Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
Bayfield County, Wisconsin
Death Records


Sources: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706

Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services

Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Transcribed by George Taylor

*Not a complete list*






Mccall, Jennie Death  F  Jul 8 1870 Bayfield
Welton, Benjamin A Death M   Sep 16 1878 Bayfield
Bachand, George A Death M   Aug 26 1879 Bayfield
Bradseti, Adwage Death    Apr 14 1879 Bayfield
Bryan, John Death M   Aug 17 1879 Bayfield
Buffalo, John Death M   Mar 24 1879 Bayfield
Cadotte, William Death M   Dec 27 1879 Bayfield
Coburn, Joseph Death M   Nov 19 1879 Bayfield
Dragon, Theresa Death F   Jun 21 1879 Bayfield
Drouillard, Clara V Death F   Aug 20 1879 Bayfield
Goslin, Julia Death F   Aug 20 1879 Bayfield
Lemieux, Charlotte Death F   Jan 20 1879 Bayfield
Mason, Margaret J Death F   Sep 15 1879 Bayfield
Roy, John B Death M   Oct 16 1879 Bayfield
Sonlier, Henry Death M   Aug 13 1879 Bayfield
Bongo, Joseph Death M   Oct 11 1880 Bayfield
Bressette, Catharine Death F   Aug 1 1880 Bayfield
Courture, Angelica Death F   Jul 21 1880 Bayfield
Goslin, Margaret Death F   Apr 4 1880 Bayfield
Howl, John Death M   Jul 29 1880 Bayfield
Lapointe, Philipp Death M   Oct 27 1880 Bayfield
Lemoreaux, Frank Death M   Apr 22 1880 Bayfield
Mahan, Mary F Death F   Aug 21 1880 Bayfield
Michel, John Death M   Apr 15 1880 Bayfield
Mitchell, Michel Death M   Aug 23 1880 Bayfield
Moreaux, Benjamin Death M   Jan 10 1880 Bayfield
Nowah, Esther Death  F  Jun 14 1880 Bayfield
Roy, Francis Death  F  Oct 14 1880 Bayfield
Sonllier, Henry Death M   Apr 19 1880 Bayfield
Wemigons, Simon Death M   Apr 17 1880 Bayfield
Wemigons, Susette Death F   Aug 5 1880 Bayfield


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