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Whatcom County
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Old Settlers

This is a list of most of the old pioneers of Lynden and vicinity, that made their homes on the Nooksack during the much hampered period of the seventies (1870s): 
H. A. Judson, Phoebe Judson, Bonta Judson, George Judson, Enoch Hawley, M. C. Hawley, R. E. Hawley, Lida Hawley, Leo R. Hawley, Dan McClanahan, Joe Emerling, Nellie Coupe, Watson Smith, Rachel Smith, D. Kilcup, Ed. O'Neil, Andrew Smith, D. Miller, Godlip Bosenhart, J. A. Delander, J. L. Hand, W. N. Lawrence, James Bertrand, Henry Bertrand, John Thomas, William Daily, Henry Shagren, Henry Goodell, Joe Luskman, Dollie Patterson, Nellie Patterson, N. W. Lawrence, August Klockie, Horace McClanahan, John McClanahan, Reuben Bizer, William Slade, Mrs. Slade, Harvy Slade, Fred Slade, G. W. Coupe, Ed. Barnes, James O'Neil, Bob Tilton, Jack Kelley, Joe Strowbridge, Peter Dayhack, James Walker, Chris Thyberg, Danuel Kilcup, Johnie Kilcup, Harry West, George Rehberger, Peter Benson, Charles Van Wormer, Thomas Coupe  ("Skqee Mus, or Pioneer days on the Nooksack", by R. E. Hawley, pub. 1945, pgs. 184-185)

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