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 1902 Tomahawk Directory



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Cedar poles, ties, posts, and other products form one of the leading industries of the city and in this line several wide awake and progressive firms do a large business here, among whom may be mentioned the Bradley Co., H. L. Brooks, the Log & Tie Co. and many smaller dealers and jobbers.

The Tomahawk Pulp & Paper Co., whose plant a short distance in the southern portion of the city, is one of the thriving institutions of the Valley and supplies the print paper upon which is printed four or five of the leading daily papers of the country. It employs a considerable force of men and is one of the factors in the development of this section of the country, inasmuch as it affords a cash market for large quantities annually of spruce pulp wood. This item is of more consequence than is apparent to the casual observer because of the fact that hardly a section of land within a wide radius of the mill but carries some timber suitable for pulp wood. As these lands are settled for farming purposes, the new settler finds ready at hand the means of obtaining easily and quickly the ready cash to meet the demands on him before he can raise his first crop. This is true of all classes of timber-nearly every foot is good for so much cash as there is a market here at home for it all.

The city has granted a franchise to the Electric, Water & Telephone Co. to place its poles and wires and our streets are now lighted by electricity. Many of the larger concerns, most of the mills, hotels, and many private houses and business places are now using electric lights. The company is a strong one financially and had an established plant.

The Somo Transportation Company is one of the institutions of the city and has a fleet of a dozen or more boats built for service on Lake Tomahawk and the rivers and employed in the lumber and logging interest or for pleasure purposes.

The Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railway is a Tomahawk institution. It operates some 50 miles of railroad at the present time and is now building as much more, with broader plans for the future. Its lines cut across the country from Gleason on the southeast to Spirit Falls, a thriving new town built by Tomahawk capital, on the west. The road also has a branch connecting the city with the great trunk railway of the Soo Line at Tomahawk Junction, six miles distant. It is well equipped with rolling stock, engines, depots, etc., and with the Soo Line connections in one direction and the Chicago & North Western system in the other, is of great advantage to our shippers.

The road has a large and convenient grain elevator, the machinery of which is operated by electricity.

The Spirit Falls Milling Company, another large concern having one of the most completely equipped and modern flour mills in Northern Wisconsin, located at Spirit Falls, is another thriving Tomahawk institution. This is a new enterprise, having been in operation but a short time, and it is rapidly establishing an enviable reputation for its product, which is shipped in carload lots to points in this state and Michigan besides furnishing a large share of the local supply.

The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway have a subdivision here and nearly 150 railroad men find employment on this road and the Marinette, Tomahawk & Western. The two roads with their connections give us the best possible transportation facilities and enable shipments to be made in and out to and from all points of the compass.

There are two banks in the city and an indication of the financial standing of our business concerns may be found in the fact that their total resources aggregate over $500,000.00, as evidenced by their last sworn statement of condition.

The Tomahawk Hotel Company, operating The Mitchell and The Irving in this city, and the Elmwood at Spirit Falls - all modern hostelries - The Mitchell having a national reputation as the best hotel in the state, the size of the town considered - is another important concern.

The Tomahawk Brick Works, a fine plant with a large capacity, has been in operation the past two years. It is located east of the city limits and obtains its supply of what is considered among the best quality of brick clay in the country only a few miles from the city on the line of the Marinette, Tomahawk & Western road. These clay beds are practically inexhaustible and the company is making a high grade of brick. They have an equipment of thoroughly modern machinery and employ a considerable number of men.

The City Water Works - owned by the city - draws our water supply from a large spring in the eastern part of town. It is pumped into a large elevated reservoir and the main distribution reaches nearly every settled portion of the city and is being rapidly extended. The water is pure and clear and in all respects satisfactory. The system also affords good fire protection, an ample number of fire plugs being conveniently located. An adjunct to this protection is a large and well organized volunteer hose company with complete equipment.

Chief among the many industries of the city, the gigantic tanning plant of the Eastern & Western Tannery Co. stands in bold relief against the business horizon of the city of Tomahawk. This plant has just been erected and although it is not in running order, it will commence active operations early this year. It is situated at the Tomahawk Dam one mile from the business center of the city. The plant is to be run by electricity, the generator being driven by water power, furnished by the Tomahawk river. Without the power house the buildings which comprise the plant are the roller house, yards, beam house, sweat pits, hide house, leach house, cooler house, pump room, bark mill, boiler house, engine house and scrub room; some idea of the size of this immense structure can be gained when it is known that from the north side of the plant to the south is a distance of 725 feet. An immense force of labor will be employed in this plant in the manufacture of leather. Five hundred sides will be tanned daily summer and winter. In the manufacture of this leather, 40 cords of bark are used daily. These thousands of cords of hemlock bark that are used annually are of inestimable value to the farmer, homesteader and land owner. The timber can be cut in the summer and striped of its bark and afterwards sawed into logs, ties, pulp wood, etc. Bark peeling has already become one of the leading occupations of the small and large land owners and owing to the large demand for hemlock bark, can command an exceptionally good price.

Tomahawk's retail dealers in all lines are a wide-awake class of business men, liberal and progressive. It is believed that a larger percentage of our merchants own the buildings in which they conduct business than do those of any other city in the Valley. A business man of the city, well qualified in the premises, recently remarked that Tomahawk retail business houses presented what might almost be called a phenomenon in a small city - not one of them but is doing a prosperous business and making money.

The Standard Mercantile Co., carrying a large stock of general merchandise and running several departments, is doing a constantly growing business and has established branch stores at several points. They handle pretty nearly everything that is bought and sold in the way of merchandise, and are one of the solid concerns of North Wisconsin.

The well-known established of John Oelhafen, general merchandise, is also doing a large business, and is among the solid institutions of this section. Mr. Oelhafen also has an extensive logging and lumber business and is now adding considerable farming and stock-raising operations to his numerous occupations.

C. A. Gesell's clothing store is also one of Tomahawk's prosperous business institutions. This store has a large and complete stock of clothing, furnishing goods and shoes.

Fairfield & Co., under the management of A. A. Dutrisac, carry a complete line of dry goods, etc., and have a large trade; the New York Bargain House, managed by Mrs. James O'Leary, also handles dry goods and notions and has a lucrative trade. A. Thum conducts a general store, and is one of the oldest merchants in the city; there are a number of first-class grocers, among them. D. C. Jones, P. Marcouiller, A. Wangard and H. Burrington; three hardware dealers, A. J. Olson, Evenson Bros., and R. F. Koth, all carrying large stocks; two drug stores, the Standard Pharmacy and C. E. Macomber; two confectioners and bakers, J. N. Meunier and Joseph Tremblay, also doing a restaurant business; two restaurants, Geo. E. Roberts and G. H. Gerwell; numerous hotels, boarding houses and saloons; dealers in sash, doors and blinds, building material, etc., Cronkite Bros., also carry hay, feed, grain, etc.; a furniture dealer carrying one of the largest stocks in the northern part of the state, Jacob Nick; numerous blacksmiths and wagon shops; A. Moe, Tomahawk Bottling Works; three butcher and packing establishments, the Piper Packing Co., R. C. Thielman and P. Marcouiller, each concern having a large business in supplying the city trade and the numerous logging camps; two cigar factories, L. Kabat and E. Schultz; one notion store, Mrs. K. E. Clarke; four barber shops, Phil Jenelle, Peter Paul, A. Langlois and G. Slater; two millinery stores, Mrs. L. C. Nourse, and Miss L. Wangard; three jewelers, W. Kaphaem, the Standard jewelry store and E. E. Searl.

Tomahawk also has one of the most complete foundries and machine shops north of Milwaukee, the Tomahawk Iron Works, the establishment being thoroughly equipped for all classes of light and heavy work. There are three livery establishments, the Irving Stables, O. Londo and L. A. Hildebrand. There are three doctors, J. D. Cutter, Jay Johnston and W. A. Baker; four lawyers, A. H. Woodworth, James O'Leary, G. M. Sheldon and W. V. Silverthorn.

The Sacred Heart Hospital under the management of the well-known Catholic Sisters of the Sacred Heart, is one of the best institutions of the kind in the state.

There are several dealers in land and logs, among them the Tomahawk Land Co., Whitson & Johnson, Smith & Sutliff, Charles Hoogsteel and Atcherson & Foss.

There are two newspapers, The Tomahawk Leader, H. D. Bliefernicht, and The Tomahawk, published by The Tomahawk Publishing Co.

Besides the stocks of boots and shoes carried by the general merchandise dealers, there is one exclusive shoe store, G. O. Newborg.

There are four insurance agencies, W. H. & J. W. Bradley, Bankers, carrying a line of companies; A. J. Olson, J. W. Kelly and C. E. Macomber.

There is a first-class dentist, Dr. J. R. Todd; a good photographer and taxidermist, C. A. Seidler; three tailor shops, William Bohn, F. Bunde and the Tomahawk Tailoring Co.; one optician, D. P. heath, several renting agencies, contractors, painters, etc.; two good dairies, H. E. Fuller and William Ehmann.

Besides the concerns named, there are various other small industries that are usually found in towns of this size.

The Lumbermen's Boom Company is also a Tomahawk institution, employing a large number of men at certain seasons of the year, as well as the Sorting Works, where the logs of the various lumber concerns are sorted.

No attempt can be made in an article of this character to cover the entire field of the industries of the city, nor can accurate statistics of output of products or number of men employed be given. When to this general cursory view is added some few brief facts regarding the development of the farming and stock raising resources of the trade territory of the city the purpose of this article will have been accomplished. It is conservatively estimated that within the past twelve months over one hundred and fifty families have settled on farming lands within this territory. The Meadow Farm Co., operates a large stock, dairy and poultry farm at Bass Lake, about seven miles from the city as well as a vegetable and truck farm of between four and five acres in the city limits. The sales of goods to the farmers, in nearly all lines, has increased from 50 to 100 per cent; farm lands, aside from timber values, have increased in actual selling prices from 25 to 75 per cent; more lands have been sold for farming purposes in the past year than in the five previous years.

Perhaps to this should be added the fact that within the past year the city has built a fine City Hall, and a complete sewer system has been put in. The Standard Mercantile Company are now at work building one of the largest and best mercantile buildings in Northern Wisconsin.

One can't help feeling proud of the dozens of pretty houses which have been built in Tomahawk in the past two years. They are not mere frames or boxes with so many cubic feet of space cut up by haphazard partitions. The builders have put brains in their work. They have studied beauty as well as convenience, and the result is that Tomahawk now has a number of neat and pretty cottages; not palatial, but cheerful, attractive, homelike and up to date.

Then you have before you some small conception of the raw material from which our citizens expect to build a city here, as well as some idea concerning the future growth and progress of the place.

And to these things you may add the fact that within near limits of the city is a very large horsepower of undeveloped water power; that within the radius of a few miles are seven or eight rivers and some twenty lakes of as pure and clean water and as picturesque, healthful and beautiful surroundings as can be found in an section of the Union; that there are untouched hardwood forests of millions of feet of the best timber for a half dozen manufacturing purposes, almost within sight of the city, and thousands of unoccupied acres of as fertile and productive soil as there is in the state.

Take all these things together and you have not a far cry to predict a prosperous future for Tomahawk.

Miscellaneous Directory

City Government
Municipal election, first Tuesday in April
Council meets, first Tuesday of each month
Council Chamber, cor. 2d. and Somo av.

Municipal Officers
Mayor - Robert C. Thielman
City Clerk - James Kelly
City Treasurer - A. Howen
Assessor - J. A. Fitzgerald
Chief of Police - Fred McWithy
Chief of Fire Department - Matt Stutz
Supt. Of Water Works - J. A. Bauer
Supt. Of Schools - R. E. Smith
City Engineer - John Parker
City Attorney - James O'Leary
Health Officer - Dr. J. Johnston

Common Council
Mayor - Robert C. Thielman
President - F. J. McBride
Clerk - James Kelly
First Ward - T. Twomey, A. R. McDonald
Second Ward - F. J. McBride, Alex Fountain
Third Ward - Geo. H. Gillett, M. P. Noonan
Fourth Ward - A. Buie, Peter Lavigne

First Ward - O. K. Welty
Second Ward - M. C. Hyman
Third Ward - Werner Wipperfurth
Fourth Ward - Matt Nick

Standing Committee of Common Council
Finance - McBride, Buie, Fountain
Public Improvement - McBride, Noonan, McDonald
Printing - Gillett, Lavigne, Fountain
License - Buie, Noonan, Twomey
Ordinance - Fountain, McBride, McDonald
Judiciary - Twomey, Gillett, Buie
Miscellaneous - Lavigne, McBride, McDonald

Police Department
Corner 2d and Somo av.
Chief - Fred McWithy
Patrolman - John Gahan

Justices of the Peace
James Kelly
J. A. Seth

Municipal Judge
G. M. Sheldon

Fire Department
Chief - Matt Stutz
Assistant Chief - Martin Dueering
Secretary - Werner Wipperfurth
Treasurer - D. C. Jones

Company 1
R. F. Koth, Foreman
John Oelhafen, Jr.
Leo Martz
James McBride, Jr.
W. H. Blackwood
W. H. Fuller
Karl Kraft
P. H. Paul
Alex McDonald

Company 2
Louis Thielman, Foreman
Martin Loftus
Karl Zastrow
Henry McCarthy
E. E. Schultz
Guy Fuller
H. Taylor
F. J. McBride
H. S. Cronkrite

Board of Education
President - E. W. Whitson
Vice-President - T. T. Chave
Supt. and Prin. - R. E. Smith

Finance - John Oelhafen, Jr., J. T. Sheean, H. A. Johnson
Employment of Teachers - T. T. Chave, John Oelhafen, Jr., W. T. Bradley
Buildings and Apparatus - H. A. Johnson, Chas. Bohn, T. T. Chave
Text Books and Library - J. T. Sheean, John Oelhafen, Jr., T. T. Chave
By-Laws and Ordinances - W. T. Bradley, Chas. Bohn, J. T. Sheean
Printing - Chas. Bohn, W. T. Bradley, H. A. Johnson

Schools and Teachers
Whittier School, east end Wisconsin av.
Principal - R. E. Smith
1st Ass't Principal - Elizabeth Roberts
2nd Ass't Principal - May Cashel
8th Grade - Ada Bentley
7th Grade - W. H. Fuller
6th Grade - Sara Larson
5th and 6th Grades - Maud Wilson

Longfellow School, Merrill av, btw 3rd and 4th
4th Grade - Teresa Carew
3rd Grade - Edith Grady
3rd and 4th Grades - Ione Huntington
2nd Grade - Violet McMurphy
1st and 2nd Grades - Lenore Jones

Frobel School, cor Washington and 5th
1st Grade - Emmalyne Jones
Kindergarten - Anna Headstream

City Hall School, cor 2nd and Somo av
5th Grade - Mary Headstream
Substitute - Jessie Sheldon

County Officers
Clerk of the Court - O. A. Miller
Municipal Judge - Almon A. Helms
County Judge - Thos. J. Matthews
Sheriff - Geo. A. Schroeder
District Attorney - Edward M. Smart
Treasurer - W. H. Kaiser
Clerk - Val. Henrich, Jr.
Register of Deeds - Geo. Emerich
Surveyor - Geo. W. Smith
Coroner - A. Cuolahan
Superintendent of Schools - J. H. Hamlin
Poor Commissioners - Carl Klebenow, Chairman; Robt. Henry; H. A. Kyes
Judge of Circuit Court - Hon. W. C. Silverthorn
The Circuit Court meets on the first Monday after the first Tuesday of April, and the first Monday of October
County Court meets on the first Tuesday of each month
Municipal Court Meets on demand

Members of County Board
H. R. Fehland, Chairman H. R. Allen
P. E. Berard Ed. Brazell
J. N. Cotter D. Curtis
H. E. Fuller I. P. Fowler
Robt. Kleinschmidt J. Kreiling
John Dotter Andrew Miller
Matt Nick Joseph Rell
W. Schultz G. F. Schulze
Jul. Thielman C. J. Wiskow
W. Wipperfurth O. K. Welty

Post Office
Post Office, 203 Wisconsin av
H. Woodworth, Postmaster
John Extrom, Ass't Postmaster
Anna Crane, Clerk
Office Hours, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

W. H. & J. W. Bradley, Bankers
Cor Tomahawk and Wisconsin av
J. W. Froehlich, Cashier

Bank of Tomahawk
Cor 2nd and Wisconsin av
C. E. Macomber, Cashier; G. M. Macomber, Ass't Cashier

The Tomahawk (Ind)
Published by The Tomahawk Publishing Company
Issued every Saturday
Railway, btw Somo and Wisconsin av

Tomahawk Leader (Ind)
H. D. Bleifernicht, publisher
Published every Friday
Tomahawk btw Washington and Lincoln av

First Congregational Church
Cor 4th and Wisconsin av
Rev. Geo. Jones, Pastor
Services, Sunday, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School, 11:45 a.m.
Y. P. S. C. E., 6:30
Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7:30

Methodist Episcopal Church
Cor 2nd and Somo av
Rev. A. A. Bennett, Pastor
Services, Sunday, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School, 11:45 p.m.
Epworth League, 6:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

St. Mary's Catholic Church
7th btw Somo and Washington av
Rev. Father C. O. Carron, Pastor
Masses, 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
Vespers, 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School, 3:00 p.m.

St. Barnabas Church
South end of 2nd st
Rev. F. W. Barket, Pastor
Services on the 1st Sunday of the month at 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., on all other Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School, 3:00 p.m.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Cor 2nd and Washington av
Rev. G. H. Voss, Pastor
Services, Sunday, at 10:00 a.m. on the first, and 7:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of the month

Sacred Heart Hospital
7th, btw Washington and Lincoln av
Physicians: Drs. Johnson and Baker

Catholic cemetery; Greenwood cemetery; 2 miles north of city.

Church Societies
Ladies' Aid - Congregational church - Meets every Wednesday.
Pres. - Mrs. Johnson; Vice Pres. - Mrs. Whitson; Sec. - Mrs. Cutter; Treas. - Mrs. Seth

Ladies' Aid - Methodist church - Meets every Wednesday.
Pres. - Mrs. Andrews; Vice Pres. - Mrs. Slater; Treas. - Mrs. Olson; Sec. - Mrs. Bunde

St. Barnabas Guild - Episcopal church
Pres. - Mrs. William Veitch; Sec. and Treas. - Mrs. Gesell

Y. P. S. E. - Congregational church - Meets every Sunday evening at 6:30
Pres. - Jennie Pieters; Vice Pres. Henry H. Wolslegel; Rec. Sec. John Duncan; Cor. Sec. Casper Nelson; Treas. Nellie Smith


Tuesday Club - Meets every Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:30.
Pres. - Mrs. Fannie Sheean; Vice Pres. - Mrs. Bessie Wallis; Treas. Mrs. Gillett

Ladies' Literary Club - Meets every Tuesday.
Pres. - Mrs. O. M. Smith; Vice Pres. - Mrs. A. J. Olson; Sec. and Treas. - Mrs. H. A. Atcherson

Secret and Benevolent Societies
Catholic Order of Foresters - St. Mary's Court, No. 416. Meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Forester's Hall. Chief Ranger, H. W. McCarthy; Vice-Chief Ranger, Charles Kellaher; Past Chief Ranger, Henry Venne; Treas., Matt Nick; Fin. Sec., F. McBride; Rec. Sec., Andy Noonan; Trustees, John Gahan, George Foster and Clements Gadett; Conductors, Nick Hilt and Ulric Begin; Spiritual Director, Rev. Father Carron; Sentinels, Joe McCabe and Thomas McCarthy.

Catholic Foresters - Sacred Heart Court, No. 247. Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at Foresters Hall. Officers: C. R., Catherine Dawson; V. C. R., Mary Murphy; R. S., Rosalia Landry; F. S., Mary Gahan; Treas., Catherine Nick; Trustees, Emma Morency, Anna Noonan, Susan Schmitz; J. C., Louise LeBuff; S. C. Barbara Wipperfurth; J. S., Louise Violette; O. S., Elizabeth Kellaher.

Catholic Knights - Branch No. 106, C. K. of W. Meets 2nd Monday of each month at Foresters' Hall. Officers; Pres., Mat. Nick; V. P., Ed Houlehan; Rec. Secy., Jas. O'Leary; Fin. Secy. And Treas., Werner Wipperfurth.

I. O. O. F., - Tomahawk Lodge, No. 155. Meets every Thursday at Odd Fellows Hall. Noble Grand, Alex M. Christy; Vice-Grand, John Eklund; Sec., F. H. Bunde; Treas. W. R. Piper.

I. O. O. F. - Lincoln Encampment No. 80. Meets 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at Odd Fellows Hall, Chief Patriarch, John Eklund; High Priest, Alex M. Christy; Senior Warden, Julius Johnson; Junior Warden, R. B. Van Cott; Scribe, Alex Fontaine; Treas., W. R. Piper.

O. E. S. - Forest chapter, No. 57. Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at Macabee Hall. Worthy Matron, Luella Veitch; Worthy Patron, Mr. S. Carpender; Associate Matron, Ray Howen; Sec., Fannie Sheean; Treas., Julia Carpender; Conductress, Mary Buie; Associate Conductress, Carrie Woodworth; Chaplain, Gertrude Macomber; Marshall, Maude Howen; Adah, Mary Larson; Ruth, Miss Ada Bentley; Esther, Hattie Smith; Martha, Stella Atcherson; Electa, Mary Headstream; Warder, Rube Eibel; Sentinel, Mr. E. W. Whitson; organist, Nettie Sheldon.

Equitable Fraternal Union - Meets 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at Modern Woodmen Hall. Past President, Alex Fontaine; president, William Drever; Vice president, J. C. Sorenson; Advisor, James Fogarty; Secretary, G. O. Newborg; Treasurer, James Kelly; Warden, Adolph Thieme; Trustees, Adolph Thieme for 3 years and Bennett Larson for 2 years.

L. O. T. M. - Somo Hive No. 6. Meets every Tuesday evening at Maccabee Hall. Officers: Lady Past Commander, Maggie McDermott; Lady Commander, Elizabeth Drever; Lady Lieutenant, Elizabeth Zastrow; Lady Record Keeper, Marie Heath; Lady Finance Keeper, Martha Ostrander; Lady Chaplain, Harriet Hambliton; Lady Sergeant, Allie Herbert; Lady Mistress-at-Arms, Anna Stutz; Lady Sentinel, Anna Wefly; lady Picket, Ella Whitney.

Modern Woodmen of America - Meets every Wednesday at Modern Woodmen Hall. V. C., Gustave Ziegler; W. A., W. F. Smith; Clerk, John Wolkey; Banker, John Ziegler; Escort, W. Miller; Watchman, Chris Stelter; Sentry, Julius Cook; Camp Physicians, Drs. J. D. Cutter and G. R. Baker.

F. A. M. - Tomahawk Lodge No. 243. Meets first and third Wednesday of each month at Masonic Hall. W. M., O. M. Smith; S. W., R. E. Smith; J. W., E. Cronkrite; Sec., J. Hornby Butcher; Treas., C. A. Gesell; Trustee, J. D. Cutter.

Royal Neighbors - Past Oracle, Esther Fontaine; Oracle, Elizabeth Drever; Vice Oracle, Sarah McCormick; Recorder, Alice Sorenson; Receiver, Cora Fitzgerald; Chancellor, Anna Schulkey; In. Sentinel, Lena Caron; Out. Sentinel, Amelia Ziegler; Marshall, Virginian Moran; Mgr. 3 years, Alice Searl; Mgr. 1 year, Esther Fountaine.

Classified Business Directory

City Barber Shop, 117 Wisconsin av.
Star Tonsorial Parlor, 406 Wisconsin av.
Pioneer Barber Shop, cor. Tomahawk av. and Wisconsin av.
Mitchell Tonsorial Parlor, cor. Tomahawk av. and Wisconsin av.
Slater's Tonsorial Parlor, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.

Meunier, J. N., Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.
Tremblay, J., Wisconsin av. btw. 3d and 4th.

Brewers' Agents
James O'Connel, cor. 3d and Lincoln av.
John Solberg, Tomahawk av. btw. Somo av. and Washington av.

Brick Manufacturers
Tomahawk Brick Company, East Tomahawk

Book and Stationery
Mrs. K. E. Clarke, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
C. E. Macomber, Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
J. N. Mennier, Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.

Boots and Shoes
City Shoe Store, G. O. Newborg, prop., Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
L. White, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.

Fontaine, Alex, Tomahawk av. btw. Rice av. and Spirit av.
Schmitz, M., 12 Spirit av.
Hanson, C. J., 308 Spirit av.
Obey, A., cor. 2d and Spirit av.

Boarding Houses
Chippewa House, 220 Tomahawk av.
Clarke House, cor. 4th and Washington av.
Commercial House, Railway, btw. Wisconsin av. and Spirit av.
Michigan House, Railway, btw. Somo av. and Washington av.
Norway House, 305 Tomahawk av.
Scandinavian Home, 315 Wisconsin av.
Somo House, Railway, btw. Somo av. and Washington av.
Scandia House, Tomahawk av. btw. Somo av. and Washington av.
Tobin House, Railway, btw. Spirit av. and Rice av.
Maple Leaf House, Tomahawk av. btw. Somo av. and Washington av.
Harrison House, cor. Railway and Somo av.
Wisconsin House, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.

Cigar Manufacturers
Kabat's Cigar Store, Railway btw. Spirit av. and Merrill av.
Edward E. Schultz, Tomahawk av. btw. Wisconsin av. and Spirit av.

Dodd, J. R., Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.

C. M. & St. P. Ry., west end of Wisconsin av.
M. T. & W. Ry., West Tomahawk

L. A. Hildenbrand, cor. Rice av. and Railway.
Conkrite Bros., cor. Railway and Somo av.

C. E. Macomber, Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
Standard Mercantile Co., cor. Wisconsin av. and Tomahawk av.

Express Companies
American, 217 Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
United States, C. M. & St. P. Depot
Western, cor. Somo av. and Tomahawk av.

Furniture Dealers
Jacob Nick, cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.
Standard Mercantile Co., Tomahawk av. btw. Somo and Wisconsin av.

Hardware Dealers
Evenson Bros., cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.
Koth, R. F., 121 Wisconsin av.
Olson, A. J., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Standard Mercantile Co., cor. Tomahawk av. and Wisconsin av.

Harness Makers
Standard Mercantile Co., cor. Wisconsin av. and Tomahawk av.
Koth, R. F., 121 Wisconsin av.

The Mitchell, cor. Tomahawk av. and Wisconsin av.
The Irving, cor. Railway and Somo av.
The Lake Side, cor. 2d and Somo av.
Tomahawk House, Railway btw. Wisconsin av. and Spirit av.

House Movers
Lambert, John, cor. 4th and Prospect av.
Iotte, Louis, Merrill av. btw. 2d and 3d.
Eldridge, James, Tomahawk av. btw. Wisconsin av. and Spirit av.

Insurance Agents
Bradley, W. H. & J. W., cor. Wisconsin av. and Tomahawk av.
Olson, A. J., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 3d.
Seth, James A., cor. Tomahawk av. and Somo av.
Kelly, James, cor. Somo av. and 2d.

Land Companies
Tomahawk Land Co., Gen'l Office, West Tomahawk
Smith & Sutliff, cor. Tomahawk av. and Somo av.
Whitson & Johnson, Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.

Tomahawk Steam Laundry, Somo av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.
Cong, wing, Tomahawk av. btw. Wisconsin av. and Spirit av.

Woodworth, A. H., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
O'Leary,l James, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 3d.
Sheldon, G. M., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Silverthorn, W. V., Railway btw. Wisconsin av. and Somo av.

Lumber, Lath and Shingles
Bradley Co., West Tomahawk
Bangor Lumber Co., West Tomahawk
Farmers Lumber Co., West Tomahawk
Crane Bros., North Tomahawk

Livery Stables
Hildebrand, L. A., cor. Rice and Railway.
Londo, O., Somo av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Irving Stables, cor. Washington av. and 2d.

Machine Shops
Tomahawk Iron Works, West tomahawk

Meat Markets
Piper Packing Company, cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.
Thielman, R. C., cor. Wisconsin av. and 2d.
Marcoulier, Phillip, cor. Somo av. and 4th.

Merchant Tailors
Bunde, Fred, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway
Bohn, William, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk and Railway.
Tomahawk Tailoring Co., Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.

Nourse, Mrs. L. C., cor. Wisconsin av. and 2d.
Standard Mercantile Co., cor. Tomahawk av. and Wisconsin av.
Wangard, Lena, cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.

News Dealers
Meunier, J. N., Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.

Heath, D. P., cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.

Paper Mills
Tomahawk Pulp and Paper Co., South Tomahawk

Seidel, C. A., cor. 4th and Somo av.

Jay Johnson, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.
J. D. Cutter, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
G. R. Baker, Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.

Planing Mills
Bradley Co., West Tomahawk

Evenson Bros., cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.
Koth, R. F., 121 Wiconsin av.
Olson, A. J., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Tomahawk Iron Works, West Tomahawk

C. M. & St. P., West end of Wisconsin av.
M. T. & W., West Tomahawk

Gerwells, J. H., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.
Roberts, Geo. E., Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and tomahawk av.
Meunier, J. N. Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.
Tremblay, J., Wisconsin av. btw. 3d and 4th.

Hyman, M. C., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Gokey, Fred, 107 Wisconsin av.
Badger, Wm. Jeannot, prop., cor. Wisconsin av. and 4th.
Poutre, Jos., cor. Tomahawk av. and Somo av.
Office Sample Rooms, Felix Lambert, prop., cor. Wisconsin av. and Tomahawk av.
Morency, Louis, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
McCutcheon, David, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.
Rooney, M. J., cor. Railway and Wisconsin av.
Stenderson, Thos., 309 Wisconsin av.
Riley, Thos., 418 Wisconsin av.
Chevrier, Jos., cor. 4th and Somo av.
Chevrier, Peter, cor. Spirit av. and Tomahawk av.
Myer, E., Tomahawk av. btw. Spirit av. and Rice av.
Ryan, Chas., cor. Tomahawk av. and Lincoln av.
Doll, Peter, Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.
Gahan, Leo, Wisconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.
Zastrow, Aug., Wiconsin av. btw. Railway and Tomahawk av.
McCormick, Robt., cor. Wisconsin av. and Railway.
McBride, Jr. Jas., cor. Somo av. and Railway.
Twomey, Timothy, Railway btw. Somo av. and Washington av.
McCarthy, Harry, Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
Johnson Bros., Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
Tomahawk Hotel Co., cor. Wisconsin av. and Tomahawk av.
Bouchard, Abel, Wisconsin av. btw. 3d and 4th.

General Store, Adam Thum, prop., Tomahawk av. btw. Somo and Wisconsin avs.
Grocery Store, H. N. Burrington, prop., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.
Grocery and Meat Market, Phillip Marcouiller, prop., cor. 4th and Somo av.
Dry Goods Store, C. H. Fairfield, prop., Wisconsin av. btw. 2d and 3d.
Bay Mills Store, Bay Mills.
The Bee Hive Grocery Store, 308 Wisconsin av.
General Store, Anton Wangard, prop., cor. Wisconsin av. and 3d.
The rest of this section is damaged and some unreadable - what is readable follows:
Gents' Clothing, Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av.
Standard Mercantile
Gents' Furnishings
The Pioneer
New York

Jewelry Stores
Standard Mercantile Co., cor. Tomahawk and Wisconsin avs.
Searl, E. E., Wisconsin av., btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.
Kaepham, Wm., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and Railway.

Poles, Cedar Posts, etc.
Brooks, Hall L., Wisconsin av. btw. Tomahawk av. and 2d.


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