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 Manitowoc County Wisconsin
List of Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883
Source: U.S. Pension Bureau
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Stephen Stetzer


Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which Pensioned


Date of

  Jorsch, Theodore Manitowoc wd.r.hip $8.00  
  McGlachin, Alexander Manitowoc l.side & back $6.00 May 1880
  Gebbe, August Manitowoc wd.l.side of neck $18.00  
  Gustavson, Charles Manitowoc ch.rheumatism $20.00  
  Goldensted, Ferdinand Manitowoc asthma & rheumatism $4.00 Jun 1881
  Grave, Henry Manitowoc wd.l.thigh & l.ankle $7.50 Apr 1880
  Rundberg, Ingeforg Manitowoc widow $8.00  
  Arndt, Gottfried Meeme aneurism of abdominal aorta $18.00  
  Bart, Elizabeth Meeme mother $8.00  
  Hess, Emilie Mishicot widow $8.00  
  Matbey, Joseph H Mishicot dis.of eyes $12.00 Jul 1882
  Greenwood, Sophia Mishicot mother $8.00 Jun 1882
  Westgate, Delora H Mishicot mother $8.00 Apr 1880
  Vorgt, William Mishicot wd.of.l.side of head $6.00  
  Mathieson, Charles Mishicot chr.diarr $4.00 Dec 1880
  Meyer, Carl Mishicot loss of last phalanges of middle & ring finger $2.00  
  Lemke, John Newtonburgh wodow $10.00  
  Ribaick, Jacob Northeim epilepsy $8.00 Jul 1882
  Welch, Mary Osman widow $8.00  
  Lenke, Christian Reedsville wd.l.hand $10.00  
  Bubolz, Wilhelmina L.E. Reedsville widow $8.00  
  Hollenbeck, Enos Reedsville varicose veins l.side $4.00  
  Kafka, Margaretha Rosecrans widow $8.00  
144,655 Marcus, Peter Nazianz dis.of legs $24.00  
  Neilson, Maret Nazianz widow $8.00  
  Beth, Anna M Nazianz mother $8.00  
  Bachle, Franziska Nazinaz mother $8.00  
  Walhaupt, Christine Ann Saint Wendel widow $8.00  
  Kampf, John Saint Wendel wd.both thighs $6.00  
  Obel, Frederick School Hill wd.of mouth $4.00 Dec 1882
  Nellis, Seward School Hill wd.face & neck $4.00  
  Miller, John Two Rivers wd.throax region $8.00  
  Renzow, John Two Rivers wd.of r.arm & hand $4.00  
  La Flower, Peter Two Rivers conjunctivitis $8.00  
  Stone, Elizabeth Two Rivers widow 1812 $8.00 Oct 1879
  Witcomb, Charles Two Rivers wd.l.arm $4.00  
  Sawville, Delecter Two Rivers dis.of heart & epilepsy $8.00 Jan 1881
  Runkler, Angeline Two Rivers widow $8.00  
  Roat, Lewis Two Rivers wd.l.leg $2.00 Jun 1881


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