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Calumet County, Wisconsin

Benjamin F. Carter
BENJAMIN F. CARTER, (Dem.) – Postoffice address, Sherwood – was born November 20, 1824, in Concord, New Hampshire; had a common school education; is a brick maker; came to Wisconsin in 1861, and settled at Fond du Lac, and removed to Harrison, Calumet county, in 1866; served several years as chairman of county board; was assemblyman in 1874, and 1877; and elected state senator by 4,653 votes against 2,096 for S. R. Wambold. [Source: Blue Book of Wisconsin (1880) transcribed by Rhonda Hill]

Julius Kiesner
JULIUS KIESNER (Soc.) is an automobile tire vulcanizer by profession. He was born in Chilton, Oct. 29, 1884, and was educated in the public schools of that city. He has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe and is especially interested in education and public welfare. He had never held office until elected to the assembly in 1918, when he received 1,287 votes to 775 for Frank Schmitt (Rep.). [Source: The Wisconsin Blue Book (1919) page 493; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Otto Lerche
OTTO LERCHE (Soc.) is the first Socialist ever elected to the assembly from Calumet county. He was born in the town of Rantoul, Calumet county, Sept. 16, 1861, and was educated in the district schools. He is a farmer and cement contractor, at Potter. He has held a number of offices of honor and trust. Has been director of a Mutual fire insurance company since 1886; school clerk since 1887, supervisor from 1893 to 1902, town clerk from 1902 to 1914; and has served as justice of the peace and notary public. He was elected to the assembly in 1918, receiving 1,265 votes to 831 for James L. Coonen (Dem.). [Source: The Wisconsin Blue Book (1919) page 476; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Thomas Lynch
THOMAS LYNCH, (Dem.), of Chilton, was born in Granville, Milwaukee county, November 21, 1844; is a lawyer by profession; moved with his parents to Chilton in 1854, engaging in farming until 1870; his early education was that of the common schools, improved, later on, while teaching; he was elected chairman of his town at the age of twenty-three and served four years, the last year as chairman of the county board; in the fall of 1872 he was elected member of assembly as an independent, and, while in the assembly, he began the study of law, graduating June, '75, at the University law school; in 1878 he was elected district attorney of Calumet county without opposition, and was re-elected in 1880 in the same manner; was elected member of assembly in 1882, received 1,029 votes against 522 for G. D. Breed, republican, 259 for J. W. Baldock, greenbacker, 122 for C. W. Thurston, prohibitionist, and 51 for Henry Arnold, independent. [Source: Wisconsin Blue Book (1883) page: 485; transcribed by Tammy Clark]

Joseph Miller
JOSEPH MILLER (Dem.), P. O. address Brillion, Calumet county, was born in Christofagrund, Bohemia, Austria, March 6, 1847; received a common school education; is a farmer; immigrated to America in 1856, and settled in Manitowoc county, where he has since resided, with the exception of five years - 1865 to 1870 - in Oconto; was a member of the county board from 1876 to 1879; census enumerator in 1880, and has held various other local positions; was elected member of assembly for 1883, receiving 954 votes against 648 for Peter Phillips, republican. [Source: Wisconsin Blue Book (1883), page 495; transcribed by Susan Geist]

Adolph Moeller
ADOLPH MOELLER (Rep.) of New Holstein, was born in the Alsona province of Holstein, Germany, May 20, 1828; received a private school education; is a merchant; came to Wisconsin in 1854 and settled at New Holstein, where he has since resided; served in the revolutionary war of Schleswig-Holstein against Denmark, from 1848 to 1851; was chairman of town board one year, but has held no other public office; was elected member of assembly for 1882, receiving 900 votes against 838 for J. W. Parkinson, democrat, and 165 for Charles Hatch, greenbacker. [Source: Wisconsin Blue Book (1882), pgs. 541-542; transcribed by Mary Saggio]

A. A. Nugent
A. A. Nugent, Chilton, was born in Canada, May 12, 1848, and came to the United States when three years old, remaining in Michigan three years and from whence he came to Wisconsin in 1854. His education was acquired in this state, completing it at Lawrence University. Having entered upon the study of law with McMullen & Lynch at Chilton, he attended the lectures of the State University Law School two winters; was admitted to the bar at Chilton at the spring term of the circuit court in 1877, and has been in practice alone at the same place till now. Mr. Nugent went into the army in January, 1864, served as a private one and a half years, and lost his right arm at the battle of Bentonville, North Carolina, in March, 1865. [The Bench and Bar of Wisconsin History and Biography, by Parker McCobb Reed (1882); Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Tammy Clark]

J. W. Parkinson
J. W. PARKINSON, (Dem.), of Brothertown, Calumet county, was born September 10, 1829, in La Fargeville, Jefferson county, New York; he had a common school education; is a farmer; came to Wisconsin in 1855 and settled at Sheboygan, and moved to Brothertown in 1856; has held various local offices, and was elected assemblymen for 1880 by 1605 votes against 373 for Lemuel Goodell, Republican, and 513 for Henry Arnold, Independent. [Source: Wisconsin Blue Book (1880) Transcribed by RuthAnne Wilke]


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