Good Templars

Minutes of the Good Templars Convention at Platteville

Friday, Dec. 15th, 1864

Source: Wisconsin Chief (Fort Atkinson, WI) 31 Dec 1864; transcribed by MD.

The convention met at 10 o'clock A.M., and was opened by H. H. Giles, G. W. C. T. The offices were filled during the opening by the officers of Platteville Lodge; after which George Clementson, J. P. Smelker, and J. R. Bush, were appointed to report on order of business and permanent officers for the Convention. The committee reported the following order of business:

1st. Work in subordinate Lodge until adjournment at noon.

2d. From half past on to half past two, work in Degree of Royal Virtue, with the unwritten work of the other Degrees exemplified.

3rd. Call of Lodges and general business.

4th. Good of the Order.

5th. Lecture in the evening at the Methodist Church.

Permanent officers were then chosen.

The report of the committee was accepted, and the permanent officers took their seats, after which the Convention proceeded to business.

Adjourned till half past one o'clock.

At half past one the Convention was opened in the Degree of Royal Virtue. G. W. C. T. conferred this Degree on several, and instructed the Convention in the unwritten work of the Order.

At half past two the Convention opened in Subordinate Lodge. The representatives present said their Lodges were flourishing finely.

The following resolutions, offered by George Clementson, were passed unanimously:

Resolved, That the heartfelt thanks of the representatives to this Convention be tendered to the Odd Fellow for the priviledge [sic] of using their room, and to the members of Platteville Lodge and the citizens of Platteville generally, for their kindness and hospitality.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this Convention be published in the Grant Co. Witness and Wisconsin Chief.


From the Platteville Journal (Platteville, WI), 25 Feb 1899 (transcribed by MD):

F. W. Marcussen left Tuesday for Milwaukee to attend Grand Lodge.

W. F. Grindell went to Milwaukee the first of the week to attend Grand Lodge.

Dr. Oettiker and wife left Wednesday morning for Milwaukee to attend a meeting of the Eastern Star. The Doctor will also visit Chicago before he returns.

Rev. Luce [?] returned home Monday from Milwaukee, where he has been attending the Epworth League Convention.