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LIST OF PENSIONERS on the Rolls as of JANUARY 1, 1883

Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883;
Volume IV, Washington Government Printing Office, 1883 Page 413-415

Transcribed by Peggy Thompson

No. of

Name of Pensioner

Post Office Address

Cause for Which Pensioned


Date of

  Andrews, Rich'd Brothertown sunstroke $8.00 Jan., 1880
  Arndt, Carl Hilbert wd l arm $2.00  
  Baker, Thomas Hayton wd of back $6.00  
  Baldwin, Geo Brothertown ch hepatitis $8.00  
  Ball, Erasmus Chilton wd r leg $2.00  
  Banderob, Catharine New Holstein mother $8.00 Mar., 1880
  Barber, Joseph L. Hayton dis of lungs $4.00 Oct., 1882
  Bartels, Wm. Potter's Mills wd l forearm, diar & reu $6.00 June, 1882
  Besat, Alexander Gravesville loss l arm $18.00  
191,805 Bishop, Harriet S. Hilbert widow $10.00 Apr., 1881
  Blenker, Henry Sherwood wd of chest l forearm $10.00  
  Breed, Margaret M Chilton widow $8.00  
  Breed, Olive S Chilton widow $8.00  
  Brewster, Joel T Sstockbridge wd r leg $2.00  
  Brown, Adaline Stockbridge mother $8.00 Oct., 1880
  Bulman, Grisel Stockbridge wd l thigh $8.00  
  Burkhart, Christopher Potter's Mills wd r arm & side $6.00  
35,829 Burns, Wm H Chilton g s wd lf breast $10.00  
  Candy, Electa W Stockbridge mother $8.00  
  Castona, Mary Chilton widow $8.00  
  Chesner, Anthony Chilton wd r side $8.00  
  Christiansen, Anna New Holstein mother $8.00 Aug., 1880
  Coe, Geo D. Stockbridge spinal complaint $8.00  
  Cook, Watson H Stockbridge inj to spine $6.00 Feb., 1880
  Cottrell, Grace Ann Brothertown widow $8.00  
  Cullen, Bridget Gravesville widow $8.00  
  Darling, Mary Gravesville widow 1812 $8.00 Oct., 1878
  De Groat, Harriet L Stockbridge widow $8.00  
  Dick, Edgar M Brothertown wd r hand $8.00  
  Dick, Eliza E Brothertown widow $8.00  
  Dignin, William Brothertown wd r elbow joint $12.00  
  Dooley, Rosa Stockbridge mother $8.00  
  Dunlap, Melita M Stockbridge widow $8.00  
  Ecke, Herman Hilbert wd r shoulder $10.00  
  Erdman, Henry Chilton wd l shoulder $4.00  
  Flammang, Henry Charlesburgh wd r arm $6.00 Feb., 1878
  Fowler, James D. Brothertown wd r hand $1.00 Jan., 1882
  Fuller, Benj L. Gravesville wd r shoulder & r foot $6.00  
  Fuller, Levi Brillion wd r hand $8.00  
  Goodrich, Thankful S Gravesville mother $8.00  
  Goubertz, Reinhart Chilton frac l leg $8.00  
  Graves, Ira S Gravesville pneumonia res asthma $6.00 Mar., 1882
  Greeley, James H. Stockbridge wd l hand $2.66-1/2  
  Hart, Orville A Brothertown sunstroke $18.00  
  Hicks, Wm. R Stockbridge lung fev ch diar $4.00 Oct., 1871
  Howe, Geo W Stockbridge rheumatism $8.00 Apr., 1882
  Howey, Jesse A Stockbridge dis of skin res of rem't fev, partial deafness $6.00 Jan., 1882
  Humphrey, Elsey Brothertown widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1879
  Huntz, Michael Chilton wd r leg $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Jacques, Daniel E. Brothertown wd l foot $8.00  
  Jenkins, Lydia Brant widow 1812 $8.00 Jan., 1879
  Jenkins, Martin L. Stockbridge wd l ankle $2.00 Oct., 1882
  Johnson, Joseph M. Brothertown inj to back, res dis of kidneys $8.00 May, 1880
  Johnson, Nathaniel H. Stockbridge injury to abdomen $4.00  
  Jones, Laura Chilton widow $8.00  
  Jones, Mary C Brothertown widow $8.00  
  Kerker, James D. Chilton wd r groin $2.00  
  Koenig, Joseph Brillion dis of liver $4.00 Nov., 1880
  Kolbe, Joseph, alias Buhl Chilton dis of lungs $4.00 June, 1882
  Lange, Jno Chilton scurvy, resulting enlargement lymphatic glands $4.00 Dec., 1880
  Lerchen, Johanna Hilbert mother $8.00  
  Ley, John Brillion ch reu & diar $6.00 May, 1881
  Lorentzen, Hans J New Holstein wd of head, res in impaired hearing $10.00  
  Losey, Isaac Gravesville dis of liver & spleen $6.00 June, 1881
  Lowenhagen, Sophia C. New Holstein widow $8.00  
  Maltby, Ezra b Stockbridge surv 1812 $8.00  
  Mangan, James Chilton inj r knee $4.00 Oct., 1880
  Martinson, Adolph New Holstein frac r leg res in ulceration & var veins $18.00  
  Mayer, Michael Stockbridge wd l elbow $12.00  
  McAllister, Mary Stockbridge widow $8.00  
  McCoy, Lurancy Chilton widow 1812 $8.00 May, 1880
  Merrill, Jeremiah Chilton loss r leg $18.00  
  Minehan, Michael Brothertown injury to abdomen $8.00 May, 1881
  Mueller, August Brillion wd l shoulder $4.00 Sept., 1880
  Murdock, Lander Brothertown dis of lungs $6.00 Aug., 1880
  Newell, Stewart Chilton varicose veins l leg $15.00 Nov., 1880
  Norris, Oscar R Stockbridge wd r hand $8.00  
  Nugent, Alfred A Chilton loss r arm $24.00  
  Nugent, John B Sherwood injury to abdomen $4.00  
  O'Heron, Patrick W Chilton chr diar, res dis of liver $4.00 Oct., 1880
  Parsons, Harriet A. Stockbridge widow $8.00  
174,454 Pease, James W Brothertown inj to back $6.00 Oct., 1880
  Pettis, Lucy J Gravesville widow $8.00  
  Pingel, Fred'k Stockbridge loss r leg $18.00  
  Pomranke, August Gravesville resection r humerus $18.00  
  Pratt, Louisa H Sherwood widow $8.00 Dec., 1881
  Reader, George Stockbridge ch diar & rheu $6.00 Oct., 1880
  Richter, Peter Brothertown wd r hip $6.00  
  Rickaby, Oscar F Hayton loss r thumb $4.00  
  Riedel, daniel Potter's Mills rheumatism $4.00 Oct., 1881
  Sales, Phebe Gravesville widow $8.00  
  Schildhauer, Peter New Holstein injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Schooner, Elisha W Sherwood loss r thumb $3.00  
  Schwender, Berthold Brillion wd l arm $6.00  
  Shelley, Elias Brothertown wd l hand $6.00  
  Sprague, Milton Brothertown ch rheu $8.00  
  Stanton, Cato Chilton ch diar dis of abd vis dis of heart $8.00 Mar., 1882
  Tolaveson, Oley Hayton dis of heart $4.00 Nov., 1879
  Watrous, Jane E. Hayton mother $8.00  
  Weihler, Anna Maria Hayton widow $8.00  
  Welch, Calista M Quinney widow $8.00  
  Westcott, Geo P Hilbert dis of lungs $6.00  
  Wiggins, Sarah Ann Brothertown widow $8.00  
  Winter, Thomas Stockbridge wd of head $4.00  
  Woolett, Thos Stockbridge minor $10.00  
  Zahns, John Brillion loss l thigh $24.00  
  Zeck, Josepha Chilton widow $8.00  
  Zimmer, Nicholas Hilbert wd r thigh $6.00  


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