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Odd Fellow Lodge Member Deaths (Colby) 1894

Odd Fellow Lodge Member Deaths (Colby) 1894
Source: Colby Phonograph (Colby, Clark County, Wis.) Thursday, 26 July 1894

*** Note: The beginning and the end of the article was cut off and was not available at the time of transcription.

* The next death was that of Bro. J. D. Wicker, son, which occurred March 4th, 1881, and was a serious loss to the lodge. He was one of the most ardent lovers of the order I have chanced to meet. He was initiated into the order in N.Y. City in 1828, and at once became one of the most faithful and efficient Odd Fellows. During his residence in this state he instituted several lodges among them being the lodges at Unity and Medford, and one, that at New Castle, Fond du Lac county, bears his name. He was practically the father of this lodge, and was loved as a father by all its members. His funeral, the largest ever held in this place, was attended by brothers from Medford, Unity and other places and he was buried with all the honors of an Odd Fellow.

It might be well to add here that Father Wicker was so universally loved by the members of the order throughout the state, that, had he not been hard of hearing, he would have risen to the highest office in the Grand Lodge. In 1867, he did hold the office of Grand Warden.

In Oct. 1884, Bro. C. H. Robbins, of Dorchester, who had been a member but one year and a half, crossed the dark river.

One year later, Oct. 1885, Bro. W. H. H. Wicker went to swell the great majority on the other side and was buried with all the honors of and O. F., many visiting brothers being present.

During the 20 years of its existence, the lodge has initiated into the mysteries of Odd Fellowship, 156. Admitted by card, 21. Total, 177. It has lost by death, withdrawals, suspensions, etc., 138. Leaving a membership of 39, in good standing, at this time.

It has paid out for the relief of the sick and burial of the dead, in good, round numbers - $2,000.


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