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Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries B Surnames
Barker, Mr./Mrs. Seth (50th Anniversary 14 June 1958)
Becker, Mr./Mrs. Edmund (50th Anniversary 10 Oct. 1959)
Benzman, Mr./Mrs. Paul 33rd Anniversary 29 Sept. 1936)
Benzmann, Mr./Mrs. Paul (50th Anniversary 27 Sept. 1953)
Beyer, Mr. / Mrs. Martin (55th Anniversary 6 Feb. 1949)
Brehm, Mr./Mrs. Alvin (25th  Anniversary 10 June 1930)
Brill, Mr./Mrs. W. J. (50th Anniversary 17 Oct. 1932)
Busse, Mr./Mrs. John (25th Anniversary 3 June 1956)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries D Surnames
Dallmann, Mr./Mrs. Fred (50th Anniversary 17 Mar. 1933)
Dickinson, Mr./Mrs. George B. (50th Anniversary 18 Mar. 1940)
Dietsche, Mr./Mrs. Fred (50th Anniversary 4 Sept. 1952)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries E Surnames
Ewert, Mr./Mrs. Charles (50th Anniversary 17 Apr. 1951)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries F Surnames
Facklam, Mr./Mrs. Randolph (50th Anniversary 12 June 1996)
Feala, Mr./Mrs. Ed (50th Anniversary 8 Sept. 1953)
Fiebig, Mr./Mrs. H. H. (50th Anniversary 18 May 1942)
Flink, Mr./Mrs. Andrew (60th Anniversary 15 Aug. 1938)
Flink, Mr./Mrs. Andrew (61st Anniversary - 15 Aug. 1939)
Forbish, Mr./Mrs. Henry (50th Anniversary 22 Nov. 1943)
Don & Charlotte Frodl (50th Anniversary)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries H Surnames
Hanneman, Mr./Mrs. Henry (25th Anniversary 26 Nov. 1942)
Helsten, Mr. / Mrs. Fred (50th Anniversary 20 Nov. 1948)
Henkel, Mr./Mrs. Gust (50th Anniversary 19 Sept. 1941)
Hilgers, Mr./Mrs. John (50th Anniversary 8 May 1938)
Hinkes, Mr./Mrs. M. J. (50th Anniversary - 26 Feb. 1930)
Hintz, Mr./Mrs. William (50th Anniversary 27 May 1956)
Hoffman, Mr./Mrs. Charles (50th Anniversary 18 Nov. 1952)
Hoffman, Mr./Mrs. Herman (50th Anniversary 7 Sept. 1960)
Hoops Family Anniversaries Marathon County Wisconsin

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries J Surnames
Jacobi, Mr./Mrs. Henry (50th Anniversary 21 Sept. 1958)
Johnson, Mr./Mrs. Alfred (20th Anniversary 25 June 1952)
Josephson, Mr./Mrs. Edgar (25th Anniversary 4 Oct. 1953)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries K Surnames
Kanter, Mr./Mrs. Nick (50th Anniversary 16 June 1946)
James & Nancy Karau (50th Anniversary)
Kenyon, Mr./Mrs. Edward (50th Anniversary 4 Dec. 1949)
Klessig, Mr./Mrs. Christ (50th Anniversary 2 Nov. 1941)
Korntved, Mr./Mrs. Antone (60th Anniversary - 4 July 1970)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries L Surnames
Anna & Albert Langbecker (Married September 28, 1906)
Loughead, Mr./Mrs. Fred (25th Anniversary 12 June 1955)
Loughead, Mr./Mrs. John (Silver Anniversary 5 Nov. 1944)
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Lueck (Married 23 May 1894)
Luepke, Mr./Mrs. Vilas (60th Anniversary 11 June 1998)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries N Surnames
Neidhold, Mr./Mrs. Alvin (50th Anniversary 20 Oct. 1940)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries O Surnames
Ohlinger, Mr./Mrs. John (50th Anniversary 27 Oct. 1935)
Olson, Mr./Mrs. Fred (50th Anniversary 26 June 1954)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries P Surnames
Pacholke, Mr./Mrs. Fred (50th Anniversary - 15 Apr. 1932)
Parge, Mr./Mrs. Henry (50th Anniversary - 29 Apr. 1950)
Provinski, Mr./ Mrs. Frank (50th Anniversary 28 Oct. 1956)
Purkis, Mr./Mrs. Edward (50th Anniversary 3 July 1936)
Purkis, Mr./Mrs. Ted (60th Anniversary July 1946)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries R Surnames
August & Selma Radenz (Married 9 May 1908)
Radlinger, Mr./Mrs. Martin (50th Anniversary 23 Nov. 1936)
Reis, Mr./Mrs. Joseph (50th Anniversary 3 Sept. 1944)
Reyer, Mr./Mrs. Adam (50th Anniversary 10 Sept. 1931)
Roth, Mr./Mrs. William (50th Anniversary 29 Aug. 1954)
Runzheimer, Mr./Mrs. H. F. (50th Anniversary 23 Nov. 1958)
Ruppert, Mr./Mrs. Edward (50th Anniversary - 4 May 1947)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries S Surnames
Leon & Pat Sazama (50th Anniversary)
Sazama, Mr./Mrs. Wenzel (41st Anniversary 12 Oct. 1935)
Schilling, Mr./Mrs. William (50th Anniversary 5 July 1948)
Schilling, Mr./Mrs. William (60th Anniversary 31 Aug. 1958)
Schmidt, Mr./Mrs. Wm. J. (50th Anniversary 16 Jan. 1948)
Schweke, Mr./Mrs. William (50th Anniversary 18 Apr. 1956)
Seefeldt, Mr./Mrs. Otto (52nd Anniversary 16 Apr. 1948)
Stadtmueller, Mr./Mrs. J. J. (50th Anniversary 26 May 1940)
Stelzl, Mr./Mrs. Adolph (50th Anniversary 23 Sept. 1964)
Stelzl, Mr./Mrs. Adolph (60th Anniversary 1 Sept. 1974)
Sterling, Mr./Mrs. Nedry (50th Anniversary 22 Oct. 1960)
Stump, Mr./Mrs. George (50th Anniversary 15 July 1953)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries T Surnames
Tamborino, Mr./Mrs. Henry (50th Anniversary 16 Oct. 1944)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries V Surnames
Van Dreel, Mr./Mrs. Anton (50th Anniversary 13 Nov. 1955)
Vick, Mr. / Mrs. Henry (50th Anniversary 8 Aug. 1949)
Voelker, Mr./Mrs. John (50th Anniversary 29 Mar. 1961)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries W Surnames
Weideman, Mr./Mrs. August (50th Anniversary 17 Nov. 1945)
Wicker, Mr./Mrs. Frank (50th Anniversary 31 Oct. 1944)
Wood, Mr./Mrs. Charles (45th Anniversary 21 Apr. 1895)
Bruce & Dorie Wussow (50th Anniversary)

Marathon County Wisconsin Anniversaries Z Surnames
Zahorka, Mr./Mrs. Frank (50th Anniversary 11 Sept. 1954)
Zastrow (Married 28 June 1924)


Hoops Family Anniversaries

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