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Oak Grove and Maplewood (Graduation – 1952)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 30 May 1952

* Nina Lang, Eldred Schuette, Roy Pipkorn, Jr., Diana and LaVon Molle, eighth grade students at the Oak Grove school and Antoinette Erickson, Betty Jane Rinehart and Marlene Mohan of Maplewood school received their diplomas at graduation at Withee Friday morning. Mrs. Edwin Lang, Mrs. Walter Schuette, Mrs. E. Erickson and Mrs. Delbert Rinehart accompanied them. Evelyn Smith of Maplewood school was unable to attend.

Unity High School Graduation (1948)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 14 May 1948

Commencement is Friday, May 21

* Commencement for the graduating class of 1948 of Unity High School will be held at the Hall Friday evening, May 21st starting at 8 o’clock.

Billy Creed, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nyole Creed, will give the valedictorian address and Maxine Salter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Salter, will give the salutatory address. Rev. Wold of Stevens Point has been secured as the speaker for the evening.

The hall is decorated in the class colors of purple and white and the class chose as their motto, “Forward.” Their flower is the violet.

Members of the graduating class are: Billy Creed, Maxine Salter, Paul Olson, LaVon Domer, Harold Boyer, Joyce Gauger, Marvin Kilty, Jeanne Tennis, Carol Mae Gloff, Kathelyn Allain, Norma Mattson, Nancy Colby.

Valedictorian for the eighth grade graduating class will be Helen Djerf.

Members of the eighth grade class are: Janet Johnson, Helen Djerf, Levi Mews, Alvin Peterson, Russel Lynn, Roy Hartl, Harold Sandley.

The Commencement program will be found on another page of this issue.

Class officers are:
President: Maxine Salter
Vice President: Joyce Gauger
Treasurer: Joanne Tennis

William Creed, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nyole Creed, who is the valedictorian, and who will receive the Salter Scholarship and Awards, has been an active student in school activities throughout hi four years in high school. He has been a band member throughout the four years. In fact, Billy started down in the grades with the clarinet. He has played on the basketball, baseball and softball teams, taken part in the class plays for two years, participated in Forensics one year, and on the school annual staff four years, and was a member of *** The rest of the article is cut off and unavailable at the time of transcription. ***

Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 28 May 1948

* The Commencement exercises which were held last Friday evening were very well attended.

The boys and girls looked very proud and happy as they received their diplomas and the distinction of being the first class to hold their exercises in the new hall.

The numbers were all very will given by the students and Rev. Orville Wold of the Lutheran Church of Stevens Point, who was the speaker, wove his theme around the class motto, “Forward.”

He said that the better things in life are not found in the desire for power or money, or ease, but in the service towards ones fellow man comes the true happiness as one progresses “Forward.”

Billy Creed received the Salter Scholarship and the Freshman Scholarship to the State Teachers College at Stevens Point.

Paul Olson and LaVon Domer were awarded little books called, “I Dare You” for outstanding leadership and ability.

Mr. Swan in his talk in presenting the awards, emphasized the value of diplomas and what it means to receive one.

Unity High School Graduation (1949)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 20 May 1949

* Graduation exercises of the Unity Public Schools were held at Memorial Hall Wednesday evening, when eleven young people were graduated from high school and another eleven from the eighth grade. Supt. Homer E. DeLong of the Antigo schools, gave the Commencement address.

Graduates this year are:

Cecelia Chizek,
Ervin Jewett,
Catherine Jost,
Evelyn Knuf,
Tom Loughead,
Jeanette Ringquist,
Elaine Reckner,
Arlene Tennis,
Norene Thurs,
Beverly Wieland,
Verna Zarnke

Class Motto “In Ourselves The Future Lies”;
Class Colors – Aquamarine and Silver;
Class Flower – American Beauty Rose

Eighth Grade Graduates:

Wallace Carlson,
Gail Edblom,
Calvin Ewert,
Robert Hebert,
Betty Jane Kauffman,
Gordon Lynn,
James Mews,
LeRoy Misener,
Sally Salter,
Betty Jane Schultz,
Diann Williams

Class Motto “Not On The Heights, But Climbing”;
Class Colors – Green and White;
Class Flower – White Carnation

Valedictorian for the 1949 high school class was Miss Jeanette Ringquist, daughter of Mrs. Lucille Ringquist. Miss Evelyn Knuf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Knuf, was the Salutatorian.

Miss Ringquist, who attended Unity High School the full four years, participated in many activities. In her Freshman year she was class carnival queen. She was Sophomore class president and in her Junior year she was a member of the carnival play cast. She has also been active in band and forensics, on the Annual Staff for three years, a member of the pep band, an office assistant. Jeanette hopes to continue her schooling but at present will work in Wausau.

During her two years in the Unity High School after transferring here from Stratford, Miss Knuf participated in the band, forensics, junior class play and carnival plays. She was junior class treasurer and senior class secretary, on the annual staff and a member of the service club. Miss Knuf plans on attending Central State Teachers College at Stevens Point next fall.

Following was the program:

Processional, Mrs. T. Loughead;
Invocation, Rev. F. J. Smith;
Welcome! Evelyn Knuf, Class Salutatorian;
Class Will, Cecelia Chizek;
Class History, Verna Zarnke;
Class Prophecy, Catherine Jost;
Now is the Hour, Senior Ensemble: Cecelia Chizek, Jeanette Ringquist, Evelyn Knuf, Arlene Tennis, Tom Loughead, Norene Thurs;
Introduction of Commencement Speaker, Prof. Johnson;
What Next? Homer E. DeLong;
Presentation of Diplomas, T. H. Domer, Dir. Board of Ed.;
Class Acceptance, Tom Loughead, Senior President;
In Ourselves the Future Lies, Jeanette Ringquist, Class Valedictorian;
Convocation, Rev. J. A. Olson;
Recessional, Mrs. T. Loughead

Unity High School Graduation (Class of 1950)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 12 May 1950


* Eunice Schultz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schultz, has been chosen Valedictorian of the Unity High School graduating class of 1950. Eunice has maintained an A average during her four years. She was president of the Senior Class, editor of the school paper, secretary of the junior class and active in forensics, dramatics and band work. She plans on entering nurses training at Luther Hospital, Eau Claire.

Floyd Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Johnson, will be Salutatorian. He is active in band work, dramatics and archery. He was president of the junior class and was prom king. He is editor of the annual and secretary-treasurer of the senior class. He plans to attend college.

Members of the 1950 graduating class are: *** Note: The rest of the article is cut off and not available at the time of transcription, but from a previous article the graduates were: Donna Baumgart, Kenneth Jicinsky, Floyd Johnson, Lyle Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Paul Miller, Juanita Molle, and Eunice Schultz. ***

Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 19 May 1950


Commencement exercises were held at the hall Thursday evening. Earl Kjer of Eau Claire State Teachers College delivered the address. The program also included:

Processional – Betty Salter,
Invocation – Rev. F. J. Smith,
Welcome – Floyd Johnson,
Class History – Ken Jicinsky,
Soprano Solo – Margaret Johnson,
Class Will – Juanita Molle,
Baritone Solo – Eunice Schultz, who also delivered the farewell address and presented awards.
Prophecy – Donna Baumgart,
Presentation of Diplomas – Corwin Dallman, clerk of the School Board.

Principal Johnson was presented with two electric clocks as the class gift. Congratulations to the Class of 1950 and may they meet with success at every corner.

Unity High School Graduation (Class of 1951)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Clark County, Wis.) Friday, 18 May 1951


* Commencement exercises of the Unity Public Schools were held at Memorial Hall Wednesday evening, May 16th.

The following program was enjoyed.

Processional, Mrs. Loughead.
Invocation, Rev. F. J. Smith,
A Dream Comes True, Joan Dehn, class salutatorian,
Class History, Andrea Jost,
Class Will, Lois Neuman,
Presentation of Class Gift, Ray Cook,
Class Prophecy, Juliane Mandel,
Introduction of Commencement Speaker, Mr. Millard, Pricipal.
After Commencement, What – Norman Knutson, Central State Teachers College,
Farewell, Arlene Gustafson, class valedictorian,
Presentation of awards, Mr. Millard, Principal.
Presentation of Diplomas, S. A. Cook, board of education,
Benediction, Rev. R. J. Smith,
Recessional, Mrs. Loughead.

Class members are: Virgene Colby, Ray Cook, Joan Dehn, Arla May Gauger, Arlene Gustafson, Winnifred Hoffman, Wayne Johnson, Andrea Jost, Vern Kilty, Juliane Mandel, Marvin Mews, Marie Neuman, Lois Nieman and Gilbert Wiedenhoeft.

Class Motto: We Finish to Begin,
Class Colors: Old Rose and Silver,
Class Flower: White Rose.

The eighth grade graduates were: Marlene Danner, Bonnie Ewert, Allan Gustafson, Margaret Hartl, James Hoffman, Darlene Kramer, Rae Ann Loughead, Lucille Wucherpfennig and Gerald Zygowicz.

Class Motto: They Can, Who Think They Can,
Class Colors: Old Rose and Silver,
Class Flower: White Rose.

Unity High School Alumni Gathering (1954)
Source: Marathon County Register (Unity, Marathon County, Wis.) Friday, 6 Aug. 1954; contributed by Ron Flink & transcribed by Marla Zwakman

More than 400 persons, former graduates and their wives or husbands from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida and New York, of the Unity High School, attended the Alumni gathering held in Unity Saturday evening. The banquet was served at Trinity Lutheran Church parlors by ladies of the Lutheran and Methodist churches and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Open house for the alumni was held at the school from 1 to 5 P.M. with about 200 in attendance. Coffee and doughnuts were served to all.

Following the banquet the guests gathered at Memorial Hall for an evening of reminiscing and dancing.

Program numbers included LeRoy Binning, Marshfield, who played several accordion numbers; Miss Syrl Andrews, Spencer, who sang several songs and strummed her own accompaniment on her ukulele, Rosemary Nelson, Wausau, and Lynn Eckes, Marshfield played several piano selections.

Gifts were presented to Mrs. John Fuller, class of 1906, who was chairman of the event. She received an electric coffee maker from the Alumni in recognition for her very successful labors in bringing the gathering to its highly satisfactory climax. Other committee members were Mrs. Myron Greaser, class of 1945, Abbotsford; and Lester Binning, class of 1925, Marshfield.

Other gifts presented included Mrs. Ralph Vaughan, Spencer, class of 1896, oldest graduate present; Miss Lois Gustafson, class of 1923; New York City, coming the farthest distance; Seymour Gustafson, class of 1924, tallest alumni present and Alvah Messer, class of 1917, Spencer, the shortest graduate present.

Recognition was also given Mrs. Alma Carlson, for the family having the largest number of graduates present; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Strebe, Unity, whose 2 sons and 8 daughters qualified Mr. Strebe as the alumni mother with the most children; Mrs. Walter Raczakowski, the former Diane Williams, newest bride; and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer, Unity, received a gift for being the parents of the largest number of children in any family to marry Unity High graduates (4).

Before the program ended alumni voted to hold another such reunion in 1964.

According to records 576 students were graduated from UHS. Seventy-five are deceased including two who were casualties of World War II.


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