Dunn County, Wisconsin
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Beyer Settelment/St. Katherines       Red Cedar Township
Cedar Falls Cemetery 445529N 0915157W   Red Cedar Township
Clearview Cemetery 444139N 0920028W Cty Z Eau Galle Township
East Pepin Cemetery     Rock Falls Rock Creek Township
Evergreen Cemetery      

Elk Mound, WI

Evergreen Cemetery      

Menomonie, WI

Evergreen Cemetery        
Evergreen Cemetery        
Falls City Cemetery 444731N 0914505W   Spring Brook Township
Ford Cemetery 445219N 0915832W   Menomonie Township
Forest Center Cemetery 444643N 0914801W    
Forest Hill Cemetery 445656N 0920252W Hwy 12 Stanton Township
Fossum Cemetery 444418N 0914542W    
Froens Cemetery 444944N 0915223W    
Grace Lutheran Cemetery     Connorsville New Haven Township
Grandview Cemetery 444813N 0915805W   Dunn Township
Greenwood Cemetery       Section 25 Barron County
Halverson Cemetery 445446N 0915548W   City of Menomonie
Hay River Cemetery 450420N 0915702W   Hay River Township
Highland Cemetery 445525N 0915606W    
Hill Grove Cemetery 445938N 0914548W   Colfax Township
Iron Creek Cemetery 445110N 0914644W   Spring Brook Township
Irving Creek Cemetery 445105N 0920023W   Menomonie Township
Little Elk Creek Cemetery 444841N 0915221W   Red Cedar Township
Lower Running Valley Cemetery 450028N 0914033W   Colfax Township
Lower Weston Cemetery 444719N 0920055W   Weston Township
Lucas Cemetery 445313N 0920549W    
Mamre Cemetery 445247N 0920019W   Menomonie Township
Mound Cemetery 450248N 0920701W   Tiffany Township
Myron Cemetery 451138N 0914140W    
New Haven Cemetery 450903N 0920403W   New Haven Township
Norton Lutheran Cemetery     Hwy 170 W Tainter Township
Oak Grove Cemetery 451135N 0915537W   Sheridan Township
Otter Creek Cemetery 450335N 0915057W    
Our Saviors Cemetery 450217N 0915531W    
Our Saviors Cemetery 450956N 0914318W    
Peace Cemetery 445101N 0915456W   Menomonie Township
Peru/Lock Cemetery 444251N 0914727W   Peru Township
Pine Creek/New Hope     CTH V Wilson Township
Peterson Cemetery 444600N 0914034W    
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 444510N 0915225W    
Popple Creek Cemetery 450646N 0914315W   Otter Creek Township
Potters Field Cemetery 445323N 0915212W   Town of Dunn
Pownell Cemetery 444602N 0915645W    
Ridge Road Cemetery 445150N 0915912W    
Riverview Cemetery 444627N 0915519W    
Rock Creek Cemetery 444311N 0914206W    
Rock Falls Cemetery     Hwy 85  
Rosehill Cemetery 444559N 0915632W    
Saint Henrys Cemetery 444151N 0920116W    
Saint John Cemetery 445125N 0914809W   Weston Township
Saint Johns Cemetery 444906N 0915901W    
Saint Joseph Cemetery 445120N 0914222W    
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 445300N 0915454W    
Saint Pauls Cemetery 445112N 0915513W Cty Y Menomonie Township
Sand Hill Cemetery 444614N 0914431W    
Sherman Cemetery 445916N 0915646W Cty Rd F Sherman Township
Spring Brook Cemetery 444630N 0914128W Elk Lake Spring Brook Township
Teegarden Cemetery 445626N 0920128W   Lucas Township
Tiffany Cemetery 450229N 0920340W   Boyceville
Tollebu Cemetery 450732N 0915120W Ridgeland Tiffany Township
Tramway Cemetery 445547N 0920000W   Menomonie Township
Unnamed     Harold Rd Stanton Township
Unnammed Cemetery     Nielson property Stanton Township
Upper Popple Creek Cemetery 450700N 0914826W   Otter Creek Township
Vanceburg Cemetery 451124N 0915946W   Sheridan Township
Waneka Cemetery 445008N 0914434W 470th Ave. Spring Brook Township
West Akers Cemetery     Church Road New Haven Township
Weber Valley Cemetery 444406N 0920301W   Eau Galle Township
Zion Cemetery 451047N 0914110W   Sand Creek Township




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