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Knowles, Warren P. 1908
  Definition: (Rep.): Born River Falls, Aug. 19, 1908; single. Educated River Falls graded and high schools. Received B.A. in 1930 from Carleton College (Minn.); in 1933 LL.B. from University of Wisconsin Law School. Since 1933 a practicing attorney. Veteran of World War II; served as Lieutenant in Navy aboard USS Nevada; participated in invasions of Attu, Normandy, and southern France. President Wisconsin Alumni Assn. 1952-53 and of New Richmond Kiwanis Club 1937; member of many veterans organizations and several civic, fraternal and conservation clubs. Delegate to Republican National Conventions 1948, 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1968. Served on county board 193540. Elected to State Senate and served in sessions from 1941 through 1954. Republican Senate Floor Leader each legislative session from 1943 to 1953. Author: bill creating Legislative Council, serving as its first chairman; 1949 act creating State Building Commission and authorizing long-range state building program; laws creating the Hospital Survey and Construction Act, Aeronautics Commission, and of various aviation measures. Member of Judicial Council 1952-55. Elected Lieutenant Governor 1954, reelected 1956 and elected again in 1960. Elected Governor in 1964, re-elected 1966 and for a 3rd term in 1968. Has promoted legislation on improved vocational and higher education, state government reorganization, traffic safety, water pollution and an expanded outdoor recreation facilities program. Mailing address: Executive Office, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1970) [Source: Blue book]

Lucey, Patrick J. 1918
  Definition: (Dem.): Born La Crosse, March 21, 1918; married; 3 children. Educated Campion High School, Prairie du Chien; attended St. Thomas College, St. Paul, Minn.; B.A. in philosophy, UW-Madison 1946. Grocery store manager 1937-1940; managed 14 farms in Southwestern Wisconsin I946-1951; executive director Democratic Party of Wisconsin 1951-1952; founded real estate business in Madison 1954. Veteran of World War II; served in the Caribbean theater from 1941 until discharge as captain in 1945. Served as state chairperson of the Democratic Party 1957-1963; co-chaired Wisconsin delegation to Democratic National Convention 1972, 1976. Chairperson Democratic Governors, Great Lakes Governors' Caucus, National Governors' Conference Com. on Executive Management & Fiscal Affairs; member National Advisory Commission for Balanced Growth, Public Sector Committee of National Commission on Productivity and Work Quality; former member of Ferryville School Board, Ferryville justice of the peace, treasurer De Soto Union High School Board. Elected to the Assembly 1948, member State Investment Board 1963-1964; elected lieutenant governor 1964. Elected governor 1970; reelected 1974. Appointed Ambassador to Mexico by President Jimmy Carter 1977. (Blue Book 1977) [Source: Blue book]

Schreiber, Martin J. 1939
  Definition: (Dem.): Born Milwaukee, April 8, 1939; married; 4 children. Grad. Miiw. Lutheran High Sch.; studied at Valparaiso Univ., urban affairs UW-Milwaukee 1960; LL.B. Marquette Univ. 1964; grad. studies UW-Milw. Attorney. Member State Bar of Wis.; Natl. Conference Lieutenant Governors (executive board chp. 1972-1973); Wis.'s Community Care Organization. Elected to Senate 1962 for unexpired term; reelected 1964 and 1968. Dem. Caucus Chp. 1967 and 1969. Senate committee assignments: 1969 - Educ. (also 1967) and Jt. Interim Corn.; Labor, Taxation, Insurance and Bkg. (also 1965 and It. Interim Corn.); Bd. on Govt. Operations; Legis. Programs Study Com.; Legis. Council's Adv. Com. on Uniform Consumer Credit Code and Insurance Laws Revision Com. (clip., also 1967). 1967 - Jt. Corn. on Legis. Org.'s Subcom. on Staffing and Corn. Procedure. 1965 - Gov.'s Com. on Eminent Domain; Children's Court Center Corn. 1963 - Conserv.; Public Welfare; Gov.'s Comn. on Status of Women; Legis. Council's Judiciary Com. and State Fiscal Situation Com. (vice-chp.). Elected lieutenant governor 1970; reelected 1974. Wis. Nursing Home Ombudsman, Gov.'s Council for Consumer Affairs (clip.), Wis. Amer. Rev. Bicentennial Comn. (chp.), Legis. Council's Insurance Laws Revision Corn. (chp.), Interstate Coop. Com.; Affirmative Action Executive Commission (clip.). Mailing address: State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1977)  [Source: Blue book]

Dreyfus, Lee Sherman 1926 - 2008
  Definition: (Rep.): Born Milwaukee, June 20, 1926; married; 2 children. Grad. Washington H.S., Milwaukee; B.A. UW-Madison 1949, M.A. 1952; Ph.D. 1957 (plus honorary degrees). Former instructor UW-Madison 1949-52; gen. mgr., radio station WDET, Wayne State Univ. 1952-56; instructor, asst. prof., assoc. prof. and assoc. dir, of mass communications, Wayne State 1952-62; gen. mgr. WHA-TV, UW-Madison 1962-65; chin. State ETV Coin. 1962-65; prof. of speech and radio-TV education and film, UW-Madison 1962-67; chm. Div. of Radio-TV-Film, UW-Madison 1965-67; president Wis. State Univ.-Stevens Point 1967-72; and chancellor UW-Stevens Point 1972-79. WW II veteran; served in Navy 1944-46. Member Amer. Legion; Portage Co. Rep. Party; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Tau Phi (honor sec. of Rep. of China); Amer. Assn. of State Coll. and Univ. (bd. of dir. and mbr. exchange mission to Poland and the People's Rep. of China); Army Command Sergeants Major Academy (bd. of advisors); Mason; Assn. of the U.S. Army (adv. bd. of dlr.); Natl. Adv, Panel of Army ROTC Affairs (dim.); Natl. Amer. Energy Week 1981 (co-chm.); Natl. Governors' Assoc. (exec. corn.). Former member Natl. Assn. of Educational Broadcasters (bd. of dir.); Speech Assn. of Amer.'s Radio/TV/Film Div. (chin. 1964-65); Council of Chancellors, UW System (chm. 1976); Council of Presidents of Wis. State Univ. (past pres.); Gov.'s Blue Ribbon Comn. on Cable Communication; former bd. mbr.: Winnebago Children's Home, Stevens Point YMCA, Stevens Point St. Michael's Hospital, Natl. Assn. of Educ'l Broadcasters, Wis. Health Care Review Bd.; former chief of mission under Vietnam Contract for Higher Education - Wis, State Univ.-Stevens Point Fdn., Inc.; educ'l advisor to Sec. of the Army (1970-73). Recipient of: President's Medallion Assn. of the U.S. Army, the Cross of St. Luke for "outstanding contributions to Christian education", Intl. Supreme Council of DeMolay's Legion of Honor. Author of "Education of Eagles and Dragons - Education in the People's Republic of China", Milwaukee Journal 1975; "The Ruropolitan Network", a chapter in It's A Big Responsibility by Ryerson; "The Development and Promise of Technology in Education", Journal of Animal Science (spring, 1968); "The University Station", a chapter in The Farther Vision: Educational Television Today, Univ. of Wis. Press (spring, 1967); and Televised Instruction, by Dreyfus and Bradley, published by RCA and WSU Press (1962), Elected governor 1978. Mailing address: Room 115 East, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1981-82)  [Source: Blue book] Note: he died January 2008.

Earl, Anthony S. 1936
  Definition: (Dem.): Born Lansing, Michigan, April 12, 1936; married; 4 children. Graduate La Salle High School, St. Ignace; B.A. Michigan State University 1958; J.D. University of Chicago Law School 1961. Attorney. Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Administration November 1974-October 1975; Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources October 1975-November 1980. Served in Navy 1962-65. Marathon County assistant district attorney 1965-66; Wausau City Attorney 1966-69. Elected to Assembly in October 1969 special election; reelected 1970 and 1972. Majority Leader from December 1971 through December 1974. Elected governor 1982. Telephone: Capitol: (608) 266-1212. Mailing address: Room 115 East, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1985-86) [Source: Blue book]

Thompson, Tommy G. 1941
  Definition: Wisconsin's longest-serving governor and leader of the state's late-20th century Republican resurgence. His entry in the 1999-2000 Blue Book follows here.
  (Rep.): Born Elroy, November 19, 1941; married; 3 children. B.S. UW-Madison 1963; J.D. 1966. Attorney. Served in U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard. Member: Juneau Co. Republican Party; State Bar of Wis.; Juneau Co. Bar Assn. Former member: Jaycees. Juneau Co. Board 1971-74. Former state representative. Elected governor 1986; reelected 1990, 1994 and 1998. Member: State of Wisconsin Building Comn. (chp.); Transportation Projects Comn. (chp.); Council of State Governments (pres. 1999); Amtrak Board of Directors (chp. 1998); Amtrak Reform Board (chp.); National Governors' Assn. (chp. 1995-96), its Executive Com. (pres. 1997) and its Center for Best Practices (chp. 1997); Center for Clean Air Policy (bd. of dir.); Republican Governors' Assn. (chp. 1991-92) and its Executive Com. (1997-present); Council of Great Lakes Governors (chp. 1989-92); Great Lakes Protection Fund (bd. of dir.); Midwest Governors' Assn. (chp. 1989-91) and its Executive Com. (1997); Education Comn. of the States (chp. 1995-96); Governors' Ethanol Coalition (chp. 1996); Governors' Ethanol Coalition International (chp. 1997); National Education Goals Panel. Recipient: American Legislative Exchange Council's Thomas Jefferson Award 1991; City and State Magazine's Most Valuable Public Official; The Free Congress Foundation's Governance Award; Governing Magazine's Public Official of the Year Award 1997; Horatio Alger Foundation's Horatio Alger Distinguished American Award 1998. Elected to Assembly 1966-84. Minority Leader 1985 (also 1983, 1981 eff. 12/18/81); Asst. Minority Leader 1973-81; 1971 Minority Caucus Vice Chp. Biennial committee assignments: 1985 -- Select Com. on the Future of the UW System (vice chp.); Assembly Organization (also 1981-83); Rules (also 1973-83); Jt. Com. on Employment Relations (also 1983, 1981 eff. 12/18/81); Jt. Com. on Legis. Organization (also 1973-83); Legislative Council (also 1983, 1981 eff. 12/18/81) and its Com. on Interstate Banking (eff. 1/3/85); Disability Bd. (also 1983, 1981, eff. 12/18/81). 1983 -- Economic Development (resigned 10/25/83); Wis. Housing and Economic Development Authority (also 1981); Interstate Cooperation Comn. (also 1981, eff. 12/18/81). 1981 -- Children and Human Development (resigned 4/2/81); Judiciary (resigned 1/21/82, mbr. 1979, 1977, 1973, 1971, 1967); Reapportionment (eff. 1/15/82); Jt. Com. for Review of Admin. Rules (also 1975-79, 1971, vice chp. 1967). Telephone: Office: (608) 266-1212. Fax: (608) 267-8983. Mailing address: Office: Room 125 South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7863, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 1999-2000) [Source: Blue book]

McCallum, Scott 1950
  Definition: (Rep.): Born Fond du Lac, May 2, 1950; married; 3 children. Graduate Fond du Lac Goodrich H.S.; B.A. Macalester College 1972; M.A. Johns Hopkins U. 1974. Former lieutenant governor, state senator, small business owner, legislative aide to U.S. Congressman William Steiger. Former member: Wis. Special Olympics (bd. of dir. 1980-84); Rotary; adviser YMCA Youth in Government (state chair 1976-80). Selected as a Toll Fellow Future American Leader 1987. Assumed the office of governor on February 1, 2001, after Governor Tommy G. Thompson resigned to become Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Member: State of Wisconsin Building Comn. (chp.); Forward Wisconsin (chp.); Transp. Projects Comn. (chp.); Disability Board; State Claims Board; Council on Workforce Investment; Governor's Work-Based Learning Board (chp.); Council of Great Lakes Governors; Midwest Governors' Conf. and its Natural Resources Committee; National Governors' Assn.; Republican Governors Assn.; Council of State Govts; Education Commission of the States. Elected lieutenant governor 1986; reelected 1990, 1994, and 1998. Member: Natl. Conf. of Lt. Governors (chp. 1991-92, also mbr. of exec. com.); Council of State Governments Budget Committee; Governor's Conf. on Small Business (chp. 1987-99); Governor's Council on Economic Issues (co-chp. 1988-91); Clearinghouse for Workplace Child Care Options (dir. 1987-97); Wisconsin Export Strategy Comn.; Natl. Aerospace States Assn. (vice chp. 1994 to present); Governor's Com. for People with Disabilities. Presidential appointee to International Trade Advisory Group (1988-89); U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (1992); Wisconsin Small Business Development Center Advisory Council (chp. 1996-99); Governor's Task Force on Education and Learning (1995-96); Governor's Council on Model Academic Standards (chp. 1997); Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Stewardship (1997); Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Year 2000 Preparedness (1998). Elected to Senate 1976; reelected 1980 and 1984. Biennial committee assignments: 1985 - Economic Development; Transportation Projects Comn. 1983 - Jt. Com. on Finance (also 1981). 1977 - Governor's Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Comn. Telephone: Office: (608) 266-1212; Fax: (608) 267-8983; E-mail address: Mailing address: Office: Room 115 East, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 2001-02) [Source: Blue book]

Doyle, Jim 1945
  Definition: (Dem.): Born Washington, D.C., November 23, 1945; married; 2 children. Graduate West H.S., Madison 1963; attended Stanford U. 1963-66; B.A. UW-Madison 1967; J.D. (cum laude) Harvard U. Law School 1972. Attorney. Former Madison law firm partner; lecturer, UW Law School; attorney for a federal legal services office on Navajo Indian Reservation in Chinle, AZ (1972-75). Served in Peace Corps. Member: Amer. Bar Assn., State Bar of Wis. and Arizona and Dane Co. Bar Assns. Dane Co. District Attorney 1977-83. Elected governor 2002. Member: State of Wisconsin Building Comn. (chp.); Public Records Board; Women's Council; Information Technology Management Board; Transportation Projects Comn. (chp.); Council of State Governments; National Governors' Assn.; Democratic Governor's Association; Council of Great Lakes Governors; Midwest Governors' Assn.; Education Comn. of the States; Midwestern Higher Education Commission. Elected attorney general 1990; reelected 1994 and 1998. Member: State Board of Commissioners of Public Lands; State Board of Canvassers; State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse; Judicial Council; National Assn. of Attorneys General (president, 1997-98) and member of its committees on Antitrust, on Civil Rights, on Criminal Law, on Environment, and on Energy Consumer Protection (exec. com.), member of its task forces on Juvenile Justice, on Health Care Fraud and Elder Abuse, and on Youth Violence and School Safety, and member of its working groups on Indian Gaming, on the Internet, and on Utility Deregulation (chp.). Telephone: Office: (608) 266-1212; Fax: (608) 267-8983; E-mail address: Mailing address: Office: 115 East, State Capitol, Madison 53702. (Blue Book 2003-04) [Source: Blue book] Note: Still in office January 2008.

Info and has been compiled from various sources including:

Wisconsin Blue Book, Wisconsin Historical Society, and Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia


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Note: The Wisconsin Blue Book is a biannual publication of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is an almanac containing information on the government, economics, demograpics, geography, and history of the state of Wisconsin. The Blue Book is published in the fall of every odd year, corresponding to the start of each new biennium of the Wisconsin state government. Since 1995, the Blue Book has been available in free electronic form. Hardcover editions of the book may be obtained by Wisconsin residents by contacting their Assembly representative or State Senator.


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