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1883 Pensioners
The Soldiers Home
Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team
No. of certificate Name of pensioner Post-Office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
8,968 Baker, John Soldiers' Home loss toes l. foot 6.00
222,142 Burrows, Millard F Soldiers' Home rheum 12.00 Dec., 1882
164,167 Cameron, Wm Soldiers' Home injury to abdomen 8.00
3,079 Collins, Mark Soldiers' Home g.s.w. r. hand 6.00
3,449 Collins, Timothy Soldiers' Home g.s.w. l. arm 4.00
4,059 Deutlinger, Joseph T Soldiers' Home wd. hand 12.00
8,790 Donovan, Wm Soldiers' Home wd. face & neck 8.00
149,400 Gamon, Henry Soldiers' Home loss all fing. l. hand 14.00 Nov., 1877
182,101 Harrison, Thos Soldiers' Home dis. lungs 18.00 Feb., 1881
165,537 Howe, Freeman U Soldiers' Home chr. diarr 8.00 Mar., 1880
151,347 Johnson, Jno Soldiers' Home g.s.w. r. eye 4.00 Mar., 1878
3,222 Jordan, Rob't H Soldiers' Home 10 yrs service (Navy) 3.00 Aug., 1881
3,547 Lonerhus, Francis Soldiers' Home g.s.w. l. leg 6.00
4,594 Taylor, Michael Soldiers' Home do 4.00
96,201 Wilson, Lawrence Soldiers' Home wd. l. arm 6.00 Sept., 1869
152,167 Wilson, Sam'l A Soldiers' Home g.s.w. l. elbow 4.00
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