RINGLE (1913)

Source: History of Marathon County Wisconsin and Representative Citizens (1913) written by Louis Marchetti, page 577---Transcribed by Marla Zwakman


The town of Ringle embraces now township 28, north of range 9 east. It was established January 9, 1901, and organized in the spring of the same year. C. L. Wyatt was elected first chairman of the town, and successively every year since. The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad has a station in this town, named "Ringle," at which place there is a little village, and there is considerable freight shipped from this point.

At Ringle is located the brick yards of the Ringle Brick Company, its product being indicated by its name. The capital stock is $30,000. It employs twenty men on an average throughout the year. The payment for labor is $10,000, the value of the product $20,000. The office of the corporation is in Wausau. Its officers are: President, John Ringle; vice president, John Miller; treasurer, Gustav Mueller, and secretary, John Ringle, Jr. A side track of the. Chicago & Northwestern runs in the yard to facilitate shipping.

John Lotholz has a saw mill which has been running for many years and manufactured a large amount of lumber annually. At the station Ringle there is a general merchandise store conducted by Herman Lemke, and another store of the same kind by Ernest Lemke. The settlement is of late date; the settlers are of a nationality not heretofore coming to Marathon county; they are natives of Holland and make excellent farmers.

There are two schoolhouses in this town, and with the ease with which natives of Holland learn the English language, it will be but a short time when this town is altogether American in character.

No churches exist yet in this town, but there are at least two missions, visited by ministers from other towns.


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