetts Minnesota Stenographer Produce Co.  
      Ruble, William Son     M W 12 S   Washington Massachusetts Minnesota None    


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