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 Founded April 25, 1854
County Seat: Walla Walla

Named after the Walla Walla tribe of Native Americans.

Cities, Towns and CDP's
* Burbank * College Place * Dixie * Garrett * Prescott
* Touchet * Waitsburg *
Walla Walla * Walla Walla East * Wallula
* Lowden

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Obituaries added: Phillip Blahm, Mary Brehm, Amelia Schell, Earl Schell,

Marriage announcement: Schell-Welsh,

Biographies added: W. G. Langford, Fred Adams, Chester Babcock, Dorsey Baker, William Barnes, O. P. Barker, Sarena Barker, Oswald Brechtel, John Boyer, N. G. Blalock, J. F. Brewer, William Brunton, Cantonwine, W. J., Nathan Caton, James Cochran, E. N. Colwell, James Cornwell, J. H. Day, James Dewar, Abraham Dickinson, Samuel Erwin, Milton Evans, William Ferguson, Andrew Fix, James Foster, Cantrel Frazier, Joseph Gwinn, Joseph Harbert, John Hood, Orley Hull, Henry Ingalls, Theodore Ingalls, Roxcia Keiser, William Kirkman, J. M. Lamb, W. G. Langford, James Lasater, George Loundagin, Patrick Lyons, Christian Maier, James McAuliff, William McGwire, Lewis McMorris, Edward Mills, James Mix, Thomas Page, William Painter, E. L. Powell, Platt Preston, William Preston, Thomas Quinn, Lewis Randall, Leonard Rattlemiller, Alexander Reed, George Reed, Raymond Rees, Charles Russell, John Scott, William Stanfield, George Starrett, William Stephens, Daniel Stewart, William Stine, Andrew Tash, Alfred Thomas, Wallace Thomas, John Tracy, Sewell Truax, William Winans, Bennett Witt, Philander Witt, Davis Wooton

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