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Eau Claire County Wisconsin

Was first known as the town of "Clearwater" and was the southern-most township in Chippewa County in 1855.  It was during
this same year that R. F. Wilson and W. H. Gleason came to the Clearwater settlement, at the junction of the Chippewa and Clearwater rivers. They recognized its possibilities and soon made a deal with Gage & Reed whereby a considerable part of what is now the east side was platted as the village of Eau Claire. Of course the platting of this village under the name Eau Claire could have no legal effect on the name of the town, but it seems to have confused the town officials, as the records show both the names Clearwater and Eau Claire for a short period, after which, without any recorded official action, the name Clearwater was dropped and the name Eau Claire only was used. The town remained under town government only one year, when by act of legislature approved October 6, 1856, it was set off as Eau Claire county.

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