Transcribed by: Marla Snow, January 2008

1870 Census  For:  American Garrison, Island of San Juan, Territory of Washin.; Copy of Supplemental Sheet from Record of War Dept.

State: Washington Ter County: Whatcom Town/Township: Post Office: Date: 1870 Enumerator Name: Page No.:1
Line Dwelling houses numbered in order of visitation Families numbered in order of visitation The Name of each Person whose place of abode, on first day of June, 1870, was in this family Age at last birthday, if under 1 year, give months in fractions Sex Color- White, W; Black, B; Mulatto, Mu; Chinese, C; Indian, I Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male or female. Value of Real Estate Value of Personal Estate Place of Birth, naming State or Territory of U.S.; or the Country, if of foreign birth Father of foreign birth Mother of foreign birth If born within the year, state month If married within the year, state month Attended school within the year Cannot read Cannot write Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic Male citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards Male citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards, whose right to vote is denied or abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other crimes
 1     Haskell, J. T.  30 M W       W.S. N.S.                    
2     Bird, Charles 30 M W       W.S. N.S.                    
3     Duffy, Williams 27 M W       Ireland                    
4     Creighton , Jno. H. 21 M W       Penn                    
5     Miller, Louis 24 M W       France                    
6     Leffler, Gustave 23 M W       Germany                    
7     Kenney, John 29 M W       Ireland                    
8     Pierce, James 23 M W       New York                    
9     Lyons, Willam 21 M W       Ireland                    
10     Carr, Edward 24 M W       Ireland                    
11     Borton, Arthur 33 M W       England                    
12     Lange, Anton 31 M W       Germany-Bavaria                    
13     Spaulding, Henry 25 M W       New York                    
14     Brady, James 21 M W       New Jersey                    
15     Horan, Matthew J. 25 M W       Ireland                    
16     Ryan, James 24 M W       Ireland                    
17     Georgens, Conrad 31 M W       Germany-Durkbillin                     
18     Hallmer, Henry 27 M W       Sweden-Stockholm                    
19     Gay, Stephen 24 M W       Illinois                    
20     Morris, Joseph 21 M W       New Jersey                     
21     Bingham, Henry 18 M W       Penn                    
22     Andrews, Marion D. 27 M W       New York                    
23     Bohler, Rudolph 23 M W       Switzerland                     
24     Brazell, James 32 M W       Ireland                    
25     Cain, John 22 M W       Ireland                    
26     Cain, Patrick 22 M W       Ireland                    
27     Chattman, Thomas 27 M W       Kentucky                    
28     Conklen, Lantry 28 M W       New York                     
29     Connell, Thomas 30 M W       Ireland                    
30     Conners, Patrick 24 M W       Ireland                    
31     Andor, Stephen 26 M W       Ireland                    
32     Cullen, Thomas 24 M W       Ireland                     
33     Deering, Thomas 28 M W       Ireland                    
34     Delaney, Richard 32 M W       Ireland                    
35     Frazer, Patrick 21 M W       Ireland                    
36     Friandlieb, Louis 22 M W       Germany-Prussia                     
37     Frolek, Fredk w 35 M W       Germany-Hesse                    
38     Garrett, George F. 31 M W       Win-Barmunds                    
39     Gerlach, Theodore 34 M W       Germany-Hesse                    
40     Gillaney, Michael 30 M W       Ireland