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9 May 2018: Rudersdorf/Muench and Birchard/Brookins marriages; H.W. Johnson death; note on Parker biography.

Grant County... come for the mining, stay for the farming!

This picturesque county in the southwest corner of Wisconsin started seeing European settlers in the 1820's, when pioneers began exploring mining opportunities in the region. Mines don't last forever, but the region was also blessed with fertile farmland (and a beautiful rolling landscape untouched by glaciers). The mining boom may have come and gone, but farming has held on. Dig into your Grant County roots with these free resources listed at the left!

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Klar-Piquette Mine

Klar-Piquette Mine, southwest of Platteville, circa 1917

Donate Your Data!

We welcome any information you may wish to provide for the free research of others. So, dust off those old scrapbooks you have in your attic, dig out those old newspapers, or anything else you feel is of interest to Grant County. We are looking for obituaries, newspaper stories, biographies, Birth, Death and Marriage records, as well as photographs and interesting newspaper tidbits from years gone past--the items YOU used to put together your family trees. If you have information that you'd like to share with us, please SEND IT TO ME and I'll make sure it gets posted online. If you have a collection but aren't sure how to get the data to me, contact me for advice. :)

Barn by Joseph Neid

Barn south of Potosi, built by Joseph Neid circa 1916