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Below is a list, sorted by township, of all known cemeteries in Grant County, Wisconsin. There are doubtless additional historical family plots that have been forgotten. If you know of one of these that is not listed, please let me know. Useful supplemental sites to use with this cemetery listing:

Name Township Section
Beetown Cemetery Beetown 30 NW
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Beetown E11 SE
Slabtown/Mormon/Flora Fountain Beetown 10 SW
Mankel/Berg Cemetery Beetown E11 NE
Dodge Cemetery Beetown W12 SW
Shephard-Black Beetown E12 WC
Burns Cemetery Beetown 19 NE
McDonald Beetown 30 NE
Providence Methodist Cemetery Bloomington E36 SC
Union-Lumpkin Bloomington 30 NE
Bloomington/Tafton Cemetery Bloomington E25 NW
Burton Burials (Henry Greunder Farm) Bloomington 30 SW
Blake Prairie/Sargent Cemetery Bloomington 34 NE
Saint Mary's Cemetery (Bloomington)BloomingtonE25 NW
St. John's Catholic CombinedBoscobel35 WC
Boscobel CemeteryBoscobel35 WC
St. Mary's Settlement CemeteryCassville9 NE
Cassville CemeteryCassville16 SW
GroomCassvilleE14 NW
Saint Charles Catholic CemeteryCassville21 SW
Foley Family FarmCastle Rock8
ShaferCastle Rock6 NE
Prochaska Road CemeteryCastle Rock33
St. John Nepomuc Catholic CemeteryCastle Rock28 NW
Rock Church/Martinville Cemetery/Old Rock Church CemeteryClifton15 SE
Aupperle CemeteryEllenboro19 NW
Buckwheat RidgeEllenboro14 EC
Primitive Methodist CemeteryEllenboro14
Ellenboro TownshipEllenboro33 NE
Oak Ridge CemeteryEllenboro12 NW
Groene/GraneyEllenboro2 NE
Bunker Hill Road CemeteryEllenboro35 EC
Weaverland Conference CemeteryFennimore
Ideal/German CemeteryFennimore4 NW
Switzer CemeteryFennimore17 NE
McGhan/Prairie CemeteryFennimore29 NW
Duncan CemeteryGlen Haven10
Scott/Wood CemeteryGlen Haven12 C
Goekel/Gockel CemeteryGlen Haven13 NW
Retallick/Hampton CemeteryGlen Haven16 NE
Ackerman/Old St. Mary's/RauchGlen Haven22 NW
Charlotte CemeteryGlen Haven26 NE
Ramsey/Keth CemeteryGlen Haven32 NW
Whig Methodist CemeteryHarrison1 SE
Kaump CemeteryHarrison13 SW
Harrison/Petty CemeteryHarrison15 SE
BlakelyHarrison22 NW
Cornelia Mt. Zion Cemetery (Congregational)Harrison34-35
Coates/Durley CemeteryHarrison36 SE
St. Joseph Catholic (Second)Hazel Green31 NW
Hazel GreenHazel Green25 NE
Logan Road CemeteryHazel Green29
St. Joseph Cemetery (First)Hazel Green30 NE
St. DominicHazel Green31 NW
Vinegar HillHazel Green36
St. Francis DeSalesHazel Green24-25
Hickory Grove/Henderson CemeteryHickory Grove
Hickory Grove Norwegian Lutheran CemeteryHickory Grove16
Old Sein CemeteryHickory Grove
Castle Rock Lutheran (Norwegian)Hickory Grove36 EC
Bethel/Rock School CemeteryHickory Grove31 NW
Homer CemeteryHickory Grove
UpdikeHickory Grove10 NW
Breezy Hill Road CemeteryHickory Grove27
George Jackson FarmHickory Grove8
Sinnipee CemeteryJamestown7 NW
Immaculate Conception CatholicJamestown10 NW
Jamestown/Louisberg LutheranJamestown12 NC
St. Clara/St. Clare Mother House CemeteryJamestown25 SE
Fairplay Methodist (Jamestown)Jamestown25 NW
Harelson Family CemeteryLancaster (N or S?)
Willow Branch Mennonite CemeteryLancaster (N or S?)
St. John Lutheran CemeteryLiberty
Stitzer United Methodist Church CemeteryLiberty4 SE
Stitzer PresbyterianLiberty5 SE
Stitzer LutheranLiberty9 NW
Liberty Ridge St. Paul'sLiberty19 W
BeckerLiberty23 NE
Fairview/Hake CemeteryLiberty36 SE
Arthur/Washburn United Methodist Church CemeteryLima1 SW
McLeod CemeteryLima3 SW
Nip and Tuck Methodist/Lydia CemeteryLima12 SW
McReynolds CemeteryLima13 NW
Lima/Union/Burns/CraverLima18 NE
Noel CemeteryLima20 NE
ChurchillLima28 SW
Old BrownLima34 NE
Mound ValleyLima36 NW
Little Grant/Little Grant Union CemeteryLittle Grant21 SE
PrideauxLittle Grant31 SE
EdwardsLittle Grant32 SW
Brechler/Evangelical & Reformed Church CemeteryMarion21 NE
Crown Hill CemeteryMarion33 C
Hilltop/Hill Top/Kidd/MillvilleMillville2 NE
SchnlundtMillville26 N
WarnerMillville4 SW
Bethlehem CemeteryMount Hope8 NE
Saint Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church CemeteryMount Hope14 NW
Mount Hope/Casler CemeteryMount Hope27 NE
Hermitage CemeteryMount Hope29 NW
Old Amish OrderMount Hope22 NW
Greenwood Road CemeteryMount Ida2
Fennimore PrairieMount Ida13 SW
Fennimore St. Mary'sMount Ida13 SW
TurnerMount Ida15 SE
Mount Ida/Mount Ida Baptist CemeteryMount Ida19 SE
Borah/Old Mount Ida CemeteryMount Ida29 SW
Hickory Flat CemeteryMuscoda
Nilson Family CemeteryMuscoda31
Muscoda PublicMuscoda1 SE
St. John's Catholic (Muscoda)Muscoda1 SE
Pleasant Valley Amish Mennonite CemeteryMuscoda15 NE
Sand BranchMuscoda22 NW
Pipal/Blue River Valley ChurchMuscoda33 SC
Mount Zion/Primitive Methodist CemeteryNorth Lancaster4 NW
DyerNorth Lancaster10 SE
Day/WalkerNorth Lancaster19 NE
MorrisonNorth Lancaster36
Piddington/Bloomer CemeteryParis12 WC
Holy Ghost CatholicParis22 SW
St. John's Catholic (Patch Grove)Patch Grove2 NW
Patch Grove CemeteryPatch Grove4 SW
GuthriePatch Grove31 SW
Nagle UnionPatch Grove34 NW
Hillside CemeteryPlatteville15-22
Calvary Cemetery (St. Mary's)Platteville15-22
Greenwood CemeteryPlatteville16 SE
Blockhouse/Robinson/Primitive Methodist/Huntington-RobinsonPlatteville25 SW
AdneyPlatteville29 S or 32 N
Fourth Street Park/Indian ParkPlatteville15 NW
Old St. Andrew/Dutch Hollow Catholic CemeteryPotosi36 NW
New St. Andrew CemeteryPotosi35 NE
Saint Thomas CemeteryPotosi34 NW
Old Irish CemeteryPotosi34 SC
Boice Creek/United Bretheran CemeteryPotosiN4 NW
Kinney CemeteryPotosiN6 NE
Hampton/Old Boice Creek CemeteryPotosiN9 NE
Boice Prairie CemeteryPotosiN1 SW
British Hollow CemeteryPotosi26 NE
Van Buren CemeteryPotosiS4 NE
Osceola/Indian/Cooms/Hobbs CemeteryPotosiS10 NE
Big Patch/Kaysville Methodist/Primitive Methodist CemeterySmelser10-13 C EW Line
Smelser/Georgetown CemeterySmelser22 NC
St. Rose of Lima CatholicSmelser24 SW
County HSmelser29
R.L. Clark FarmSmelser34
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Cuba City)Smelser36 SE
Saint Clement's CemeterySouth Lancaster9 SW
Dewey/Westwood Episcopal CemeterySouth Lancaster3 SE
Lancaster HillsideSouth Lancaster11 NE
Grant County Farm CemeterySouth Lancaster14
Wissbaum/Old Catholic/Pigeon CemeterySouth Lancaster19 SE
McKinney - Reed/Bailey FarmSouth Lancaster 25 SC
Bonham CemeterySouth Lancaster28 SC-SW
Hurricane Presbyterian CemeterySouth Lancaster31 SC-SW
Morrell/Stanton Farm/Gelbrach Farm CemeterySouth Lancaster32 NE
Ellis - Vesperman FarmSouth Lancaster36 NE
Burton Cemetery (Burton)Waterloo23 SW
Old Cornell Place CemeteryWaterloo27
ElmdaleWaterloo2 N
Sprauge CemeteryWaterloo8 SW
Advent/Cassville 7th Day AdventistWaterloo19 WC
Happy Lane CemeteryWaterloo34 N
Blue RiverWattertown11 NE
Beulah/TaylorWattertown28 NE
Walls/Fry/JonesWattertown36 SE
Cass HollowWingville18 NE
ThompsonWingville10 SE
Montfort Hillcrest/Hill CrestWingville24 SE
Montfort St. Thomas CatholicWingville24 SE
Ebenzer MethodistWingville31 SE
Woodman/Rosenthal CemeteryWoodman14 NE
Rosendale CatholicWoodman24 NW
Glenn/Glass House CemeteryWyalusing31 SE
Loren Wood FarmWyalusingS16 NW
Bagley German Lutheran/Kolb CemeteryWyalusingS16 SW
Brodtville CemeteryWyalusing35 EC
Flint/Hazelton CemeteryWyalusing34 WC
Horstman - Clark - Bagley FamilyWyalusing4 SE
HarfordWyalusing6 SW
RuckdashalWyalusing10 SE
Schuler Farm - BluntWyalusing33 WC