Wisconsin Genealogy Trails
Lincoln County, Wisconsin
1930 Merrill Telephone Directory


Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio 

Name Residence Address Phone No.
Abel, ? Residence 314 Lake 53-M
Achterberg, Ernest Residence 905 Seventh 716-W
Achterberg, Otto Residence 1611 Frist 187-W
Ackert, Fred Residence 611 Prospect 588-J
Acme Garage   601 Division 310-M
Adams, F. J. Residence 1104 E. Seventh 739-W
Adams, Gerhard Farm R 7 9620-F-31
Akey, Dr. A. C. Citizens Natl Bank bldg 121 1/2 E. Mill 87
Akey, Archie Residence 510-8th 728-R
Akey, Arthur Residence 406-3d 387-W
Akey, John Residence 204 Fourth 851-R
Akey Motor Co.   900 E. First 170
Akey, Richard R. Residence 410 Blaine 244
Akey, Russell Residence 306 Van Rensalear 672-W
Albrecht, F. A. Residence 303 N. Cottage 770-W
Alft, Andrew Residence 112 S. Foster 752-R
Alft, George Store 1001 Main 140
Alft, George Residence 904 Fifth missing
Alft, J. G. Residence 102 Court missing
Alft's Garage Company   107 Center av missing
Allen, Harry R. Residence 206 Logan missing
Allen, Wm. Residence 212 Hendricks missing
Allen & Zander Garage 913-917 E. Main missing
Allie, A. Residence 611 Poplar missing
Ament, David Residence 1911 Jackson missing
Ament, Geo Residence 1905 Jackson missing
Ament, Jake Farm R 4 missing
Ament, John Residence 1706 W. Main missing
American Railway Express See Railway Express Agency Inc.     missing
American State Bank   1000 E. Main missing
Anderson, Albert Residence 411-5th missing
Anderson, Alfred Residence missing missing
Anderson Bros. Boarding House missing missing
Anderson, C. J. Residence missing missing
Anderson, David Residence missing missing
Anderson, Jno I. Photo Gallery missing missing
Anderson, Martin Residence missing missing
Anderson, O. B. Residence 208 1/2 S. Foster missing
Anderson, Ray M. Residence 701 Jefferson missing
Anderson, J. C. Residence 508 S. Foster missing
Angus, Le Roy Residence 607 State missing
Anson Gilkey & Hurd Lbr Office missing missing
Anson, L. N. Residence 706 W. Main 23
Applebeck, Mrs. Ed. Residence 607 Douglas 293-J
Arndt, Fred Residence 809 Mill 618-M
Art's Tire Shop   Cor Mill & First 201
Arveson, A. Residence 608 First 866
Arveson's Garage   909 E. Main 179
Ash, Raymond E. Residence 506 First 826-W
Ashbrenner, F. Farm R 1 9606--F-14
Ashbrenner, Geo. Farm R 1 9607--F-3
Austria, Dr. W. F. Eye Ear Nose & Throat Office 916 1/2 E. Main 317-W
Austria, Dr. W. F. Residence 905-3d 317-R
Axen, Arthur Farm R 4 9602-F-3
Damaged pages with missing data      
Barg, Reinhard Residence 401 Wisconsin 299-R
Battery "F" Stables   N Mill st. 254
Bauman, A. A. Residence 307 Park 422-J
Bauman, Art Residence 500 S. Foster 768-R
Bauman, Erwin Farm R 1 9624-F-14
Bauman, Harry Farm R 1 9624-F-21
Bauman, John Residence 701 Genesee 251-J
Bauman, W. R. Residence 1808 Water 915-J
Bayer, Dr. W. H. Offic 1006 1/2 E. Main 615
Bayer, Dr. W. H. Residence 1007 3rd 750
Baxmann, Rev. H. W. Farm R 2 9619-F-4
Beattie, Thos. Residence 108 S. Pine 382-M
Beauparlant, Chas. Residence 400-5th 340-W
Beauperlant, Joe Residence 308 Fifth 293-W
Beck, H. L. Residence 1805 River missing
Beck, Orley Residence 111 N. Pine missing
Becker, Wm. Residence 210 Douglas missing
Beckman, Mrs. C. F. Residence 604 W. 1st missing
Behrens, Edward Residence 1812 W. Main missing
Beilke, Albert Farm R 5 missing
Beilke, Paul Farm R 5 missing
Belant, E. U. Residence 105 Hendricks missing
Bellevue Kitchen   912 Main missing
Bellevue (New)   912 E. Main missing
Belling, Gustav E. Residence 1210 English missing
Belter, Otto Residence 105 S. Thomas missing
Beltz, A. Farm R 1 missing
Benedict, A. Residence 306 Pier missing
Bennett, Thomas Residence 1503 W. Main missing
Benson, Neil Residence 1707-6th missing
Beranek, Frank Residence 210 N. Foster missing
Bergh, Ole C. Residence 301 Fifth missing
Bergman, C. O. Residence 600-1st missing
Bergman Machine Co.   811 E. Main 63
Berndt, Emil Residence 607 Cottage 484-W
Berndt, Emil Farm R 4 9627-F-34
Berndt, Otto Residence 606-3d missing
Berndt, Otto Farm R 4 missing
Berndt, Paul Farm R 4 missing
Berndt, Wm. Soft Drink Parlor missing missing
Bertrand, Angus J. Residence 409 Blaine missing
Bess, Rev. Noah L. Residence 306 ? missing
Bessey, Herb Residence RFD 7 Box 10 869-J
Beyersdorf, Ernst Residence 818 Prospect 648-W
Beyersdorf, Theo Residence 107 California 663-M
Biard, Joseph J. Residence 310 Blaine 667-W
Bierlein, Leonard Farm R 1 9625-F-21
Bierman, C. A. Residence 206 Park 399-J
Biggs, Mrs. John Residence 1406 Cotter 873-R
Bjornberg, John Farm R 7 9635-F-12
Bjorklund, Chas. Residence 307 Cottage 721-W
Blair, Hayden Residence 511 Second 673-W
Blanchfield, E. C. Residence 506 Center 482-R
Block, Abe Residence 1001 Grand av 869
Block, Wm. Residence Farm R 5 9615-F-33
Bloechl, Frank Farm Doering 9621-F-31
Bloechl, John Residence Farm Doering 9621-F-32
Damaged pages with missing data      
Bonke, Herman Farm R 4 9627-F-14
Borchardt, Albert Residence 614 1/2 First 729-R
Borchardt, Carl Farm R 1 Naugart 9608-F-31
Borchardt, Ewald Farm R 5 9615-F-12
Borchardt, Harry Farm R 4 9643-F-2
Borchardt, Jno. Residence 603 Liberty 454-W
Borchardt, Oscar Residence 1001-6th 145-J
Borchardt, Pearl Residence 308 Hendricks 737-J
Borchardt, R. F. Farm R 7 9635-F-41
Borman, Cort H. Residence 615-1st 726-J
Borst, Jay H. Residence 1209 E. 9th 288-W
Bosch, Mrs. E. L. Residence 700 E. Main 154-W
Boston Store   1109-111 E Main 35
Bosworth, E. F. Residence 1401 E. 6th 450-J
Boucher, Louis Residence 104 N. Court 393-J
Bowell, Margaret M. Residence 200 Poplar 336-R
Bowman, James Farm R 8 9601-F-12
Boy Scouts of America   City Hall 580-W
Braatz, Albert Residence 604 Prospect 858-R
Braatz H. A. Residence 703 S. State 785-W
Brandenburg, Mrs. A. Residence 9th 177-R
Brandenburg, Herman   R 5 9628-F-14
Brandt, August Residence 602 W. 2nd 360-W
Brandt, E. C. Residence 910 Seventh 530-R
Brandt, Fred Residence 212 Prospect 593-J
Brandt, Herman Residence 120 State 476-M
Brandt, Jno Residence 200-2nd 519-J
Brandt, Otto R. Residence 508 Grand av missing
Brassard, Ed Store, Ice Cream Parlor 101 Mill missing
Brassard, E. R. Residence 310 Scott missing
Brassard, Henry J. Residence 1305 Seventh missing
Brassard, Jos. A. Residence 312 Scott missing
Brassard, Mrs. Wm. Residence 409 Pier missing
Bratz, Theo Residence 700 Prospect missing
Braun, A. J. Residence 203 Cottage 605-V
Braun, Ewald Residence 101 1/2 Mill 920-W
Braun, F. E. Residence 1105-3rd 82-R
Braun, Herman Farm R 5 9628-F-21
Braun, Wm. Residence 208 Prospect 239-J
Braun's Drug Store   809 E. First 45
Breitenbach, Helen Residence 113 Blaine 837
Britt, Miss Helen Store 1009 E. Main 43
Britt, Mrs. Wm. Residence 1400-6th 211-W
Brix, John A. Residence 200 N. Pine 382-W
Broecker, C. S. Residence 309 Logan 309-J
Broetzman, Wm. Residence 1012-6th 138-J
Brottmiller, Frk R. Residence 112 Cottage 485-W
Browman, S. G. Residence 507 Cottage 694-R
Brown, E. P. Real Estate Office 814 E. Main 908
Brown, E. P. Residence 612 First 887-W
Brown Ice Company   305-1st 717-W
Brown, Mrs. Sadie Residence 902-4th 381-J
Brown, Wm. P.   108 Logan 359
Bruce, Chas. W. Residence 108 S. Center 283
Brunow, August Residence 808 Center 538-W
Brunow, Frank Residence 808 Mill 618-R
Bublitz, Clark L. Residence 619-1st 645-J
Buch, Reinhard Farm R 1 9609-F-41
Buchholtz, F. H. Residence 408 Sixth 340-J
Buchholz, Chas. Farm R 2 9642-F-14
Buchholz, Wm. Farm R 5 9600-F-23
Buck, Emil Residence 304 Stuyvesant 736-M
Buckley, Miss Mary Residence 206-3d 433-J
Bucks, Aug. Residence 305 Wisconsin 438-R
Buesing, Paul Residence 411 W. Main 414-J
Buntrock, Harry Residence 505 N. Ohio 755-M
Buntrock, Jno Farm R 1 9631-F-31
Buran, H. Residence 1307 Tenth 346-W
Damaged pages with missing data      
Call, G. W. Residence 213 1st 719-M
Canfield, Frank Residence 1408 Division 755-R
Carl, Ben Residence 410 Cleveland 194-M
Carl Bros. Grocery   700 Cleveland 431
Carl, Mrs. Louise Residence 806-6th 716-J
Carlson, Gust Residence 1810 W. 1st 660-J
Carlson, Herman Residence 1504 W. Main 382-R
Catholic Rectory   304-2nd 563
Ceaglake, H. H. Residence 204 Cottage 452-W
Central Café   730 E. Second 610
Central Shoe Store   1020 E. Main 279-W
Chartier, Frank Residence 403 Fourth 638-M
Chartier, Geo. Residence 206 W. Sixth 668-R
Chattin, E. W. Residence 509 Furth 737-R
Chauvin Candy Co.   811-813 First 890-W
Chauvin, E. P. Residence 500 Center 890-R
Chauvin, Jos. Residence 120 1/2 S. Foster 892-J
Cherwenke, Richard Residence 1704 Logan av 147-W
C M St Paul & Pacific Ry Co. Pass Dep 307 E. 2nd 297-J
C M St Paul & Pacific Ry Co. Freight Dep 304 E. 2nd 143
C M St Paul & Pacific Ry Co. Rd Hse Stuyvesant 637-W
Chilsen, Caroline Farm R 8 9646-F-13
Chilsen, H. A. Store 1027 E. Main 225
Chilsen, Joe A. Residence 1300-7th 134-W
Chilsen, June Residence 602 E. Main 136-J
Chilsen, Norman Residence 214 Scott 625-W
Chilsen, W. B. Residence 201 Mill 314-J
Christenson, Carl O. Residence 405 Cleveland 840-J
Christenson, Miles Residence 1002 E. 5th 405-R
Citizens Investment Corporation   900 E. Main 801
Citizens National Bank   900 E. Main 800
City Meat Market   1216 E. Main 48
City Milk Station   722-2nd 649-W
Clancy, Blanche E. Residence 601-3rd 506-J
Close, W. G.   207 Sales Street 680-J
Clovstad, Oscar Residence Riverside Av 738-J
Cohrs, Herman   R 2 9603-F-22
Cohrs, Wm. Farm R 2 9645-F-22
Columbia Billiard Hall   413 W. Main 531-J
Combs, Frank W. Cheese Fct. R 5 9613-F-23
Combs, Fremont Residence 409-3d 387-J
Combs, Harvey Residence 404 Center 482-M
Combs, Myron Residence 1611 Jackson 334-J
Commercial Printing Co.   1307 E. Main 80
Concannon, J. N. Residence 700 Center Av. 901
Cook, H. A. Residence 608-3d 478-W
Cotey, J. W. Residence 204 Third 146-J
Cotey, Percy Residence 504 Genesee 454-M
Cotter, J. N. Residence 1110-3rd 779
Cramblit, Mrs. Besie Residence 1008-7th 404-M
Cramer, Jul Residence 607 E. 1st 726-M
Crotteau, Jasper Residence 912 W. 4th 425-J
Crotteau, Leslie Residence 1007 Grand Av. 350-W
Crystal Restaurant   316-2nd 129
Curphy, Gerland E. Residence 2000 Sixth 819
Curtis, Alfred T.   121 1/2 Mill 198
Curtis, Alfred T. Residence 900 E. 4th 381-W
Curtis, Geo. Jr. Residence 406 Mill 472-W
Curtis, George G. Attorney 814 E. Main 908
Curtis, Nat J. Residence 605 Liberty 807
Dabareiner, E. C. Residence 505 E. Second 570-W
Dahlberg, Chas. Residence Lake Rd. R 8 852-W
Dahm, H. O. Residence Cor Thomas & Water 411-M
Daib, Rev. Residence 1005-4th 480-J
Daley, John Residence 1402 E. Third 211-J
Daley, Owen Residence 301 Ohio 250-J
Dallman Dairy   705 State 529-J
Dallman, H. F. Residence 609 W. Second 495-J
Dallman, Herman Farm R 1 9634-F-22
Damaske, Albert Residence 1705 River 147-R
Daniek, Frank Residence 309 Genesee 593-W
Danielson, Andrew Residence 212 Scott 787-J
Danielson, Peter Soft Drks & Rest 800-802 E. First 606-W
Davis, O. G. Residence 614 State 224-W
Dayton, L. F. Residence 905-6th 530-J
De Croff, Wm. Jr. Residence 1600 Mathews 564-J
Degner, Alfred C. Restaurant 1315 E. Main 260-J
Deleglese, Alex Residence 908 1/2 Main 842
Dellenbach, John Residence 600-4th 267-W
Demmin, Wm. Residence 905 W. Fourth 467-M
Dengel, J. Residence 109 Pier 39-J
Dengel, Jno. Farm R 2 9642-F-5
Denne, Aug. Residence R 4 9622-F-4
Dernbach, Miss K. Residence 200 W. Third 342-J
Detert, Fred Residence 209 N. Pine 32-M
Detert Meat Market   200 Genesee 270
DeVall, Alice M. Residence 706 Spruce 619-W
DeVall, Harry E. Residence 1700 E. 3d 686-M
Dickroff, Wm. Farm R 2 9618-F-3
Dietrich, E. Residence 207-5th 419-W
Dietrich, Edw. N. Residence 605-4th 821-W
Dietrich, Jos. Residence Rt 7 131-J
Dietrich, Jos. A. Residence 502 Prospect 772-J
Discher, Henry Residence 200 First 586-W
Disney, Grant Farm R 2 9619-F-21
Dodge, L. E. Residence 500-2nd 413-J
Doepke, F. C H. Residence 207 Poplar 469
Doering Dept. Store   Doering 9621-F-2
Doering, Frank Farm Doering 9621-F-4
Doering, Harry Residence Doering 9621-F-12
Dominican Sisters Residence 200-3d 146-R
Donner, Robert Residence 206 S. Foster 752-W
Donner, W. R. Residence 812 State 365-J
Donohue, F. E. Residence 102 Cottage 783
Dorfsmith, Emil Residence 304 State 438-W
Dorfsmith, Richard Residence 406 Liberty 759-J
Doriot, C. H. Residence Riverside Av 115-J
Downie Agency Ins. Office 411 W. Main 51
Downie, John Residence 406 Tyler 184-J
Downie, Thos. Farm R 5 9603-F-5
Drew, Ralph Residence 1006 Sixth 823-J
Drollinger, Al Residence 209 Hendricks 465-M
Duginske, Anton Residence 301-3rd 670-J
Duginski, Leo Farm R 1 9632-F-6
Duginski, Mike Grocer 219-2nd 7
Duginski, P. L. Residence R 8 9601-F-13
Duncan, W. H. Residence 1103 N. State 573-M
Duranso, Louis Residence 308 Douglas 753-R
Duteau, Geo Residence 510 State 704-J

Name Residence Address Phone No.
Ebert, Arthur C. Residence 1505 Main 44-W
Ebert, Aug. Farm R 1 9624-F-22
Eckert, R. Residence 302 Genesee missing
Edbauer, Geo. Residence 1611-2nd missing
Edbauer, Joe Residence missing missing
Edbauer, John J. Residence missing missing
Eggers, Elmer Residence missing missing
Eggers, H. W. Residence missing missing
Eggers, Herman Residence missing missing
Eggers, Miss Martha Residence missing missing
Eggers, Wim. Farm R 5 missing
Eidnes, Rev. C. G. Residence 312 Logan 815
Eleanore's Beauty Parlor   Badger Hotel bldg. 775
Eliason, Ernest Residence 206 1/2 Fourth 930-W
Elk's Club Rooms   1117 E. Third 108
Ellsworth, Ora Residence 601 W. 2nd 457-M
Elsaesser, Martha Residence 506 Scott 498-R
Elsen, Jno. Residence 105 S. Prospect 361-J
Emanuel, E. Residence 1414 Mathews 752-J
Emerich, A. A. Residence 1210 W. Main 139-W
Emerich, H. Residence 201 Thomas 665-M
Emerich, J. A. Residence 106 State 623
Emerich, Lyndon B. Residence 1501 W. 1st 171-J
Emerich, M. W. Residence 1914 W. Main 872-W
Emerich Merc Co.   1504 W. Main 331
Emerich, Stanley Residence 608 E. First 645-W
Emerich's Fashion Shoppe   813 First 203
Emmerich, Harry Farm Rt 1, Naugart 9608-F-15
Emmerich Ice Cream Factory   606 W. Main 81
Engel, Jno. Farm R 7 9620-F-21
Engel, Lenard Farm R 4 9643-F-32
English, P. Residence 211 East 342-W
Engstrom, H. J. Residence 1004 W. 4th 402-J
Episcopal Vicerage   210 Pier 833-W
Erdman, Frank Farm R 5 9613-F-31
Erdman, Henry Residence 912-5th 374-J
Erdman, John F. Residence 1600 W. Main 411-R
Erickson, Ole Farm R 3 9641-F-11
Eserhart, John Farm R 5 9610-F-2
Euler, Aug Farm R? 9639-F-21
Evers, H. J. Residence ? Third 364-W
Everson, Ed Residence 801 Center 196-J
Everson, Gilbert Residence 403-6th 274-J
Damaged pages with missing data      
Farmer's Feed Store   1319 E. Main 929
Fechtner, Aug. Residence 400 Genesee 191-J
Fechtner, H. A. Residence 1609 Third 690-W
Fechtner, L. W. Residence 202 State 493-J
Fechtner, Wm. Residence 1205-1st 151-J
Fechtner & Company Meat Mkt 200 Prospect 28
Fehland, Mrs. H. R. Residence 1806 Logan Av 539-R
Fehlberg, Frank Residence 1811 E. 1st 646-J
Fehlburg, Max Farm Doering 9621-F-22
Fehrman, F. W. Residence 1403 W. Water 892-W
Fehrman, W. C. Residence 106 Logan 426-W
Fenske, Rudolph   R 5 9610-F-4
Fields, Goodman Residence 904 Grand Av 523-W
Finn, A. D. Residence 206-2nd 598-J
Finn, Mrs. David Residence 301-2nd 722-J
Finucan, J. M. Optometrist 911 E. Main 209
Finucan, Dr. J. M. Residence 409 Scott 367-W
Fire Department No. 1 East Side 701 E. First 66
Fire Department No. 2 West Side 503 Grand Av 97
Fischer, Alfred Residence 117 N. Foster 631-J
Fischer, Andrew Well Driller 105 S. Pine 883-W
Fischer, J. B. Residence 206 Scott 427-J
Fischer, Jos. P. Well Driller 403 Foster 674-W
Fisher, Rev. Wm. Farm R 1 9609-F-32
Fitzgerald Mfg. Co.   Sturdevant 814
Fleischfresser, A. Genl Mdse 415 Grand Av 372-W
Fletcher, B. R. Residence 607 Cottage 694-W
Flynn, P. G. Residence 111 South Ohio 876-R
Ford, C. E. Residence 1400 E. Main 490-J
Ford, John Residence 9-10th 369-W
Foster, Elmore Residence 909 Sixth 380-R
Foster, Ervin Soft Drink Parlor 801 ? 311-J
Foster, Mrs. Estella Residence 801 1/2 First 494-J
Foster, Geo. A. Residence 304 Center Av 117-J
Foster, I. G. Residence 800 Sixth 874-W
Fowler, Chas. Drugs 914 E. Main 46
Fowler, Chas. Residence 1003-2nd 784
Fox, C. H. Farm Gleason R 2 9617-F-16
Fox Theater Office 813 E. Main 900
Franc, Max E. Residence 211 Center 118-J
Frazier, Mrs. Ann Severt   208 Cooper 432-J
Frazier, LaRue Residence 2004 E. Main 475-M
Frazier, O.   1710 E. 1st 234-J
Frazier, Reid Residence 1602 E. First 862-W
Frechette, Thomas P. Residence 809 Center 724-J
Frederick, Ed Residence 303 S. Foster 718-M
Fredricks, Geo. Farm R 1 9609-F-14
Freiberg, Arthur Residence 601 W. 1st 735-J
Freiberg, Aug. Residence 2001 E. Main 432-R
Freiberg, Herbert Residence 1106-2nd 290
Freiberg, ? Residence 609 Cottage 694-J
French's Chocolate Shop   912 E. Main 613
French Ridge Dairy Co.   R 3 9641-F-6
Fried, Louis Sale Stable 1205 River 192
Fried, Louis Residence 211 Center Av. 390
Fries, Jos. J. Residence 408 Pier 323-J
Friday, A. C. Residence 308 Scott 625-J
Frisch, I. Soft Drinks 310-2nd 156-J
Frisch, Sam Residence 112 Pier 882-J
Friske, Mrs. Helen Residence 500 Logan 403-W
Fritz, Fred D. Residence 800 E. Main 276-W
Froehlich, Mrs. J. Residence 101 Stuyvesant 349-J
Frye, Milton Residence 307 Logan 232-W
Fuchs, George Residence 1421 Main 525-J
Fulwider, H. L. Residence 500 Douglas 333-J
Gaeu, Wm. Farm R 5 9625-F-13
Gagnon, O. J.   121 N. Genesee 307-W
Galipeau, Paul Residence 403 Blaine 479-W
Galipeau, Ray Residence 1010-9th 736-W
Galvan, John Residence 106 Van Renselaer 696-W
Gatien, Amy Residence 112-4th 265-J
Gauer, Paul Farm R 7 9626-F-2
Gavin, Frank Residence 206 East 463-M
Gebert, Paul Residence 615 W. Main 385-W
Gebert, Paul Jr. Residence 118 State 816
Geeraerts, Felix Farm R 8 9601-F-23
Gehrke, Fred Residence 500 Logan 856-W
Gehrke, Harry Residence 713 Schultz 738-W
Gehrke, Theo Farm R 2 9619-F-22
Geiger, Ed H. Farm R 2 9619-F-15
Geiss, Jno. Farm R 5 Merrill 9621-F-3
Geiss, Mrs. Stephen Residence 1501 E. First 684-W
Genrich, Alb. Residence 1407-6th 450-W
Genrich, Emil Farm R 1 9612-F-13
Genrich, Harry Farm R 1 9612-F-12
Genrich, O. F. Residence 1700 Main 284-J
Gensmann, Leo Residence 303 Genesee 319-J
Gensmann, Wm. Farm R 2 9619-F-32
Genz, Ed Farm R 5 9614-F-5
Gerke's Concrete Blocks   Riverside Av & S. Park R 3 126-W
Germain, Glen E. Residence 1000 Cedar 748-J
Gesicki, Leo Residence 305 Pier 763-W
Gibson, Geo. Residence R 2 9603-F-12
Giese, A. R. Farm R 5 9614-F-2
Giese, Albert Farm R 1 9607-F-13
Gilbertson, Sam Residence 300 N. Pine 295-J
Gilkey, Geo Residence 1204-6th 112
Gipple, Ben   315-2nd 325-W
Gipple, Ben Residence 315 1/2 2nd 599-W
Goetsch, Mrs. Augusta Residence 810 Chippewa 214-M
Goetsch, Ben   Lake Rd. R 8 854
Goetsch, Ben Residence 400 Mill 391-J
Goetsch Garage   201 Merrill 388-W
Goetsch, Mrs. R.   R 5 9614-F-13
Goetz, Martin Farm R 1 9607-F-4
Going, Rev. Walter C. Farm R 4 9611-F-33
Goldbeck, Fred Residence R 4 9611-F-5
Goldberg, Louis Residence 1004 Fourth 458
Golden, Francis J. Law Office 121 1/2 Mill, Suite 203 198
Golden, Francis J. Residence 1000 Seventh 619-J
Goldsmith, Mike Farm Gleason R 2 9621-F-33
Gorman, Petr Residence 206 N. Foster 758-W
Gorski, Bolish Farm R 2 9645-F-12
Gospill, J. G. Farm R 8 9646-F-24
Gosselin, Leon Residence 122 State 447-W
Gould, Mrs. Anna Residence R 8 9644-F-13
Gould, John Residence 609 E. First 726-W
Govig, Peter P. Jr. Farm R 7 9635-F-11
Graap, Paul Farm R 1 9634-F-12
Graham, J. C. Residence 105 1/2 S. Genesee 414-M
Gramzow, Wm Farm R 1 9612-F-2
Grand Ave. Coffee Shoppe   411 Grand Av. 881
Grand Father Falls Co. Office   900 Mill 17-W
Grandfather Road Cheese Factory   R 7 9626-F-11
Granholm, C. J. Residence 608 Blaine 419-J
Granholm, Geo. Residence 210 Hendrichs 652-W
Greager, Mrs. G. F. Residence 301 E. 1st 719-R
Green, Edward A. Residence 508 Pier 333-W
Green, Harold Residence 109-2nd 303-W
Green, Harry C. Florist 710-2nd 204
Green, Mrs. J. W. Residence 1400 River 514-W
Grefe, Robert Residence 411 State 182
Grell, Edwin Farm R 1 9624-F-13
Gremler, Frank Residence 807 Cedar 134-J
Grob, Ed F. Residence 409 State 484-J
Grob, Ralph Residence 405 Third 833-R
Gronlund, E. Residence 501-1st 723-J
Groth, Mrs. Ed Farm R 5 9628-F-3
Groth, Martin Residence Route 4 Box 6 884-R
Grothman, E. Residence 710-6th 316-J
Gruenwald, Aug Farm R 1 9633-F-11
Gruett, A. Residence 108 Cottage 358-W
Gruett Drug Co.   416 W. Main 368
Gruett Drug Co.   100 Foster 312
Gruett, P. Amos Residence 109 Cottage 180
Gruetzmacher, Erwin Farm R 6 9621-F-25
Gruetzmacher, Geo. O. B. Residence 726 1/2 Second 727
Grund, Frank Farm R 2 9642-F-6
Grund, Walter Farm R 8 9621-F-23
Grundeman, F. A. Residence 1212-7th 422-W
Grunenwald, A. Farm R 3 9633-F-3
Grunenwald, H. F. Farm R 1 9633-F-11
Gumtz, Carl Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-5
Gunderson, Albert Farm R 8 9646-F-5
Gunderson, Gus Farm Route 3 Box 214 9644-F-12
Gurskey, Frank Residence 110 Second 774-R
Gustafson, I. A. Residence 610 Elm 845-J
Gutknecht, Aug Farm R 3 9636-F-21
Gutknecht, Henry Farm R 5 9600-F-22
Gutknecht, Herman Farm R 5 9600-F-41
Gutknecht, Paul Blacksmith 116 N. Genesee 190-J
Gutknecht, Paul Residence 111 State 457-J
Name Residence Address Phone No.
Haas, Mrs. Carl Residence 508 East 827-R
Haas, Frank Residence 2213 Sturdevant 905-J
Haas, Wm. Residence 809 Chippewa 562-J
Hackbart, C. F. Residence 301 Prospect 495-R
Hackbart, Emil Farm R 5 9614-F-12
Hackbart, Frank Residence 601 Division 310-J
Hackbart, H. C. Cheese Factory R 1 9623-F-12
Hackbart, H. H. Residence Farm R 5 9623-F-13
Hackbart, Henry Farm R 5 9613-F-13
Hackbarth, L. C. Residence 409-5th 638-W
Hackbarth, Richard Residence 1810 E. Main 646-W
Haeger, Wm. Residence 707 State 510-W
Hafemeister, Geo. W. Residence 311 Park 338-J
Hafferman, Carl Residence 500 Prospect 601-J
Hafferman, Frank Residence 709 Scott 181-J
Hafferman, Otto Farm Naugart R 1 9609-F-23
Hafferman, Robt.   700 Grand Av 363-W
Halder, Oscar Residence 604 State 596-W
Hamlin, J. H. Realty Co.   814 E. Main 62
Hamlin, J. H. Residence 404 Blaine 486-J
Hamsing, C. A. Shoe Shop 1314 E. Main 394-J
Hamsing, Carl Residence 1410 E. Main 490-W
Hamsing, Henry Residence 1501 Sixth 687-J
Hanf, E. F. Residence 1304-6th 736-J
Hangartner, Julius Residence 505 Scott 697-M
Hanig, Hugo Residence 1404 River 626-W
Hanneman, Mrs. Herman Residence 410 Center 482-W
Hanneman, Herbert Farm R 5 9615-F-11
Hanneman, Martin Residence 703 E. 4th 429-W
Hansen, Martin Residence 703 Cottage 365-R
Hansen, Peter Residence 700 Cottage 224-J
Hansen & Pagel's Constr Co.   612 Main 286-J
Hanson, A. E. Residence 402 Chippewa 212-J
Hanson, A. H.   1208 E. Main 195-J
Hanson, Alfred Residence R 7 131-W
Hanson, H. A. Residence 411-6th 274-W
Hanson, H. L. Residence 501 Liberty 226-W
Hanson, Olaf H. Residence 302 W. Fifth 827-M
Hanson, R. Residence 308 East St. 651-W
Harris, Hans Genl Mdse 201 E. 2nd 377-W
Harris, Hans Residence 111 Logan 377-J
Harrison, E. Gary Farm R 3 9646-F-12
Harrison, Geo. H. Residence 1412 Sixth 746
Harrison Paint & Chemical Co. Inc. Sales   820
Hartwig, Fred Farm R 5 9630-F-3
Hartwig, Herbert Farm R 5 9630-F-32
Hartz, Fred Residence 509 State 574-W
Hass, Mrs. Aug. Farm R 1 9624-F-11
Hass, Emil A. Farm R 4 9609-F-25
Hass, Harry Farm R 5 9604-F-23
Hass, Henry Farm R 4 9643-F-31
Hassett, Al Residence 208 Pine 295-W
Haugen, I. J. Residence 500-1st 345
Haugen Oil Co.   500 First 345
Heath, Grover Residence 308 Wisconsin 616-J
Heckendorf, Max Residence 618 State 707-W
Heckman, Anna, Mrs. Residence 1404 Mathews 351-J
Heckman, Clarence Residence 207 Fourth 667-M
Heckman Dry Cleaners   604 Second 49
Heckman, R. M. Residence 700 Fourth 849
Heggbloom, L. I. Residence 209 Fourth 853-J
Hehling, Harry Residence 609 Blaine 851-J
Heideman, Robt. Residence 1500 E. Main 275-W
Heilman, Mrs. A. L. Residence 102 S. Center 499-J
Heimerman, Nick Residence 110 Second 774-J
Heineman, Edgar E. Residence 201 Center Av. 92
Heineman, H. H. Residence 1206 E. Sixth 116
Heineman Lumber Co. Office Mill   600
Heinemann Fred Co.   121 1/2 Mill 148
Heinemann, Fred Residence 315 Center Av. 130
Heinrichs, Wm. Residence 1404 Cotter Av. 718-W
Heldt, Aug. Farm R 3 885-W
Heldt, Ed Residence 108 S. Prospect 451-J
Heller, Fred Residence 912 West 891-R
Helmke, Martin Farm R 1 9624-F-31
Helmke, Theo Farm R 1 Hamburg 9608-F-6
Helmstader, Jacob Residence 710 Scott 181-W
Henrich, Ed Farm R 5 9610-F-11
Henrich, Geo. Jr. Residence 1806 First 862-R
Henrich, Harold Residence 104 Hendricks 280-J
Henrich, Mrs. Herman Farm Naugart R 1 9634-F-33
Henrich, Mrs. John Residence 1808 River 592-J
Henrich, Val Jr.   1610 E. Main 607-M
Henry, Mrs. Emma Residence 204 N. Pine 382-J
Henry, Guy L. Residence 403 Liberty 829-R
Henson, Russ Residence 305 Park 708
Hermanson, Clarence Farm R 8 9617-F-21
Hertell, Oscar J. Residence 209 Stuyvesant 159
Heseman, E. H. Residence 703-3d 478-J
Hess, Henry Residence 817 W. Fourth 616-W
Hestad, Knute Residence 106 E. Fourth 851-M
Hesterman, O. Office 1003 E. Main 104
Hesterman, O. Residence 100 Court 248-W
Hibbard, Arthur Residence 101 E. 4th 435-W
Hieb, G. Residence 710 E. Fourth 391-W
Hieb, Henry Residence 1403 First 913-J
Hieb, J. H. Residence 804-3d 327
Highway Service Station   1300 W. Main 794-W
Hill, Charles Farm R 7 9626-F-4
Himmelsbach, Jno. Soft Drinks 1410 Main 205-J
Himmelsbach, Jno. Residence 1605 W. 1st 665-J
Hinckley, Dr. H. G. Physician Office 402 1/2 Main 383
Hinckley, Dr. H. G. Physician Residence 101 State 237
Hinkley, E. A. Residence 211 Fifth 811-W
Hinz, Emil A. Farm R 8 9644-F-22
Hinz, Herbert Residence 1007 W. Fourth 292-W
Hinz, Herman Soft Drinks 1201 E. Main 379
Hinz, Martin Farm R 5 9623-F-22
Hinz, Otto Farm R 5 9605-F-4
Hinz, Wm. Residence Farm R 1 9623-F-4
Hipke, John Residence 107 Lake 692-W
Hirscher, Dr. Geo. Dentist 922 1/2 Main 249
Hirscher, Dr. Geo. Residence 402 Mill 124-W
Hitzke, Frank H. Residence 713 S. Genesee 440-J
Hodgson, Earl Residence R 8 Merrill 9621-F-11
Hoehne, Albert Residence 1610 Seventh 880-W
Hoff, Ernst Farm R 5 9610-F-32
Hoff, Fred Farm R 5 9628-F-11
Hoff, Wm. Farm R 5 9628-F-4
Hoffman, Arthur Residence 909 N. State 573-W
Hoffman, Rudolph Farm R 1 9607-F-21
Hoffren, John Residence 309 E. 6th 218-W
Hogl, Frank Farm R 8 9621-F-15
Hohn, Mrs. Julius   R 4 9611-F-22
Holden, W. L. Residence 1005 E. 7th 542-J
Holl, Carl Residence 208 Stuyvesant 776-W
Holl, Edgar E. Residence 1104 1/2 Fifth 575-J
Holl, Elmer Soft Drinks 317 Second 568-W
Holl, Harold Residence 509 E. Seventh 174-J
Holl, Wm. Residence 1504 First 691-W
Holy Cross Hospital   R 1 30
Holz, Carl Farm R 1 9600-F-4
Holz, Henry Farm R 1 9600-F-2
Holz, Leonard Residence 610 East 369-R
Hoock, J. Residence 110 State 447-J
Hot Soup   419 Second 568-J
Hotel Lincoln   120 Mill 64
Hotzfeld, Mrs. Wm. Residence 1009 Eighth 822-M
Howard, Geo. Farm R 5 9605-F-12
Howard, James Residence 611 Division 651-M
Howard, Walter Residence 1610 E. Main 607-M
Howes, Fred Residence 200 Stuyvesant 305-J
Howland, E. E. Hdwe 1006 E. Main 6
Howland, E. E. Residence 1004 E. 3d 329-J
Howland, G. B. Residence 1102 Third 836-W
Howland, Giles W. Residence 1006 1/2 Main 608-W
Hudzinski, Stanley Residence 309 East 634-W
Huffman, E. L. Residence 105-2nd 656-J
Hughes, Dr. C. C. Dentist 416 1/2 W. Main 22
Hulke, Arthur Residence 1308 Eighth 748-R
Hunziker, Leonard Residence 804 Seventh 509-J
Hurd, H. M. Residence 408 Mill 395
Ingersoll, Jay Residence 205-1st 223-J
Ingersoll, Robt. Residence 609 Superior 829-W
Isikson, Martin Residence 405-8th 293-R
Ives, Wm. Residence 1308 Sixth 700
Jacobson, Jonas Farm R 3 9641-F-4
Jacoby, Cora, Mrs. Residence 203 Genesee 135-W
Jaeger, A. C. Residence 107 Stuyvesant 176-W
Jaeger, Miss Amanda Residence 1208 E. Main 701-W
Jaeger, Aug. Farm R 2 9618-F-5
Jaeger, Otto Farm R 1 9606-F-11
Jaeger, Wm. Residence 1501 Mathews 518-J
Jaenke, Rudolph Farm R 1 9624-F-24
Jahnke, O. A.   107 Pier 599-J
Jahns, Ernest Farm R 5 9615-F-32
Jankowsky, Mrs. C. Residence 400 S. Foster 566-W
Jankowsky, W. C. Residence 1701 W. Main 241-W
Jehn, A. H. Farm R 5 9615-F-3
Jenks, Mrs. Ellen Residence 1405 E 1st 684-M
Jenny, Mark Residence 1802 Jackson 518-W
Jester, Harold Residence 608 East 757-J
Joch, Mrs. Louis Residence 1106-7th 730-W
Johannes, Erwin C. Residence 1804 E. Second 846-W
Johannes, Wm. & Co. Store 413 Grand Av 68
Johannes, Wm. Residence 207 Cottage 468-W
Johnson, Andrew Residence 411 Liberty 425-M
Johnson, Mrs. C. E. Residence 115 Cottage 175
Johnson, Fred Soft Drinks 1300 E. Main 215
Johnson, Gus Residence 501 Pier 436-W
Johnson, Harry Residence 404 Genesee 829-J
Johnson, J. Residence 210-5th 265-W
Johnson, Lawrence R. Residence 1213 1/2 W. Main 264
Johnson, Martin Residence 837 Cleveland 728-M
Johnson, Ole Residence 406-7th 174-W
Johnson Super Service Station   107 Center Av 306-W
Johnson, Walter N. Residence 1608 W. Main 250-M
Johnston, Harry W. Residence 1206 Seventh 462-W
Johr, Ida, Mrs.   311 Wisconsin 161-W
Jole, M. R. Farm R 3 9641-F-3
Jopke, Louis Residence R 1 481
Josephson, Carl Residence 311 Park 338-J
Juhlke, Lenord Farm R 1 9611-F-41
Juhlke, Paul Farm R 1, Naugart 9634-F-4
Julian, H. L. Residence 612 Division 759-M
Justman, Emil Residence 608 W. Second 720-J
Name Residence Address Phone No.
Kabbeck, John Residence 506 East 827-W
Kadtke, Paul Farm R 5 9615-F-13
Kahre, Fred Farm R 2 9619-F-31
Kaiser, L. W. Residence 1010-2nd 335-W
Kalafice, Nick   912 1/2 E. Main 771
Kamke, Aug & Sons Hdw   1220 E. Main 306-J
Kamke, Carl Residence 1310 E. Sixth 894-W
Kamke, H. A. Farm R 2 9618-F-11
Kamp, Warren Residence R 1 9609-F-6
Kampmeyer, Henry Farm R 5 9614-F-33
Kanitz, Herman Farm R 1 9606-F-4
Kanitz, Paul Farm R 6 9617-F-26
Kaplan, Geo Farm R 5 9629-F-5
Karau, Alvin Farm R 6 9641-F-24
Karau, Arthur Farm R 6 9641-F-23
Karau, August P. Farm R 2 9642-F-23
Karau, Carl Farm R 6 9617-F-12
Karau, Herman Residence 1403 River 650-R
Karch, Charles H. Residence 115 S. Genesee 907
Karnopp, Henry, Rev. Residence 103 Polk 659-W
Kasper, Geo. Farm R 7 9640-F-2
Kasten, Walter Farm R 4 9643-F-21
Katke, Andrew Farm R 2 9645-F-2
Katzemeyer, John Residence 500 Genesee 773-M
Kell, Emil Residence 902 W. 7th 261-J
Keller, Carl Residence 201 N. Foster 631-R
Kelley, Dr. F. H. Physician Office 922 1/2 E. Main 249
Kelley, Dr. F. H. Residence 1004 E. 5th 56
Kellner, Otto   1107 Third 82-M
Kellogg, H. M. Residence 1000-3rd 747-J
Kemp, Mrs. Wm. Residence 822 Chippewa 425-R
Kendall, A. F. Residence 1000 E. 2nd 336-W
Kienbaum, Henry Residence 109 Lake 691-M
Kienbaum, Wm. Farm R 1 9634-F-16
Kienietz, Paul Residence 407 Cottage 476-W
Kiepke, Emil C. Residence 114 Cottage 806
Kiepke, Louis Farm R 8 9646-F-31
Kiepke's Grocery   412 W. Main 715
King, Mrs. Tillie Residence 104 Logan 554-R
Kingsley, R. G. Residence 1600 E. Main 55-W
Kinzel, C. J. Residence 700 W. Main 287
Kinzel Lumber Co. Office W Main 678
Kinzel Lumber Co. Camp 40 Newood 9638-F-11
Kinzel Lumber Co. Camp 41 Newood 9638-F-12
Kinzel Lumber Co. Camp 42 Newood 9638-F-4
Kinzel Lumber Co. Warehouse Newood 9638-F-2
Kislinger, Joe J. Farm R 4 9609-F-42
Klammer, August Farm R 1 9611-F-11
Klebenow, Ernst Farm R 1 9609-F-31
Klebenow, Paul Farm R 1 9609-F-11
Klebenow, R. Residence 1409 Milwaukee 591-W
Klebenow, Robt. Farm R 1 9607-F-3
Klein, Herman Farm Doering 9621-F-24
Kleinschmidt, A. Farm R 1 9631-F-12
Kleinschmidt, Carl Residence 404 Logan 811-R
Kleinschmidt, Mrs. Carl Farm R 1 9623-F-3
Kleinschmidt, E. J. Farm R 1 9604-F-3
Kleinschmidt, Emil Farm R 1 9631-F-32
Kleinschmidt, Ernest Residence 707 Center 583-J
Kleinschmidt, F. Farm R 1 9631-F-11
Kleinschmidt, H. J. Farm R 1 9633-F-2
Kleinschmidt, H. O. Farm R 1 9606-F-21
Kleinschmidt, Dr. H. R. Office 115 N. Genesee missing
Kleinschmidt, Dr. H. R. Residence 602-2nd missing
Kleinschmidt, Harold Farm R 1 9633-F-??
Kleinschmidt, Jno. Farm R 3 9633-F-??
Kleinschmidt, Otto Residence 1708-2nd 543-W
Kleinschmidt, Otto Farm R 1 Hamburg 9608-F-22
Kleinschmidt, P. Cheese Factory R 4 9611-F-12
Kleinschmidt, R. H. Farm R 1 9631-F-4
Kleinschmidt, Robert Farm R 1 9633-F-21
Kleinschmidt, W. Farm R 1 9632-F-22
Kleinschmidt, W. C. Farm R 3 9633-F-31
Kleinschmidt, Walter Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-15
Klimek, Frank Residence R 7 515-R
Klinger, Art Residence 406 Scott 326-R
Klinger, Martin Residence 607 Poplar 380-J
Klinko, Frank Residence 2007 E. Main 428-J
Kloke, J. S. Residence 1605-3rd 688-R
Kloss, F. E. Residence 1200 Jackson 762-W
Klueckman, E. Groceries 1404 W. Main 761
Klueckman, Emil Residence 1500 W. Water 612-M
Kluetz, H. Drugs 1016 E. Main 122
Kluetz, H. Residence 506 Mill 405-J
Kluetz, Dr. R. H. Office 1006 1/2 E. Main 615
Kluetz, Dr. R. H. Residence 612 Mill 703-W
Klug, Frank   1104-2nd 82-W
Klug, H. Residence 104 S. Prospect 414-R
Klug, Robert Farm R 1 9607-F-11
Kluxdal, J. A. Farm R 7 9637-F-11
Knauss, Mrs. T. Residence 1706 E. Main 234-W
Kniess, August Farm R 5 9613-F-3
Knospe, Geo. Residence 710 8th 741-W
Knudson, Nick E. Residence 121 Cottage 150-W
Knuth, Wm. Residence 707 Superior 261-W
Koblitz, Arthur Residence 411 Prospect 705-M
Kobs, Martha, Mrs. Residence 311 Genesee 595-J
Koch, Jno. Residence 210 East 508-J
Koch, Norman Residence 707 Third 781-W
Koebe, P. H. Residence 801 Grand Av 402-M
Koehler, Art Residence 600 Third 781-J
Koehler, Ed Residence 405 Liberty 402-R
Koehler, Emil Farm R 4 9627-F-24
Koehler, Erwin Farm R 4 9643-F-13
Koehler, L. A. Residence 309 Scott 693-W
Koehler, Reinholt Farm R 4 9627-F-31
Koelsch, Henry Farm R 4 9627-F-13
Kohlhoff, Krueger & Co.   408 W. Main 532
Kohlhoff, L. J. Residence 504 State 488
Kohn, Rev. W. L. Residence 105 State 552-J
Kopp, Wenzel Residence 1207 Cotter Av 491-W
Kordick, A. W. Residence 409 Genesee 263-W
Kordick, John Residence 1510 Mathews 564-W
Koschman, E. Residence 708 Grand Av 226-J
Kraft, Gut Farm R 3 9637-F-21
Krause, Ed Farm R 4 9627-F-21
Krause, Eric Farm R 5 9614-F-14
Krause, Fred Farm R 4 9627-F-31
Krause, Gustav Farm R 4 9627-F-25
Krause, Harry Farm R 4 9627-F-12
Krause, Reinhold Residence 1911 W. Main 644-R
Krause, Reinhold Farm R 1 9609-F-13
Krause, Wm. Farm R 4 9627-F-5
Kreis, Herman Residence Lake View 369-M
Krembs, E. A. Residence 1311-6th 444-W
Krembs, Dr. Eugene A. Office 813 1/2 E. Main 26
Krembs, Dr. Eugene A. Residence 500 Second 503-J
Krenz, Herman Farm R 1 Hamburg 9608-F-21
Kriehn, Reinhold Farm R 1 9634-F-6
Kriewald, Chas Residence 205-3rd 242-W
Krohn, Robert H. Residence 1600 Third 53-R
Krom, Clothing Co.   820-1st 27-W
Krom, Harry Residence 1007-2nd 473-W
Krueger, Anton Sr. Residence 809 Mill 404-J
Krueger, Mrs. Barbara Residence 1710 Third 686-W
Krueger, Ben Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-24
Krueger, Chas. Residence 503 Prospect 827-J
Krueger, Chas F. Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-13
Krueger, Edwin Residence R 1 581-J
Krueger, Edwin Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-26
Krueger, Emil Residence 1707 W. Main 612-W
Krueger, Emil O Undertaking Parlors 927 E. Main 18
Krueger, Emil O. Residence 208 Logan 364-J
Krueger, Emil O.   Tug Lake 9640-F-21
Krueger, Ernest Residence 914 West 891-J
Krueger, Gerhardt Residence 1704 E. Main 607-J
Krueger, Gus Residence 206 Stuvyesant 776-J
Krueger, H. A. Residence 308 Poplar 315-W
Krueger, H. F. Farm R 5 9605-F-2
Krueger, Harold R. Residence 1500 Ninth 177-J
Krueger, Harry Farm R 1 Naugart 9624-F-6
Krueger, Leo Farm R 1 Naugart 9612-F-22
Krueger, Marvin Residence 208 Fourth 856-R
Krueger, Max A. Residence 601 Genesee 483-W
Krueger, Mrs. Myrnie O. Residence 504 Prospect 772-W
Krueger, R. C. Residence 912 Seventh 822-R
Krueger, T. E. Farm R 5 9604-F-31
Krueger, Theo Residence R 7 515-W
Krueger, W. H. Store 1501 E. Main 94
Krueger, Walter T. Farm R 1 9632-F-32
Krueger, Will F. Farm R 8 9644-F-4
Kruse, Ernst Farm R 7 9635-F-3
Kruse, Herman Farm R 7 9635-F-2
Kubasta Agency   1003 E. Main 104
Kubasta, C. H. Residence Badger Hotel bldg. 734-J
Kubasta, Joseph Residence 300 Cottage 578-W
Kuckhahn, Theo Farm R 1 Naugart 9634-F-2
Kudick, F. Farm R 1 9632-F-31
Kudick, Frank C. Residence 124 Prospect 437-J
Kuehl, Chas. Residence 704 Third 834-J
Kuehling, H. H. Residence 1007 E. 4th 511
Kuehn, Richert Farm R 7 9635-F-13
Kufahl, Ernst Farm R 2 9619-F-5
Kufahl, Paul Farm R 2 9642-F-11
Kurth, F. C. Farm R 3 9637-F-25
Kurtz, Robt. Residence 119 Cottage 162-J
Laabs, Emil Farm R 5 9614-F-21
Laak, Emil Farm R 8 9617-F-22
Laak, Ernest Residence 1506-2nd 688-J
Laatsch, Herbert Farm R 5 9614-F-23
Laatsch, Wm. Farm R 5 9616-F-21
La Court, George Residence 1904 W. Main 492-W
Lagerbloom, J. G. Residence 402 E. Fourth 658-W
Lake-Lands Motors, Inc.   419 W. Main 492-W
Lambert, J. E. Residence 301 Center Av 542-W
Lamberty, Lambert P. Residence 504 Third 652-J
Lambrecht, C. F.   1610 Main 876-W
Lambrecht, John Residence 803 Grand Av 629-W
La More, F. S. Residence 816 Chippewa 214-J
Lane, Dr. Francis C. Residence 201 Cottage 919-W
Lane, Thos. Residence 201 N. Cottage 919-R
Langbecker, Albert Farm R 1 9623-R-23
Langbecker, Gust Residence 407 East 634-J
Langbecker, Otto Farm R 1 9600-F-21
Langhoff, Albert Farm R 1 Hamburg 9608-F12
Lansbach, Henry Farm R 4 9643-F-23
Lapinski, Frank Farm R 7 9639-F-2
Larkee's Hatchery   1315 E. Main 921-W
Larson, H. P. Residence 104 N. Ohio 804-W
Larson, L. E. Residence 211 Pine 865-W
Lavine, Herman Residence 105-2nd 656-J
Latzig, Richard Residence 105 Stuyvesant 305-M
Latzig, Wm. Farm R 6 9642-F-3
Lawrenz, Carl Residence 809 Scott 538-J
Leavitt, H. L. Residence 1800 E. Main 862-J
Leavitts, Wm. N. Residence 823 W. 4th 292-J
Lechelt, August   R 7 Merrill 9640-F-4
Leck, Ludwig Farm R 8 9644-F-31
Lee, John Residence 110 Logan 554-W
Leidiger Beverage Co   1609 River 3
Leidiger, Louis Residence 1604 E. Main 55-J
Leisman, Chas. Residence 1006-6th 455
Leistikow, Elmer Farm R 1 9600-F-6
Leistikow, Fred Farm R 5 9600-F-24
Leistikow, Herman Farm R 1 9624-F-33
Lemke, Aug. E. B. Farm R 5 9610-F-23
Lemke, H. F. Residence 814 W. 4th 350-J
Lenz, Otto Residence 609 Division 759-R
Leopold, Paul W. Residence 707 E. 1st 392-M
Le Sage, Melvin Residence 410 Scott 737-W
Lesky, John Residence 510-1st 366-J
Liberty, Mitchell Residence 1001 1/2 E. First 608-R
Lincoln Beauty Parlors   813 1/2 E. Main 73
Lincoln Bowling Alley   816 E. Main 86-J
Lincoln Box Co.   1210 W. 1st 36
Lincoln Canning Co.   2001 W. Water 528
Lincoln Cleaners   809 East Main 99-W
Lincoln County Abstract Co.   814 E. Main 62
Lincoln County Bank   403-405 W. Main 21
Lincoln County Finance Co.   814 E. First 808
Lincoln County of      
County Clerk   Court House 406
County Clerk of Court   Court House 407
County Court   Court House 144
County Highway Commissioner   Court House 65
County Home   R 5 54-W
County Hospital   R 5 54-J
County Jail   1104 E. First 42
County Nurse   Court House 764
County Register of Deeds   Court House 60
County Supt of Schools   Court House 272
County Training School   1100 E. Sixth 71
County Treasurer   Court House 408
Lincoln Knitting Co.   327 Second 38
Lincoln Machine Shop   119 Foster 216-W
Lincoln Milling & Elev Co. Office 126 S. Genesee 344
Lindberg, Clifford Residence 300 State 468-J
Linder, Walter Residence 608-2nd 78-R
Lindquist, Harold Residence 402 Sixth 551-W
Lindquist, John Farm R 8 9603-F-2
Lindstrom, John Residence 1005 W. 4th 467-R
Litke, Fred Residence 604 East 705-W
Litkey, Al Residence 600 East 588-M
Litkey, Wm. Residence 606 Jefferson 569-W
Livingston, C. R. Residence 506 Center Av. 33
Livingston Dry Goods & Office   1012-1014 E. Main 2
Livingston Grocery   1012-1014 E. Main 1
Lofquist, Peter P. Residence 300 N. Ohio 665-W
Lohff, Lawrence Residence 302 N. Pine 886-W
Lokemoen, Harry Residence 809 1/2 E. Main 99-W
Lokemoen, J. H. Residence 510 E. 4th 178-J
Loomis, H. C. Residence 114-2nd 424-W
Loschky, L. C. Residence 408 Prospect 634-R
Lueck, A. F. & Sons Hdwe 1221 E. Main 79
Lueck, Aug. Residence 1600 Logan Av. 428-M
Lueck, Mrs. Carl F. Residence 204 Scott 825-W
Lueck, E. F. Residence 204 E. First 219-J
Luedke, Herman Residence 600 Seventh 822-W
Luedtke, Carl Residence 1300 Jackson 558-W
Luedtke, F. W. Residence 204 Park 401-J
Luenser, C. A. Residence 608-1st 641-W
Luepke, Albert Farm R 3 9636-F-3
Lupton, Art Farm R 2 9617-F-33
Lupton, Jno. Farm R 8 9617-F-32
Lussier, D. E. Residence 408 Genesee 477-W
Lussier's Drug Store   416 Grand Av. 163
Lutzke, H. Farm R 7 9637-F-12
Lutzke, Herman Jr. Farm R 7 9637-F-24
Lynch, J. E. Residence 813 1/2 First 276-J



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