Whitman County, Washington
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Whitman County
Founded: November 29, 1871
The county seat is Colfax.

Whitman County was formed from Stevens County November 29, 1871.
It is named after Marcus Whitman, a Presbyterian missionary who, with his wife Narcissa, was killed in 1847 by members of the Cayuse tribe.

Whitman Map

Cities, Towns, and Villages
* Albion * Almota * Belmont * Colton * Diamond * Dusty * Elberton * Endicott * Ewan * Farmington * Garfield * Hay *
Johnson * LaCross * Lamont * Malden * Oakesdale * Palouse * Pine City * Pullman * Riparia * Rosalia * St. John *
Sunset * Steptoe * Tekoa *Thornton * Uniontown * Winona *


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Website Updates:
Oct. 2018:  Entire history book added:  An Illustrated History of Whitman County, WA -- Including all the biographies in the book.  Marriage announcement for WILSON - PLASKET;  obituaries for CUTLER, JOHNSON, WOOD


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