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Source: History of Grant County, Wisconsin (Publ. 1881) transcribed by Sandra Wright

ABRAM ADKINS, Farmer; P.O. Beetown; born in 1843 in Morgan Co., Ky.; was a son of Joseph and Nancy Adkins; came to Wisconsin in 1845, and located near Lancaster, where he resided for ten years; then to Iowa Co., Wis., where he lived four years; returned to Grant Co. again in 1878, located near Beetown. Married in 1870, to Miss Serena Campbell, a daughter of Harrison Campbell, has four children—Flora L., Thomas C., Frank L., Lulie G., was Road Overseer one term; was Constable one term in the town of Woodman, has 50 acres of land, valued at $1,000. Enlisted in the 5th W. V.I., Co. I, afterward Co. B; was a scout under Gen. Sheridan eighteen months; marched with Lee as a spy the day before his surrender, and took back to camp a rebel prisoner; he served three years and four months. Politics, Republican.

HARRIET ATKINSON, Farming; P.O. Lancaster; born in Lincolnshire, England, in 1841; was daughter of George Blackburn, and wife of David Atkinson deceased; came to Grant Co. in 1856. Was married in 1857; has a family of five children; her property is valued at $3,000. Member of the M.E. Church.

GEORGE BARINGHAM, miner, Sec. 35; P.O. Beetown. The subject of this sketch, better know as old Jodie, was born in 1814, was a son of John and Margaret Baringham, with whom he lived until 22 years of age. He then emigrated to America, locating in the mining regions near Platteville, Wis., where he lived one year; then to Dubuque, Iowa for one year, when, returning to Platteville, he loved there but a short period; then to Red Dog Diggings, near Potosi; then to Beetown, where there were but three families living at that time. He soon struck a large mine known as the “Long Range” lead, which drew the attention of miners, and in reality made the town; he also struck the “Jodie” lead at Muscalonge. He married, in 1849, Rosanna Converse, a daughter of Samuel Converse; has seven children—John, Margaret, George, Melvina, Rosa and Samuel. He has 60 acres of land, valued at $1,000. He has been Road Oversees on term. Greenback in politics.

BERNARD BELSCAMPER, farmer and blacksmith, Sec. 10; P.O. Lancaster; born in Prussia in 1827; came to America in 1852, and settled in Chicago; followed blacksmithing for nearly one year; then moved to Grant Co., Wis., where he has since lived. Was married in 1855, to Miss Emmaranza Bukl, a daughter of Peter Bukl. Has 80 acres of land; he had the misfortune to lose his house by fire; his loss was $1,600. Has five children; is a Greenbacker in politics, and a member of the Catholic Church.

JOHN BISHELL, farmer, Sec. 15; P.O. Lancaster; born feb. 8, 1819, in England; was a son of Richard Bishell. He left England at the age of 31, and located in La. Fayette Co., Wis.; he followed mining for many years. He married, in 1853, Emma Blackburn, and moved to Grant County, near Beetown, where he has since lived; he has been School Treasurer for fourteen years. Has eight children living—Elizabeth, Lucy, Mellissa, Amie, Meallie, Nettie, Edward, Frank and two deceased. He owns 80 acres of land.

EMMANUEL BISHOP, farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Beetown; born in Pike Co., Penn., 1826; was a son of Moses Bishop. He resided with his father until 1833, he then moved to Luzerne County; lived there for three years, then to Susquehanna County; lived there sixteen years. He married Miss Stephens in 1852, a daughter of Eliphalet Stephens. Mr. Bishop came to Grant County in 1853, located at Cassville, lived there two years, then to Beetown, where he has lived since. Has nine children—Aurora, George, John L., Elenora, Frank E., Jerome, Harley, Carrie A. and Lottie. Has been on Town Board on term, Justice of the Pease one term. Owns 140 acres of land. Republican in politics.

GEO. BLACKBOURN, farmer, P.O. Lancaster; born in 1799, in England, where he lived up to 1846, when he emigrated to America, and settled in La Fayette Co., Wis.; in 1856, he moved to Grant Co., where he has since lived; he has a farm of 300 acres. He was married at the age of 27, in England, to Miss Nevitte; they has nine children; two of his sons were in the late war; one of them was wounded in battle. Mr. Blackbourn is a republican in politics, and a member of the M.E. Church.

G.R. BLACKBOURN, farmer, Sec. 4; P.O. Beetown; was born in 1827, in England; he lived there until 15 years of age, then went to New York and lived there thirteen years; he then came to Wisconsin and settled in La Fayette Co.; lived there until 1859; he then came to Grant Co., and located in Beetown, where he has resided since; in his younger days he worked for wages, but later has become a prosperous farmer. He was married in 1855 to Margaret Beadle, a daughter of Thomas Beadle; they have raised ten children—Sarah J., Elizabeth M., William H., Victoria E., George E., Frank E., Charles E., Cora E., Lura D. and Edith M. He has 400 acres of land, valued at $6,000. He was Road Overseer two terms; has been School Treasurer six terms. In politics, he is a Greenbacker.

JOSEPH BROOKENS, farmer; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1841, in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; was a son of James Brookens; came to Grant Co., Wis., in 1855; settled in Glen Haven. Enlisted in 1862, in Co. D, 33d W.V.I, and served three years; was in seven battles. In 1865, he located in Beetown. He was married the same year to Miss Drusilla Bair; they had eight children, six living. He has always been a successful farmer, and has 196 acres of land, valued at $6,000. He is a member of the M.E. Church; is a Republican.

JOHN P. CASPER, farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Beetown; was born in 1820, in Prussia, Germany; a son of Michael Casper; he was 26 years of age when he emigrated to America and located in the fertile regions of Grant Co., Wis. He was married in 1852 to Barbara Sike, daughter of Peter Sike; they have eight children—Mary, Peter, Joseph, Willie, Frank, Nicholas, Christian and Anna. He has been School treasurer one term. Has 240 acres of land, valued at $2,500. In politics, he is Democratic; is a member of the Catholic Church.

DARIUS CHATFIELD, farmer; P.O. Lancaster; was born in 1833 in Wyoming Co., Penn.; was a son of John Chatfield; came to Grant Co., Wis., in 1855; located in Beetown; in 1862, he moved to Blake’s Prairie, and has lived there every since. He was married in 1869 to Mrs. Phebe Shaw; they have two children—Betha and Roy C. He owns 40 acres of land, valued at $1,800. Is a Republican.

CHARLES CHAPMAN, farmer; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1842, in England; came to Wisconsin in 1867 and located in Grant Co., near Beetown. He was married in 1869 to Miss Anna Magongin; they have three children. Mr. Chapman is a son of William Chapman, who is well known throughout England. Is a Greenbacker. Has 96 acres of land, valued at $3,500.

MOSES W. DARNALL, minister and farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Hurricane Grove; born in 1810, in Estill Co., Ky., where he lived four years; moved to Bourbon Co. until 1822, then to Edgar Co., Ill., until 1834, thence to Iowa Co., Wis., near Mineral Point; Followed mining; then to Grant Co., near Centerville; lived there fourteen years; moved to Beetown in 1855; has 82 acres of land, valued at $1,500. In 1839, married Nancy Booth; had five children, two of whom are now living—Rachel J. and James; one died in infancy, one killed at Gettysburg, another murdered for his money in Nebraska. Politics, Republican. Is a Free-Will Baptist minister. Has been Road Overseer one term.

L. D. FRENCH, Sr., miner and auctioneer, Beetown; was born in 1804 in Virginia; lived there until 1831; went to New Orleans; lived there until 1833; followed clerking; then to Dubuque for three years, then to Iowa City for one year, then to Galena for five years, then to Elizabeth for two years, then to Galena for two years, then to Coon Branch, Wis., one year, then to Shullsburg one year, then to Menomonee one and one-half years, then to Fair Play one year, then to Vinegar Hill two years, then to Rockville two years, Lancaster five years, then to Beetown twenty-two years. Was married in 1847, to Rhoda Pafford, daughter of William and Jane Pafford; have eight children—Eunice J., Lorenzo D., Mary E., Margaret A., Reuben, Mewrod C., Louette, William A. Politics, Democratic.

JEREMIAH GARNER, farmer, Sec. 27; P.O. Beetown; born in 1822 at the Salt Works, Gallatin Co., Ill.; was a son of Jerred Garner, who was a native of Loudoun Co., Va., and was near Pigeon Diggings, in 1839, where Jerry set out to enjoy the pleasures of the world in his own behalf. He followed mining for sixteen years; thence to Beetown in 1847, where he has since lived; has been a farmer, miner and hotel keeper; has been Treasurer of the School Board; has 213 acres of land. Politics, Greenbacker; is a member of the Congregational Church. He was married in 1846, to Winey J. Callis, a daughter of Henry Callis, and sister to Hon. J.B. Callis; she was born in 1831, in North Carolina; have had nine children—town of whom are living—Mattie J. and Willie G.

WASHINGTON M. GARNER, miner, Sec. 32; P.O. Beetown; was born in 1825, in Hamilton Co., Ill., was a son of Jarred and Martha Garner. In 1833, he moved to Warren, Ill.; resided there until 1839, then to Grant Co., Wis.; located to Pigeon Diggings, near Lancaster; was there until 1847, when he moved to Beetown, where he has since lived. When a boy, he attempted to learn the printing business. Was married in 1849, to Mary A. Edwards, a daughter of Mathew Edwards; have ten children. Has been on Town Board four terms, was Town Treasurer three years. Has been a farmer and hotel-keeper. Politics, Greenbacker.

W. P. HARTFORD, Beetown; born in 1853, in Henry Co., Ky.; was a son of J. A. Hartford; came with his father to Grant Co. in 1854; began doing for himself at the age of 14; followed many different occupations for a living; was a school-teacher eight years; has been a Captain, clerk, cook and roustabout on a steamboat; is a self-made man. Graduated in Louisville, Ky.; he was appointed in charge of the Dispensary; finally located to Beetown, and began his practice. He was married the 12th of December, 1889, to Miss Carrie E. McDonnell, a daughter of E.S. McDonnell, of Moline, Ill.

L. B. HINCH, farmer; P.O. Beetown; born in 1819; was a son of William Hinch, of Washington Co., Mo.; he lived in Missouri twenty-six years; in 1845, he came to Grant Co., Wis.; has followed farming and mining, but has been the most prosperous in farming. Was married, in 1848, to Miss Mary H. Bushnell, daughter of Henry C. Bushnell; has eight children, three deceased; his son Edwin is a good scholar. Is a Democrat.

PETER HOFFMAN, farmer, Sec. 4; P.O. Lancaster; was born in Germany in 1815; came to America in 1833, and settle in Pennsylvania. Married Mrs. Bagler in Ohio; came to Wisconsin in 1847; settled in Benton, La Fayette Co., and followed the shoemaker’s trade; moved to Grant Co. in 1857, and commenced farming, where he has since lived. Is a member of the M.E. Church; has three children—William, Henry and Louisa. He is a republican in politics.

C. HUTCHINSON, lead ore smelter and farmer, Beetown; born in Swaledale, Yorkshire, Eng., March 30, 1835; received a common school education and a partial academic course at Platteville; came to this country in 1848 with his parents, and settled at Dubuque, Iowa; removed to Shullsburg, Wis., in 1852, and to Beetown in 1868, where he built a smelting furnace; it is at present the main industry of the place; he also owns smelting works and furnace at Potosi; he holds the office of Town Clerk, and has been Chairman for a number of years. Wrote the history of Beetown, which was published in the Herald, and deposited, together with Grant County records, in the centennial box of Grant Co.; is at present on the Wisconsin Fish Commission, and has recently added a fishery to his establishment. Republican in politics; enterprising and wide-awake to the interests of the county.

ADAM JAMISON, farmer, Secs. 29, 31, 32; P.O. Beetown; born in 1803 in Cabarrus Co., N.C., where he resided until 15 years of age, then to Pike Co., Mo.; lived there until 1845; then to Johnson Co., Ill., and, in 1848, he came to Grant Co., Wis.; located in the village of Beetown. Married, in 1830, to Miss Nancy Sherwood, a daughter of William Sherwood; has been a miner and farmer for many years; has 120 acres of land; has six children—James W., John A., Nancy J., Adam W., William H. and Sarah E. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Has been Justice of the Peace two terms; was Constable two terms; was School director two terms. Politics, Democratic.

J. A. JOHNSON, farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Beetown; was born in 1858 in Waterloo, Grant Co., Wis.; was a son of G.S. Johnson; lived with his father until 22 years of age. In 1880, he married Nettie Dixon, a daughter of Samuel and Priscilla Dixon; she was born in 1860. Mr. Johnson is one of the promising young men of Grant Co.; his father has been a merchant at Burton for many years. Politics, Republican.

ANTON KNAPP, farmer, Sec. 5; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1841 in Germany; came to America in 1847; located in Grant Co., Wis., near British Hollow; after living in Grant Co. for thirteen years he moved to California; resided there two years, then returned to Grant Co., where he has since lived. Enlisted in 1862, in the 25th W. V.I., Co. H; served three years; he was with Sherman on his first raid on the Meridian. He was married in 1865 to Miss E. Roberts; has four children—Alice L., Perry H., Nettie M., Clay W. Is a Republican. Has 162 acres of land.

THOMAS LAMEY, farmer; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1829 in Ireland; in 1849, he came to America, and settled in Washington Co., N.Y.; lived there until 1852, then came to Wisconsin and located in La Fayette County, near Shullsburg, and came to Grant County in 1857. He married Miss Margaret Foley, of Illinois; lived in Illinois for thirteen years; returned to Grant County in 1870, where he has since lived. Has twelve children. Politics, Republican. Member of the Catholic Church.

G. LAMSON, farmer, Sec. 21, 22, 27 and 32; P.O. Beetown; born in 1817 in Berkshire Co., Mass. At the age of 21, he went to New York City, where he lived five years, and followed the mercantile business; then to Grant Co. in 1844, and clerked for a firm for Warren & Shinn, dry goods, Platteville; then to Galena, as clerk for Dr. Warren. In the fall of 1845, he came to Beetown; engaged in selling dry goods and groceries until 1875; then moved to the farm, where he now resided. He was married, in 1849, to Miss Jane Francis, a daughter of James Francis (deceased), in 1853. He was married the second time, in 1854, to Miss Lucy J. Rodgers, a daughter of Amos Rodgers; has raised eleven children—Herbert G., Carrie H., Fred W., Franklin M., Harley B., Inez M., William B., Earnest O., D.C., Mary M., Otis F. In politics, a Greenbacker. He has been Town Treasurer for ten years; has held the position of Postmaster of Beetown for eighteen years; made an unseccussful run for member of the Assembly of Second District on the Greenbacker ticket. He has been a prominent politician for many years; had the misfortune to lose his dwelling by fire at a loss of $2,000.

ROBERT McCARTNEY, farmer; P.O. Lancaster; born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1824; is a son of Daniel McCartney. He loved in Pennsylvania for eighteen years, then went to Ohio, where he was married in 1844, to Anna McCartney. He resided there until 1869, then moved to Grant Co., Wis., and settled near Lancaster. He served three years and one month in the army, in the 11th Ohio, Co. C. Was Road Master one term and Constable on term. Have ten children—Mary A., Maria E., Sarah A., John W., Nancy J., George S., Katie V., Elma J., William W., Charles F. Is a Republican.

MONTGOMERY MILLER, farmer; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1842, in Lancaster, Grant Co., Wis. Was a son of Harvey Miller. He was married in 1864, to Monerdy White; has but one son, William L. He is the owner of 280 acres of good land, valued at $6,000. Is a Republican. He was a volunteer in the 7th W.V.I., Co. K, where he lost his eyesight.

AARON MOORE, farmer, P.O. Lancaster; born in 1831 in Lancaster Co., Penn.; is a son of Gaines Moore. He resided in Pennsylvania until 20 years of age; he lived in Illinois for three years. Then went to Wisconsin and located in Clark County; followed the lumber business for seven years; thence to Grant County, where he has since lived; he settled near Beetown. In 1852, he married Mary A. Blackburn. He was in the army two years and eleven months. Has 63 acres of land, valued at $1,000; he is a Quaker; his politics, Republican; has eight children—Alice P., George G., Mary C., Walter C., Henry, Lucy A., J.E. and Willard.

B.S. MORSE, Postmaster and dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, stationery, groceries, etc.; P.O. Beetown; born in Maine in 1835; came to Grant County in 1855, and located in Beetown. Educated in Massachusetts, is an old Grant County school-teacher, having taught fifteen years in the county in an early day, has held the office of Town Clerk for a number of years; appointed Postmaster in 1874; all these positions he has filled creditably. Enlisted first in 1862, in the 20th W.V.I., and served one year; enlisted again in the summer of 1864, in the 43rd W.V.I.; was with his regiment all through the war. Was married in 1859, to Miss Nancy Tindell, by whom he has six children, three sons and three daughters. Has always been in active business, and is a self-made man.

JOHN MYERS, farmer, Sec. 23; P.O. Beetown; born in 1826, in Canada; was a son of Michael and Ann Myers; he became an active young man at the age of 22, and came to Wisconsin and worked in the pinery; then to Taylor Co., Iowa, for two years; came back to Wisconsin and lived one year; he then went to California, where he lived for one year and a half; moved then to Grant Co., Wis., near Beetown; began farming in 1867. He married Miss Mary J. Immel, a daughter of A. Immel; he went in debt for a large farm, but was prosperous and paid for it; he raised five children—William M., Philip H., Bertha R., Mary E., Ettie B.; has 240 acres of land. Politics, Republican.

WILLIAM PATTERSON, farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1852, in New York; was a son of Edward and Margaret Patterson; at the early age of 6 months he emigrated with his parents to Shullsburg, La Fayette Co., Wis., where they resided two years, thence to Beetown, where he now lives; stayed with his parents until 23 years of age. Married in 1876, to Ellen Power, a daughter of Patrick and Catharine Power. Is an energetic farmer, and a member of the Catholic Church. Politics, Greenbacker. Has 180 acres of land, valued at $5,000.

CHARLES A. PERIN, farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Beetown; born in 1852, in Delaware Co., Iowa; was a son of Daniel Perin, who came to Wisconsin in the same year; located on Rattlesnake Creek; lived there until 22 years of age. He was married at the age of 20, to Elizabeth Wilson, a daughter of William P. Wilson; have three children—Perry E., Josiah and James C. Politics, Republican. Has 120 acres of land, valued at $1,200.

LORENZO PRESTON, farmer, Sec. 28; P.O. Beetown; born in 1819, in the town of Oxford, Shenango Co., N.Y.; in 1843, emigrated to Hazel Green, Grant Co., Wis. His abilities as a public officer were made known to the people of his county in the discharge of his duties as Constable, as which he served four terms, and, in 1854, was elected Sheriff of Grant Co.; served two years, then serving two years as Under Sheriff. After retiring from office, he followed mining for twelve years, then went to farming; has 190 acres of land; has been successful. In his boyhood served an apprenticeship as a printer. Was married in 1848, to Miss Sophia Trenary, a daughter of William Trenary, of English descent; had four children, three living—Lucinda J., William A., James H. Has been Assessor for five years; is a Greenbacker; religion, Universalist.

THOMAS PRIDEAUX, farmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Bloomington; born in 1842 in Grant Co., Wis.; was a son of James Prideaux; has been a farmer all of his life; enlisted in 1864 in the 33d W.V.I.; was in three battles. He was married, in 1872, to Ellen Hudson, a daughter of Benjamin Hudson. He has four children. He is a member of the M.E. Church; has 160 acres of land, valued at $4,000.

ROBERT PORTER, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Beetown; born in Ireland in 1813; when 5 years of age he came to America, and located in Pennsylvania, where he lived for sixteen years, and learned the blacksmith trade, and, after 1834, he spent seven years in traveling; in 1841, he came to Grant Co., Wis., settled at Potosi, and followed his trade, but soon became a prosperous liquor merchant. In 1851, he married Miss Margaret Griggs, a daughter of Alexander Griggs. He has 468 acres of land. Has six children—John Martha, Robert, Mary, Alice, Ulysses G. He has been on the town Board four terms; was Chairman twice; was Assessor three terms. Politics, Republican.

HARLEY S. SPRAGUE, farmer, Sec. 18 and 19; P.O. Beetown; born in 1849 in Grant Co., Wis.; was a son of Frederick A. Sprague, a large farmer. Mr. Sprague went into the army at the age of 21; enlisted in Co. C, 6th W.V.I.; was a First Lieutenant; served four years; was engaged in twenty-four battles. He was married, in the fall of 1865, to Miss Grace Johnson, a daughter of Harvey Johnson, of New York. He has three children—Blanche, Cora and Albert; has been Assessor one term and Town Treasurer one term. His politics are Republican. He lost two brothers in the war—Egbert and Albert. His father died Oct. 3, 1844; his mother died March 9, 1848.

JOHN STURMER, farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Beetown; born in 1820 in Prussia, Germany. At the age of 26, he emigrated to America; was a son of Peter Sturmer. His father, being a shoemaker, attempted to teach his the trade; but, not liking that occupation, led him to seek other pursuits to gain a livelihood, and he chose that of farmer; settled in New York in 1847. Two years later, he moved to Grant Co., Wis.; stopping at Potosi; thence to Beetown, where he now lives. He was married, in 1853, to Miss Barbary Barton, a daughter of John Barton. He has ten children—John, Mary, Joseph, Albert B., Jacob L., Elizabeth S., Clara, Ellen, William, Minnie M. (deceased) and Adaline. He is a member of the Catholic Church. Politics, Democrat.

A.W. VEDDER, farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Hurricane Grove; born in 1809, in Truxton, Cortland Co., N.Y.; was a son of John N. Vedder; resided there until 21 years of age, then moved to Chautauqua Co., Wis., lived there ten years. Married Eliza J. Dagget; his first wife died; he then married Susan Hogle in 1839, a daughter of Andrew and Hannah Hogle; has six children, two by his first wife, and four by his present wife; has been on the Town Board two terms, and member of School Board four terms; has 160 acres of land, valued at $5,000. Politics, Republican.

REUBEN WARD, farmer; P.O. Lancaster; born in 1840 in Vermont; was a son of Solomon Ward; came to Grant Co., Wis., in 1855. He married in New York in 1865; located in Beetown, and has lived there since; was in the war three years, and was wounded in the face; owns a large farm; is a Republican.

GEORGE W. WATTERHOUSE, farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. North Andover; born in 1858, in Grant Co., Wis.’ Is a son of Charles and Elizabeth Watterhouse; his mother’s surname was Elizabeth Hutchcroft; he lived with his father until 21 years of age. Married in 1880 to Erla Briggs, daughter of Edwin Briggs; is a promising farmer; politics, Greenbacker.


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