Grant County, Wisconsin on Genealogy Trails

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Castle Rock History


Sometimes Main St. Turns Out to Be a Dead End

Wisconsin's Ghost Towns Live Now Only in Old Timers' Memories

by Harry A. Friedman, Special to The Journal

The Milwaukee Journal, 23 Mar 1976; transcribed by MCK:

Don't shed a tear or sing a sad song for New Rome in Adams County and Castle Rock in Grant County.

Their names have been removed from the 1976 state map, but they have not been drafted into the ranks of the many real ghost towns of Wisconsin.

While disappearance from a map is a major civic trauma, the casual stroke of a cartographer's pen cannot erase the land, the homes or the people. They are still there and eventually will be listed as "rural localities" in the state atlas.

Ghost towns are not the exclusive property of western lore. There are more than 100 such places in Wisconsin. they have no existence except in memory and in the pages of source books, in the newspaper accounts of sectional and political rivalry, in the ambitions of speculators who created paper towns, in the records of abandoned post offices and railroad stations and mines, and in the land denuded by the lumber barons.