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Brown County, Wisconsin
Pensioners on the Roll as of Jan. 1, 1883

Source: U.S. Pension Bureau
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883


Name of Pensioner


Cause for
which Pensioned


Date of
original Allowance.

  Greenwood, Michael Bay Settlement g.s.w.r.shr $4.00  
  Milquet, Gregoire Bay Settlement w.l.side, neckn back $8.00  
  Forsythe, Jerome B Bay Settlement dis.l.eye, rheu., ch.di., dis of abdominal viscera $8.00 Jun 1882
  Zentzins, Andrew Bay Settlement dis.lungs $4.00 Jun 1881
  Beaupri, Emilie Bay Settlement dep.mother $8.00 Mar 1879
17,623 Sampier, William De Pere loss r arm $24.00 Oct 1863
  McGill, James De Pere g.s.w.r.arm $4.00 Jul 1880
  Lebal, John De Pere g.s.w.r.knee, var.veins $8.00 Jan 1881
  Steele, Thomas De Pere g.s.w.r.foot, l.arm $6.00  
  Wescott, Henry De Pere w.r.thigh $18.00  
  Parker, Henry De Pere g.s.w.both thighs $6.00  
  Hibbard, Edmond De Pere injury to abdomen $8.00 May 1879
  Dodge, Willis De Pere injury to abdomen $8.00 Jan 1882
  Cronk, Andrew J De Pere injury to abdomen $8.00 May 1887
  Newton Samuel De Pere chr.di $4.00 May 1881
  Kittell, Orin S De Pere chr.di $4.00 Jul 1882
  Olsen, George De Pere chr.di. & sunstroke $2.00 May 1881
  Hibberd, Andrew De Pere dis.lungs $4.00 Mar 1881
  Weter, James P De Pere dis.lungs $8.00 Jun 1881
  Joyce, Stephen S De Pere inf.back, lumbago, sciatica $12.00 Jun 1881
  Phelps, Nicholas E De Pere mal.poisoning, loss teeth $2.00 Jan 1882
  Harrison, Henry W De Pere slight deafness both ears $1.00 May 1881
  Phelps, Gertude De Pere widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1881
8,655 Lambie, Sophia A De Pere widow $20.00 Feb 1879
1,093 Van Valkenbury, Eliz'h C De Pere widow $25.00 Feb 1863
  Putnam, Charlotte De Pere widow $8.00  
  Harrison, Susan De Pere widow $20.00  
  Hill, Mary De Pere widow $8.00  
  Rockwood, Harvy W De Pere dep.father $8.00 May 1879
  Roberts, Stephen De Pere dep.father $8.00 Oct 1880
  Sullivan, Mary De Pere dep.mother $8.00 Mar 1879
  Clark, Andy Luey De Pere dep.mother $8.00  
  Munger, Maria L De Pere dep.mother $8.00  
  Morrison, Sarah De Pere dep.mother $8.00  
1,517 Dickinson, Geo. H East Wrightstown minors of $10.00  
  Hintington, Henry D Flintville g.s.w.l.side, loss part 2nd l. finger $3.00 Nov 1878
  Smith, James Flintville w.l.shr $8.00  
  Bursell, Thomas Flintville dis. Lungs $6.00  
  Hickory, Daniel Flintville surv. 1812 $8.00 Jul 1878
  Peterson, Jacob Fontenoy g.s.w.l.leg $4.00 Jun 1881
  Smith, Albert H Fort Howard total blindness $72.00 Oct 1880
  Brunette, David Fort Howard loss l.arm above elbow $24.00  
  Simmons, David E Fort Howard loss r.thumb $4.00 May 1880
90,966 King, Adam Fort Howard g.s.w.r.thigh $4.00 May 1868
  Everett, Franklin Fort Howard g.s.w.r.hand $4.00  
  Beattie, Charles Fort Howard g.s.w.r.hand $4.00  
  Camur, James M Fort Howard g.s.w.Larynx shr $8.00  
  Spear, Geo. W Fort Howard g.s.w.l.thigh $6.00  
  Murphy, Dennis J F Fort Howard wd.l.hand $24.00  
  Henderson, Robert Fort Howard wd.r.foot $6.00  
  Hubbard, Daniel J Fort Howard wd.r.shr $8.00  
  Davis, Daniel H Fort Howard wd.l.arm $4.00  
  Spencer, Robert Fort Howard sb.w.r.hip, thigh $24.00  
  Bertrant, Joseph Fort Howard injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Bertran, William H Fort Howard injury to abdomen $16.00  
  Garlock, Benj Fort Howard injury to abdomen $8.00 Jun 1881
100,898 Sweeney, Daniel Fort Howard inj.r.shr $6.00  
  Wales, Perrigon, Jr Fort Howard inj.l.knee $8.00  
  Graves, Orlo J Fort Howard chr.diar $8.00 May 1878
  Viean, Felix L Fort Howard chr.diar $4.00 Mar 1882
  Cayan, Treflay Fort Howard chr.diar $6.00 Aug 1881
  Blair, Leander Fort Howard epilepsy $12.00 Jan 1881
  Fitzpatrick (now Hall) Louisa Fort Howard widow $10.00 Mar 1882
  Roberts, Cyntha Fort Howard dep.mother $8.00 Apr 1880
  Cusick, Mary Fort Howard dep.mother $8.00  
  Brunette, Lizzie Fort Howard dep.mother $8.00  
  Mallet, Joseph Fort Howard dep.father $8.00  
  Rowe, Absolom Fort Howard minors of $10.00  
  Scott, Joseph Fort Howard g.s.w.l.hand, loss 2nd finger $4.00  
  Court, Thomas Glenmore g.s.w.l.shr $4.00 May 1878
  Gilchrist, Samuel Glenmore dis.lungs $4.00 Jan 1881
  Frances, Francis Green Bay loss l.arm $24.00  
  Forsyth, Henry N Green Bay ampt.r.arm above elbow $24.00  
  Fastry, Guillaume Green Bay loss r.1st & 2nd fingers $6.00  
  Beth, Joseph Green Bay g.s.w.l.forearm $4.00 May 1882
  Huntington, Howard J Green Bay g.s.w.r.arm $7.50  
  Weise, Edward P Green Bay g.s.w.l.arm $4.00  
  Peters, Squire W Green Bay g.s.w.r.arm $4.00  
  Sprague, James Green Bay g.s.w.both thighs $6.00  
  Schramm, Julius Green Bay g.s.w.l.side head, partl.parl $4.00 July 1882
  Garns, Robert Green Bay wd.l.buttock $4.00  
  Beth, Johann Green Bay wd.l.elbow $6.00  
  Lynon, James F Green Bay wd.r.thigh $9.00  
  Nick, Joseph Green Bay wd.r.lung, dis.lungs $12.00  
  Liebman, Louis Green Bay wd.r.shr $18.00  
  Harting, Charles Green Bay wd.l.hip $6.00  
  Dish, Joseph Green Bay wd.r.hand $18.00  
  Rahnn, Wilhelm Green Bay wd.l.shr $6.00  
  Mitchell, Joannes Green Bay inj.l.arm, shr $12.00  
  Farnsworth, Geo. P Green Bay inj.chest, dis.lungs $17.00 Jun 1881
  Martin, Morgan L Green Bay inj.to abdomen $6.25 Aug 1880
  Cardinal, Joseph Green Bay inj.l.hand $4.00 Jan 1881
  Meade, Matthew J Green Bay inj.r.hand, back $15.00 Jul 1882
  Dunk, Joseph Green Bay inj.l.shoulder $2.00 Jul 1881
  Owens, Albert Green Bay dis.eyes $10.00 Jul 1881
  Greenwood, Joseph Green Bay ch.rheu $10.00 Sep 1880
  Pouquette, Louis P Green Bay ch.rheu $8.00 Oct 1878
  Klaus, Alois Green Bay rheu $24.00 Jun 1879
  Enderly, William R Green Bay chr.diar., var.veins both legs $6.00 Jun 1880
  Billings, Levi J Green Bay chr.diarh $10.00  
  Schutte,John D Green Bay chr.diarh $8.00 Jun 1881
  Robinson, Charles D Green Bay dis.of abd.vis. & nerv.sys $20.00 Aug 1880
  Baker, Joseph H Green Bay dis.of abdominal viscera $4.00 July 1881
  Mueller, August Green Bay var.veins both legs $6.00 Jun 1880
  Burger, John B Green Bay epilepsy $8.00  
  Gronnert, Frederick Green Bay hypertropy muscles back $6.00 May 1881
  Atkinson, John Green Bay necrosis l.tibia $12.00  
  Enoch, Charles Green Bay chr.bronchitis $4.00 Oct 1882
  Spear, Valentine Green Bay frostbite both feet $8.00  
  Sorensen, Hans J Green Bay frozen feet, rheu $12.00  
83,960 Graves, Amanda L Green Bay widow $8.00 May 1867
  Pfeiffer, Dorothea Green Bay widow $8.00  
  Rever, Anna Green Bay widow $8.00  
  Doxtater, Ann Green Bay widow $8.00  
  Crone, Mary Green Bay widow $8.00  
  Busha, Sophia Green Bay widow $8.00 Jan 1880
  Maloney, Mary J Green Bay widow $30.00  
  Linke, Anna E Green Bay widow $8.00  
  Gunn, Mary Green Bay dep.mother $8.00 Feb 1881
  Ten Eyck, Ann Green Bay dep.mother $8.00 Nov 1879
  Lamine, Josephine Green Bay dep.mother $8.00 Jun 1882
  Delligue, Anne J Green Bay dep.mother $8.00  
  Raish, Adeline Green Bay dep.mother $8.00  
  Ouka, Pelagie Green Bay dep.mother $8.00  
  Marks, Charlotte Green Bay dep.mother $8.00  
  Pere, Angeline Green Bay dep.mother $8.00  
  Rothwinkell, Kulwin Green Bay dep.father $8.00 Mar 1880
  Alden, Sylvester W Green Bay dep.father $8.00 Jan 1880
  Henry, Edmund Green Bay minors of $10.00 Jan 1879
  Dual, Bernhard Greenleaf g.s.w.back $8.00  
  Wight, Albert Greenleaf wd,both thighs, var. veins $10.00  
  Ald, John Greenleaf ch.diar., dis.liver, spleen $8.50 Jun 1881
  Mayville, Peter Ledgeville rheu $5.00  
147,922 Young, Jacob Ledgeville g.s.w.of ankle $4.00 Aug 1877
  Sims, Alexander Little Rapids necrosed humerous l.arm $6.00  
  Schnieder, Jacob Mills Centre loss sight l. eye $4.00 Feb 1880
  Stender, Christian Mills Centre g.s.w.l.chest $4.00 Oct 1878
  Babcock, Augustine Mills Centre g.s.w.r.breast $2.00 Mar 1878
  Fontaine, Louis Mills Centre chr.diar $8.00 Mar 1881
  McAllister, iralta Mills Centre dep. Mother $8.00  
  Runnoe, Isaac Morrison ch.diar., irritation of spine $2.00 Aug 1880
  Howe, Henry Oneida wd.l.side $4.00  
  Doxtater, Polly Oneida widow 1812 $8.00 Oct 1878
  Hill, Mary Oneida widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1881
  Schuyler, Esther Oneida Widow $8.00  
  Danforth, Celinda Oneida Widow $8.00  
  Hill, Mary Oneida dep.mother $8.00  
  Antoine, Susan Oneida dep.mother $8.00  
  Powless, Eve Oneida dep.mother $8.00  
  Hill, Margaret Oneida dep.mother $8.00  
  Cornelius, Jocab S Oneida dep.father $8.00  
  Leferve, Paul Robinson chr.rheu $8.00 Jun 1881
  Watkins, Mary Saumico dep.mother $8.00  
  Stevens, Rosella Saumico widow $8.00 Sep 1878
  Horn, William Saumico g.s.w.head $8.00  
26,249 Beach, George S Saumico des.of spone $8.00  
  Champean, Manuel Velp dis.of lungs $4.00 Oct 1879
  Hafemann, Charles Wayside g.s.w.l.leg $4.00  
  Rousseau, Moses L Wequiock g.s.w.l.middle thigh $7.50  
  Hardwick, Charlotte Wequiock widow 1812 $8.00 Apr 1880
  Whitehouse, Maria J Wequiock widow $8.00  
  Drais, Powlas Wequiock dep.father $8.00  
  Goeres, Theodore West De Pere loss sight l.eye $4.00 Apr 1880
  Cowing, Warren West De Pere loss sight r.eye, affct'f l. eye $6.00  
  Michaelis, Charles West De Pere g.s.w.r.forarm $3.00 Apr 1878
  Clifford, Rice West De Pere g.s.w.l.arm $18.00  
  Turriff, Thomas West De Pere g.s.w.r.leg $6.00 Mar 1878
  Duhame, Elzord West De Pere g.s.w.neck $4.00  
  Leukings, Jonas West De Pere g.s.w.r.thigh $8.00  
  Houlle, Ephraim West De Pere w.l.side, neckn back $8.00  
  Flinn, Elijah C West De Pere inj.spine $4.00 Jun 1881
  Schmidt, Ferninand West De Pere ch.bronch $8.00  
  Kilmer, Abram West De Pere rheu $4.00 Feb 1880
  Kennedy, Michael West De Pere dis.of abdominal viscera $8.00  
  Gardipere, Frank West De Pere injury to abdomen $4.00 Oct 1880
  Vien, Elizabeth West De Pere dep.mother $8.00 Sep 1882
  Banshaw, Mary West De Pere dep.mother $8.00  
99,869 Priebe, Emil Wrightstown g.s.w.l.leg $3.00 Sep 1869
  Garrigan, Thomas Wrightstown g.s.w.l.arm $6.00  
  Priebe, Adolph Wrightstown g.s.w.r.shoulder $2.00  
  Laduke, Joseph Wrightstown w.l.shoulder $6.00  
  Parker, John F Wrightstown w.l.hip $6.00  
  Burns, Patrick Wrightstown inj.spine $6.00 Mar 1881
  Friebe, Frederick Wrightstown dis.eyes, total blindness $72.00 Aug 1880
  Shipman, Ellet D Wrightstown chr.diarr    
  Snider, Jacob B Wrightstown dis.of abdominal viscera $6.00 Apr 1882
  Lemmie, Agnes Wrightstown widow $8.00  
  Remmel, Margaret Wrightstown dep.mother $8.00  
  Fink, Herman Wrightstown dep.father $8.00 Apr 1879


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