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Washington D.C. Genealogy Trails
1840 Pensioners on the Roll
Transcribed by Richard Ramos

Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840 Location
Eaton, Mrs. 26
Washington City
Gideon, Jacob, Sen (since dead) 86 Jacob Gideon Jr Washington City
Henderson, Dorcas 82 John Simms Alexandria City
Hurdle, Lawrence 81 Lawrence Hurdle Alexandria City
Lansdale, Cornelia 75 John F. Cox Washington county
Nourse, Joseph 87 Joseph Nourse Washington county
Pearce, Morriss 51 Thomas Wiley Alexandria City
Pipsecow, John 88
Alexandria City
Suter, Richard 55 Richard Suter Washington City
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