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Death Records

Deaths 1870-1875

Sources: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services' Vital Record Division; &
Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin Vital Record, Pre-1907 Birth, Death & Marriage Index, 816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706
Note: Some can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records
and others from the Department of Health and Social Services
Note: To get the Reel and Record Numbers, go to the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

Transcribed by George Taylor

*Not a complete list*




Aukeny, Ernest Nov 16, 1870 Dunn
Clarr, A J Aug 9, 1873 Dunn
Kile, Michael A Sep 19, 1870 Dunn
Reichhards, Henirich Aug 8, 1874 Dunn
Spencer, George M Feb 9, 1872 Dunn
Wieman, Dora Isabelle Jul 3, 1873 Dunn
Wieman, Jenny Jennie Apr 22, 1875 Dunn


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