Barron County Marriage Records

Barron County Wisconsin Marriage Announcements

Marriage Records

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Sources:  Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706

Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services

Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Transcribed by George Taylor






Young, Cannah Marriage   Chambers, Daniel Dec 10 1870 Barron

Beagle, Ellen M Marriage   Griffin, James A Dec 11 1871 Barron
Janinie, Eliza Marriage   Ginbord, Toutsaint Nov 20 1871 Barron
Miller, Lillian N Marriage   Wright, Jas Zemerson Jun 25 1871 Barron

Banks, Alzada Marriage   Gotham, Thomas E Sep 01 1872 Barron
Banks, Lydia Marriage   Rorone, Denis Oct 25 1872 Barron
Demens, Malvina Marriage   Sicard, Joseph Apr 04 1872 Barron
Demens, Silence Marriage   Goddn, Kilaire Jul 08 1872 Barron
Demers, Esther Marriage   Etier, Heyacinthi Jun 30 1872 Barron
Demers, Marie D Marriage   Lambert, Alexander May 08 1872 Barron
Demesh, Esther Marriage  Leport, Adolph Jun 20 1872 Barron
Donahoe, Mary Marriage   Mccarthy, Patrick Dec 06 1872 Barron
Labrie, Celiana Marriage   Roberge, Norbert May 07 1872 Barron
Mcrough, Margaret Marriage   Mullen, Francis Jun 12 1872 Barron
Richard, Georgina Marriage  Knight, John G Dec 25 1872 Barron
Stubs, Celia E Marriage   Seeley, David Oct 05 1872 Barron
Young, Ellen Marriage   Miller, Andrew Jackson Aug 24 1872 Barron

Chandier, Elizabeth Marriage   Holmes, Henry Sep 30 1873 Barron
Cratemberg, Edith Marriage   Cleasin, James Oct 20 1873 Barron
Felton, Jennie M Marriage   Flinn, Willard N Nov 11 1873 Barron
Frederickson, Frederika Marriage   Gorstle, Ole O Mar 09 1873 Barron
Hickok, Susan M Marriage   Barker, Samuel P Dec 25 1873 Barron
Ishum, Ema Marriage   Roberge, Onezine Oct 13 1873 Barron
Mitto, Sarah C Marriage   Roper, Wilber J Sep 11 1873 Barron
Oflanagan, Amelia Marriage   Miller, Frank Nov 22 1873 Barron
Pitts, Jane Marriage   Pitts, William R Oct 30 1873 Barron
Roberge, Celomire Marriage   Feeto, Chester Jul 22 1873 Barron
Tollefson, Mary Ann Marriage   Johnson, John A Jan 05 1873 Barron
Wygant, Sarah Marriage  Stevens, Tayler Jun 11 1873 Barron

Brandon, Olu J Marriage   Kringle, Uels Aug 10 1874 Barron
Christ, Louisa Marriage   Runkle, Levi Oct 20 1874 Barron
Demers, Mary Marriage   Amans, Andrew Jul 18 1874 Barron
Gregerson, Emily Marriage   Wilson, Frank Oct 01 1874 Barron
Lally, Bridget Marriage   Herring, Peter Aug 27 1874 Barron
Lampeman, Louise Marriage   Donaldson, James Oct 04 1874 Barron
Mooney, Luzina Marriage   Miller, Alex Feb 22 1874 Barron
Ripley, Ida A Marriage   Wygant, Charles Sep 26 1874 Barron
Roper, Mary Marriage   Whitman, Henry Nov 13 1874 Barron
Talestad, Mary Marriage   Oleson, Christian Sep 27 1874 Barron
Timblin, Carrie Marriage   Garrett, John May 10 1874 Barron
Tucker, Eliza Marriage   Vance, Peter Jan 03 1874 Barron

Baker, Mary Marriage   Macrki, Barbara Aug 14 1875 Barron
Fowler, Mary Marriage   Richardson, Duane Oct 02 1875 Barron
Henderson, Catherine Marriage   Mcghiley, William Apr 12 1875 Barron
Henry, Orvilla Marriage   Sanders, Oliver Dec 09 1875 Barron
Milchele, Bertha A Marriage   Barry, John M Oct 31 1875 Barron
Peterson, Camilia J C Marriage   Anderson, H G Oct 20 1875 Barron
Ranchenstein, Randolph Marriage   Stetgner, Henry Aug 14 1875 Barron
Stoneback, Henretta Marriage   Mitts, Frank Mar 14 1875 Barron
Weyant, Julia Marriage   Benton, Melvin H Jul 15 1875 Barron


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