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Juneau County, Wisconsin
1883 Pensioners on the Rolls

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Stephen Stetzer


Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which Pensioned


Date of

  Hinton, Thos. J Camp Douglas loss r.arm $24.00  
  Cleveland, Wm. H Camp Douglas ch.diar $8.00 Feb 1881
  Calkins, Wm. H Camp Douglas dis.of heart $8.00 Aug 1882
  Garland, Wm. H Camp Douglas wd.face & r.forearm $6.00 May 1880
  Pearsall, Luman Elroy inflam.kidneys & bladder $18.00  
  Collins, Wesley Elroy wd.l.foot $6.00  
  Brintnall, Chas. E Elroy inj.l.shoulder $4.00  
  Brendt, Ernst Elroy wd.r.side $6.00  
  Tudd, Betsey Elroy mother $8.00  
  Hamblin, Andrew M Elroy minor $10.00  
  Van Tassel, Geo. W Elroy wd.l.knee $6.00  
  Stiedy, Wm. Elroy inj.l.hip $8.00 Nar 1881
  Douglass, John Elroy sirv. 1812 $8.00 Jul 1879
  Kentfield, Herman Elroy sirv. 1812 $8.00  
  Jones, Henry Elroy inj.l.leg, result ver.veins & ulcer $8.00 Oct 1881
  Goodwin, John M Elroy wd.l.hip $2.66  
  Martin, Fred'k Germantown wd.l.leg $8.00  
  McMahon, Honora Lyndon Station widow $8.00  
  Lawrence, Deidemia Lyndon Station widow $8.00  
  Mason, John W Lyndon Station scurvy, dibility & paralysis agitans $10.00 Mar 1880
  Kelly , Sally Lyndon Station mother $8.00  
  Weber, Vinzenz Lyndon Station wd.r.leg $18.00  
  Bammert, Anton Lyndon Station minor $12.00  
  Birdsell, Henry Mather's wd.of breast $8.00  
38,287 Phettplace, Chas. H Mauston ch.diar $6.00  
  Perrin, Mary J Mauston widow $8.00  
  Osborne, Elizabeth Mauston widow $8.00  
  McNown, Jane Mauston widow $8.00  
  Lewis, Polly M Mauston widow $8.00  
  Wake, Delia Mauston mother $8.00  
  Richardson, Euphemia Mauston widow $8.00  
  Allison, John H Mauston loss l.leg $24.00  
  Hutchinson, Almond T Mauston wd.l.hand, ch.diar $18.00 Jul 1875
  Hageman, August Mauston wd.l.leg $3.00  
  Hammond, Thos. Mauston dis.of eyes $10.00 Aug 1877
  Barney, Lorinda Mauston widow 1812 $8.00 Jan 1879
  Quint, Orin Mauston ch.reu., debility from typhoid fev. $8.00  
  Pratt, Lorenzo Mauston wd.l.knee & r.thigh $4.00  
76,172 Hills, Lewellyn B Mauston g.s.w.arm $10.00  
  Pierce, Nathaniel Mauston dis.stomach & liver $16.00  
  Patterson, Sam'l Mauston wd.l.arm $8.00  
  Plummer, Sam'l C Mauston wd.r.hand $6.00  
  Patterson, Wm. Mauston wd.both knees $12.00  
  Upham, Richard Mauston wd.of head, epilepsy $12.00  
  Prosser, Emmett W Mauston dis.l.hip, res.of scurvy $8.00 Jun 1879
  Clarke, Jennette Mauston mother $8.00  
  Boyden, Hannah L Mauston mother $8.00  
  Carter, Bryan M Mauston wd.l.side, back, & arm $12.00  
  Ellsworth, Thos. J Mauston wd.l.hand, partial loss ring finger $4.00  
  Busch, Frederick   ch.reu., $8.00 Jan 1880
  Rose, Eugene P Mauston loss l.leg $18.00  
  Robinson, Ezra P Mauston loss r.forearm $18.00  
  Wilcox, Franklin Mauston wd.r.hip $3.00  
  Thompson, Catharine Mauston widow 1812 $8.00 May 1881
  Jackson, Phebe Mauston widow 1812 $8.00 Jun 1879
  White, Mary A Mauston mother $8.00  
  Tiffany, Eliza A Mauston mother $8.00 Jul 1878
  Green, Jno Mauston minor $10.00  
  Chaflin, Lorenzo Mauston wd.r.thigh, res.sciatica $6.00  
  Castley, Philander Mauston chr.diar $4.00  
  Headstream, Chas. Mauston partial deafness both ears $4.00 Aug 1881
  Hawley, Orris D Mauston wd.l.arm & shoulder $12.00  
  Kimberley, Benj. A Mauston deafness bothe ears $6.00 Dec 1881
  Nelson, Ole Mauston wd.r.leg $8.00  
  Aikin, Edwin F Mauston dis.kidneys & back $2.00 Aug 1882
  Anderson, Eugene L Mauston wd.l.knee $6.00  
  Shipley, Edwin S Mauston inj.head, deafness r.ear $6.00 Aug 1882
  Schlusler, Frederick Mauston injury to abdomen $8.00  
  St. Clair, Jno. Mauston w.r.leg & breast $4.00 Aug 1882
  Schlicht, Henry Mauston injury to abdomen $12.00 Feb 1880
  Johnson, Julia A Mauston widow $17.00  
  Bascom, Hannah M Mauston widow $8.00  
  Ward, Wm. Mauston ch.diar., abdomen $12.00  
  Wright, Orson Mauston wd.of face $4.00  
  Parker, Pitts Mauston surv. 1812 $8.00  
  Rogers, James H Mauston chr.rheu $6.00  
  Moshier, Wm. L Mauston var.veins l.leg $8.00 May 1879
  Train, H.V. Mauston $15.00  
  Grover, Eugene A Mauston ch.diar., dis.of kidneys $14.00  
  Briggs, Perry R Mauston ch.diar $12.75 Dec 1882
  Baley, Herrick Mauston inj.r.hand $6.00 Apr 1880
  Newkirk, Emery Mauston wd.l.leg $6.00  
  Brockhouse, Wm. F Mauston wd.r.hip $16.00  
  Burk, Wm. H Mauston ch.rheu $8.00 Jun 1882
  McCall, Archibald Mauston wd.r.clavicle $2.00  
  McCauley, Benj. F Mauston dis.of abdominal viscera $8.00 Jul 1881
  Miller, Daniel J Mauston wd.r.arm $18.00  
  Millard, Harmon D Mauston wd.r.hand, loss thumb $4.00  
  McIntire, John Mauston abdomen, wd.of face $12.00  
  Barney, Jas. L Mauston wd.of r.forearm $18.00  
  Bradley, Jno. Mauston inj.r.shoulder $4.00 Sep 1880
  Price, George Mauston dis.of lungs $24.00 Apr 1879
  Fossbinder, Chas. W Mauston wd.l.arm & side $18.00  
  George, Franklin Mauston back $12.00  
157,440 Lowe, Jesse Necedah ch.rheu $12.00  
88,902 Clark, Nathaniel M Necedah wd.l.arm $6.00  
9,166 Loomis, Mary A Necedah widow $8.00 Apr 1862
  Seaman, Ellen M Necedah widow $8.00  
  Arquette, Michael Necedah wd.r.arm & chest $6.00 Jun 1880
  Wilds, Wyman Necedah surv. 1812 $8.00 Mar 1879
  Plumb, Wilber H Necedah dis.of lung $4.00 Dec 1882
  Chase, Dorothy Necedah mother $8.00  
  Thornton, Susan Necedah widow $8.00  
  Whaley, Alznia Necedah widow $8.00  
  Case, Jno. W Necedah wd.r.thigh $12.00  
  Huntsinger, Chester Necedah wd.r.foot $6.00 Jan 1880
  Harrington, Philop Necedah ink.of spine $12.00 Apr 1879
  King, Squire Noble Necedah wd.r.arm $8.00  
  Adams, George W Necedah wd.l.foot $3.00  
  Nye, Henry L Necedah dis.of eyes, loss l.eye $15.00 Feb 1881
  Gulmire, Nelson Necedah loss l.leg $18.00  
  Grignon, Ignace Necedah loss r.eye $8.00  
  Robinson, Jos Necedah surv. 1812 $8.00  
  Sstivers, Perry R Necedah wd.neck, r.shoulder $6.00  
  Stinson, James Necedah injury to abdomen $8.00 Mar 1880
  Huntley, Sarah A Necedah widow $8.00  
901 Hamilton, Jon. S New Lisbon adynamia from spine $8.00  
  Bonham, Mary J New Lisbon widow $8.00  
  Rogers, Merick New Lisbon rehu., res.dis.of heart $8.00 Mar 1882
  Stocks, Thos. H New Lisbon scurvy $8.00  
  James, Horace New Lisbon loss r.eye, impared vision l.eye $6.00  
  Blackburn, Wm. New Lisbon loss .larm $24.00  
  Beebe, Yates V New Lisbon sciatica, dis.of kidneys $10.00  
  Moses, Albert New Lisbon dis.of lungs $8.00 Oct 1880
  Hendrick, Pluma New Lisbon mother $17.00  
  McKay, Wm. New Lisbon ch.diar., res.dis.abd.visc $4.00 Oct 1880
  Martin, Wm. New Lisbon var.veins l.leg $4.00 Jul 1879
  Newton, Jno New Lisbon dis.of heart $12.00 Sep 1882
  Harrison, Seymour New Lisbon wd.l.arm, fingers r.hand $3.00  
  Cole, Rhoda A New Lisbon window 1812 $8.00 Jan 1879
  Carter, Geo. New Lisbon wd.both hips $8.00 Jan 1880
  Crook, Margaret New Lisbon mother $8.00  
  Curtis, Chas. D New Lisbon deafness both ears $6.00  
  Cook Alpheus New Lisbon wd.shoulder $4.00  
  Conrad, Chas. New Lisbon ch.diar., res.dropsy $8.00 May 1881
  Wadsworth, Henry New Lisbon loss r.eye, impared vision right. $12.00  
  Westcott, Harriet New Lisbon widow 1812 $8.00 Dec 1881
  Terrill, Betsey S New Lisbon mother $8.00  
  Emmons, Mary New Lisbon mother $8.00  
  Sanford, Levi New Lisbon father $8.00  
  Baker, Louisa New Lisbon widow $20.00 Mar 1880
  Chester, Oliver B New Lisbon wd.l.thigh $2.00 Jun 1882
  Carpenter, Orra New Lisbon ch.diar., debility $8.00  
  Holmes, Henry P New Lisbon dis.of abdominal viscera $4.00 Aug 1879
  Hinton, Geo. New Lisbon loss r.arm $24.00  
  Scribbins, Jno. New Lisbon dis.of eyes $8.00 Feb 1881
  Skeed, Almira B New Lisbon mother $8.00  
  Luke, Huldah A Sentinel widow $8.00  
  Ayres, Tyler F Union Centre sunstroke, ch.diar $6.00 May 1880
  Peters, Perry Union Centre wd.r.foot, ulceration of leg $12.00 Apr 1881
  Carley, Jas. S Union Centre injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Fox, Hannah Union Centre mother $8.00  
  Corsaw, Martin M Union Centre tumor $8.00  
  Lathrip, Wm. G Werner ch.diarr $2.00 Feb 1880
  Bonnell, Edw. J Werner wd.l.side, functional dis.heart $8.00 Sep 1880
  Wing, Sstephen B Werner minor $2.00 Feb 1879
  Ballard, Sarah Wonewoc widow $8.00  
  Knapp, Amaretta S Wonewoc widow $8.00  
  Saunders, Thos. Wonewoc injury to abdomen $6.00 Mar 1878
  Shew, James Wonewoc frac.l.thigh $4.00 Jul 1880
  Hampton, Charlotte Wonewoc widow $8.00  
  Kinney, Wm. T Wonewoc dis.of lungs $4.00 Jun 1882
  Hill, Lydia Wonewoc widow 1812 $8.00 Apr 1879
  Abbott, Julia E Wonewoc mother $8.00  
  Church, Wm. H Wonewoc wd.l.arm $12.00  
  Carnes, Rebecca Wonewoc mother $8.00  
  Winsor, Arlon F Wonewoc wd.l.thigh $8.00  
  dolan, Philip Wonewoc wd.r.forearm $4.00 Dec 1880
  Miden, Jno. Peter Wonewoc wd.l.wrist $5.00  
  Spooner, Cyrus Wonewoc dis.of abd.vis., chr.diarr.,rheum.,res.dis.of heart $12.00 Jul 1880
  Nicholson, John Wonewoc wd.l.thigh $6.00  
  Ammerman, Wm. H.C. Wonewoc exastosis l.thigh $2.00 May 1878
  Anderson, thos. Wonewoc wd.r.leg $6.00  
  Apker, James Wonewoc chr.rheum $4.00 Jan 1880
  Mallow, Jane Wonewoc widow $8.00  
  Starling, Margaret A Wonewoc widow $8.00  
  Lane, Theodore Wonewoc wd.face, loss l.eye $18.00  
  Jenewein, Jno. Wonewoc dis.of heart $8.00 Sep 1882
  Grant, John Wonewoc loss l.leg $18.00  
  Bingham, Newel H Wonewoc wd.r.thumb $2.00 Feb 1881
  Byington, Orin Wonewoc wd.l.arm $3.00  
  Mallow, Jesse M Wonewoc wd.temporal bone $8.00  




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