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Wills and Probate Documents

Source: Wisconsin Probate Estate files, 1848-1948; Original Microfilm;
transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team

Case No. 989-1033, 1878-1897
Case No. 1034-1076, 1884-1901
Case No. 1077-1134, 1905-1921


Page #

Date of Death


Adams, Julie E. page 113 of 2273 Died Oct. 7, 1901 Husband: Park C. Adams
Children: C. Louisa Adams, Ruth G. Adams (deceased 1908), Hawley C. Adams
Alme, John page 1973 of 2273 Died Nov. 27, 1905 intestate Child: Sadie Alme (3 yrs old) Father-in-law: Andrew J. Lee
Amundsen, Hans page 127 of 2273 Died April 17, 1904 intestate Wife: Bertha Amundsen
Children: Albert Amundsen born Jan. 11, 1886 and Clarence Amundsen born July 31, 1890
Anderson, Carl H. page 255 of 2273 Died Feb. 17, 1904 intestate Father: Otto Anderson
Mother: Gunhild Anderson
Bennett, Alena page 1029 of 2273 Died July 28, 1902 Children: Charles E. Bennett, William O. Bennett, Emma T?nnant, Lena Bates
Benson, Otto page 1800 of 2242 Died Sept. 10, 1895 intestate Wife: Pauline Benson
Children: Carrie Olava Benson, Marie Benson, and Oscar Benson
Berg, John A. minors of page 388 of 2167 1903 ---
Blom, Carl A. page 1866 of 2242 Died Aug. 24, 1902 No widow, no children, leaving property to Johan Oscar Johnson
Bouvee, Daon E. page 498 of 2167 Civil War Veteran; died April 1866 intestate Father: Silas Bouvee, Jr.
Brandon, Gilbert page 1161 of 2167 Died March 3, 1906 intestate Wife: Laura Brandon
Brist, Stephen L. page 1144 of 2167 Civil War Veteran; diedApril 18, 1882 intestate Wife: Julia Ann Brist (died 1890)
Buell, Thomas page 410 of 2167 Died April 22, 1903 Daughters: Celestia C. Horswill, Emma F. Harmer
Bunderson, Anna page 2109 of 2273 Died Nov. 19, 1905 intestate Husband: Embert Bunderson
Children: James, Thomas, Fred, Anton Bunderson, and Amanda Smith
Buttke, Ferdinand Carl page 313 of 2167 Died April 15, 1903 Wife: Ernastine Buttke
Chat, Martin page 302 of 2273 Died Feb. 9, 1904 Wife: Elizabeth Chat (deceased)
Children: Mary Nerud, John Chatt. Teressa Slegel, Rosa Sommers, Nellie Feely, Lizzie Lockwood, George W. Chatt, James Chatt, Anna Keizer, Katie Deering, Clara Stewart, Martin Chatt, Jr., Frank Chatt
Conant, Truman E. page 522 of 2167 Died Aug. 16, 1888 intestate Sons: Truman F., Albert, and Robert Conant
Corzett, Herbert C. page 392 of 2273 Died May 31, 1904 Wife: Lena E. Corzett
Daughter: Lillian Corzett
Davis, Lavinia B. page 2166 of 2273 Died Oct. 22, 1905 Children: Josephine B. Goodenough, Lavinia F. Greenman, Lura A. Quackenbush, James Davis
Davis, Sidney P. page 1963 of 2242 Died July 13, 1902 Widow: Emily Davis
Children by previous wife: Donalda L. Hall, Adelia E. Allen, Mary E. Crombie, Abbie E. Larson, Sidney C. Davis
Decker, Henry C. page 465 of 2273 Died Oct. 29, 1902 Wife: Rhoda A. Decker
Children: (2) Eunice H. Warner and J. HenryDecker
Dietrich, Henry page 1198 of 2167 Died April 23, 1905 intestate Wife: Susan Dietrich
Dunn, Louise F. page 1710 of 2167 Died Nov. 5, 1911 Children: Louise L. Dunn, Rosetta Horswill, Nettie Mason, Charles M. Dunn, John F. Dunn, and Edward S. Dunn (deceased)
Ekern, Enos page 1086 of 2273 Died July 10, 1904 Wife: Clara Ekern  Child: Gerald Julius Ekern
Elmore, Theodore B. page 1778 of 2167 Filed 1897? W. Elmore and Sons ?
Embretson, Hans F. page 1260 of 2167 Died March 8, 1905 intestate Wife: Marit Embretson
Emerson, Anthony page 352 of 2167 Died Oct. 18, 1901 or
1903 intestate
Father: Christine/Christian Emerson
Empie, George W. page 1034 of 2273 Died Sept. 14, 1903 Wife: Ida M. Empie
Children: Earl W. Empie, Violet Lola Empie
Erickson, Edward page 513 of 2273 Died May 21, 1902 Infant Heir: Nora Edna Erickson born June 21,1901 (Nora's mother remarried her name is now Ella Olson - wife of Iver Olson)
Evenson, Syver page 2056 of 2242 Died Sept. 14, 1899 intestate Wife: Oline Evenson
Fisher, William page 1 of 2167 Died July 14, 1897 Wife: Martha Fisher
Gates, Elimina J. page 1185 of 273 Died March 19, 1897 intestate Daughter: Elsie Wood
Haldorson, Lars page 639 of 2242 April 26, 1890 Wife: Barbara Haldorson
Hall, Peter page 834 of 2242 Died Nov. 10, 1890 Wife: Elizabeth Hall
Son: William Hall Daughter: Isabelle Lucas
Wife's son: Richard Morison
Hanson, John page 909 of 2242 Died May 31, 1883 Daughter: Anna Hanson
Harris, James page 742 of 2242 Court docs 1892 Heir: Hellen M. Boardman (daughter)
Haydon, Ashbel S. page 868 of 2242 Papers filed 1878 Wife: Elizabeth Haydon
Haynes, Emmet J. page 1020-1134 of 2242 Died Sept. 8, 1876 intestate Brother: Edward Haynes, a mother and sister
Heaslett, Thomas page 953 of 2242 Died June 3, 1886 Wife: Anna Heaslett / 2 children
Heller, Catherine page 996-1020 and
1135-1144 of 2242
Died June 12, 1876 intestate Husband: John Heller
Sons: Frederick Steine and Charles Steine
Helmer, Lawrence page 1145 of 2242 Died Nov. 16, 1881 intestate Wife: Barbara Helmer
Hemmenway, Henry L. page 1239 of 2242 Died July 30, 1863 Wife: Mary E. Hemmenway
Son: Henry L.
Hendrickson, Henry J. page 1191 of 2273 Died Nov. 8, 1903 intestate Wife: Lizzie Hendrick
Hill, Thomas J. page 1257 of 2242 Died July 8, 1874 Children: George W. Hill, Susan Griffith, Lucy Bal?er, Mortimer Hill
Hobart, Elvira P. page 1389 of 2242 Died Oct. 30, 1882 intestate Husband: Lewis D. Hobard
4 adult children
Hoffman, Elisha (male) page 1637 of 2242 Died Feb. 4, 1890 Wife: Sarah A. Hoffman
Hollenbeck, David M. page 1529 of 2242 Died May 23, 1893 Siblings: William V. Hollenbeck, Elbert E. Hollenbeck, Victoria Serviss and Ada Morrill
Horswill, William F. page 1440 of 2242 Died Jan. 8, 1868 intestate Wife: Eleanor Horswill
8 children
Houghton, Oliver page 125 of 2167 Died Jan. 10, 1898 Wife: Caroline Houghton
Hoyt, Wm. page 1429 of 2242 April 1870 special adminassigned ----
Hutchins, James M. page 1314 of 2167 Died June 2, 1906 Wife: Olga Hutchins
Iverson, Julius C. page 1246 of 2273 Died Dec. 3, 1902 intestate Parents: Christian Iverson Kveseth and Olia Iverson Kveseth
Jacobs, Anthony page 15 of 2242 Died Dec. 2, 1884 Wife: Anna Jacobs
Jarmstad, Louis/Lewis A. page 357 of 2242 Died May 5, 1881 Wife: Annie A. Jarmstad
Jarmstad, Ola A.
(also sp. Jarmsted, Jearmstad)
page 33 of 2242 Died Dec. 3, 1878 Brother: Lewis/Louis A. Jarmsted
Daughter: Elizabeth Jarmsted
Jenkinson, Richard page 2096 of 2242 Died Sept. 28, 1907 Daughter: Sarah Rhoades, Emma Jenkinson, Stanton Jenkinson, Edwin Jenkinson, and Adaline Jenkinson
Jermstad, Olaus A. page 556 of 2273 Died Aug. 24, 1903 Wife: Ole R. Jermstad
Children: Rena, Martin, and Lewis Jermstad
Johnson, Albert S. page 1368 of 2167 Died Feb. 9, 1906 intestate Wife: Christina Johnson
Johnson, Halvor page 457 of 2242 Died Oct. 9, 1873 intestate Wife: Sarina Johnson
Johnson, Joseph A. page 1 of 2242 Notice to sell landOct. 1884 Wife: Sarah C. Johnson
Johnson, Mary page 489 of 2242 Died July 7, 1885 (orJune 1884) Son: Alfred Johnson
Johnson, Ole M. page 537 of 2167 Died June 14, 1900 intestate Wife: Lena Johnson
Johnson, Turi page 450 of 2242 Died Aug. 27, 1883 intestate Children: Margarette Olson, Mary S. Johnson
Judkins, Levi F. page 547 of 2242 Died Jan. 11, 1892 Son: Seba Judkins, Elbridge, Judkins (wife Elizabeth Judkins, deceased)
Klein, William page 573 of 2273 Died Feb. 3, 1904 Wife: Fredericke Klein
Children: Louise Horswill, Minnie Klein, Emil Klein, Tilda Deiderick, Rudolph Klein, Eda Zeeman, Carl Klein and Ella Klein
Kueter, Charles page 2120 of 2242 Died Dec. 25, 1900 Children: John, Charlie, Etti?, Christina, Emma, and Mina
Kueter, Charles page 1 of 2273 Died May 21, 1921 Wife: Mary J. Kueter
Children: Raymond C. Kueter, Winnifred M. Kueter, Trudy A. Kueter
Landon, Ida Cone page 2109 of 2242 Died May 5, 1899 W. J. Landon, husband of Ida Cone Landon and guardian of Frank Cone Landon (sole heir)
Langdon, Martha page 1271 of 2273 Died Oct. 6, 1896 intestate Children: F. S. Langdon, Joseph K. Langdon, Martha Judkins, Orris P. Langdon, Mary L. Clark, Elizabeth Williams (deceased)
Larson, B. Lars page 640 of 2273 Died April 2, 1901 Wife: Sarah Larson
Children: Lars Erick Larson, Edward Larson and Paul Parson
Brother: B. O. Larson
Larson, Freda page 1764 of 2242 Heir of S. Nils Anderson and Carrie Anderson - documents dated 1909 Special Guardian: L. Olof Larson
Lyon, Cyrus W. page 1253 of 2273 Died June 12, 1902 intestate Wife: Eunice I. Lyon
Children: Estella H. Chandler and Ralph E. Lyon
Lyons, Henry Franklin page 1670 of 2242 Died May 23, 1912 Siblings: Mary Page and Edward Cordelius
Public Admin
Marking, Carrie page 685 of 2167 Died Feb. 17, 1903 intestate Husband, Ole Marking
Mathey, Edward page 685 of 2273 Died Dec. 21, 1903 intestate Wife: Nettie L. Mathey
Child: Francis Mathey (male)
Special Guardian of: Francis (R. A. Jones)
Mattison, W. A. page 66 of 2273 Died Jan. 24, 1906 intestate Wife: Carrie Belle Mattison (Sibley, Iowa)
Sons: George A. Mattison, John C. Mattison, Cyrus Mattison, Dewey Mattison
Daughters: Diana Pratt, Annie Jeffreys, Rusha Mattison
Maule, Mathew page 1277 of 2273 Died July 2, 1881 intestate Wife: Eliza Maule
Children: John T. Maule, Anne Lowe, Eva Wheeler, Elizabeth Maule, Mary Crobar, William Maule, George D. Maule
McNeill, Samantha J. Taylor page 1282 of 2273 Died Sumer 1890 intestate (La Moure Co.,North Dakota) Husband: John McNeill
Child: Maggie McNeill Jondreau
Father: N. B. Taylor
McNulty, John page 667 of 2273 Died May 4, 1903 intestate Children: Robert McNulty, Mary Jane Brown, Anna Clark, Eliza McNulty
Meddaugh, Mark D. page 1455 of 2167 Sale of real estate Infant heir of Mathew C. Meddaugh; Mother: Jane Meddaugh
Mills, Alexander Donald page 1722 of 2273 Infant heir of Alexander R. Mills (settled 1909) Mother of Alexander Donald Mills is Ida K. Mills
Mills, Hugh B. page 1288 of 2273 Died Feb. 28, 1901 Wife: Mary R. Mills
Children: Thomas B. Mills, John H. Mills, Alex R. Mills, Edward Mills, Hugh B. Mills, Mary M. Spaulding, Margarie M. Mills
Mills, Mary R. page 1357 of 2273 Died Dec. 8, 1903 Children: Thomas B. Mills, John H. Mills, Alex R. Mills, Edward Mills, Hugh B. Mills, Mary M. Spaulding, Margarie M. Mills
Muller (or Mullen), James L. page 740 of 2167 Died Aug. 2, 1903 intestate Wife: Alice Muller
Myhrloken, Ole Pederson page 1763 of 2273 Died Oct. 6, 1898 intestate Wife: Anne Pederson Myhrloken
Children: Pauline Pederson Myhrloken and Mandus Pederson Myhrloken
Nelson, Cornelius J. page 788 of 2273 Died March 19, 1904 Sisters: Norah J. Nelson, Anna S. Nelson,Clara E. Severson (?)
Nichols, Henry F. C. page 1791 of 2273 Died June 4, 1890 Wife: Annette H. Nichols
Children: Henry H. Nichols, Lawrence A. Nichols, George E. Nichols, Maurice B. Nichols, Nettie Benson
Olson, Hans P. page 1797 of 2273 Died July 5, 1904 intestate Wife: Bertha Olson
Children: Ole Olson, Arthur Olson, Maria Olson and Mrs. Betsy Stac (not easy to read, please verify)
Olson, Lemuel E. page 842 of 2273 Died Jan. 25, 1904 Wife: Nettie H. Olson
Children: Merlin Olson, born July 14, 1899; Elvin F. Olson, born Jan. 15, 1901; twin boys not yet named born May 20, 1903 (Howard and Williard)
Paquette, Daniel page 926 of 2273 Died May 22, 1903 intestate (Minooka, IL) Mother: Madline Paquette
Siblings: Mary Paquette, Peter Paquette, Solomon Paquette, St. Claire Paquette, Moses Paquette
Perry, Ianthe R. page 1871 of 2273 Died July 1, 1904 Brothers: John Perry, David O. Perry
Sister: Caroline E. W. Byrns
Nephew: William J. Wensel
Mother: Elizabeth Perry
Polmateer, Clinton W. page 1840 of 2273 Died Dec. 8, 1903 intestate Wife: Lucinda A. Polmateer
Children: Henry, John, James, Emma Tennis, Affie (or Abbie) Ladd, Bessie Polmateer
Printz, Nancy A. page 1476 of 2167 Died April 17, 1906 intestate Son: John S. Printz
Salomonsen, Peter page 944 of 2273 Died April 2, 1903 intestate Wife: Ane Katherine Salomonsen
Children: Christiana Worthman, Solomon, Will, Bertha, Christ, Lizzie, Mary, Sedsel, Ella, Peter and Katie Salomonsen
Seymour, William J. page 757 of 2167 Died Sept. 12, 1903 intestate Wife: Edith Seymour
Squires, Ransom D. page 917 of 2167 Died Dec. 17, 1902 Wife: Mary J. Squires
Stevens, Winfield S. page 1942 of 2273 Died July 16, 1886 intestate Father: Nathan H. Stevens
Stewart, Theressa page 781 of 2167 Died Feb. 17, 1903 Husband: Thomas Stewart
Stewart, Thomas page 850 of 2167 Died July 1904 Daughter: Belle Mulrine (wife of William)
Stolts, George page 578 of 2242 Died Dec. 10, 1911 Sons as Admin.: David A. Stolts and Ward G.
Wife, deceased Catherine Stolts
Daughters: Mary Jane Grout, Martha E. McComber, Lydia A. Duxbury, deceased
Tester, Hester Ann page 1006 of 2273 Died March 26, 1904 Husband: John Tester (deceased)
Children: Adelbert, John, Chas, William, Albert, Henrietta Staley, Jane Eaton, Nettie Church, Agnes Boverang
Tetagraph, Caroline Johnson page 1949 of 2273 Died Jan. 3, 1894 intestate Children: Louise Hanson, Jennie Johnson and Josephine Johnson
Thompson, Tollef O. page 1578 of 2167 Died Dec. 16, 1906 intestate Wife: Anna Thompson
Thur, Fred page 1530 of 2167 Died Sept. 29, 1905 intestate Wife: Mary Thur
Watson, G. R. page 1960 of 2273 Died Nov. (26 or 16), 1903 intestate Child: O. H. Watson
Webster, S. S. page 1955 of 2273 Died Dec. 19, 1900 intestate Children: Ernest C. Webster, Edith E. Hubbard, Martha C. Newbury
Westcott, Peter C. page 192 of 2167 Died Sept. 2, 1900 intestate Wife: Tilda Westcott
Wood, Nancy A. page 1643 of 2167 Died Dec. 30, 1905 intestate Husband: Iram H. Wood
Wright, William page 1016 of 2167 Died Nov. 22, 1902 intestate Wife: Sarah M. Wright
Zeillsdorf, Henry
(Sillsdorf, Zuhlsdorf, Zeihlsdorf)
page 1965 of 2273 Died Jan. 21, 1902 intestate Wife: Augusta Zeillsdorf
Children: Louise, Henry, France, Earnest, Anna

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