8th Wisconsin
Infantry Regiment


Battles involving 8th Infantry
Assignments for 8th Infantry

- Organized on Sep 13 1861 at Camp Randall, Madison, WI
- Enlistment term: 3 years
- Mustered out on Sep 5 1865 at Demopolis, AL

Available statistics for total numbers of men listed as:
- Enlisted or commissioned: 1329
- Transferred in: 1
- Killed or died of wounds (Officers): 6
- Killed or died of wounds (Enlisted men): 53
- Died of disease (Officers): 2
- Died of disease (Enlisted men): 219
- Prisoner of war: 53
- Died while prisoner of war: 1
- Disabled: 186
- Missing: 2
- Deserted: 55
- Discharged: 90
- Mustered out: 672
- Transferred out: 30

Historical notes and Reports:

Eighth Infantry WISCONSIN

Eighth Infantry. -- Cols., Robert C. Murphy, George W. Robbins, John W. Jefferson, William B. Britton; Lieut.-Cols., George W. Robbins, John W. Jefferson, William B. Britton, James 0.Bartlett, Duncan A. Kennedy.

This regiment, known as the ''Eagle Regiment'' was organized Sept. 4, 1861, with a numerical strength of 973. It was mustered in Sept. 13 and left the state Oct. 12 for the lower Mississippi.

It took part in the actions at Greenville, Island No. 10, Farmington, Corinth, Iuka, Henderson's Hill, Pleasant Hill, Cloutierville, Bayou Lamourie Atchafalaya River, Lake Chicot, Jackson, Haynes' Bluff, Vicksburg Richmond, La., and Nashville.

The general commanding at Farmington, in general orders, said, ''The Badger State may feel proud to have the honor of being represented by so gallant a regiment as the 8th Wisconsin.''

Gen. Sherman highly complimented the regiment for doing ''its whole duty in the camp, on the march and in battle,'' for ''Pecular courage and gallantry at Jackson and throughout the siege of Vicksburg,'' and for other services.

The original strength of 973 was augmented to a total enrollment of 1,643. Losses by death 255, missing 3, desertion 60, transfer 41, discharge 320. It was mustered out at Demopolis, Ala., Sept. 5, 1865, with 964 men.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 4

Report of Lieut. Obadiah German, Eighth Wisconsin Battery.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 27, 1863.
ADJUTANT: I have the honor to report that, in compliance with orders received from Maj. Mendenhall, assistant chief of artillery, on Monday, November 23, about noon, I manned my guns, which were in position in the rear of Fort Cheatham. At 5 p. m. received orders from Gen. Brannan to report to Gen. Baird.

On the morning of the 24th, being furnished horses and mules, by order of Gen. Baird, I marched to the front with two sections of the battery, 71 men and 3 commissioned officers, and took position about 400 yards in front of Fort Cheatham, remaining in position until noon, when I was ordered by Gen. Palmer to move to the right, in rear of Gen. Carlin's brigade, and place a section in position on the north side of Chattanooga Creek, near the railroad crossing, and shell the enemy's position and the Summerville road on Lookout Mountain.

After firing 37 rounds, I broke the axle body of the left piece, rendering it unserviceable, when I ordered up Lieut. Wheeler, with the right section, placing it in position about 30 yards to the right of the left section, and on the bank of the Tennessee River, and continued firing until dark. Result unknown, except from deserters, who stated that it prevented them from re-enforcing Lookout Mountain.

Found my ammunition generally good. The total number of rounds fired was 249, consisting of spherical case-shot and shell. Remained in position until 6 a. m. of the 25th, when, by order of Gen. Baird, I moved to the left and took the position occupied by the battery on the morning of the 24th in front of Fort Cheatham. At 11 a. m. received orders from Gen. Baird to move to the left in rear of his division, and take a position about 600 yards in front of Fort Wood and await further orders. At 4.30 p. m. I received orders from Gen. Granger to move forward and take position on Mission Ridge, on the right of Gen. Willich's brigade, where I remained in position until 11 p. m., when I received orders from Gen. Thomas to return my horses to the Twelfth Wisconsin Battery, of Gen. Sherman's corps, and having been notified by Gen. Granger that the necessity of my remaining on Mission Ridge had passed, and being unable to find Gen. Baird, I returned to camp in Chattanooga, arriving at 5 a. m. of November 26. Casualties, none.

First Lieut., Cmdg. Battery.

Source: Official Records
[Series I. Vol. 31. Part II, Reports. Serial No. 55.]

Nashville, TN after battle report: No. 151.

Report of Lieut. Col. William B. Britton, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry, of operations December 15-16, 1864.

HDQRS. EIGHTH Regt. WISCONSIN VET. VOL. INFANTRY, In the Field, December 21, 1864.
SIR: The following is the part the Eighth Wisconsin took in the battles of Nashville, December 15 and 16, 1864:

I received orders on the night of the 14th to have my regiment in readiness to move at 6 o'clock on the following morning. At 8 a.m. the regiment moved out of camp on the Charlotte pike about one mile. I was here ordered to move left in front, to throw out one company on my right flank as skirmishers to guard against surprise. Company K, under command of Lieut. Fellows, was detailed for this purpose. I advanced in this position about half a mile. The enemy was here discovered. I at this time sent forward Company H, under command of Lieut. Ellsworth, to skirmish and feel the enemy in front. This company was in a short time hotly engaged. I was here ordered to file my regiment left, and passed over to the Hillsborough pike. Here I formed in line of battle, on the left of the brigade, and moved forward about three-quarters of a mile, with Company F, Lieut. Greenman, in front skirmishing, having at this time three companies out in this position. We moved forward until we encountered the enemy and drove them 300 yards. Came to a halt to support batteries at this time engaged. Lay in line of battle here one hour under fire of rebel batteries. At about 1 p.m. was ordered to move, with still another company out as skirmishers. Company D, Capt. Williams, was thrown forward, followed by the regiment. Advanced to within 300 yards of the rebel works; skirmishers moving up to the very ditch of the fort, silencing the guns. According to instructions, I here formed in the rear of the Fifth Minnesota in column of regiments; received orders to follow that regiment and assault the rebel works. The advance was sounded, and I followed the Fifth twenty paces in the rear and participated in the assault, capturing at this time several prisoners. After capturing the fort the regiment swum considerably to the left to cut off the retreat of rebels from the fort. Finding myself flanked I notified Col. Hubbard, commanding the brigade, who ordered me at once to change my regiment at right angles with the advance line, which I did, and in a short time was prepared for the enemy. Two of my companies here joined me from skirmishing. Company B, under Sergeant Stewart, with Company D, was moved to the left of the regiment as flankers. They at once encountered a heavy force on the pike, behind stone walls. I changed front forward with the regiment and moved in line of battle to the pike. A halt was here sounded, and we lay directly across the pike about thirty minutes. Was ordered forward with my regiment left oblique. After passing the pike about 200 yards another charge was ordered. We took the double-quick and went forward splendidly, capturing quite a number of prisoners, among them a rebel major and several other officers. At this time we had flanked the rebel works. Companies B and D, on the flank, coming forward on a charge, captured fully 200 prisoners and 2 pieces of artillery. We drove the rebels here about one mile. Darkness coming on we bivouacked here for the night. This day the regiment captured fully 225 prisoners and 2 pieces of artillery, with a loss of only 2 killed and 9 wounded.

On the morning of the 16th the regiment was in line at daylight. About 8 a.m. was ordered to move forward on the left of the Eleventh Missouri. I formed as ordered. Before moving from this position was ordered to move to the rear and center of the brigade as a reserve or support. I moved as ordered until we met the enemy about 400 yards to the front, my left resting near the Granny White pike. We here lay down in line of battle. This was about 9 a.m. We here lay until about 3 p.m. under fire of artillery and infantry. I had several men wounded while lying in this position. At 3 p.m., the grand charge being ordered, the regiment moved forward in good style, at double-quick, under a heavy fire of musketry and artillery, capturing a great many prisoners, two stand of colors, carrying the enemy's last line of works, and shared with other regiments in the capture of the batteries, both on our right and left. After passing the enemy's works we pushed forward fully a mile beyond, taking in prisoners at every step. Col. Hubbard here ordered me to halt my regiment to let the men close up. I lay here about fifteen minutes, the regiment all the while pouring in volley after volley at the retreating rebels. My skirmishers here captured three pieces of artillery in the road. I moved the regiment forward to a position on the hills, about one mile beyond this point and two miles in the rear of the works captured. It was now becoming dark; the regiment was ordered to bivouac for the night. This day the regiment lost 5 killed and 46 wounded.

I think it will not be claiming too much when I say the regiment captured in the two days' battle a full battery of artillery, two stand of colors, and at least 500 men, and as many small-arms.

The regiment behaved gallantly-all, both officers and men.

I have the honor to be, lieutenant, your most obedient servant,

Lieut. Col., Cmdg. Eighth Regt. Wisconsin Veteran Vols.

Lieut. T. P. GERE,
Acting Assistant Adjutant-Gen.

Source: Official Records
[Series I. Vol. 45. Part I, Reports, Correspondence, Etc. Serial No. 93.]

Report of. Capt. James H. Greene, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry.

NEAR VICKSBURG, MISS., June 17, 1863.
SIR: In obedience to orders, I submit the following report of a skirmish with the enemy on June 4 between Satartia, on the Yazoo River, and Mechanicsburg:

When our brigade moved from Satartia being the first troops that arrived and the first to march into the country from that place, three companies of the Eighth Wisconsin, viz, A, F, and I, were detailed as an advance guard. From one-half to three-fourths of a mile out, where two companies of our brigade, one from the Eleventh Missouri and the other from the Forty-seventh Illinois, were on picket, I was ordered to halt by Capt. Stewart, of Gen. Mower's staff. The officers of the picket guard reported the enemy in the near neighborhood in considerable force, and in a few moments there was brisk firing on the part of the advance sentinels. Company A, of the Eighth, was immediately deployed as skirmishers, and sent forward to the line of the vedettes, and the other companies formed in line in a good position, with skirmishers thrown out to the right. The enemy advanced, firing with great rapidity, but were checked. At the same time they advanced on our right, but were repulsed there, as another company, which re-enforced us at that moment from the brigade, was deployed in that quarter.

Receiving orders to push forward, I advanced, with Companies A and F as skirmishers, as rapidly as possible, Companies D and I following closely as reserve. From there to Mechanicsburg (3 miles) there was constant and at times severe fighting, the rebel skirmishers (five companies strong) halting and making a stubborn resistance behind the crest of hills. At one such place I sent back for artillery, when one piece of Taylor's Chicago battery was brought up and threw several shells, dislodging them from a strong position.

Arriving in sight of Mechanicsburg, we discovered the enemy getting a gun in position on the hill between the town and us, but we came on them so suddenly that, without firing, they withdrew to the rear of the village, and opened on us from two pieces with shell and grape. Here I ordered the two reserve companies to the front, and we passed through town, driving the rebel skirmishers to their main force, estimated at from 1,500 to 2,000, under command of Gen. Adams, which was in line of battle supporting their artillery. In the ditches in the rear of town we held the ground for half an hour, when our battery came up and opened on the enemy, silencing their guns and starting them from their position.

Shortly afterward detachments of the Fourth Iowa and Fifth Illinois Cavalry arrived by another road, and started in pursuit. Gens. Kimball and Mower arrived on the ground, and I was ordered to call in my men and join the command when the column should come up.

I had only 2 men severely wounded in the skirmish. We wounded 3 and captured 2 of the rebels before reaching the town, and several on the other side of town.

Respectfully submitted.

Capt. Company F, Commanding Advance Guard.

Lieut. E. T. SPRAGUE, Actg. Asst. Adjt. Gen., Second Brigade.

Source: Official Records
[Series I. Vol. 24. Part II, Reports. Serial No. 37.]

Battles (where losses incurred) involving 8th Infantry Regiment

Location Date Killed Wounded POW Missing Losses
Abbeville, MS Aug 23 1864 0 3 0 0 3
Corinth, MS May 28 1862 2 0 0 0 2
Corinth, MS Oct 3 1862 16 57 4 1 78
Farmington, MS May 9 1862 2 21 1 1 25
Holly Springs, MS Dec 20 1862 0 0 2 0 2
Hurricane Creek, MS Aug 13 1864 1 0 0 0 1
Iuka, MS Sep 13 1862 0 0 1 0 1
Iuka, MS Sep 19 1862 0 0 32 0 32
Lake Chicot, AR Jun 6 1864 3 17 0 0 20
Mansura, LA May 16 1864 0 9 0 0 9
Mechanicsburg, MS Jun 4 1863 0 2 0 0 2
Nashville, TN Dec 15 1864 7 56 0 0 63
Vicksburg, MS May 22 1863 2 12 0 0 14

Brigade, Division, Corps, and Army assignments for 8th Infantry Regiment

From To Brigade Division Corps Army/Department Comments
Feb 1 1862 Feb 17 1862 3 1 Military Dist Cairo Army and Dept of the Tennessee
Mar 4 1862 Apr 24 1862 1 5
Army of the Mississippi
Apr 24 1862 Apr 26 1862 1 3
Army of the Mississippi
Apr 26 1862 Oct 26 1862 2 2
Army of the Mississippi
Nov 1 1862 Dec 18 1862 2 8 13 District & Army of West Tennessee
Dec 18 1862 Mar 18 1863 2 8 Left Wing, 16 Department of the Tennessee
Apr 3 1863 Dec 20 1863 2 3 15 Department of the Tennessee
Dec 20 1863 Dec 5 1864 2 1 16 Department of the Tennessee
Mar 1864 Jun 1864 2 1 16 Army and Dept of the Gulf
Dec 5 1864 Feb 18 1865 2 1 Detachment Army TN Department of Cumberland
Feb 18 1865 Jul 20 1865 2 1 16 Army and Dept of the Gulf

Roster for
8th Infantry Regiment - 1,322 men

Source: Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers; War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865; Volumes I and II; compiled by Authority of the Legislature, under the direction of Jeremiah M. Rusk, Governor & Chandler P. Chapman, Adjutant General; Democrat Printing Company, State Printers; Madison, Wisconsin; 1886

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