Transcribed by: Marla Snow, August 2007

1880 Census  For: 

State: Washington Ter County: Whatcom Town/Township: Ruby Precinct  Enumeration Dist. No.:4 Date: June 1-7, 1880 Enumerator Name: Andrew Slorah Page No.:1
Line Name of Street House Number Dwelling houses numbered in order of visitation Families numbered in order of visitation The Name of each Person whose place of abode, on 1st day of June, 1880, was in this family Color-White, W; Black, B; Mulatto, Mu; Chinese, C; Indian, I Sex-Male, M; Female, F. Age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880.  If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus: 0/12 If born within census year, give the month Relationship of each person to the head of the family-whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other Single, /. Married, /. Widowed, /, Divorced, D Married during census year /. Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male or female. Number of months this person has been unemployed during the Census year. Is the person [on the day of the Enumerator's visit} sick or temporarily disabled, so as to be unable to attend to ordinary business or duties?  If so, what is the sickness or disability? Blind, /. Deaf and Dumb, /. Idiotic, /. Insane, /. Maimed, Crippled, Bedridden, or otherwise disabled, /. Attended school within the Census year, /. Cannot read, /. Cannot write, /. Place of Birth of this person, naming State or Territory of United States, or the Country, if of foreign birth Place of Birth of the Father of this person, naming the State or Territory of United States, or the Country, if of foreign birth. Place of Birth of the Mother of this person, naming the State or Territory of United States, or the Country if of foreign birth.
 1          Stringham, J. H W M 53       /   Baker                     New York New York Connecticut
 2          Monohan, L. W M 22     /       Farmer                     Oregon Indiana Pennsylvania
 3          Wair, W. W M 45     /       Miner                     New Jersey New Jersey  New Jersey
 4          Keeler, Wm. H. W M 32       /     Farmer                     Connecticut Connecticut New York
 5          Kant, M.  W M 22     /       Miner                     France France France
 6          Bryan, C. W M 25     /       Miner                     New York New York New York
 7          Pasters, Frank W M 50     /       Miner                     Ohio Maryland Germany
 8          Currorn, James W M 25     /       Miner                     Ireland England Ireland
 9          Bakergart, Theo W M 35     /       Miner                     Canada Canada Canada
 10          Oltere, Patrick W M 39     /       Miner                     Ireland Ireland Ireland
 11          Brand, Louis W M 28         /   Miner                     France France France
 12          Rock, Bernard W M 40     /       Miner                     Ireland Ireland Ireland
 13          Toxward, Louis W M 37     /       Miner                     Denmark Den Den
 14          Weed, Frank W M 21     /       Miner                     Illinois England England
 15          Cobb, Willard W M 25     /       Miner                     Massachusetts Mass Mass
 16          Colman, William W M 34     /       Miner                     Ireland Ire Ire
 17          Williams, Fred W M 25     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 18          Nagle, John W M 36     /       Miner                     Ireland Ire Ire
 19          Brannam, Thos. W M 44     /       Miner                     Ireland Ire Ire
 20          Schafer, Chas. W M 27     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 21          King, Ira W M 22     /       Miner                     Pennsylvania Vermont Canada
 22          Scott, Jas. T. W  M 36     /       Miner                     New York England England
 23          Kimbal, Simeon  W  M 30     /       Miner                     New Brunswick Maine NB
 24          Sody, Jacob  W  M 38     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 25          Crumb, Ryland  W  M 22     /       Miner                     Wisconsin New York Wisconsin
 26          Becraft, Charles  W  M 24     /       Miner                     California Missouri Indiana
 27          Gifford, Alfred  W  M 31     /       Miner                     Maine Maine Maine
 28          Hutton, S. A.  W  M 43     /       Miner                     Indiana Kentucky Tennessee
 29          Cox, W. A.  W  M 35     /       Miner                     Indiana Indiana Indiana
 30          Bauman, Wm  W  M 51     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 31          Bowens, Peter  W  M 54     /       Miner                     Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
 32          Wallman, Wm  W  M 32     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 33          Schluter, Klos  W  M 47     /       Miner                     Germany Ger Ger
 34          Anderson, Oliver  W  M 24     /       Miner                     Sweden Sweden Sweden
 35          Dixon, T. F.  W  M 25     /       Miner                     California Missouri Missouri
 36          Frazier, William  W  M 35     /       Miner                     Missouri Virginia Kentucky
 37          Winkler, J. W.  W  M 28     /       Miner                     Ohio Germany Ger
 38          Pearce, John  W  M 29     /       Miner                     England Eng Eng
 39          Abbott, William  W  M 49       /     Miner                     England Eng Eng
 40          Campbell, M.  W  M 36     /       Miner                     Ireland Ire Ire
 41          Elliott, W. W.  W  M 36       /     Carpenter                     Connecticut Ireland Ireland
 42          Lund, Anthony  W  M 29     /       Miner                     Denmark Den Den
 43          Graham, T. M.  W  M 33       /     Miner                     Ohio Penn Eng
 44          Moore, Anderson  W  M 49     /       Miner                     Kentucky Ohio Ohio
 45          Smitherum, Henry  W  M 37     /       Miner                     Wisconsin Eng Eng
 46          Fraser, J. J.  W  M 24     /       Miner                     Nova Scotia NS NS
 47          Pulaski, Edward  W  M 35       /     Miner                     Poland Poland Poland
 48          Carpenter, James  W  M 51     /       Miner                     Canada Eng Penn
 49          Williams, Wm. W.  W  M 45       /     Farmer                     Ohio Penn Ohio
 50          Wymond, John F.  W 40     /       Miner                     New York Eng NY