The Platteville Mass Meeting

Source: Milwaukee Weekly Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) through Grant Co. Herald 29 Jul 1843:

We hope the adjourned Mass Meeting of the settlers--who entertain a desire for the immediate sale of the Reserved Mineral Lands,--to be held at Platteville on the 14th inst., will be fully and efficiently represented. Events that have occurred since the first meeting, make it evident that the Leasing System is rapidly approaching a crisis--whether of good or ill to the country, the meeting at Platteville may do much towards determining. The legal inability of the Executive to Reserve Lands, points out only a remediable defect in the System. Congress has full power to step in and accomplish what the President has deemed proper to commence.

It is now an opportune moment for the people to show up clearly and conclusively the evils of this grievous System, and to manifest to Congress a firm and united desire for its final equitable adjustment.

We want to see the Mining District unshackled, and allowed for once to enjoy a just and equal freedom. It is time that the unnatural relations of land lord and tenant were broken up--that the Miner had a right in fee to the soil upon which he labors--that reckless waste and squalid want were converted into steady industry and well directed improvement, and that eternal altercations and broils had settled into tranquility and peace.

This end is now unquestionably within the reach of energy and action--will not the citizens lay hold of it at their meeting in Platteville?

Source: Evening Star (Washington D.C.), 18 September 1868:

General Grant was at Platteville, Wisconsin, twenty-one miles from Galena, last week. When the new normal school building in that place was dedicated, the General attended. A correspondent says that he was presented to the assembled people by Major Rountree; that he made a few appropriate remarks, and that he was greeted with rounds of hearty cheers for "General Grant, next President of the United States."

J. N. Hollman

Source: Wisconsin State Journal (Milwaukee, WI) 26 Oct 1888:

It has been published under flaring headlines by an irresponsible prohibition sheet of this state that J. N. Hollman, a Platteville republication, declared that the Carter-Richmond debate at Platteville recently would, in his opinion, result "in a change of a hundred votes and would wipe out the republican plurality in Platteville." In a card to The Platteville Witness, Mr. Hollman indignantly denies this fraudulent statement in the following language: "I not only did not use the language quoted, nor anything resembling it, but the direct opposite." It is not to be expected that the sanctimonious,--aye, blasphemous,--organ of the great, good and moral ally of the rum democracy will see fit to acknowledge its dishonesty in this particular case.

Source: The Revealer (Bloomington, WI), 4 Sep 1894:

W. A. Richards, formerly a resident of Hazel Green, is a candidate for Governor at Wyoming.

Source: The Revealer (Bloomington, WI), 4 Sep 1894:

Another Grant County product who aspires to gubernatorial fame is H Clay Evans now of Tennessee. He has served Congress as a republican.