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Marriage Records

Columbia County Marriages
[partial list]

Sources: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706

Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services
Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Transcribed by George Taylor

Bride GroomDateCounty
Allen, Margarit Mills, RobertDec011846Columbia
Chalfant, Nancy Kingsbury, Henry WJul041846Columbia
Kanute, Julia Tastinson, EdwinDec271846Columbia
Lapoint, Angelick Mortell, AugustusDec261846Columbia
Laskey, Rhoda Smith, ThomasNov121846Columbia
Pessey, Mary Meads, John CSep141846Columbia
Suskey, Louisa Laskey, Louis[A]Nov291846Columbia
Weston, Harriet Lawernce, HoraceOct121846Columbia
Bates, Mary Edwards, IsaacNov131847Columbia
Bennett, Mariah Smith, Silas MOct021847Columbia
Bowman, Rebecca Jane Chancie, JohnOct031847Columbia
Craig, Ann M Harris, LanisonJun281847Columbia
Dickerson, Elizabeth EMccafferty, JohnDec231847Columbia
Edwards, Elizabeth Howey, RobertFeb091847Columbia
Forginson, Augin Torgenson, AnquinDec271847Columbia
Herring, Elizabeth Scott, Phineas WDec051847Columbia
Himes, LucettaAllen, NehemiahMar271847Columbia
Hughes, Caroline Brown, JohnJun291847Columbia
Millerd, Sylvia E Stroud, IsaacJun251847Columbia
Montgomery, Sophia Pierce, AlfredMay161847Columbia
Streeter, Elmira C Daniels, SamuelOct051847Columbia
Wilson, Mick Wellson, MackMar131847Columbia
Bonney, Emily Allen, Alonza NMay041848Columbia
Campbell, Electa Grover, Chauncy HOct181848Columbia
Crawford, Artemicia D Jones, John ROct151848Columbia
Dickens, Mary AnnPrentice, JamesMay041848Columbia
Ender, Mary Enderson, AnfenOct081848Columbia
Goonal, Anna Olson, HanceDec261848Columbia
Grover, Sarah Fisher, PerryFeb101848Columbia
Hannah, Eliza O'Brien, HoraceFeb031848Columbia
Hopkins, Mary Ann Dawson, Jacob EJun221848Columbia
Lewis, Elizabeth Chapman, AlmeronDec131848Columbia
Maynard, Harriet Elizabeth Wells, NathanielNov141848Columbia
Morse, Polly Bellerud, OliverNov161848Columbia
Purce, Polina French, John M JrDec171848Columbia
Pursell, Maria E Thayer, AlfredJul121848Columbia
Richards, Eleanor Tolland, CharlesDec061848Columbia
Smith, Margaret Allen, JohnApr011848Columbia
Sprur, Lovinana Robinson, Charles TJul031848Columbia
Tudor, Laura Ann Pettibone, AmosNov091848Columbia
White, Amanda Wedge, Samuel JrFeb101848Columbia
Wilnn, Betsy Johnson, RouchtJan241848Columbia


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