1900 United States Census
Lummi Indian Reservation, Whatcom Co., Washington
June, 1900

W. H. Dobbs, Enumerator

Dwelling #

Family #





Month Born

Year Born

Age at Last Birthday

Marital Status

# of years Md.

# of Children

# of Living Children

Place of Birth

POB of Father POB of Mother Year of Immigration # of years in US Naturalization Occupation Can Read Can Write Can speak English Own or Rent Own Free or Mortgaged Farm or House


1 Crafts, W. G. Head W M Aug 1844 55 Wd       Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts       Fishing Yes Yes Yes R   H
    Good, L. T. Partner W M May 1854 46 S       Pennsylvania Ireland Pennsylvania       Fishing Yes Yes Yes      
2 2 Warren, William Head W M   1848 52 M 26     England England England 1868 32 Na Farming Yes Yes Yes R   F
    Warren, Jane Wife W F   1858 42 M 26 2 2 Canada Eng Ireland Canada Eng         Yes Yes Yes      
    Warren, Byron Son W M   1892 8 S       Michigan England Canada Eng         Yes Yes Yes      
3 3 McDonald, Donald Head W M   1874 26 M 1     Michigan Canada Eng Michigan       Brakeman (RR) Yes Yes Yes R   H
    McDonald, Matilda Wife W F   1879 21 M 1 1 1 Michigan England Canada Eng                    
    Caupe, Ben Boarder W M   1882 18 S       Wash. New York Penn.       At School Yes Yes Yes      
    Sickelsteel, Elmer Boarder W M   1873 27 S       Mich. Canada Eng New York       Fisherman Yes Yes Yes      
    Sickelsteel, Charley Boarder W M   1872 28 S       Mich Canada Eng New York       Fisherman Yes Yes Yes      
    Pierson, Jacob Boarder W M   1874 26 S       Sweden Sweden Sweden 9 1891 Na Fisherman Yes Yes Yes      
    Johnson, E. Boarder W M   1868 32 S       Sweden Sweden Sweden 16 1884 Na Fishing Yes Yes Yes      
    Larson, Ole Boarder W M Feb 1877 22 S       Norway Norway Norway 1898 2 Pa Carpenter Yes No Yes      
4 4 Hawk, Edward Head W M June 1848 51 S       Sweden Sweden Sweden 1865 35   Cook In Fishing Camps Yes No Yes R   H
    Peterson, Alfred Boarder W M July 1859 40 S       Sweden Sweden Sweden 1878 22 Pa Labor on Fish Traps Yes Yes Yes      
    Sullivan, Dan Boarder W M   1848 51 Wd       Ireland Ireland Ireland   27 Na Laborer on Pile Driver & Fish Traps Yes Yes Yes      
    Campbell, Duncan Boarder W M Mar '53 47 M       Nova Scotia Scotland Scotland 1869 31 Na Labor Fishing Yes Yes Yes      


  Wood, Charles Boarder W M Jan '76 24 S       Kansas Tenn Kansas       Labor Fish Trap Yes Yes Yes      
    Sallada, William Boarder W M Mch 1864 36 S       Iowa Penn Kentucky       Coal Miner Yes Yes Yes      
    Moores, W. A. Boarder W M Sept 1840 59 S       Canada Eng Maine Canada 1865 35 Na Labor Fish Traps Yes Yes Yes      
5 5 Wicks, W. C. Head W M Nov 1841 58 Wd       New York New York New York       Mariner Yes Yes Yes R   H
    Pettier, E. J. W. Boarder W M Aug 1875 25 S       Michigan Canada Fr. Canada Fr.       Day Laborer Yes Yes Yes      
    Discale, Gesue Boarder W M   1855 45 S       Italy Italy Italy 1881 19 Na Fisherman Yes Yes Yes      
    Erickson, Lars Boarder W M Dec 1877 22 S       Iceland Iceland Iceland 1898 2   Farm Laborer Yes Yes Yes      
    Grant, B. L. Boarder W M Aug 1845 54 S       Maine Maine Maine       Fisherman Yes Yes Yes      
6 6 Singleton, W. R. Head W M Sept 1865 34 S       Texas Texas Alabama       Fisherman Yes Yes Yes R   H


  Greenland, Isaac Boarder W M   1880 20 S       Finland Finland Finland 1899 8/12   Laborer (Day) No No Yes      
    Peterson, Engbert Boarder W M Dec 1871 28 S       Norway Norway Norway 1899 0 Pa Fishing Yes Yes Yes      
    Glosle, John Boarder W M   1879 21 S       Norway Norway Norway 1900 0   Fishing Yes Yes Yes      
    Sullivan, J. F. Boarder W M   1848 52 S       Louisiana Ireland Ireland       Fishing Yes Yes Yes      
7 7 Bristow, Edward J. Head W M July 1844 55 M 33     Missouri Penn Virginia       Govt. Farmer of Reservation Yes Yes Yes R   H
8 8 Bremner, Archie Head W M Feb 1869 31 M 2     Iowa Scotland Mass       Teacher Govt. In. School Yes Yes Yes R   H
    Bremner, Rose Wife W F Mch 1864 36 M 2 0 0 Indiana Ohio Kentucky       Indstil. Teacher Govt. School Yes Yes Yes      
    Bremner, Abbie C. Mother W F Apr 1830 70 Wd   3 2 Mass Mass Vermont         Yes Yes Yes      




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