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Adams County Marriage Index

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Sources:  Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706
Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services
Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Transcribed by George Taylor





Hansen, Martha   Mikleson, Mgthias Jan 29 1855 Adams
Oharre, Susanne   Isaac, Robt Nov 07 1855 Adams
Webster, Mary A   Walker, Geo W Aug 21 1855 Adams
Ackert, Susan   Parker, Thomas Oct 08 1856 Adams
Bacon, Amanda C   Dewing, Mahlon Jun 24 1856 Adams
Hurd, Sarah   Chamberlain, Charles Oct 04 1856 Adams
Bernson, Rebecca   Holm, Andrew O Mar 24 1857 Adams
Hadlock, Mary H   Chase, Samuel J Feb 06 1857 Adams
Johnson, Wid Kirstine   Nelson, Andrew Oct 30 1858 Adams
Spencer, Lydia M   Brown, Cephas May 30 1858 Adams
Wetman, Samantha M   Bullis, Channcy A Dec 02 1858 Adams
Schoonover, Mary   Becker, E F Apr 07 1859 Adams
Carter, Sybel L   Spearbeck, Mo Arlin G Dec 31 1860 Adams
Furgerson, Mary Ann   Morse, Andrew Dec 25 1860 Adams
Hollenbach, Abigal   Gray, H Jun 20 1860 Adams
Seldon, Juliana   Gerthand, John G Nov 22 1860 Adams

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