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Pensioners on the Rolls
as of January 1, 1883



Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which Pensioned


Date of

  Court, Edward Alma Centre w.r.thigh $6.00  
  Eldridge, Timothy P Alma Centre rheum $8.00 May 1880
  Rutherford, George Alma Centre w.r.leg $2.00  
  Chicester, Elizabeth Alma Centre mother $8.00  
  Schermerhorn, Anna Alma Centre mother $8.00  
  Metcalf, Joheph J Alma Centre ch.diarr $4.00 Jun 1882
  Meek, Joseph Alma Centre ch.diarr $4.00 Dec 1882
125,480 Inskeep, Phineas Alma Centre wd.l.thigh $8.00  
  Henton, Cyrus R Beaver Creek w.r.breast, lung $8.00  
  Hart, Lena Beaver Creek widow $8.00  
  Roynton, Cornelia Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Squires, Ransom D Black River Falls w.both thighs $8.50 Apr 1880
  Holinbeck, Rebecca Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Baker, Rachel Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Walter, Michael Black River Falls ch.diarr $4.00 Feb 1882
  Roberts, Urlmot Black River Falls w.l.elbow $3.00 Aug 1878
  Darnall, Joseph S Black River Falls varicose veins of l.leg $4.00 Jul 1880
  Dimmick, Ludwick L Black River Falls loss thigh $24.00  
  Cooper, Francis Black River Falls wd.of back $2.00 May 1881
  Darrow, William S Black River Falls wd.l.leg $6.00 Jul 1880
  Walker, Sarah D Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Wheeler, Orilla Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Olson, Peter Black River Falls loss r.eye & impaired vision of l.eye $18.00  
  Clark, Marcus Black River Falls ch.diarr $4.00 Dec 1882
  McGee, Samuel Black River Falls ch.rheumatism $2.00 May 1882
  Hanson, Neri Black River Falls dis.of stomach $4.00 Aug 1881
  Hutchins, Leonard Black River Falls w.r.elbow $18.00  
  Hensey, Joseph C Black River Falls ch.diarr $6.00  
  Panley, Lovina Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Overturf, Maria Black River Falls widow $14.00  
  Orstranda, Betsey Black River Falls widow $8.00  
  Morrill, Julia L Black River Falls mother $8.00  
  Fisk, George A Black River Falls dis.of bowels & kindney & scurvy $15.00 Jan 1881
  Gruber, Nicholas Black River Falls injury r.knee $6.00 Mar 1881
  Meinhold, Abraham Black River Falls injury to abdomen $4.00 Jan 1880
  Miles, Isaac Black River Falls ch.diarr $6.00 May 1879
  Matchet, James S Black River Falls turmor r.side of abdomen $6.00 Mar 1882
  Boswell, James S Black River Falls w.l.thigh $4.00 Sep 1877
  Berry, Jehial S Black River Falls partial loss of r.thumb & injury to r.index finger from g.s.wound $2.00 Oct 1880
  Goodenough, Truman B Black River Falls dis.of lungs $8.00  
  Felt, Charles Black River Falls w.l.forearm $4.00 Sep 1878
  Franz, Charles Black River Falls w.l.leg $4.00 Nov 1882
1,249 Shuler, Jacob H Black River Falls injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Stiehl, Henry D Black River Falls w.l.arm $2.00 Jun 1881
  Genung, Warren City Point w.back $2.00 Jun 1882
157,946 Dorney, Nathan H City Point g.s.w.l.hand $3.00 Mar 1879
  Stroup, Joel Darrow sunstroke & ch.diarr., affecting nervous system $6.00 Oct 1880
  Kouf, John Hixton children $10.00  
  Fuller, Moses K Hixton ch.rheum $6.00 May 1881
29,177 Fuller, Lovina Hixton widow $8.00 Apr 1880
  Peterson, Joyger Irving w.r.leg $6.00 Jun 1881
147,136 Landers, Elias Irving dis.lungs $2.00 Jul 1877
  Aundon, Catherine Melrose mother $8.00  
  Champlin, Harriet E Melrose mother $8.00 Jul 1880
  Harris, James Melrose w.l.leg $6.00 Jan 1881
  Smith, Alphens L Merrillon incised wd.l.foot $4.00  
  Pickett, Amasa S Merrillon ch.rheumatism $4.00 Jan 1882
  Eastman, William C Merrillon inj.to spine $8.00  
  Watson, George R Merrillon lumbago $6.00 Jun 1880
  Thayer, Esther H Merrillon mother $8.00  
  Langdon, Martha Merrillon widow $8.00  
  Abbott, Samuel W Merrillon wd.l.leg & thigh $4.00  
  Miller, Benjamin Merrillon injury to abdomen $4.00 Apr 1880
  Martin, Henry Merrillon w.r.hand $6.00  
80,861 O'Neil, Terence Merrillon w.l.thigh $8.00  
  Reidel, Werizel Millston inj.l.knee $4.00 Mar 1881
161,733 Kibler, Christopher Millston wd.rt.hip & thigh $2.00 Jul 1879
  Clapp, James L Millston dis.heart $12.00  
  Brist, Filmore M Millston w.of foot $4.00  
21,366 Larkins, Linas F Millston wd.r.thigh $10.00  
  Gross, George Millston chro.diarr $6.00 Feb 1881
  Yound, Daniel M North Bend loss l.leg above knee $24.00  
  Langston, William North Bend ch.diarr $18.00  
  Somerville, Janette North Bend widow $8.00  
  Harris, Eunice Northfield surv. 1812 $8.00 Apr 1880
  Harris, Eunice Northfield mother $8.00  
  Winter, Oliver G Pine Hill ch.rheumatism $6.00 Jul 1880
  Clark, Samuel H Pine Hill w.l.elbow $4.00 Oct 1882
  Simon, Frederick Pine Hill minor of $10.00  
  Stratton, Charles Roaring Creek w.l.thigh & head $4.00  
  Horswill, James K Roaring Creek dis.of eyes $2.00 Jun 1890
69,250 Stratton, Byron Roaring Creek w.forehead $4.00  
  Lyon, John E Sechlersville wd.head, dis.eyes $4.00 Dec 1882
  Mann, David Shamrock loss of sight of l.eye $4.00 Oct 1880
  Hoard, Elizabeth Shamrock widow $8.00  
  Printz, Marion D Shamrock w.l.leg $6.00 Jun 1878
  Hill, Harmon Shamrock dis.of lungs $4.00 Jun 1880
  Hummel, Jacob Taylor Station wd.l.wrist $2.00 Nov 1882
  Stevens, Margaret A Taylor Station widow $8.00  

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