Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mary Saggio







Aaron, Jacob Private C 8 Infantry Altoona.
Aaron, John Private -- 12 Battery Spring Green.
Abbey, Rollin W. Private C 6 Infantry National Home.
Abbey, Wellington Corporal A 14 Infantry South Byron.
Abbott, Amos F. Sergeant E 50 Infantry West Point.
Abbott, Charles Private I 32 Infantry Appleton.
Abbott, W. P. Private A 25 Infantry Wilton.
Abbs, James B. Private A 18 Infantry Fond du Lac.
Abel, Fritz Private D 27 Infantry Brillion.
Abel, William Private F 9 Infantry Wayne.
Aber, John T. Private F 5 Infantry Plainfield.
Abert, John Drummer I 45 Infantry Milwaukee.
Ableman, Chris Private A 46 Infantry Woodford.
Ablieter, Melchior Private G 33 Infantry Boscobel.
Abrahams, John Henry Private E 21 Infantry Oshkosh.
Abramson, James A. Private F 47 Infantry Grafton.
Acbisher, Nicholaus Private G 14 Infantry Wausau.
Accola, Erhard Private C 9 Infantry Prairie du Sac.
Accola, Jarol Corporal K 50 Infantry Sauk City.
Ace, E. S. Private C 37 Infantry Dayton.
Achenbach, Wm. Musician K 48 Infantry Alma.
Achtenhaugen, Fred 1st Sergeant E 3 Cavalry Milwaukee.
Ackerman, Bernard Private G 2 Cavalry Medford.
Ackerman, Daniel, Jr. Private -- 12 Battery Necedah.
Ackerman, George V. Private D 3 Infantry Eldron.
Ackerman, Joel Private E 17 Infantry Horseman.
Ackerman, Theron Private A 49 Infantry Chippewa Falls.
Ackermann, P. W. Corporal I 32 Infantry Shawano.
Adair, Alex Private B 18 Infantry Jordan.
Adams, A. Corporal I 47 Infantry Spirit.
Adams, A. H. Sergeant A 22 Infantry Racine.
Adams, Alexander Private H 12 Infantry Suamico.
Adams, C. D. Private K 25 Infantry Eleva.
Adams, Chas. Private C 6 Infantry National Home.
Adams, Charles Private H 5 Infantry Fond du Lac.
Adams, G. E. Private E 12 Infantry Delton.
Adams, G. W. Private D 47 Infantry Buena Vista.
Adams, George W. Private C 16 Infantry Medford.
Adams, Henry Private K 51 & 53 Infantry Oshkosh.
Adams, Henry Private D 39 Infantry Mukwonago.
Adams, Hezekiah Private I 28 Infantry East Troy.
Adams, Homer Private H I Heavy Art. Union Grove.
Adams, Ira Private B 16 Infantry Suamico.
Adams, J. B. Sergeant A 16 Infantry Almond.
Adams, James Private I 12 Infantry Stoddard.
Adams, James F. Private I 12 Infantry Hager.
Adams, Jessie 1st Sergeant C 6 Infantry Ferryville.
Adams, John Private D 13 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Adams, Jonathan Private A 8 Infantry Buena Vista.
Adams, Josiah Private B 16 Infantry Liberty Pole.
Adams, Levi J. Private D 36 Infantry Brodhead.
Adams, Luther H. Private F 42 Infantry Walworth.
Adams, M. J. Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo.
Adams, O. Private H 22 Infantry Mauston.
Adams, T. B. Private F 17 Infantry Richland Center.
Adams, W. F. Private G 51 Infantry Rockton.
Adams, Wm. H. Private B 30 Infantry Linden.
Adelman, Ben. Corporal A 18 Infantry Cazenovia.
Aderman, Chris Private B 6 Infantry Rhine.
Adkins, Abram Private I 5 Infantry Bloomington.
Adkins, Henry B. Corporal K 30 Infantry Elkhorn.
Adkins, W. R. Private F 35 Infantry Neillsville.
Adler, Frederic C. Private G 45 Infantry Silver Spring.
Affeld, Herman Private H 28 Infantry New London.
Affolter, John Private I 4 Cavalry Wis. Vet. Home
Agathen, August Private E 46 Infantry Eagle.
Ager, Olavus Private I 21 Infantry Menasha.
Agins, Samuel Private K 7 Infantry Hingham.
Agnew, L. Corporal D 36 Infantry Wiota.
Agnew, W. B. Sergeant -- 8 Battery Waukesha.
Agur, Thos. Private I 16 Infantry Darlington.
Ahrens, Aug. Private H 17 Infantry Two Rivers.
Aiken, F. H. Corporal G 40 Infantry Longwood.
Aiken, Granville P. Private H 30 Infantry Chaseburg.
Aiken, John Private A 3 Infantry Lyndon Station.
Aiken, Loring A. Private M 1 Heavy Art. La Crosse.
Aikenhead, James Corporal A 1 Cavalry Sparta.
Aikin, David Private -- 1 Battery Onalaska.
Ainsworth, E. D. Private E 4 Cavalry Star.
Ainsworth, N. P. Private I 2 Cavalry Janesville.
Akin, George W. Private K 24 Infantry Pewaukee.
Akin, Veranus E. Private B 42 Infantry Retreat.
Alaback, P. M. Private I 1 Infantry Hub City.
Alban, Samuel C. Private H 6 Infantry Stevens Point.
Albare, William S. Private D 29 Infantry Prescott.
Albaugh, E. Private H 46 Infantry Ash Ridge.
Albee, Ichabod H. Private B 5 Infantry Kaukauna.
Albee, Wm. C. Sergeant E 2 Cavalry Belle Fountain.
Albert, Louis Private C 24 Infantry Oconomowoc.
Albright, Ch. Private E 27 Infantry Plymouth.
Alby, B. Private D 15 Infantry Fremont.
Alcorn, Henry Private A 41 Infantry Lancaster.
Alcorn, J. W. Private A 18 Infantry Lancaster.
Alday, Ernest Corporal E 27 Infantry Sheboygan.
Alder, A. Private K 13 Infantry Edgerton.
Alderman, Eber Private G 47 Infantry Sylvan.
Alderman, Ephraim Private D 11 Infantry Boaz.
Aldrich, E. M. Sergeant B 46 Infantry Darlington.
Aldrich, Gaines D. Private -- 8 Battery Stevens Point.
Aldrich, Henry Private D 27 Infantry Manitowoc.
Aldrich, Lafayette Private D 1 Infantry Milwaukee.
Aldrich, N. Private D 25 Infantry Sparta.
Alexander, Geo. A. Private G 9 Infantry Hurley.
Alexander, Jacob Private H 32 Infantry Fond du Lac.
Alexander, James Sergeant A 18 Infantry Medford.
Alexander, James S. Private B 18 Infantry Oakley.
Alexander, Joseph Private A 44 Infantry Hudson.
Alexander, Joseph Corporal C 25 Infantry Mount Hope.
Alexander, Richard Private K 45 Infantry Denzer.
Alexander, Silex Corporal D 2 Cavalry Trempealeau.
Alexander, William Corporal C 11 Infantry Valley Junction.
Alford, M. C. Private G 2 Infantry Sioska.
Alger, J. Corporal A 37 Infantry Waukau.
Alger, Wesley Private A 37 Infantry Oshkosh.
All, John Private B 4 Cavalry Ripon.
Allaback, George Private H 37 Infantry Woodstock.
Allaback, John H. Private D 22 Infantry Woodstock.
Allander, Thomas Private K 1 Heavy Art. Riverside.
Allen, Alonzo Private F 8 Infantry Eastman.
Allen, Cyrus A. Lieutenant K 51 Infantry Pepin.
Allen, Cyrus M. Private E 19 Infantry Racine.
Allen, Delos Private F 21 Infantry Oakfield.
Allen, Dwight S. Corporal C 22 Infantry Lake Geneva.
Allen, E. W. Lieutenant H 16 Infantry Eau Claire.
Allen, Edgar Private A 3 Cavalry Amherst.
Allen, Elanson Private G 35 Infantry Mauston.
Allen, Ethan Corporal G 35 Infantry North Freedom.
Allen, Eugene Corporal A 8 Infantry Amherst.
Allen, G. W. Corporal F 3 Cavalry Delton.
Allen, George Private A 8 Infantry Waupaca.
Allen, George B. Private A 8 Infantry Amherst.
Allen, Harvey M. Private D 35 Infantry Ottervale.
Allen, Henry Private I 44 Infantry National Home.
Allen, Henry E. Corporal K 2 Infantry Brodhead.
Allen, Hiram Private G 19 Infantry Oxford.
Allen, I. N. Private I 29 Infantry Loyal.
Allen, J. E. Private C 30 Infantry Blair.
Allen, James Private C 19 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Allen, James Sergeant I 27 Infantry Colby.
Allen, Jason Private E 32 Infantry Waupun.
Allen, Lewis Sergeant A 37 Infantry Mauston.
Allen, N. E. 2nd Lieut. I 5 Infantry Beaver Dam.
Allen, Noah Private G 32 Infantry Packwaukee.
Allen, Norman Private B 37 Infantry Oregon.
Allen, Seth H. Corporal G 1 Infantry Marinette.
Allen, T. J. Private K 21 Infantry Lime Ridge.
Allen, Thomas Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls.
Allen, Thomas S. Colonel -- 5 Infantry Oshkosh.
Allen, Truman Chaplain -- 48 Infantry Antigo.
Allen, U. S. Corporal H 36 Infantry Lamartine.
Allen, W. B. Private F 1 Heavy Art. Pilot Knob.
Allen, Wm. Private -- 3 Battery Eureka.
Allen, Wm. Private A 17 Infantry Chippewa Falls.
Allen, Wm. H. Private A 42 Infantry Amherst.
Allie, James Sergeant D 27 Infantry Ellsworth.
Allyn, A. W. 2d Lieut. C 3 Cavalry Shopiere.
Allyn, M. F. Private E 3 Cavalry Shopiere.
Almey, Wm. Private A 24 Infantry National Home.
Almon, John Private A 13 Infantry Weyauwega.
Alrige, Francis Private A & D 5 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Alt, Charles Private L 4 Cavalry Wis. Vet. Home
Altenburg, G. H. Private B 46 Infantry Dancy.
Altenburg, Isaiah Private G 7 Infantry Plover.
Alter, F. P. Sergeant G 40 Infantry Centralia.
Althaus, Henry Private K 6 Infantry Kieler.
Althen, Henry Private K 11 Infantry Mishicott.
Altizer, John Corporal C 7 Infantry Lancaster.
Altman, Jacob Corporal A 45 Infantry Le Roy.
Altmeyer, Nicholas Private F 50 Infantry De Pere.
Alton, Michael C. Private A 4 Cavalry Tomah.
Alton, Rich Private I 29 Infantry Hartford.
Alverson, Phineas S. Private K 38 Infantry Indian Ford.
Alves, Rudolph Private A 9 Infantry Plymouth.
Alvis, Frederick Private H 6 Infantry Forest Junction.
Alvord, Justin M. Corporal C 28 Infantry Oconomowoc.
Alyea, John Private F 21 Infantry Winneconne.
Amadon, D. R. Private A 32 Infantry Waupun.
Amadon, W. P. Private D 3 Infantry Waupun.
Aman, Chas. Private A 22 Cavalry Racine.
Aman, Michael Private A 8 Cavalry Symco.
Amann, Frederick Corporal H 1 Cavalry Eagle.
Amann, Frederick Private H 3 Infantry National Home.
Amberg, John Private I 1 Infantry Milwaukee.
Ambros, Andrew Private E 20 Infantry Watertown.
Ambrose, H. W. Private -- 22 Infantry Viola.
Ambrust, Nick Private F 1 Cavalry Sturgeon Bay.
Amerman, P. S. Private A 30 Infantry New Richmond.
Ames, A. G. Private I 1 Infantry Gilmanton.
Ames, Erastus Private B 50 Infantry Retreat.
Ames, C. C. Private B 5 Infantry Knapp.
Ames, D. N. Private D 31 Infantry Retreat.
Ames, Harvey B. Private F 11 Infantry Baraboo.
Ames, John Private A 38 Infantry Fond du Lac.
Ames, Levi F. Private G 31 Infantry Monroe.
Ames, Orrin Private A 25 Infantry Eau Claire.
Ames, W. D. Chaplain -- 41 Infantry Fox Lake.
Amidon, David Private I 4 Cavalry Oshkosh.
Amidon, H. M. Private B 2 Cavalry Gilmanton.
Amidon, L. Private G 10 Infantry Melrose.
Amidon, Selias Private I 4 Cavalry Melrose.
Aminon, Joseph A. Private H 27 Infantry Whitewater.
Ammerman, William Private B 20 Infantry West Lima.
Ammon, John Private H 13 Infantry Fort Atkinson.
Amondson, Christian Private B 46 Infantry Amherst.
Amondson, Goodman Private G 21 Infantry Iola.
Amundson, Halvor Private K 37 Infantry Durand.
Amundson, Haus Private G 48 Infantry Colfax.
Amundson, Rollef Private D 15 Infantry Beringer Park.
Amunson, John Private I 18 Infantry Westby.
Amunson, Halvor Private C 45 Infantry Winchester.
Anacker, Wm. Corporal C 23 Infantry Portage.
Anderson, A. Private B 35 Infantry Windsor.
Anderson, A. C. Private B 15 Infantry Stoughton.
Anderson, Alfred Private E 49 Infantry Baraboo.
Anderson, Almond Private K 21 Infantry Dallas.
Anderson, Andrew Private B 3 Infantry Independence.
Anderson, Andrew Private K 37 Infantry Towerville.
Anderson, Andrew Private D 47 Infantry Amherst.
Anderson, Andrew Private A 12 Infantry Martell.
Anderson, Andrew Private G 4 Cavalry Martell.
Anderson, Andrew Private E 47 Infantry McFarland.
Anderson, Benj. Private A 37 Infantry Spring Green.
Anderson, C. H. Sergeant K 25 Infantry Omro.
Anderson, Christopher Private D 47 Infantry Amherst.
Anderson, Daniel Private D 15 Infantry New Rome.
Anderson, E. L. Corporal K 6 Infantry Mauston.
Anderson, F. B. Private E 33 Infantry Wis. Vet. Home
Anderson, Gilbert Private G 4 Cavalry Baldwin.
Anderson, H. Private A 15 Infantry Basswood.
Anderson, H. A. Private F 13 Infantry Clinton.
Anderson, Halvor Private I 51 Infantry New Centerville.
Anderson, Hans C. Private C 44 Infantry Iola.
Anderson, Henry Private D 47 Infantry Scandinavia.
Anderson, James C. Private B 34 Infantry Lone Rock.
Anderson, J. R. Private L 1 Heavy Art. Merrill.
Anderson, J. S. Corporal A 5 Infantry Manitowoc.
Anderson, John Private H 51 Infantry Lindsey.
Anderson, John Private E 13 Infantry Spooner.
Anderson, John Private A 11 Infantry Arena.
Anderson, John Corporal I 40 Infantry Washburn.
Anderson, John C. Corporal I 48 Infantry Spring Valley.
Anderson, Louis Private G 5 Infantry Wickware.
Anderson, Nathan Corporal E 30 Infantry Neillsville.
Anderson, Nels Private B 15 Infantry Cambridge.
Anderson, Nels Private F 3 Infantry Taylor.
Anderson, Nels Private G 27 Infantry Highland.
Anderson, Niels Private I 16 Infantry Westby.
Anderson, Nils Private E 18 Infantry Holman.
Anderson, Ole Private H 8 Infantry Taylor.
Anderson, Ole Private I 14 Infantry Towerville.
Anderson, Ole Private C 46 Infantry Winchester.
Anderson, Ole O. Private E 45 Infantry Deerfield.
Anderson, Peter A. Private C 15 Infantry Raymond.
Anderson, S. Private C 16 Infantry New London.
Anderson, S. Private A 2 Cavalry Waupun.
Anderson, Simon Private G 5 Infantry Westby.
Anderson, Thomas Corporal C 47 Infantry Eau Claire.
Corporal A 6

Name. Rank. Co. Regt. Branch of Service. Post-Office
Anderson, Thomas B. Private E 41 Infantry Bradtville
Anderson, William Private K 42 Infantry Arena
Anderson, William Cook K 12 Infantry Madison
Anderson, William E. Private A 22 Infantry Milwaukee
Anding, J. F. Private K 14 Infantry Highland
Andre, John. Private B 6 Infantry Rosiere
Andree, Magnus Private D 17 Infantry Pewaukee
Andress, P. A. Private I 51 Infantry Downing
Andrews, Alex. Private I 30 Infantry Thorp
Andrews, Benjamin F. Private G 21 Infantry Lola
Andrews, E. F. Private K 50 Infantry Wheeler
Andrews, James A. Private A 44 Infantry Hudson
Andrews, Jerry. Private E 18 Infantry Stevens Point
Andrews, Laurel G. Corporal F 28 Infantry Mukwonago
Andrews, Paul Private D 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Andrews, R. P. Private B 42 Infantry Shiocton
Andrews, Richard. Corporal G 19 Infantry Nekimi
Andrews, Samuel. Private E 50 Infantry Seneca
Andrews, Sylvester W. Private D 5 Infantry Stevens Point
Andrewsen, Andius. Private F 50 Infantry Fontenoy
Andrus, Arthur D Corporal F 39 Infantry Troy Center
Andrus, Arthur D Corporal K 49 Infantry Troy Center
Andrus, Florentine E. Private C 11 Infantry Chetek
Andrus, F. L. Sergeant F 39 Infantry Troy Center
Andrus, F. L. Sergeant K 49 Infantry Troy Center
Andrus, James. Sergeant H 8 Infantry Chetek
Andrus, Thomas. Private C 32 Infantry Pittsville
Andrus, M. L. Private E 8 Infantry Madison
Aney, J. J. Private H 6 Infantry Sparta
Angel, W. E. Private B 20 Infantry Sun Prairie
Angermier, Joseph Private B 28 Infantry Elm Grove
Anglum, Wm. Private C 32 Infantry Green Lake
Angus, Chas. Sergeant H 47 Infantry Lancaster
Angus, Robt. Private K 32 Infantry Pardeeville
Anhalt, Alois W. Private H 26 Infantry St Nazianz
Annen, Peter Private A 9 Infantry National Home
Annen, William Private K 45 Infantry Cross Plains
Annermann, E. Private D 27 Infantry Manitowoc
Annis, B. B. Private B 11 Infantry Richland Center
Annis, J.F. Captain G 22 Infantry Albany
Annis, Levi Private K 14 Infantry Irma
Annis, Levi Private H 32 Infantry Irma
Ansorge, E. K Sergeant F 45 Infantry Green Bay
Antwyler, P. Private G 42 Infantry Palmyra
Anunson, Helge Private A 47 Infantry Winchester
Apfel, Geo. Private A 45 Infantry Le Roy
Apfel, Henry Private F 33 Infantry Evansville
Apker, E. Private D 46 Infantry Baraboo
Apker, J. R. Corporal A 19 Infantry Wonewoc
Appell, George Private K 17 Infantry Reedsburg
Applebaker, George Private K 11 Infantry Hayton
Appleby, Nate Private F 43 Infantry Plainfield
Applefeller, Herman Private I 50 Infantry Neenah
Applemann, John W. Private A 25 Infantry Bloomingdale
Appleton, T. Private E 40 Infantry Wausau
Appley, C. F Sergeant D 1 Infantry Omro
Appley, Nelson Private D 1 Infantry Eureka
Appleyard, Thomas Private B 47 Calvery Kendall
Arendt, Peter Private K 14 Calvery Luxemberg
Arft, John Private C 26 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Armitage, John E Captain B 24 Infantry National Home
Armitige, S. P. Corporal D 8 Infantry Seymour
Armon, Melvin J. Private K 14 Infantry Pittsville
Armou, William Private D 50 Infantry Pittsville
Armour, Wm. Private K 25 Infantry Mondovi
Arms, Jos. Private E 3 Infantry Loyal
Armstrong, C. W. Private A 16 Infantry Babcock
Armstrong, E. B. Private B 6 Infantry River Falls
Armstrong, G. G. Private B 12 Infantry Baraboo
Armstrong, George W. Private   1 Battery Five Points
Armstrong, Gilbert Corporal   3 Battery Berlin
Armstrong, John Private K 33 Infantry Racine
Armstrong, Leroy G Asst S & Major   6,8,48 Infantry Boscobel
Armstrong, Milton Private K 25 Infantry Kilbourn
Armstrong, Samuel Private B 33 Infantry Fennimore
Armstrong, Samuel Private D 31 Infantry Lynxville
Armstrong, Sebastian Private K 43 Infantry Tomah
Armstrong, Thomas Private C 22 Infantry Gillingham
Arndt, Carl Private E 26 Infantry Hilbert
Arndt, F. W Private D 1 Heavy Art Lowell
Arndt, Fred Private B 9 Infantry Neonah
Arndt, Gottfried Private F 26 Infantry Ada
Arneson, Andrew Private A 49 Infantry Barber
Arneson, Ole Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
Arnison, Allen Private G 16 Infantry Barber
Arno, Martin Private G 5 Infantry Menasha
Arnold, Adam Private K 35 Infantry Rockfield
Arnold, Alex. A_ Captain C 30 Infantry Galesville
Arnold, C. F. Private E 10 Infantry Juneau
Arnold, D. T. Private C 38 Infantry Argyle
Arnold, Jas. Private H 26 Infantry Oshkosh
Arnold, James Private F 5 Infantry Hartland
Arnold, John Private E 1 Infantry Kenosha
Arnold, John Private A 17 Infantry National Home
Arnold, John H. Private   2 Battery Oconomowoc
Arnold, John W Private C 4 Cavalry Sheboygan
Arnold, Wiley B. Captain C 32 Infantry Milwaukee
Arnolti, August Corporal C 27 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Arnot, A. Private G 22 Infantry South Wayne
Arnot, James Sergeant. E 36 Infantry Argyle
Aron, Christ. Private A 36 Infantry Spring Green
Arpin, Charles Private B 11 Infantry Kewaunee
Arthur, Jos. Private E 11 Infantry Mineral Point
Arveson, Arve Private F 50 Infantry Fontenoy
Arveson, William Private D 50 Infantry Wautoma
Arwood, Andrew W. Corporal E 28 Infantry Heart Prairie
Asbury, Thomas Private F 43 Infantry Genoa
Ashby, Joel Private E 14 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Ashby, Lucius S. Private E 5 Infantry Winneconne
Ashley, Abram Corporal K 30 Infantry River Falls
Ashley, E. L. Private A 42 Infantry Almond
Ashley, George Private D 41 Infantry Omro
Ashley, M. H. Private G 1 Infantry Madison
Ashton, Wm. Private D 5 Infantry Beaver Dam
Ashton, Wm. Private C 19 Infantry Madison
Assenmacher, Peter, Sr. Private D 43 Infantry Hartford
Atcherson, O.N. Private A 52 Infantry Plainville
Atchinson, H. H. Corporal. G 12 Infantry Cataract
Atkins, Augustus Private K 21 Infantry Brookside
Atkinson, Geo. Private F 7 Infantry Ellenboro
Atkinson, Geo. Private M 1 Heavy Art La Crosse
Atkinson, John Private E 2 Cavalry Roslin
Atkinson, Lafayette Private E 32 Infantry Baraboo
Atkinson, Robt. Private I 17 Infantry Midland
Atkinson, Wm. B. Sergeant. K 33 Infantry Stoughton
Attridge, Arthur Private K 23 Infantry Baraboo
Attridge, Robt. Private G 3 Cavalry Baraboo
Atwood, Abner M. Private G 7 Infantry Grand Rapids
Atwood, Corydon F. Private D 37 Infantry National Home
Atwood, R. T. Private H 42 Infantry Lake Mills
Atwood, S. 1st Sergeant D 32 Infantry Omro
Atwood, Horace G. Private D 33 Infantry Bridgeport
Aubink, John Private G 14 Infantry Cedar Grove
Aubury, Cullen B. News boy Iron Brig. Infantry Milwaukee
Aucutt, W.J. Private C 32 Infantry Thorp
Aude, Fred Captain A 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Auener, John C. Private C 9 Infantry New Holstein
Auerbach, Gustave Private F 3 Infantry Clifton
Augustin, C. F. Private I 21 Infantry Menasha
Augustin, Robert Private B 9 Infantry Glidden
Augustine, John Private G 34 Infantry Mosel
Ault, William. Private A 31 Infantry Wyalusing
Aumock, Philip. Corporal F 43 Infantry Viola
AupperLee, George Private A 45 Infantry Boltonville
Ausman, Fred Private E 3 Infantry Montana
Austin, A. E. Corporal D 38 Infantry Brandon
Austin, C. C. Private I 36 Infantry Weston
Austin, Daniel. Private L 3 Cavalry Fremont
Austin, David. Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Austin, E.J. 1st Lieu G 14 Infantry Black River Falls
Austin, Edward A. Private   7 Battery Milwaukee
Austin, Edwin R. Private C 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Austin, Eli. Private G 39 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Austin, James Private   3 Battery Waupaca
Austin, Nelson Private H 1 Heavy Art Winchester
Austin, Samuel R. Private K 44 Infantry Platteville
Austin, W. L. Serjeant   4 Battery Beloit
Averbeck, Dietrich. Private A 45 Infantry Fond du Lac
Avery, A. B. Corporal H 23 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Avery, L. S. Musician G 10 Infantry Alma Center
Axtell, David. Private A 47 Infantry Waupaca
Axtell, Wm. Private A 42 Infantry Manawa
Avers, Albert I. Private D 12 Infantry Hayward
Ayers, Benj. Private G 22 Infantry Sharon
Avers, Chas. B.. Private C 3 Cavalry Mnntello
Ayers, J. B. Private F 1 Cavalry Pilot Knob
Ayers, Seth. Private A 44 Infantry Osceola Mills
Ayrea, John. Private F 23 Infantry Pardeeville



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