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Chippewa County Wisconsin

The county was  organized December 29,1854. George P. Warren was Chairman of the Board

of Supervisors; Stephen S. McCann was the other supervisor; Samuel H. Allison, Clerk.
The first business transacted was the appointment of E. A. Galloway, J. M. Baxter and John C. Flannegan to locate a road to the capitol of Dunn County. Th. R. Randall was appointed superintendent of its construction.

It was voted to lay out the road to the mouth of Clear Water River. William Wiley, Piere Riess and Jesse S. Gage, were chosen as commissioners, and J. E. Randall, Superintendent. A petition for a road via Duncun's Mill to Bloomer was deemed  improper and rejected. The road authorized to Eau Claire (Clear Water) via French town and the Blue Mill was, after mature deliberation, declared "highly injudicious and unnecessary."

James Ermatinger, Henry O'Neil, and Daniel McCann were appointed to lay out the road to Vermilion Falls. Ermatinger was made superintendent. The next meeting was  February 1, 1855. James Reed, who had been elected Supervisor, having refused to serve Elias W. Galloway was appointed to fill the place. Moses Reevis, who, it seems has been elected constable, declined the honor, as also did William Riley, as Justice of the Peace. William J. Young was authorized to procure copies of the United States  Survey field notes in relation to the county. The resolve in relation to the Duncun's Creek road was subsequently reconsiderated. At a meeting on February 16, the Board provided a court-room in the second story of H. S. Allen's carpenter shop. On motion of S.S. McCann, James Reed was fined $10 for refusing at act as supervisor.

The outline of every town is irregular, and some of them fifty miles in the longest extent. They contain much more territory then the township of Government survey

The names of several towns are; Anson, Auburn, Bloomer, Big Bend, Flambeau, Eagle Point, Edson, LaFayette, Sigel and Wheaton. The county has for neighbors-on the north, Ashland; on the east, Price Taylor and Clark; on the south Eau Claire; on the west Dunn Barron And Burnett.

The growth of the county has been as follows: 1850, population 615; 1855, 838; 1860, 1,895; 1865, 8,278; Sigel, 849; Wheaton, 1,287. Total 15,987.

There are 1,794 more males then females in the county. Of the whole numbers 10,048 are natives and 196 are colored.

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