Juneau County, Wisconsin





Feature Name



Additional Information

Barney Cemetery 434132N 0900420W  
Bayview Cemetery 440146N 0900437W  
Brewster Cemetery 435247N 0901202W  
Camp Douglas Cemetery 435526N 0901656W  
Danish Cemetery 435851N 0900415W  
Dupless Cemetery 434125N 0894923W  
East Lemonweir Lutheran Cemetery 434921N 0901238W  
Elroy City Cemetery 434408N 0901639W  
Evergreen Cemetery 434406N 0900456W  
Fountain Lutheran Cemetery 434946N 0901824W  
Fowler-Sherman Cemetery 434518N 0901652W  
Greenwood Cemetery 441419N 0895447W  
Indian Baptist Cemetery 433912N 0894902W  
Lemonweir Cemetery 434604N 0900041W  
Meadow Valley Cemetery 441233N 0901251W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 434628N 0901313W  
Novotny Cemetery 441013N 0900135W  
Pine Eden Cemetery 433950N 0901325W  
Pleasant Acres Cemetery 435126N 0901216W  
Plymouth Cemetery 434748N 0901020W  
Potter Cemetery 434003N 0900755W  
Raese Cemetery 434108N 0901105W  
Ranney Cemetery 435246N 0901545W  
Rock Valley Cemetery 434549N 0900849W  
Saint Anns Cemetery 434413N 0900958W  
Saint Francis of Assisi Cemetery 435953N 0900418W  
Saint James Cemetery 435527N 0901700W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 440205N 0901817W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 434210N 0895613W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 434957N 0895617W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 434413N 0901542W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 434649N 0900333W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 433954N 0901320W  
Saint Paul's Catholic Cemetery 435320N 0900909W  
Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 441153N 0900057W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 434329N 0901038W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 435553N 0901206W  
Searles Prairie Cemetery 440905N 0900210W  
Suldal Cemetery 434810N 0900941W  
Town of Orange Cemetery 435400N 0901240W  
Township Cemetery 434746N 0895357W  
West Lemonweir Cemetery 434932N 0901752W  
Zindorf Cemetery 435038N 0901224W  
Zion Cemetery 440824N 0900357W  


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