Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
Crawford County, Wisconsin
Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883

Source: U.S. Pension Bureau
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Stephen Stetzer


Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which Pensioned


Date of

  Purington, Lucretia Bell Center widow 1812 $8.00 July 1880
  Kast, Jeremiah N Bell Center inj.l.hand $8.00 Mar 1880
  Turk, Alexander H Bell Center wd.l.knee $1.00  
  Thompson, Jefferson H Bell Center wd.head, causing epilepsy $4.00  
  Young, Cprnelius R Bell Center pneum.,res.bronch. & phth $6.00 Jun 1882
  Lawrence, Nancy Bell Center widow $8.00  
  Fillmore, Peter Bell Center wd.r.hand $7.00  
  Blunt, Sarah E Bridgeport widow $8.00  
  Clifton, Thomas Bridgeport chr.diarr. & rheum $6.00 Dec 1882
  Adams, Charles Bridgeport wd.l.side $6.00  
  Bean, Algertus C Bridgeport wd.l.knee $6.00 Aug 1878
  Jacobs, Milton Bridgeport chr.diarr $6.00 Feb 1880
  Jacoby, Peter Bridgeport wd.l.thigh $8.00 Sep 1878
  Brady, Frank Eastman wd.left leg $4.00  
  McClure, Samuel C Eastman chr.diar., catarrah, res.bron. $8.00 Jun 1882
  Harrington, George H Eastman chr.diarr., res.dis.abd.vis $4.00 Apr 1881
  Kussmaul, Rudolph Eastman w.r.arm $12.00  
  Fisher, Louisa Eastman widow $8.00  
  Jones, Sarah Eastman widow $8.00  
  Ostrander, Christiana Eastman widow $8.00  
  Beach, Zenas Eastman loss r.eye, imp.vis.left $6.00  
  Campbell, John Ferryville wd.r.forearm $12.00  
  Hutson, William J Ferryville chr.diarr $4.00 Feb 1882
  Peterson Peter Freeman wd.r.arm $4.00  
  West, Alice Hurlbut's Corners mother $8.00  
  Churchill, George W Hurlbut's Corners wd.l.should.,res.dis.lungs $18.00  
  Byers, Margaret Hurlbut's Corners mother $8.00 Jan 1881
  Brickner, William Hurlbut's Corners typ,pneu., res.dis.head & chest $8.00 Oct 1880
  Fardy, Thomas Knapp's Creek wd.back $8.00  
  Corey, Warner J Lower Lynxville wd.r.hand $4.00  
  Davis, Elisha Lower Lynxville father $8.00  
  Pease, Linas E Lower Lynxville wd.r.foot $4.00  
  Hobbs, Andrew J Lower Lynxville wd.r.thigh $4.00 Aug 1881
  White, Charles Mount Sterling wd.l.thigh $4.00  
  Keyes, Richard W Mount Sterling frac.thg.bone, inj.r.hand $2.00 Jun 1882
  Hutchins, Lucy P Mount Sterling widow $10.00  
  Bellows, Darius R Mount Sterling surv. 1812 $8.00 Aug 1878
  Shompson, Agrim Mount Sterling wd.l.leg $2.66  
  Thompson, Edwin Mount Sterling wd.l.hand $4.00  
  Spencer, Alfred Mount Sterling wd.l.arm $4.00  
  Abbey, Rollin W Mount Sterling wd.l.hand $4.00  
  Harding, Theodore Mount Sterling wd.r.arm $6.00  
  Newcomb, Henry C Mount Sterling dis.of ab.vis.frm.chr.diarr $4.00 Dec 1882
155,596 Royce, Prudence Prairie du Chien mother $8.00 Jan 1872
  Bottum, Edwin A Prairie du Chien chr.rheum $18.00 Aug 1881
  Villemin, Jean Prairie du Chien father $8.00  
  Fonda, John H Prairie du Chien father $8.00 Apr 1880
  Vanvickle, Edson W Prairie du Chien chr.diarr $4.00 May 1881
  Hobbs, Frank T Prairie du Chien wd.l.forearm $10.00  
  Hewitt, Byron Prairie du Chien sd.l.side $4.00  
  Stafford, Otis Prairie du Chien loss r.arm $18.00  
  Hamilton, Louisa Prairie du Chien widow $8.00  
  Boucher, Harriot Prairie du Chien widow $10.00  
  Deneaux, Joseph Prairie du Chien wd.pel.,affect.r.hip & leg $14.00  
  Plummer, Mary E Prairie du Chien mother $25.00  
  Specht, Louisa Prairie du Chien widow $8.00  
  Henderson, Joanna Prairie du Chien mother $8.00  
  Miller, Olivia D Prairie du Chien mother $8.00  
  Mosgrove, Mary C Prairie du Chien mother $8.00  
  Fairfield, George Prairie du Chien w.top head & w.above l.ear $6.00  
  Foster, George W Prairie du Chien rheu., heart dis., wd.l.hand $8.00  
  Bull, Norman S Prairie du Chien wd.face.res.debility $31.25  
  Biedermann, Louis Prairie du Chien sd.r.thigh $6.00  
  Bulda, Joseph Prairie du Chien dis heart $4.00 Jun 1882
  Fenley, Patrick Prairie du Chien inj.r.side, res.abscess $12.00  
  Brunson, Alfred Prairie du Chien chr.diarr $20.00  
  McClure, John Prairie du Chien inj.r.knee $8.00  
172,287 Clark, Hugh Prairie du Chien dis.eyes $18.00 Aug 1880
  Row, Adam Prairie du Chien wd.l.shoulder $6.00  
  Bronson, Duff G Prairie du Chien wd.both thighs $5.00 May 1880
  Whaley, Edward A Prairie du Chien los.r.leg $24.00  
  Zeeh, Joseph G Prairie du Chien chr.diarr $4.00 Oct 1882
  Finley, Thimothy Rising Sun father $8.00 Jan 1881
  Finley, Mary Rising Sun mother $8.00  
  Nach, Ole T Rising Sun wd.l.leg $4.00  
  Severson, Ole Rising Sun loss par.index fing. & mid.r.hand $4.00 Apr 1879
  Gay, Lot Seneca her.diarr, & rheum $8.00 Mar 1881
  Dean, Phebe Seneca widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1879
  Lewcey, Peter Seneca wd.r.hand $6.00  
  Marston, Charlotte Seneca mother $8.00 Oct 1878
  Porter, James A Seneca wd.l.should $8.00 Apr 1878
  Chapman, George Seneca dis.lungs & neural $6.00 Feb 1881
  Copsey, John Seneca chr.rheum.left hip & leg $6.00 Oct 1882
  Cragan, John Seneca wd.l.hand $4.00  
  Sterling, Geo. H Seneca inj.r.side r.hip., part.loss index finger, g.s.w $6.00 Jun 1882
  Kenneson, Martin S Seneca chr.rheum $6.00 Mar 1882
  Casey, Peter Seneca inj.spone, involv.kid $8.00 Apr 1880
  Wood, George W Seneca wd.r.leg $6.00 May 1879
  Tiehenor, Mary Seneca widow $8.00  
  Lawler, Edward Seneca dis.lungs $6.00 Jun 1881
  Newton, George W Seneca w.r.thigh $4.00  
  Richardson, Eva A Soldiers' Grove widow $10.00  
  Briggs, Nathene A Soldiers' Grove widow $8.00  
  Hill, Eliza Soldiers' Grove widow $8.00  
  Smith, Jonathan Soldiers' Grove chr.diarr $18.00  
  Nicholson, Sameul Soldiers' Grove dis.lungs $4.00  
  Nelson, Peter Soldiers' Grove resec.head r.humerus $18.00  
  Murphy, Patrick Soldiers' Grove chr.diarr. & dia.of abd.vis. $6.00 Mar 1881
  McCabe, Terence Soldiers' Grove wd.back $14.00  
  Connelly, Rachel Soldiers' Grove mother $8.00  
  Baker, Charles w Soldiers' Grove wd.face $4.00  
  Johnson, Richard M Soldiers' Grove wd.thro., r.leg $6.00  
  Kast, Henry C.C. Steuben inj. Knee $6.00 Apr 1880
  Thompson, Ann Towerville mother $8.00  
  Mettick, Matthias Towerville wd.r.leg $4.00  
  Rogers, John S Towerville part.paral.r.arm & shoulder $6.00 Aug 1880
  Parker, Ellen Towerville mother $8.00  
  Flick, Marian Towerville w.l.hand $4.00  
  Johnson, Isaac Wauzeka chr.diarr. & dis.eyes $8.00 Oct 1880
  Miller, Abigail Wauzeka mother $8.00 Sep 1882
  Barr, Samuel Wauzeka father $8.00 Apr 1880
  Dworak, John Wauzeka injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Phollip, Henry Wauzeka chr.rheum $6.00 May 1880
143,315 Lawrence, Robert A Wauzeka g.s.w.l.arm $4.00 Aug 1878
180,454 Cole, Truman W Wauzeka inj.spine $4.00 Jan 1881
  Turk, James Wheatville injury to abdomen $8.00  


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