Florence County, Wisconsin

Florence County, Wisconsin

Florence Walking Tour

(Business and Residences listed as current may have changed)


1. 501 Lake Avenue--Courthouse & Jail, est. 1889, one of twelve Wisconsin County Courthouses on the National Historic Register.

2. 316 Norway Street--First Presbyterian Church and Manse, est. 1881, Sunday services have been held through present day.

3. 501 Spring Avenue--Florence Utility Commission, est. 1898, present building a WPA project in 1932.

4. Woodward Avenue @ Fisher Lake--Whittlesey Sawmill site, est. 1874, used first logs to build town.

5. 748 Central Avenue--Town Hall, est. 1873, WPA built in 1937, later various factories, restaurants, currently Encore on Central.

6. 725 Central Avenue--Sherman House, est. 1880, restaurant, saloon, later the office of the DA, LaChapelle Insurance has been in the building from 1974 to the present.

7. 705 Central Avenue--Knutson Building, est. 1880, clothing, shoes, ice cream, dress shop, currently Everettís Back InnBar.

8. 649 Central Avenue-- Ludington House Hotel, est. 1880, the Chatterbox Tavern and Bowling Alley was in operation at the site until it was demolished in 2006.

9. 624 Central Avenue--Tiderman Dry Goods, est. 1880ís, Rudstrom Building merchantile, Ellenís Craft, now Kelleyís.

10. 541 Central Avenue--State Bank of Florence, est. 1891, in the H. D. Fisher lodge, here 1929, building additions were made in 1984 and 2004.

11. 441 Central Avenue--E.W. Peterson Hardware Store, est. 1881, Witynski Hardware 1948-1973, Sub Slingerís/Arts.

12. 425 Central Avenue--H. D. Fisher Lodge, est 1889, became bank after 1891, currently serves as the Masonic Temple.

13. 317 Central Avenue --Wilson Rynder Home, est. 1889, later the LaChapelle home, currently is the Rukamp family residence.

14. 316 Central Avenue--Nelson Home, est. 1880ís, a lawyer and a barber have offices currently in the building.

15. 308 Central Avenue--Emmanuel and Christine Chainey Home, est. 1880ís, currently is the Chainey House Bakery.

16. 208 Central Avenue--Anna Huff Home site, est. 1889, was home to the first RN of the area, also served as a funeral home, now is the site of Market Day.

17. 209 Central Avenue--Max Sells Home, est. 1904, land bought from the Pewaubic Mining Company, daughter Verle, served as the first lady judge in 1940, currently Maxsellís Restaurant and Suites.

18. 200 Central Avenue--Bill and Maggie Judge Home, est. 1890, land was bought from the Menomonie MiningCompany, currently are the Chamfered Centre offices.

19. 201 Florence Ave--Tiderman Home, est. 1881, housed county treasurerís office, antique shop, K & S Photo, currently operates as an antique shop/museum.

20. 155 Florence Ave.--Arthur and Evelyn Sells Home, est. 1926, since 1958 the Walter DallaGrana family have owned the home. Brent, Walterís son, currently resides in the home.

21. 140 Florence Ave.--Andersonís Standard Oil Company, est. 1920, later the Florence Mining News, currentlyoperating as Mama Bear Soaps.

22. 132 Florence Ave.--Reuben Anderson Home, est. l938, moved from the mine to current site, was the offices of the Florence Mining News until 2006.

23. 308 Florence Ave--St. Maryís Church, est. 1881, at the corner of Olive Street and Norway Avenue, the current building was constructed in 1976.

24. 317 Florence Ave.--James C. Doyle Home, est. 1905, was home to the first sheriff of Florence county during the 1870ís.

25. 308 Olive Avenue--McGovern Land Office, est. 1895, later served as the utility office, and is currently the Mary Gehlhoff residence.

26. 305 Olive Avenue--Peter McGovern Home, est. 1904, lumberman & bank Vice-president, is currently the Dan Doll residence.

27. Corner of Olive Avenue & Norway Street--Bethlehem Lutheran Church, est. 1892, building in 1894, Sunday services have been held through to present day.

28. 424 Olive Avenue--Florence Public Schools, est. 1880ís, the high school burned in 1929, a new building was built on the same site in 1930.

29. 524 Olive Avenue--St. Johnís Lutheran Church, est. l897, building was bought from the Swedish Methodist Church.






















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