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Marriage Records

Calumet County Marriages
[partial list]
Transcribed by George Taylor



Marriage Date

Baker, George Sawyer, Sarah May 5, 1850
Baldwin, George Johnson, Calista Sep 22, 1850
Boyer, John Welch, Nancy Aug 18, 1850
Brewer, Harvey Miller, Christina Oct 6, 1851
Chicks, Josiah C Collins, Nancy Apr 16, 1840
Coday, Jacob Crosby, Ruth Oct 11, 1851
Coyhis, John B Sampson, Sophia Oct 20, 1850
Eastman, Morton Gules, Philena Nov 27, 1851
Huggins, Josiah Rickabe, Laura Dec 7, 1843
Johnson, Henry C Sampson, Avis Apr 1, 1851
Johnson, Rowland Fowler, Barbara Nov 18, 1851
Krohnke, John A Schlichting, Margaret C Nov 3, 1851
Luthge, Robert Auerker, Marie Jun 8, 1847
Peters, Hans Jacob Reimers, Wielke Nov 7, 1851
Puohner, Rudolphus Heins, Mary Sep 3, 1850
Sampson, Clark D Kerrill, Elizabeth Oct 4, 1851
Snert, Benjamin Denston, Louisa L May 1, 1851
Veens, Ernest Grunning, Bertha Nov 8, 1850

Sources: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706
Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services

Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.


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