Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
Calumet County, Wisconsin
Obituaries and Death Notices

Mrs. Johanna Adema
Nee Franeker, Netherlands
Born: 2 Feb. 1914
Died: 5 Jan. 1988
Married: 27 Feb. 1935 to Pieter Adema
Survivors: her husband, 3 sons, Broer Adema & Richard Adema both of Sheboygan, John Adema of St. Anna, 3 daughters, Mrs. James (Holly) Ver Velde & Mrs. Randy (Johanna) Hedstrom both of Sheboygan, Mrs. Jerald (Ann) Wriedt of New Holstein. 16 grandchildren; 5 great grandchildren; a brother Sippe DeHaan; 3 sisters, Afke De Lee?, Jeltje Draaisma & Oeke DeHaan, all of the Netherlands. She was preceded in death by a daughter, 3 grandchildren, a brother & a sister.
Funeral services at the Nickel Lippert Funeral Home. The Rev. Stephan Groessel, pastor of Immaculate Conception parish, will officiate.

Mrs. Charles Aebischer
Born: 23 Mar. 1873 Brothertown
Died: 6 Aug. 1950
Married: 20 June 1900 to Charles Aebishcer (died in 1947)
Survivors: 3 sons – Gordon, Denton & Dale; 7 grandchildren; 1 brother, Otto; a sister, Mrs. Herman (Edna) Steinmetz
Services at Ebenezer Evan & Reformed Church with Rev. Orville Egbert officiating. Burial at Hillside Cemetery.

Charles Aebischer
Born: 3 May 1878 Charlestown
Died: 24 Nov. 1947
Married: 20 June 1908 to Jeanie Heller
Survivors: his widow; 3 sons, Girdon, Denton & Dale; 5 grandchildren; 1 brother, William; 1 sister, Mrs. Anna Horst
Services from Erbe & Hoffman Chapel to Ebenezer Evan. & Reformed Church, pastor Rev. Egbert officiated. Burial in Hillside Cemetery.

Denton A. Aebischer
Born: 6 June 1911 Charlestown
Died: 14 July 1974
Married: 26 Nov. 1942 to Ruby Koehler
Survivors: his widow; 2 sons, Denton Jr. of Chilton, David at home; 5 daughters, Miss Dyane of DePere, Mrs. Ian (Doris) Way of Sheboygan, Mrs. Math (Debbie) Schumacher of Hilbert, Mrs. Richard (Doreen) Daun of Fond du Lac, Miss Dee at home; 3 grandchildren; brothers, Gordon of Chilton, Dale of St. Petersburg, Fla.
Services at Ebenezer UCC Chilton. The Rev. Quentin Moeschberger, pastor, officiated. Burial in Hillside Cemetery at Chilton.

Miss Eve Aebischer
Born: 26 Dec. 1892 Wahpeton, N. Dak.
Died: 15 June 1974
Survived by nieces and nephews
A sister preceded her in death.
Services at Pfeffer Funeral Chapel in Chilton. The Rev. Joe Anderson of Trinity Presbyterian Church officiating and burial at Hillside Cemetery.

Sylvia Aebischer
Born: 9 July 1907 in Stockbridge
Died: 17 Apr. 1985
Married: 20 June 1928 to Gordon Aebischer (died 25 Jan. 1978)
Survivors: 2 daughters, Mrs. John (Eunice) Craig of Aurora, Colo., Mrs. Robert (Margaret) Johnson of Elkhart Lake; 6 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren and 2 sisters, Mrs. Florence Just of Millhome & Mrs. Eileen Stephenson of Scottsdale, AZ. A sister & a brother preceded her in death.
Funeral services at Ebenezer UCC in Chilton, the Rev. Quentin Moeschberger, pastor, officiated. Burial was in Hillside Cemetery.

Antone Agerer
Born: 18 Nov. 1873 Marytown
Died: 12 Feb. 1956
Never married.
Survivors are only nieces, nephews and cousins
Services at St. Mary's Church with Rev. Joseph Bartelmus officiating. Burial in the parish cemetery.

Mrs. Hugo Aggen
Born: 24 Sept. 1893 Hayton
Died: 19 Jan. 1969
Married: 9 June 1915 to Hugo Aggen (died Oct. 1941)
Survivors: 1 son, Glenroy; 1 daughter, Mrs. James F. (Gladys) Weir; 5 grandchildren; 1 brother, George Luehrs of this city; 1 sister, Mrs. Ernie (Minnie) Schmidt of Manitowoc.
She was preceded in death by 5 brothers and 1 sister.
Services at Erbe-Evien Funeral Home
The Rev. Charles Kock officiated and burial at the New Holstein Cemetery.

Mrs. Carl Aggen
Born: 19 Dec. 1889 Hayton
Died: 13 Jan. 1961
Married: 1 May 1913 to Carl Aggen (died 1959)
Survivors: 1 son, Harold; 2 brothers, Dr. H. E. Luehrs & George; 2 sisters, Mrs. Nina Aggen & Mrs. Minnie Schmidt; 2 grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by 4 brothers.
Services at St. John's United Church with the Rev. Charles Koch officiating and burial in the New Holstein Cemetery.

Carl Henry (Buster) Aggen
Born: 17 May 1886 New Holstein
Died: 14 July 1959
Married: 1 May 1913 to Ellen Luehrs
Survivors: his widow; a son, Harold; 2 grandchildren; 2 brothers, Arne & Edward; 3 sisters, Mrs. Alma Guntley, Mrs. Ella Fischer, Mrs. Lucy Weiss
Three brothers and a sister preceded him in death.
Services were held at St. John United Church. The Rev. Charles Koch officiated and burial was in New Holstein Cemetery.

Doris Aggen
Born: 1842
Died: 13 Oct. 1931
Married: J. B. Aggen (died)
Survived by 3 children, Mrs. Burt Lue?, Arthur & Katherine. She was an aunt of the following: Herbert Bosma, Mrs. Helmuth Ahlf, Henry, Edward & Carl Hugo Aggen. Funeral services at St. John's Reformed Church. Internment in the New Holstein Cemetery.

Edward Aggen
Born: 17 Feb. 1891 New Holstein
Died: 20 Sept. 1962
Married: 6 Jan. 1916 to Olga Hansen
Survivors: his widow; a brother, Arno of Aberdeen, S.D.; 2 sisters, Mrs. Ella Fischer of Milwaukee, Mrs. Christian Guntley of Campbellsport
Services at St. John United Church of Christ with the Rev. Charles Koch officiating and burial in New Holstein Cemetery.

Henry G. Aggen
Born: 4 Aug. 1895 New Holstein
Died: 26 Jan. 1956
Married: 10 Feb. 1917 to Minerva Guetsloe
Survivors: His wife; 2 sons, Chester & Stanley; a daughter, Mrs. A. R. (Lila) Hipke; 3 brothers, Carl, Edward & Arno; 3 sisters, Mrs. John Wysa, Mrs. Christine Guntley, Mrs. Ella Fischer
Services at Erbe-Hoffman Chapel with Rev. Roland Kley officiating. Burial at New Holstein Cemetery.

Glenroy Aggen
Born: 23 May 1917 New Holstein
Died: 22 May 1979
Married: 24 Mar. 1946 to Edythe Fenn
Survivors: His wife; 1 son, David at home; 1 sister, Mrs. James (Gladys) Weir of New Holstein.
Mr. Aggen's parents preceded him in death.
Services Zion Lutheran Church at New Holstein. Rev. Victor Kuerschner, pastor, officiating. Burial in the Peace Lutheran Cemetery in Oshkosh.

Hugo Aggen
Born: 25 Mar. 1893 in Town of New Holstein
Died: 30 Oct. 1941
Married: 9 June 1915 to Nina Luehrs
Survivors: his widow, a son Glenroy, a daughter Gladys; 3 sisters, Mrs. Christian Guntly, Mrs. John Wyff, Mrs. Ella Fischer; 5 brothers, Carl, Edward, Henry, Arno, and Louis.
Services conducted by Rev. A. Geo. Schmid of St. John's Evangelical Church of this city.
Buried in the city cemetery (New Holstein)

Joachim Aggen
Born: 13 Apr. 1854 in Tilson, Germany
Died: 2 Nov. 1920
Married: 10 Nov. 1897 to Doris Zapp
At 9 years he came to America with parents; 4 children
Funeral services at Reformed Church
Survived by wife, one son Arthur, Katie Gates & Clara Lucas, 4 brothers, Simon, Henry, Conrad, 1 sister, Ann Abel.
Laid to rest in New Holstein Cemetery

Mrs. Andrew Aggen
Born: 24 Sept. 1870 in New Holstein
Died: 24 July 1952
Married: Feb. 1892 to Andrew Aggen (died in 1922)
Survivors – 2 sons, George & Winfred, 1 daughter, Mrs. Hubert (Viola) Seedkusson, 3 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren
Services at Erber Hoffman Chapel with Rev. William F. Fleis of St. John's Ev. & Reformed Church officiated. Burial in city cemetery (New Holstein)

Miss Kate Aggen
Born: 5 July 1878 in New Holstein
Died: 21 May 1956 in New Holstein
Married: never
Survivors: a brother, Arthur & sister Mrs. W. B. (Clara) Lucas
Services at Horn Funeral Home in Port Washington. The Rev. Christopher Boland of the Rueden Evangelical in Port Washington officiated. Burial in New Holstein Cemetery.

Katherina Aggen
Born: 16 Apr. 1832
Died: 24 May 1918
Married: 1853 to Agge L.
5 sons – John, Conrad, Andrew, Simon, 5th son deceased
1 daughter
31 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren
2 sisters – Mrs. Herman Ahif and Mrs. Andrew Bosma (deceased)
In 1863 she came to America with her husband, and four children. In 1890 her husband died.
Funeral services held at Reformed Church and laid to rest in New Holstein Cemetery beside her husband.

Minerva M. Aggen
Born: 1 Oct. 1899 in Kiel
Died: 1 Mar. 1986
Married: 10 Feb. 1917 to Henry G. Aggen (died 1960)
Survivors: a daughter, Mrs. Leila Hippe of New Holstein, a son, Chester of Colorado City, Colo.; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren and 2 sisters, Mrs. Lawrence Hennings of Kiel and Mrs. Viola Luehrs of New Holstein. She precedes in death by a son, a brother and a sister.
Funeral services at St. John's UCC of New Holstein with the Rev. Albert K. Borns, pastor, officiating. Burial was in the New Holstein Cemetery.

Stanley E. Aggen
Born: 21 July 1921 in New Holstein
Died: 28 Jan. 1975
Married: 16 Feb. 1946 to Lucille Paulsen
Survivors – his widow – a son, Steven at home; his mother, Mrs. Minerva Aggen of New Holstein; a brother, Chester C. of Colorado City, Colo.; a sister, Mrs. A. R. Hipke of New Holstein
Services – St. John UCC with the Rev. Albert K. Borns, pastor, officiating.
Burial in New Holstein cemetery.

Stinus Aggen
Born: 26 Apr. 1859
Died: 10 Nov. 1916
Married: 1881 to Foelke Burns
Survived by his widow, 6 sons & 4 daughters; 9 grandchildren; 5 brothers and 1 sister, and his aged mother.
Funeral service at Reformed Church on the 14th. Laid to rest in New Holstein cemetery.

Cecelia Aggens
Born: 25 Mar. 1869 in New Holstein
Died: 17 Oct. 1957
Married: 12 Oct. 1920 to Simon Aggens (died in 1926)
Survivors – 4 sons, Edmond Thede, Colby, Alwin, of Olympia, Wa., John of Libby, Mt., Wm. Of New Holstein; a daughter, Mrs. Albert (Dora) Jochinson of New Holstein; 21 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Aggen was the last of 8 children having been preceded in death by 5 sisters and 2 brothers.
Services at St. John E&R Church with Rev. Geo. Schmid, former pastor, officiating. Burial in the New Holstein cemetery.

Simon Aggen
Born: 28 Sept. 1857 in Ostfriesland, Germany
Died: 15 Jan. 1926
Married: 27 Mar. 1888 to Hanchen Zapp (died in 1916)
Married: 19 Oct. 1920 to Celia Thede
Survivors: 2 sons, Otto, Archie; 1 daughter: Dorothea Martin; 5 grandchildren; 2 brothers, Conrad & Henry Aggen; 1 sister, Ann Ahlf.
Funeral services at Reformed Church with Rev. A. C. Pleppert officiating. Burial at New Holstein cemetery.

Foelke (Burns) Aggen
Born: 9 Apr. 1858 in Eilsum, Germany
Died: 3 Oct. 1923
Married: 26 Mar. 1881 to Mr. S. Aggen
Came to America in 2 Mar. 1881
Ten children, Mrs. L. A. Moser, Mrs. Ella Fisher, Mrs. Christene Guntly, Mrs. John Wyss, Carl, Edward, Arno, Hugo, Henry & Louie
Rev. R. C. Pleppert officiating. Burial in New Holstein cemetery.

Oscar Ahlf
Born: 30 Dec. 1888 in New Holstein
Died: 5 Dec. 1948
Married: 1912 to Emma Velts of Rockford, Ill.
Survivors: his widow; 1 son, Robert; a sister, Mrs. Louis Hecht. His parents and 2 brothers precede him in death.
Services were held in Milwaukee and buried there also at Linden Wood Cemetery, Rockford.

Albert Albert
Born: 1868 in Horicon
Died: 16 Apr. 1930 in City of Thorpe
Married: no date
Survivors: wife and 4 children, Mildred, Chester, Waldo and Leland.
Funeral on Saturday attended by W. W. Larson of the City of Thorpe.
He worked with his brother at a creamery in New Holstein for a number of years, then moved to Thorpe.

Alvin Albert
Born: 4 June 1877 at Horicon
Died: 10 Dec. 1946
Married: 4 June 1903 to Emma Timm
Survivors are his widow, a son, Gordon, a daughter, Mrs. Edward (Marion) Sturm; 4 grandchildren; 2 brothers, Theodore and Adolph; a sister, Mrs. W. W. Larson.
Services were at Erbe-Hoffman Chapel with Rev. John R. Seidler of St. John Evangelical & Reformed Church officiating. Burial at New Holstein cemetery.

Rueben E. Buboltz
Funeral services for Rueben E. Buboltz, 68, of Cleveland, will be at 11 a.m. Friday at Balhorn Funeral Chapels. A native of Brillion, he was born March 28, 1902. In addition to the survivors listed in Thursday's obituary, there are 11 grandchildren. [Source: Sheboygan Press (Friday, 14 Aug. 1970, page 12; contributed by Lorraine Markee]

Michael Callaghan
Chilton, Wis., March 26. – Michael Callaghan, aged 73, died of paralysis. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 29 Mar. 1900; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Richard F. Connell
Hayton, Wis., March 10. – Richard F. Connell, for many years a resident of this place, died here early this morning of stomach trouble, at the age of 58 years. He was born in Washington county, Wis., in 1843, and until the age of 25 he remained on his father's farm. After this for some years he traveled in Oregon and Texas, in the employ of railroads then in course of construction, as a master carpenter. In 1873 he came to Hayton, and with his brother, James Connell, now of Milwaukee, engaged in the mercantile business. Some three or four years after his arrival at this town he established the grain and lumber business which he conducted until his death. For some time he was chairman of this town, and for years had been identified with Republican politics in this county. Mr. Connell was a thirty-second degree Mason, and was well known in Masonic circles. He leaves a wife and one child, a son. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 20 Mar. 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Harriet Dick
DIED. In the town of Manchester, Calumet County, on the 13th inst., Harriet Dick, daughter of the Hon. A. D. Dick, aged about 12 years. [Source: Milwaukee Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wis.) Saturday, 24 Mar. 1849; transcribed by FoFG mz]

William Dick
Hon. William Dick, of apoplexy, in Brothertown, Calumet Co., May 3d, (1882) aged sixty-seven years. He was one of the oldest settlers in the county, locating there in 1831. He represented his district in the assembly two terms, and held various other important offices. He was an educated Brothertown Indian, a worthy and useful man. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 10 (1909) Transcribed by: Heather A. Turner]

Raymond Egerer
Raymond Egerer died at Chilton. He was born in Austria in 1826 and had resided in Calumet county since 1855. [Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Tuesday, 7 Nov. 1899; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Reuben Eichhorst
Reuben Eichhorst. 60, of 480 Glenview St., Brillion, died Sunday at home. Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Zion Lutheran Church, Morrison. The Rev. Waldemar Loescher will officiate with burial in the church cemetery. Mr. Eichhorst was born June 30, 1915, in the Town of Morrison, son of the late Fred and Anna Wierschke Eichhorst. He married Cora Degner Sept. 19, 1936, at Morrison. He had been a farmer and was employed at Ariens Co., Brillion, the past eight years. He was a director of Wayside Telephone Co. and served four years as treasurer of the Town of Maple Grove. He was a member of Way-Morr Lions Club and served as treasurer for 10 years. Survivors include his wife, two daughters, Miss Darlene Eichhorst, of North Hollywood, Calif., and Mrs. Richard (Jill) Koropov, of Rt. 2, Brillion: three brothers, Elmer, of Rt. 2, Greenleaf, Hilbert, of Green Bay and Alfred, of Rt. 1. Greenleaf: five sisters, Mrs. Ervin (Norman) Thiesfeldt, of Green Bay, Mrs. Norbert (Adela) Liebergen and Mrs. Lester (Mildred) Koerth, of Brillion, Mrs. Norbert (Helen) Griepentrog, of Reedsville and Mrs. Clancis (Lorene) Pahl, of Maribel and two grandchildren. Four brothers; Arthur, Leonard, Melvin and Wilmer, and a sister, Ida Stever, preceded him in death. Friends may call at Nickel Funeral Home, Morrison, after 4 p.m. Tuesday until noon Wednesday and then at the church until the time of service. [Source: Herald Times Reporter (Manitowoc, Wis.) Monday, 1 Dec. 1975; tr. by MZ]

Asaph Green
CHILTON, Wis., July 10. – Asaph Green, one of the oldest settlers of this town, died Sunday after a few week's of illness. Mr. Green was born in Manchester, N. H., in 1807. He moved to New York and in 1854 was elected to the assembly from Jefferson county. He came to Wisconsin in 1856, and served in the assembly from Calumet county from 1859 to 1860. Since then he has resided in this city and has held various public offices. He celebrated his golden wedding in 1881. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.) Friday, 13 July 1888; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Hellen Greverns
Fred Bredemeyer received a dispatch last Friday, announcing the death of his sister, Mrs. Wm. Greverns, at Appleton, and that the funeral would be held at New Holstein, Sunday. He took the train, Saturday morning, accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. G. M. Thompson, to attend the funeral. *** Note: Mrs. Greverns' date of death was 11 June 1903; the date and her first name are from Wisconsin Deaths, 1820-1907 and her surname is spelled as Graverus. [Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 18 June 1903; tr by MZ]

Linda Hoerl
Motorcyclist Daniel Keifenheim, 20, of rural Mt. Calvary and his passenger, Linda Hoerl, 17, of rural Chilton, died in an accident along a rural road about one mile east of the Village of Mount Calvary just before midnight Sunday, Fond du Lac County authorities said. They said the cycle passed one car, returned to its lane, sideswiped another auto and crashed. [Source: Marshfield News-Herald (Marshfield, Wood County, Wis.) Monday, 24 May 1976, page 8; Lorraine Markee collection; transcribed by MZ]

John P. Hume
John P, Hume died at Chilton, Aug. 23d, (1881) in his forty-third year. He was born in Kings County, Ireland, June 11th, 1836; settled in Manitowoc in 1852, where he learned the printer's trade. In 1857, he established the Chilton "Times," which he continued to publish as long as he lived. In the fall of 1858 he was chosen circuit clerk, which he filled for twenty years. He was one of Nature's nobleman. [Source: Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Vol. 9 (1909) Wisconsin Necrology (1876-81) page 487; transcribed by LaDena Livingston]
John P. Hume, of the Chilton Times, is dead. The press of Wisconsin thereby suffers the loss of a bright intellect and a whole-souled disposition. The newspaper which he founded has grown up with the county of Calumet, from the earliest social state of that shire, and now ranks prominently among the county weeklies of the State. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.) Tuesday, 30 Aug. 1881; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Lester F. Koerth
Lester F. Koerth, 53, of Rt. 1, Brillion, died Friday at home. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Monday at Wieting Funeral Home, Brillion. The Rev. Calmer Overlien will officiate and burial will be in Community Cemetery, Brillion. Mr. Koerth was born June 28, 1919, at Manitowoc, son of the late John Koerth and Lillian Koerth. He married Mildred Eichhorst Feb. 22, 1941, at Morrison. He was a member of the Rural United Methodist Church, Brillion. Survivors include his wife, two sons, Darwin (Skip), of California and Larry, at home, five daughters, Mrs Kenneth (Sandra) Schisel and Mrs. David (Kathy) Les Monde, of Manitowoc, Mrs. Gary (Bonnie) Torsch, of Reedsville, Misses Terrie and Vickie, at home: a brother, John, of West Bend; a sister, Mrs. Walter (Phyllis) Ackerman, of Neenah; his mother, of Oshkosh and six grandchildren. His father preceded him in death. Friends may call at the funeral home after 5 p.m. Sunday until the hour of service Monday. [Source: Herald Times Reporter (Manitowoc, Wis.) Saturday, 9 June 1973; transcribed by MZ]

Mrs. Luce
Chilton, Wis., April 3. – Mrs. Luce, wife of Dr. J. E. Luce of this city, died yesterday. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 4 Apr. 1901; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Daniel Lynch
Chilton, Wis., Feb. 25. – Daniel Lynch, a former resident of this town, died in North Dakota. His body was brought here for burial. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 27 Feb. 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Etta Mason
Mrs. Arthur Mason, 75, of Marshfield, died Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. in the Bethel Convalescent home. Mrs. Mason has been ill since May and her death was caused by a stroke. Etta Cook was born April 27, 1878 at Gravesville and was married to Arthur Mason June 25, 1902 at Unity. She moved to Unity with her parents as a small child and lived here until 1923, then lived in Marshfield until 1929, in West Allis until 1949, and then lived with her son, Walter, at Menomonee Falls until April 1952, when they moved back to Marshfield. She received her education in Unity and belonged to the Rebecka Lodge of West Allis.  The body reposed at the Rembs Funeral Home, Marshfield, until Wednesday when it was taken to the Unity Methodist Church to repose from noon until 1:30 when services were conducted by Rev. Schall. Burial was made in the Unity cemetery. Surviving are her husband, three sons, Glen and Melvin, Thiensville; Walter, North Prairie; two daughters, Mrs. Joe (Leta) Niehaus, Marshfield; and Mrs. Robert (Mildred), Minear, Coolidge, Ariz.; three brothers, George and Walter Cook, Unity; and Raymond Cook, Marathon; two sisters, Mabel Cook, Chicago; and Mrs. Andrew Tollefson, Solon Springs. There are 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Preceding her in death were a son, two brothers and a sister. [Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 16 Oct. 1953; contributed by Ron Flink & transcribed by MZ]

William B. Minahan
GREEN BAY, Wis., Oct. 31. – William B. Minahan, an Independent candidate for congress in the Eighth district died suddenly today. Mr. Minahan had a paralytic stroke on Saturday last and was removed from his home in Chilton to Green Bay for treatment. [Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Thursday, 1 Nov. 1906; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Randolph Jefferson Needham
Born at Lyons, N.Y., March 9, 1828. Came to Wisconsin in 1850. Died at Stockbridge, June 22, 1905. [Source: Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin at its 53rd Annual Meeting held November 9, 1905 (published 1906) Wisconsin Necrology, 1904-05; pages 130-142; by Mary Stuart Foster, Library Assistant; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Wallace Otto
Wallace Otto, in the town of Sherwood, Calumet county, died from the effects of injuries sustained while oiling a threshing machine. He was a young man and had been married only three months. [Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.) Tuesday, 24 Oct. 1882; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Margaret P. Paulson
Mrs. Margaret P. Paulson, aged 75 years, died early yesterday morning at the home of William Roecker, 1913 London road, of complications resulting from old age. She has resided in Duluth a number of years. The body will be taken to her former home at Chilton, Wis., for internment. [Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Thursday, 16 May 1912; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Alfred Plumb
Stockbridge, Wis., Jan. 8. - Alfred Plumb, aged 95 years, one of the earliest settlers of Calumet county, died yesterday. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 10 Jan. 1901; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Capt. Oren Raney Potter
Capt. O. R. Potter died at his home, in Calumet county, last Friday, about 87 years of age. Mr. Potter was at one time largely interested here, having at one time owned and run the Commercial House, and has owned a saw mill or two, in this vicinity; and a grist mill in this city. The old gentleman had hosts of friends, here, who will regret to learn of his death. His only son, Legare Potter, resides at Neillsville, a wife and two daughters also survive him.  *** Note: Capt. Potter's first and middle names are from Wisconsin Deaths, 1820-1907. [Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 15 Nov. 1900; transcribed by MZ]

John W. Quinney
Our correspondent has sent us a truthful and succinct narrative of the prominent events in the life of JOHN W. QUINNEY, which we subjoin. We are requested to state, that the friends of the deceased would be gratified if the New York Tribune and the Evangelist would copy this obituary notice. - Fond du Lac Union, Aug. 9, 1855.

JOHN W. QUINNEY, ex-Stockbridge Indian Chief, died at his residence in Stockbridge, Wisconsin, upon the morning of the 21st of July, 1855, after having been in a state of decline for about one year. His death is deeply felt and mourned by his people, as he has been to them what HENRY CLAY and DANIEL WEBSTER were to the American people. He was among them a great man, and to them, the great has fallen. No member, in the history of the Stockbridge tribe, has been his equal in usefulness, in penetration of mind, and soundness of judgment.

When a boy, he was one of three who received a common English education, under the patronage of the United States, being placed under the tuition of a Mr. CALEB UNDERBILL, of Westchester county, N. Y., where he pursued his studies with alacrity and great proficiency. By degrees he gained the confidence of his people, until almost the entire national business rested upon him. In 1822, he, with two others, formed a deputation to Green Bay, where a treaty was made and concluded with the Menomonees, by which was purchased all the Green Bay lands, designed for the future home of the New York Indians, he procured, in 1825, the passage of a law through the New York State Legislature, to give the Stockbridge tribe full value for their lands, which remained to them in that State, and which enabled them subsequently to remove themselves to Green Bay. This law is memorable as being the first ever passed by the New York Legislature to give an Indian tribe full value for their lands. The lands of the New York Indians, purchased of the Menomonees, being endangered by a re-purchase, made by the United States officers, he was sent in 1828 to petition Congress, in behalf of the United New York tribes, for the recognition of their rights to such lands. He, however, failed, and the Stockbridge tribe lost their home at Kaukana, upon the Fox river, the General Government barely allowing them $25,000 for their improvements.

Mr. QUINNEY seeing this, entered at once into a new plan, and finally, after great labor and protracted efforts, he obtained, in 1832, the grant of two townships upon the east side of Lake Winnebago, where the tribe still reside. About the year 1833 he framed a Constitution, as the basis of a tribal government,which was adopted by his people, and led to the abandonment of hereditary power, and a choice of republicanism. In 1846, he effected a repeal of an act passed by Congress in 1843, which made citizens of the tribe, and had his people restored back to enjoy their own customs and government, and obtained for them $5,000 on account of their old claims. The tribe made a treaty in 1843, in which he took a prominent part, the Government stipulating to find the tribe a new home west of the Mississippi, and to remove them thither within a certain time, but after many, but unsuccessful attempts, on their part, to select and remove, in which Mr. QUINNEY engaged with untiring zeal, he finally conceived the plan of getting back the township of Stockbridge. Efforts were immediately commenced, which have finally terminated in the formation of a new treaty, by which the Government cede back to the tribe their old home. In 1854, he succeeded in the passage of a law by Congress, which gave him a fee simple title to 460 acres of land in Stockbridge. At the election held in 1852, he was chosen Grand Sachem of the tribe, which office he honorably filled for three years, encouraging education and everything calculated to improve his people. Thus, it will be seen, that the public labors of Mr. QUINNEY have not only been many, but very important to his tribe. No business of a public nature, which he deemed important, but what he entered into it with all his soul, even to the neglect and sacrifice of his own private matters. His whole aim seems to have been to establish himself and people upon some permanent home. He was slow in business, but sure. His purposes and plans were original, deep and far-searching; his disposition mild, his demeanor that of a gentleman. None could converse with him, or be in his presence any length of time, and not be convinced that they had been with an amiable and great man. In the death of such a one, the tribe sustain an irreparable loss. He leaves a vacancy which will not soon be filled.
A MEMBER OF THE TRIBE. STOCKBRIDGE, July 28th, 1855.  [Source: Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for the Years 1857 and 1858; Volume 4; Madison, Wisconsin (1859) pages 309-311; submitted by MZ]

R. H. Schmidt
Appleton, Wis., July 31.--The funeral of Dr. R.H. Schmidt, principal of the Seymour high school for six years, who died of blood poisoning, aged 53, was held here today. He was graduated from the State university, and from Rush Medical college, and was the first principal of the Ryan high school at Appleton, where he taught seventeen years. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (3 Aug 1899) transcribed by Mary Dutcher]

Mrs. Frank Schneider
Chilton, Wis., Nov. 25. – Upon orders of District Attorney H. F. Arps of Calumet county, the body of Mrs. Frank Schneider, who died at her home at Jerico, near here, under mysterious circumstances Tuesday and which was buried Friday will be exhumed Monday for post mortem examination. The vital organs were removed and sent to Dr. Daniel Hopkinson, Milwaukee pathologist to determine whether the death was attributal to poison. [Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Sunday, 26 Nov. 1922; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Henry Schreiber
Chilton, Wis., Nov. 19. – Henry Schreiber of Rantoul died yesterday. He was a prominent man in this county and operated a general store for many years. He was 59 years of age and is survived by a wife and children. He had always taken an active part in Calumet county politics. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 20 Nov. 1902; transcribed by FoFG mz]

George Sloper
Death came to George Sloper at his home west of the city on the county line at an early hour Dec. 28. He had been ill for some time with leakage of the heart, but none had considered his condition as immediately serious. Death came to him while he was seated in a chair. He was born near Chilton Mar. 1, 1860, but the greater part of his life has been spent in this vicinity. He was married to Mary McGraw about twenty years ago and she with four daughters, Belle, Grace, May and June, survive him. Funeral services were held from the home Friday afternoon, conducted by Rev Frank Nikel. Interment was in Forest Mound. [Source: Waupun Leader (5 Jan. 1922) contributed by Ron Flink; transcribed by MZ]

Catharine A. Stanton
DIED, in Chilton, on Friday, Dec. 11th, 1863. Catharine A. Stanton, aged 18 years and 7 months; daughter of Moses and Catharine Stanton, and grand-daughter of Tobias S. Ross – the last distinguished chief of the Narragansett tribe of Indians, in Rhode Island. Miss Stanton was an amiable and accomplished young woman. She was a good English scholar, spoke the German language fluently, and knew considerable French. Her mother intended to send her to the Catholic Young Ladies Academy, Milwaukee, to finish her education, when Death suddenly snatched her away. She was instructed in the truths of the Catholic religion, and received into the bosom of the Catholic Church a few months ago, by Rev. H. McMahon, Pastor of the Church of St. Augustine, Chilton, and had the consolation of being fortified by the sacraments of the same church in her last moments. She was interred in the Catholic cemetery on Sunday, Dec. 13th. – Requescat in pace. – Chilton Times [Source: Wisconsin Daily Patriot (Madison, Wis.) Thursday, 14 Jan. 1864]

Carn Stern
Hayton, Wis., Jan. 26. – Carn Stern, John Alexander Dowie's right hand man, who died at Miami, Fla., yesterday, was at one time a resident of Calumet county. He lived at Wells, a hamlet not far from here. His wife, also from Calumet county, performs the same duties for Mrs. Dowie that Stern did for the prophet, being a sort of privileged personal attendant. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Advocate (Milwaukee, Wis.) Thursday, 26 Jan. 1905; transcribed by FoFG mz]

John B. Sweet
DIED, At Chilton, John B. Sweet, aged 19 years. [Source: Wisconsin Weekly Patriot (Madison, Wis.) Saturday, 12 Jan. 1861; transcribed by FoFG mz]


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