Enumeration of the Soldiers of the Late War
Who Served in Wisconsin Regiments and Batteries, Etc., and Reported by the
Government as Residing in Wisconsin on June 20, 1895.

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Heather Turner, Charlotte Slater, Susan Geist





Branch of Service


Laak, Aug. Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Laak, Fred Private B 27 Infantry Plymouth
Laas, Geo. Private D 2 Infantry National Home
Labonde, Peter Private A 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Labouty, Joseph Private C 31 Infantry Dodgeville
La Brash, Frank Private G 21 Infantry New Richmond
Labs, John Private C 1 Infantry East Wrightstown
Lace, John Private F 43 Infantry Green Bay
Laconte, Antoine Private G 17 Infantry Oconto
Lacoque, Leopold Private G 3 Infantry Wequiock
La Count, David Asst. Surg. -- 14 Infantry Wausau
La Count, Antoine Private G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Lacount, Chas. Private I 43 Infantry Ahnapee
Lacy, T. W. Drum Major -- 8 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Lade, August Private H 7 Infantry New Cassel
La Due, Sampson Private A 53 Infantry Cataract
La Fave, John Private I 3 Cavalry Velp
La Flambois, Peter Private D 3 Cavalry Little Rapids
La Fleur, Joseph Private G 5 Infantry Portage
Laflin, John W. Private E 29 Infantry Milwaukee
La Flower, Peter Private C 23 Infantry Two Rivers
La Fond, Frank Private G 17 Infantry Two Rivers
La Fond, Michael Private F 50 Infantry Two Rivers
Lahey, Edw. Private E 27 Infantry National Home
Lahy, Thomas Private K 20 Infantry Nero
Lahye, John Private E 27 Infantry Two Rivers
Laib, W. C. Private B 37 Infantry Black River Falls
Laing, Alex. Private H 24 Infantry Marinette
Laird, Edward Private K 17 Infantry Binghampton
Laird, John W. Private C 48 Infantry Bagley
Laird, Richard C. 2d. Lieut. B 18 Infantry Brodhead
Lakas, Michael Private I 45 Infantry Neosho
Lake, E. S. Private G 1 Cavalry Windsor
Lake, Ira Private E 21 Infantry Sheboygan
Lake, Israel L. Private B 3 Cavalry Prentice
Lake, John R. Private H 32 Infantry Appleton
Lake, John R. Private B 50 Infantry Viroqua
Lake, Philip W. Corporal K 2 Cavalry Big Foot Pra, Ill
Lake, Wm. Sergeant G 16 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Lake, W. W. Private A 38 Infantry Antigo
Lake, William H. Private H 1 Infantry Medford
Lally, Patrick Private G 4 Cavalry Erin
Lallensack, Wm. Private A 45 Infantry Milwaukee
La Londe, Edw. Private A 18 Infantry Antigo
La Londe, William Corporal B 5 Infantry Racine
Lamabieu, Wm. Private H 22 Infantry Sheboygan
Lamb, Daniel Private D 47 Infantry Rural
Lamb, Henry Private D 2 Cavalry Brookville
Lamb, Henry E. Private G 35 Infantry National Home
Lamb, Lewis A. Sergeant K 43 Infantry Millston
  Private -- 8 Battery  
Lamb, W. E. Private F 1 Cavalry Centralia
Lamberson, Jay G. Private -- 6 Battery Sextonville
Lambert, Albert S. Private K 30 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Lambert, Matthew R. Private K 3 Cavalry Ontario
Lambert, Stephen Private D 14 Infantry Holland
Lamberty, Nicholas Private C 35 Infantry Roxbury
Lamberty, Peter J. Private I 1 Cavalry Roxbury
Lambkin, G. W. Private A 53 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Lame, H. B. Sergeant F 5 Infantry Dartford
Lamere, Edward Private F 25 Infantry Somerset
Lamkins, Russel, Jr. Private G 21 Infantry Waupaca
Lammers, A. J. Private H 14 Infantry Cascade
Lammers, Garrett Private C 1 Cavalry Cedar Grove
Lammers, J. H. Private D 45 Infantry Cedar Grove
Lamore, Amos Private C 46 Infantry Merrill
Lamorie, John Private C 16 Infantry National Home
Lamp, John Private F 45 Infantry Deerfield
Lamp, Joseph Private G 30 Infantry Wautoma
Lamphear, Ezra Private H 16 Infantry Hancock
Lamphear, S. A. Private A 19 Infantry Easton
Lampheir, Hiram Private E 3 Cavalry Mindora
Lameraux, P. B. 2d. Lieut. K 1 Cavalry Waupun
Lamphier, H. C. Private H 30 Infantry Poysippi
Lampman, Almon Private K 36 Infantry Eleva
Lampman, Oscar Corporal K 45 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Lampman, Stephen G. Private -- 12 Battery Carrie
Lamport, C. D. Private C 6 Infantry Hersey
Lamson, L. J. Corporal A 30 Infantry Roberts
Lancaster, Henry Sergeant -- 11 Battery Green Bay
Lancaster, L. L. 1st. Sergeant L 2 Cavalry Eau Claire
Lancaster, Thos. Corporal E 31 Infantry Argyle
Landberg, Chas. Private G 51 Infantry Fish Creek
Lander, Wm. Private C 16 Infantry Palmyra
Landers, Elias Private F 25 Infantry Roaring Creek
Landfried, Lucas Private E 34 Infantry Beaver Dam
Landgraff, Mathew Private E 2 Cavalry Oxford
Landolb, W. H. Captain C 5 Infantry Wauwatosa
Landon, Joseph Private D 25 Infantry Ontario
Landon, S. F. Private -- 6 Battery Twin Bluffs
Lane, A. E. Private G 5 Infantry Hixton
Lane, Caleb A. Private A 44 Infantry Durand
Lane, Edwin Private C 21 Infantry Regina
Lane, George Private G 10 Infantry Johnson's Creek
Lane, Henry Private K 50 Infantry Farm Hill
Lane, J. F. Sergeant I 3 Infantry Lancaster
Lane, J. P. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Plainfield
Lane, L. A. Private B 44 Infantry Wild Rose
Lane, Michael Private E 16 Infantry National Home
Lane, Philo. Private B 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Lane, S. M. Sergeant G 1 Infantry Dallas
Lane, Theo. Private A 22 Infantry Racine
Lane, Thomas Private B 32 Infantry Necedah
Lang, Chas. H. Private E 49 Infantry Farr's Corners
Lang, Henry Private K 32 Infantry Milford
Lang, Michael Private -- 12 Battery Berlin
Lang, Peter A. Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Lang, Wm. Private C 42 Infantry Ferris Corners
Lang, Wm. Private G 13 Infantry Brodhead
Langdell, H. F. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Amy
Langdo. Hank Private H 16 Infantry Menomonie
Langdon, Alfred Corporal G 8 Infantry National Home
Langdon, C. A. Musician F 23 Infantry Baraboo
Langdon, H. W. Private F 51 Infantry Ironton
Lange, August Private A 49 Infantry Black Earth
Lange, Louis Private F 6 Infantry Weyauwega
Lange, William Private G 1 Heavy Art. Plymouth
Langenberg, Conrad Private B 22 Infantry Howard
Langensack, Wm. Private D 9 Infantry Brilion
Langer, W. J. Private D 16 Infantry Waukesha
Langert, George Corporal K 50 Infantry Modena
Langhoff, Herman J. Private D 2 Infantry National Home
Langin, Dennis Captain B 17 Infantry Kenosha
Langly, W. H. Saddler G 2 Cavalry Frankville
Langner, Chas. Private H 7 Infantry Gibbsville
Langner, Charles Private D 50 Infantry Neenah
Langner, Fred Private H 7 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Langner, Wilhelm Corporal F 6 Infantry Stiles
Langstadt, G. 1st. Lieut. H 2 Cavalry La Crosse
Langstaff, Simon Private H 25 Infantry British Hollow
Langston, David Private C 8 Infantry North Bend
Langworthy, Andrew J. Captain A 1 Heavy Art. Milwaukee
Lannen, Michael Private A 38 Infantry Spring Lake
Lannen, Patrick Corporal H 31 Infantry Oshkosh
Lanscher, William Private G 12 Infantry Alaska
Lansing, John Private E 10 Infantry Waverley
Lansing, Willard Private E 5 Infantry Neenah
Lansworh, John J. Sergeant C 15 Infantry Ogema
Lant, David H. Private I 16 Infantry Plainfield
Lapine, Louis Private G 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Laplant, Oliver Private F 32 Infantry Bay Settlement
La Plonte, James F. Private B 13 Infantry Wequiock
Laprairie, Sanford Private K 17 Infantry Brothertown
Larabee, John Private B 8 Infantry Fairchild
Lardinois, Francois Private H 34 Infantry Darbellay
Larkas, Michael Private I 45 Infantry Neosho
Larkin, Courtland P. Major -- 38 Infantry Milwaukee
Larkins, D. A. Private D 10 Infantry Oxford
Larkins, L. R. Private H 13 Infantry Sparta
Larkins, M. Private E 49 Infantry Tomah
Larock, J. Private F 44 Infantry Wequiock
La Rose, L. Private I 5 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Larreviere, Edward Private F 17 Infantry Prairie du Chien
Larry, James Private I 42 Infantry Sparta
Larschild, John Private F 50 Infantry Green Bay
Larson, Amund Private A 17 Infantry Stoddard
Larosn, Andrew Musician -- 13 Infantry Whitewater
Larson, Arne Private D 43 Infantry Beloit
Larson, Chris.  Private F 3 Infantry Brushville
Larson, Geo. Private K 8 Infantry Racine
Larson, Groges Private A 42 Infantry Iola
Larson, Gunder Corporal D 32 Infantry Winchester
Larson, Hans Private F 17 Infantry Avalanche
Larson, Hans Private A 42 Infantry Iola
Larson, Martin Private C 50 Infantry Hollandale
Larson, Ole Private C 44 Infantry Iola
Larson, Ole Private G 31 Infantry Moscow
Larson, Peter Private B 6 Infantry Viroqua
Larson, Peter O. Corporal B 15 Infantry Ettrick
Larson, Peter Private D 7 Infantry Eastman
Larson, Peter Private C 50 Infantry Argyle
Larson, Thomas Private G 20 Infantry Pleasant Valley
Larson, Thorbjern Private D 47 Infantry Iola
Larne, J. W. Private K 3 Cavalry Coloma
La Selle, N. B. Sergeant G 30 Infantry Rhinelander
Lasche, Julius Private K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Lashure, George Private K 25 Infantry Portage
Laske, Wm. Private E 9 Infantry Burlington
Lassna, Anthony Private H 30 Infantry Reams
Latham, Amasa H. Private F 49 Infantry Annaton
Latham, Ed. Musician -- 12 Infantry Elkhorn
Lathrop, Chas. Private K 2 Cavalry Appleton
Lathrop, Lucas B. Private K 8 Infantry Racine
Lathrop, S. Sergeant H 18 Infantry Hersey
Lathrop, William W. Private K 10 Infantry Burr Oak
Latta, Wm. J. Musician B 40 Infantry Clinton
Latzke, John A. Private B 26 Infantry Lebanon
Laubenheimer, Fred Private A 51 Infantry Tustin
Lauber, Augustus Private B 4 Cavalry Coloma Station
Lauber, John Private I 51 Infantry Menomonie
Lauderdale, J. E. Private C 40 Infantry Tibbets
Lauer, Chas. Private I 37 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Lauerman, Joseph Private H 26 Infantry Muscoda
Lauersdorf, Ferdinand Private D 6 Infantry Lebanon
Laufer, Chas. Corporal B 26 Infantry Grand Rapids
Laughan, Robt. Private -- 16 Infantry La Crosse
Laun, Rudolph Private C 34 Infantry Brown Deer
Laundreg, Dennis Private H 34 Infantry Bay Settlement
Launderville, Peter Private G 48 Infantry Luddington
Laundrey, Jos. Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Laundry. Joseph Private F 17 Infantry Dunbar
Laupp, John Sergeant B 45 Infantry Horicon
Laurent, Joseph Private G 17 Infantry Champion
Lautenbach, Freidrick Private D 52 Infantry Orihula
Lauterbach, Justas Sergeant C 24 Infantry Cedarburg
Lauzendorf, Henry Private C 34 Infantry Leeds Center
Lavelle, Joseph Private K 3 Infantry Peshtigo
Laverenze, Leo. Private F 12 Infantry Hartford
Lavigne, Frank Private D 5 Infantry Centralia
Lavigne, J. L. Sergeant H 11 Infantry Curtis
Lavine, Frank Private E 19 Infantry Neillsville
Laviolette, Seraphin Private K 18 Infantry Gardner
Lavoy, Oliver Private K 4 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Law, Chas. G. Private A 24 Infantry Pewaukee
Law, Columbus Corporal G 4 Cavalry Clear Lake
Law, David Lieutenant D 14 Infantry La Crosse
Law, Harvey Corporal A 12 Infantry New Richmond
Law, Jno. Private K 6 Infantry Schleisingerville
Law, Robert Corporal K 1 Heavy Art. Neenah
Lawber, Joseph Private F 42 Infantry Dayton
Lawe, John D. Private F 32 Infantry Kaukauna
Lawe, Joseph R. Sergeant F 12 Infantry Breed
Lawler, Dennis Private D 53 Infantry Osseo
Lawler, Edward Private D 1 Cavalry Seneca
Lawler, John Private -- 4 Battery Janesville
Lawrence, Anton Corporal F 3 Infantry Madison
Lawrence, Chas. J. Private H 12 Infantry National Home
Lawrence, Charles Private K 35 Infantry Lime Ridge
Lawrence, D. Private G 8 Infantry Janesville
Lawrence, D. R. Private L 1 Cavalry Petersburg
Lawrence, Daniel G. Private D 47 Infantry Burnett Junction
Lawrence, E. M. Private B 1 Cavalry Wis Vet Home
Lawrence, Edwin A. Corporal F 42 Infantry Reedsburg
Lawrence, G. H. Private E 23 Infantry Elroy
Lawrence, Henry T. Private F 16 Infantry Lyndon Station
Lawrence, Jasper Private I 35 Infantry Spring Valley
Lawrence, John Musician E 16 Infantry Ontario
Lawrence, L. P. Private C 16 Infantry Mauston
Lawrence, M. E. Private B 42 Infantry La Crosse
Lawrence, Myron E. Private G 37 Infantry Friendship
Lawrence, N. T. Private -- 10 Battery New Lisbon
Lawrence, Timothy Private F 35 Infantry Stoughton
Lawrence, T. O. Musician H 17 Infantry La Crosse
Lawrence, Thomas F. Private F 49 Infantry Ironton
Lawrence, W. H. Private I 48 Infantry Beaver Dam,
Lawrence, Walter L. Private F 39 Infantry Racine
Lawrence, William Private I 18 Infantry Bungert
Lawsha, Geo. Private E 12 Infantry Reedsburg
Lawton, A. F. Private F 51 Infantry Reedsburg
Lawton, C. A. Corporal C 47 Infantry De Pere
Lawton, C. W. Private A 25 Infantry Star
Lawton, D. E. Private G 35 Infantry Boyceville
Lawton, J. G. Captain F 14 Infantry De Pere
Lawton, James Corporal G 42 Infantry Whitewater
Lawton, John T. Private B 22 Infantry North Freedom
Lawton, R. Private H 46 Infantry Viola
Lawton, Samuel Private G 42 Infantry La Grange
Laymon, S. P. Private F 36 Infantry Shiocton
Layton, George Private G 31 Infantry Lake Geneva
Lea, Henry L. Private E 33 Infantry Orfordville
Lea, Jesse Private E 32 Infantry Amherst
Leach, Allen Private E 22 Infantry Hortonville
Leach, Benjamin I. Prin. Music'n -- 38 Infantry Trimbelle
Leach, Daniel Private K 33 Infantry Avoca
Leach, E. M. Private G 3 Infantry Wild Rose
Leach, John W. Private H 22 Infantry Union Grove
Leach, John   Private K 27 Infantry Stockbridge
Leach, Lyman Private C 47 Infantry Tomah
Leach, N. Private C 7 Infantry Rice Lake
Leahy, J. E. Captain C 35 Infantry Wausau
Leahy, Michael Private C 17 Infantry Beechwood
Lean, John Private A 1 Heavy Art. Rome
Leano, Joseph Private A 44 Infantry Turtle Lake
Learnard, Harmon R. Musician A 11 Infantry Mazomanie
Leavy, Thos. Corporal I 41 Infantry National Home
Leathart, Geo. Sergeant I 1 Heavy Art. Berlin
Leavens, Fred Private K 1 Heavy Art. Sheboygan Falls
Leavitt, S. F. Private C 28 Infantry Summit Center
Lebal, John Private F 26 Infantry De Pere
Lecher, Aug. Private M 3 Cavalry Milwaukee
Lecher, Herman Corporal M 3 Cavalry Milwaukee
Lechteman, Theodore Private B 14 Infantry Kewaunee
Le Count, Wm. J. Sergeant E & B 10 & 52 Infantry Hartford
Leddick, Philip Private G 42 Infantry Hancock
Lederer, Fred Private B 8 Infantry Milwaukee
Lee, A. F. 2d. Lieut. D 2 Infantry Janesville
Lee, And. B. Private H 13 Infantry National Home
Lee, Andrew L. Private C 21 Infantry Soldiers Grove
Lee, C. H. Sergeant G 8 Infantry Janesville
Lee, Chas. Pri C 33 Infantry Benton
Lee, Egbert E. Corporal H 27 Infantry Forward
Lee, Elmore 1st. Sergeant E 36 Infantry Pulcifer
Lee, Enoch Private E 32 Infantry Galesville
Lee, Frank Sergeant G 3 Infantry Parrish
Lee, H. A. Corporal D 15 Infantry Modena
Lee, Henry Private D 23 Infantry Valton
Lee, Horatio Sergeant C 8 Infantry Milwaukee
Lee, Hugh Private I 22 Infantry Beloit
Lee, John L. Private M 4 Cavalry Janesville
Lee, L. H. Sergeant B 35 Infantry Janesville
Lee, Patrick Private F 37 Infantry De Pere
Lee, Peter E. Private I 11 Infantry Wautoma
Lee, R. V. Private B 10 Infantry Appleton
Lee, Reuben Private H 36 Infantry Plainfield
Lee, Robert Private E 14 Infantry Rose Lawn
Lee, Robt. R. Private G 42 Infantry Amy
Lees, J. P. Private G 1 Heavy Art. Chetek
Lees, Robt. Sergeant H 6 Infantry Alma
Leese, Charles Private B 42 Infantry Madison
Leeson, Wm. N. Sergeant F 12 Infantry Green Bay
Lefeber, Abraham Corporal H 45 Infantry Wauwatosa
Le Fever, Geo. H. Private K 5 Infantry Shiocton
Lefever, Tunis H. Corporal F 27 Infantry Scott
Legare, S. Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Leggett, Wm. Private A 35 Infantry Beloit
Legler, Fred Private H 4 Cavalry National Home
Leglise, D. Private K 18 Infantry Green Bay
Le Gore, John Sergeant G 25 Infantry Mondovi
Le Grand, James  Private H 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Le Grand, John Private C 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Legrant, D. R. Private H 4 Cavalry Emerald
Le Grant, W. L. Private H 4 Cavalry Racine
Lehman, Henry Private A 7 Infantry National Home
Lehman, Magus Private C 9 Infantry Milwaukee
Lehmann, Aug. Private C 16 Infantry Hustisford
Lehmann, August Corporal K 35 Infantry Theresa
Lehmann, Chas. Corporal D 9 Infantry Denzer
Lehmann, F. L. Private E 47 Infantry Milwaukee
Lehmann, Jacob Private K 48 Infantry Mondovi
Lehmann, John T. Private E 20 Infantry Watertown
Lehmann, Wilhelm Private C 34 Infantry Cedarburg
Lehner, Lewis Private -- 1 Cavalry Le Roy
Lehner, M. Private E 1 Cavalry Le Roy
Leibelt, Fred Private I 45 Infantry Marshfield
Leibenow, H. F. Lieutenant B 24 Infantry Manitowoe
Leiby, Jacob Private 47 Infantry Dale
Leiby, Stephen Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Leiby, Wm. Private A 47 Infantry Dale
Leidiger, E. Corporal G 48 Infantry Hixton
Lein, Andrew L. Private K 42 Infantry River Falls
Leindecker, Wm. Sergeant E 9 Infantry Rockville
Leininger, Deobolt Private F 50 Infantry Wayside
Leipman, Frank Private B 14 Infantry Green Bay
Leisgang, George Corporal E 26 Infantry Black Creek
Leisher, Emil F. Private A 28 Infantry Rock Elm
Leiteritz, Ernst Corporal B 45 Infantry Osman
Leith, Chas. A. Private -- 1 Battery Madison
Lemarand, Joseph Private G 2 Cavalry Wausaukee
Lemke, Christian Private K 2 Infantry Reedsville
Lemke, John L. Private E 11 Infantry Muscoda
Lemmel, John Private I 5 Infantry Whitewater
Lemmon, John D. Private G U.S.S.S. Berdans Madison
Le Moine, Eloph. Private F 46 Infantry Richland Center
Lemon, Wm. Private D 35 Infantry Monticello
Lemon, Wm. H. Private -- 10 Battery Weston
Lempke, Michael Private F 18 Infantry Rube
Lempke, William Private F 18 Infantry Manitowoe
Lenerville, Private K 3 Infantry Oconto
Lennen, Ed. Private C 1 Infantry Maple Grove
Lenneville, David Private G 2 Cavalry Oconto
Lennon, James Lieutenant H 12 Infantry Appleton
Lenon, A. Private -- 28 Infantry Green Bay
Lenon, Wm. Private H 10 Infantry Whitehall
Lensink, H. J. Private I 7 Infantry Oostburg
Lentfoehr, Henry Sergeant H 9 Infantry Gillett
Lenton, Lawrence Corporal I 32 Infantry Dale
Lentz, Jacob Private I 32 Infantry Medina
Lentz, John Private F 14 Infantry De Pere
Leonard, Chas. A. Private G 1 Infantry Kenosha
Leonard, Ezra W. Private C 3 Cavalry Montello
Leonard, Jas. Private I 51 Infantry North Greenfield
Leonard, James Private C 6 Infantry Moeville
Leonard, J. H. Sergeant A 5 Infantry Green Bay
Leonard, H. L. Private F 12 Infantry Loyal
Leonard, Levi Hosp. Stewd. -- 46 Infantry Lake Mills
Leonard, M. E. Captain D 25 Infantry Sparta
Leonard, Wm. M. Private H 17 Infantry Ellsworth
Leonard, W. H. Private F 13 Infantry Cambridge
Leonard, W. M. Private C 12 Infantry Madison
Leonhard, Fred Private E 27 Infantry Sheboygan
Lepine, Henry Private I 34 Infantry Hartford
Lepley, Willett Private H 46 Infantry West Lima
Leque, Peter Private F 14 Infantry Marinette
Leroy, Benjamin Private D 51 Infantry Neenah
Le Roy, J. L. Captain L 2 Cavalry Abbotsford
Leroy, John Private I 31 Infantry Wrightstown
Lersch, Peter J. Private D 26 Infantry Racine
Leser, Peter Private C 25 Infantry Fennimore
Lesller, Richard Private F 7 Infantry Columbia
Leslie, Josias Sergeant F 1 Cavalry Oconomowoe
Lessenden, Geo. C. Private D 12 Infantry Boltonville
Lester, Benjamin Private I 25 Infantry Platteville
Lester, E. S. Private A 12 Infantry River Falls
Lester, Edward Corporal F 11 Infantry Spring Green
Lester, Oscar D. Private I 6 Infantry Towerville
Letourmean, Joseph Private -- 4 Battery Brookside
Leustra, John J. Private M 1 Cavalry Kieler
Levake, John M. Sergeant C 12 Infantry Wyoming
Le Valley, Benj. F. Private C 13 Infantry Allen's Grove
Lewerentz, Charles Private -- 2 Battery Saukville
Lewins, Robert Private F 50 Infantry Antigo
Lewis, A. H. Sergeant B 4 Cavalry Fond du Lac
Lewis, Benjamin Private C 31 Infantry Barneveld
Lewis, C. O. Private K 44 Infantry Oshkosh
Lewis, Dan. Private D 1 Heavy Art. National Home
Lewis, David Private G 51 Infantry Beaver Dam
Lewis, David R. Corporal H 8 Infantry West Salem
Lewis, E. A. Private C 4 Cavalry Kenosha
Lewis, G. H. Private A 41 Infantry Potosi
Lswis, Geo. W. Private K 32 Infantry Necedah
Lewis, J. P. Sergeant A 41 Infantry Lancaster
Lewis, James W. Private H 1 Cavalry Cadott
Lewis, James   Private D 19 Infantry Milwaukee
Lewis, James Private D 20 Infantry Fort Atkinson
Lewis, Jas. Private G 19 Infantry National Home
Lewis, John Lieutenant H 16 Infantry Montello
Lewis, John Private E 4 Cavalry National Home
Lewis, John H. Private E 24 Infantry Granville Station
Lewis, John D. Captain K 48 Infantry Arcadia
Lewis, John Private B 25 Infantry Muscoda
Lewis, Smith Private E 32 Infantry Nekoosa
Lewis, Stephen Private F 42 Infantry Berlin
Lewis, Thomas Private K 49 Infantry Racine
Lewis, Timothy A. Private F 25 Infantry La Crosse
Lewison, Ole Private H 43 Infantry Castle Rock
Leykom, John R. Corporal A 5 Infantry Antigo
Libbey, Peter Private F 12 Infantry Green Bay
Libby, C. A. Private D 40 Infantry Evansville
Libby, T. J. Private A 1 Heavy Art. Ontario
Libert, Fred Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Lichte, Fred Private B 45 Infantry Pleasant Ridge
Lick, John Private C 21 Infantry Zion
Liddel, Albert Private G 23 Infantry Omro
Lieb, John Private D 12 Infantry National Home
Liebbert, John Private E 4 Cavalry Manitowoe
Liebeck, Ernst Private F 18 Infantry Henryville
Liebenstein, J. W. Private B 26 Infantry Scott
Liebenstein, Phil. Private B 26 Infantry Scott
Liebert, John Private E 4 Cavalry Manitowoe
Liefbroer, Peter Private E & C 34 & 11 Infantry Cedar Grove
Leighton, L. E. Private F 22 Infantry Germania
Liehammer, Wm. Private D 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Liek, J. W. Private H 10 Infantry Richland Center
Liese, Conrad Private K 1 Cavalry Plymouth
Liesenberg, Wm. Private I 52 Infantry Cedarburg
Light, Wm. Private -- 17 Infantry Carlton
Lilley, Norman Wm. Private A 21 Infantry Oshkosh
Lilly, Geo. H. Sergeant E 1 Heavy Art. Albion
Lillycrop, Edward Private B 37 Infantry Tustin
Limpert, Geo. C. Private C 26 Infantry Kenosha
Linahan, Michael Private H 17 Infantry River Falls
Lincoln, Asa Private G 1 Heavy Art. Madison
Lind, C. J. Private I 6 Infantry Hillsboro
Lind, Henry Private B 12 Infantry Hillsboro
Lindauer, Fred Private G 3 Infantry South Kaukauna
Linden, J. Private C 27 Infantry Wis Vet Home
Linderman, Edw. G. Private A 5 Infantry National Home
Linder, Christian Private G 50 Infantry Plum City
Linder, John Bugler K 9 Infantry Monroe
Linderman, John Private A 23 Infantry Ixonia
Lindner, George Sergeant F 47 Infantry Waukesha
Lindow, Wilhelm Private A 9 Infantry Franklin
Lindsay, Chas. H. Private K 16 Infantry South Wayne
Lindsay, John Corporal B 7 Infantry Marshall
Lindsay, Wm. Private D 53 Infantry Osseo
Lindslay, Chas. Private I 1 Cavalry Green Bay
Lindsley, Chas. H. 1st. Sergeant D 3 Infantry Waupun
Lindsley, Geo. Sergeant A 32 Infantry Wilcox
Lindsley, Wm. R. Private H 29 Infantry Sturgeon Bay
Lingeman, Henry Private D 28 Infantry Whitewater
Liniger, H. Private E 16 Infantry Knapp
Link, August Corporal K 51 Infantry Oshkosh
Link, James H. Private D 30 Infantry New Richmond
Link, J. C. Sergeant K 23 Infantry Baraboo
Linnane, Ed. Private C 1 Infantry Maple Grove
Linguist, C. J. Private G 12 Infantry Rio
Lins, John A. Corporal C 5 Infantry Eagle
Linscott, Anson Musician G 2 Infantry Portage
Linscott, Archibald Private G 2 Infantry Portage
Linsday, C. Private H 34 Infantry Green Bay
Lintelman, Aug. Private B 9 Infantry Green Bay
Linton, T. C. Private F 3 Infantry Fennimore
Lintz, Jos, F. Sergeant E 10 Infantry Indian Ford
Lipchow, Fred Private B 44 Infantry Watertown
Lippert, Dionysius Private H 9 Infantry National Home
Lippert, John Private F 18 Infantry Rube
Lippert, John Sergeant B 9 Infantry Manitowoe
Lipscomb, S. N. Private G 7 Infantry National Home
Lippolt, Peter B. Private B 43 Infantry Platteville
Litchfield, James Private K 38 Infantry Easton
Litchfield, Thos. Private I 50 Infantry Mondovi
Litner, Leopold Private B 21 Infantry Grand Rapids
Litscher, Mathias Sergeant K 48 Infantry Fountain City
Littenberger, Adolph Private I 18 Infantry St Nazianz
Litterman, Jospeh Private F 12 Infantry West Superior
Little, Egbert H. Lieutenant A 38 Infantry Fond du Lac
Little, Thomas Sergeant F 24 Infantry Portage
Littlefield, Lathrop Private E 6 Infantry Oshkosh
Littlejohn, William Musician K 13 Infantry Albion
Livermore, E. P. Private I 30 Infantry Augusta
Livingston, James Private F 25 Infantry Black River Falls
Livsen, Niles Private K 16 Infantry Menomonie
Lizar, A. J. Corporal H 38 Infantry Monroe
Lloyd, Charles W. Private -- 8 Battery Menasha
Lloyd, Frank 2d. Lieut. C 10 Infantry Winchester
Lloyd, Henry Private K 11 Infantry Phlox
Lloyd, John W. Private F 42 Infantry Walworth
Lobdell, Darius Private G 16 Infantry Pardeeville
Loberg, Lars L. Private B 46 Infantry Nelsonville
Lochman, Fred Private B 6 Infantry National Home
Lochner, Mathias Private K 45 Infantry Madison
Lock, William Private E 36 Infantry Shiocton
Locker, L. F. Lieutenant F 11 Infantry Dallas
Locke, William H. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Oshkosh
Lockhard, F. A. Sergeant B 37 Infantry Elo
Lockman, D. H. Private B 1 Heavy Art. Columbia
Lockney, James B. Private G 28 Infantry Waukesha
Locks, Frank Private I 21 Infantry Antigo
Locks, Reuben Private E 36 Infantry Phillips
Lockwood, C. A. Private H 14 Infantry Menomonie
Lockwood, H. H. Captain B 43 Infantry Madison
Lockwood, H. D. Private E 23 Infantry Oregon
Lockwood, T. W. Private E 22 Infantry Marcellon
Lockwood, Wm. Private A 3 Cavalry Wauwatosa
Lockwood, Wm. Sergeant A 3 Cavalry Milwaukee
Lodl, Vojta Private K 34 Infantry Tisch Mills
Loebel, August Wagoner H 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Loechner, Peter Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Loefert, G. Private F 48 Infantry Milwaukee
Loehrke, Charles Corporal E 34 Infantry St Killian
Loeper, Charles Private K 2 Infantry Lodi
Loescher, M. Private C 9 Infantry Salem
Loewe, Friedrich Private B 9 Infantry Sherwood
Loftis, Michael Corporal E 47 Infantry Mt Horeb
Logan, A. E. Private L 3 Cavalry Oakdale
Logan, William A. Sergeant E 46 Infantry Eagle
Logue, J. S. Private B 25 Infantry Balmoral
Lombard, Avingo Corporal F 47 Infantry Retreat
Lombard, Louis Private C 44 Infantry Amherst
Londo, Frederick Private K 21 Infantry Jacksonport
London, M. V. Musician -- 5 Infantry Janesville
Loney, Wm. H. H. Private H 7 Infantry Fennimore
Long, C. L. Hos. Steward -- 43 Infantry Sun Prairie
Long, E. J. Private A 36 Infantry Buck Creek
Long, J. A. Private F 48 Infantry Fond du Lac
Long, J. P. Corporal G 16 Infantry Downsville
Long, Jacob Private G 3 Cavalry Platteville
Long, John Private I 25 Infantry Kieler
Long, Stephen M. Private A 6 Infantry La Valle
Long, Wm. H. Private H 25 Infantry Platteville
Long, Wm. H. Private E 25 Infantry Platteville
Longfield, Jesse Private K 3 Infantry Madison
Longfield, Henry Private F 2 Cavalry Milwaukee
Longhenry, L. Fifer C 7 Infantry Platteville
Longley, P. E. Private F 3 Cavalry Oshkosh
Longstaff, Lewis Private D 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Longua, Joseph Private -- 1 Battery Fond du Lac
Longworth, J. S. Private D 30 Infantry Roberts
Loofbarrow, Wm. M. Private I 2 Infantry Monroe
Look, Henry Private A 9 Infantry Sheboygan
Loomer, Charles Sergeant I 13 Infantry Tomah
Loomis, A. J. Private G 18 Infantry National Home
Loomis, Charles Sergeant L 2 Cavalry Arkansas
Loomis, D. D. Sergeant B 2 Cavalry Lookout
Loomis, D. H. Private E 3 Cavalry Clinton
Loomis, Edward Private F 30 Infantry Hale's Corners
Loomis, Geo. W. Private D 18 Infantry Shell Lake
Loomis, J. L. Private C 43 Infantry Madison
Loomis, N. T. Private K 30 Infantry New Richmond
Loomis, Oscar, M. Private C 43 Infantry Fennimore
Loomis, R. E. Private -- 7 Battery Boyceville
Loomis, S. J. Private I 14 Infantry Gilmanton
Loomis, Washington Private K 41 Infantry Fall River
Loomis, Wm. E. Private C 25 Infantry Boscobel
Looney, J. S. Private I 3 Infantry Benton
Loos, Peter J. Corporal A 51 Infantry Bungert
Loos, Val. Private E 6 Infantry Hartford
Loose, Chas. Private C 42 Infantry Okee
Loose, Christian Private C 22 Infantry New Cassel
Looze, Herbert Private G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Looze, John Sergeant G 17 Infantry Green Bay
Loper, Darius Private F 25 Infantry Stoddard
Loper, Fred Private E 45 Infantry Lodi
Loper, George Private F 18 Infantry Oshkosh
Loper, Peter Private C 18 Infantry Stoddard
Lorch, Henrich Sergeant K 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Lord, E. W. Private -- 4 Battery Sextonville
Lord, F. Private H 35 Infantry Cashton
Lord, Freeman H. Sergeant F 30 Infantry River Falls
Lord, Herbert W. Private F 1 Cavalry Grand Rapids
Lord, Hiram M. Private I 1 Heavy Art. Oshkosh
Lorenz, Carl Private F 26 Infantry Cecil
Lorenz, Jos. Private K 9 Infantry Chilton
Lorfeld, William Private E 32 Infantry Meeme
Loring, Edwin K. Private A 25 Infantry National Home
Loring, Horace G. Private A 12 Infantry River Falls
Lorshbough, J. N. Private H 25 Infantry Louisville
Losee, G. C. Private F 40 Infantry Mendota
Losey, Alfred Private A 18 Infantry Canton
Losey, Isaac Private A 18 Infantry Canton
Losh, David W. Private K 46 Infantry Sparta
Loth, Trangott Corporal D 45 Infantry Hartford
Loudenklos, John P. Private H 12 Infantry Pittsfield
Loughrey, J. W. 1st. Lieut. F 12 Infantry Marinette
Louisin, Louis Private -- 8 Battery Amherst
Louthain, A. T. Private E 35 Infantry Platteville
Louthain, Benj. F. Private E 35 Infantry Platteville
Louw, William Private C 30 Infantry Blair
Lovejoy, H. W. Private K 32 Infantry Madison
Lovelace, Joseph Corporal D 1 Heavy Art. Fayette
Lovelace, S. S. Private M 1 Heavy Art. Shortville
Loveland, Chas. A. Private B 24 Infantry Milwaukee
Loveland, Frank Sergeant C 3 Infantry Monticello
Loveless, J. A. Private G 11 Infantry Viola
Lovell, John Private E 14 Infantry National Home
Lovell, Philip F. Private A 3 Infantry River Falls
Lovett, Adam Private K 4 Cavalry Stockbridge
Lovey, John Private B 1 Heavy Art. National Home
Lowe, John Corporal K 5 Infantry Elo
Lowe, Wm. Sergeant K 5 Infantry Bancroft
Lowell, Albert Private D 14 Infantry Canton
Lowry, Wm. H. Private I 42 Infantry Neillsville
Lowth, Edwd. Private K 44 Infantry Milwaukee
Loy, Wm. Surgeon -- 6 Infantry Platteville
Loyd, John Private A 11 Infantry Chippewa Falls
Lozier, Isaac Private B 3 Infantry Symco
Lucas, A. B. Private B 12 Infantry Green Bay
Lucas, Abe. Private G 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Lucas, Alphens Private G 2 Cavalry Green Bay
Lucas, James Sergeant H 44 Infantry Basswood
Luce, Wm. H. Private -- 3 Battery Oshkosh
Lucier, Thomas Private K 20 Infantry Cylon
Luchsinger, Thomas Sergeant H 35 Infantry Monroe
Luck, Christ Private B 47 Infantry Ripon
Luck, Frank Private D 3 Infantry Stargard
Luck, Fred Private C 21 Infantry Winneconne
Luck, Fred Private -- -- Perm. Party Milwaukee
Luck, George Private D 9 Infantry Prairie du Sac
Luck, Julius Private I 35 Infantry National Home
Luck, William Private F 12 Infantry Oconto
Lucker, Christ Private F 18 Infantry Hika
Luckow, Fred Private I 34 Infantry Manitowoe
Lucy, Daniel Private H 8 Infantry Mazomanie
Lucy, Patrick Private C 6 Infantry Ferryville
Lucy, Peter Private E 6 Infantry Mt Sterling
Ludman, William Private A 4 Cavalry Whitewater
Ludfring, Bernhard Private K 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Ludington, James H. Sergeant H 1 Heavy Art. Albany
Ludkey, A. C. Private I 1 Cavalry Antigo
Ludwig, Chas. Private F 5 Infantry Milwaukee
Ludwig, John Private D 1 Cavalry South Kaukauna
Lueck, F. W. Private A 26 Infantry Juneau
Luecke, Henry Private D 6 Infantry Bonduel
Luedke, August Private E 26 Infantry Naugart
Luedolph, Henry Private I 26 Infantry Milwaukee
Luetien, John Private B 9 Infantry Kewaunee
Luhn, John Private E 27 Infantry Fond du Lac
Luick, John Private H 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Lull, Edgar M. Sergeant H 20 Infantry Oshkosh
Lum, J. K. Private H 11 Infantry Spencer
Lumbard, Daniel F. Private G 6 Infantry Ontario
Lumby, William Private H 32 Infantry Quincy
Lumke, August Private E 3 Cavalry Stephensville
Lumley, Daniel E. Private E 10 Infantry Ontario
Lumsden, A. J. Captain F 48 Infantry Sheboygan Falls
Lund, A. L. Lieutenant H 27 Infantry Cambridge
Lund, Geo. 1st. Lieut. D 1 Infantry Milwaukee
Lund, Hans E. Private K 5 Infantry Menomonie
Lund, P. N. Private I 15 Infantry Stockholm
Lunn, Chas. S. Private B 3 Cavalry Ogdensburg
Lunn, Jno C. Sergeant A 22 Infantry Racine
Lunn, Ole Private B 41 Infantry Afton
Lunowy, Albert Private G 41 Infantry Green Bay
Lunz, David Private F 44 Infantry Waterloo
Lupient, G. A. Private G 2 Infantry Marshfield
Lupinski, Herman Musician H 14 Infantry Sheboygan
Luraas, Nels. K. Private G 15 Infantry Stoughton
Lurvey, Joseph I. Private A 1 Cavalry Dousman
Luscher, John Sergeant A 26 Infantry North Milwaukee
Luscomb, Charles W. Private I 27 Infantry Omro
Luscomb, Frank E. Private E 17 Infantry Omro
Luscomb, Henry Private E 17 Infantry Oshkosh
Lusha, Geo. H. Sergeant K 17 Infantry Little Rapids
Luskuski, Nicholas Private D 52 Infantry Nordheim
Lutchinger, Jos. L. Private A 29 Infantry Waterloo
Luten, Ole E. Private H 15 Infantry Stoughton
Luther, Chas. Private A 28 Infantry Gravesville
Luther, Henry Private K 50 Infantry Berlin
Luther, Jacob M. Private L & E 4 Cavalry Milwaukee
Luther, Justin P. Sergeant E 7 Infantry Berlin
Luther, Wm. Private D 17 Infantry Milwaukee
Lutz, Andrew Private K 46 Infantry Stevens Point
Lutz, Lorenz.. Private A 27 Infantry Kewaunee
Lyford, L. B... Private D 30 Infantry Roberts
Lyke, Hiram F 1st Lieutenant F 28 Infantry Oconomowoc
Lyman, Albert C. Sergeant E 1 Cavalry Oconomowoc
Lyman, Frank. Corporal C 39 Infantry Kenosha
Lyman, John. Private K 16 Infantry Lyndon Station
Lyman, John. Private E 3 Infantry Root Creek
Lynch, Barnard. Private G 24 Infantry National Home
Lynch, Daniel Private A 33 Infantry Avoca
Lynch, J. S. Sergeant H 42 Infantry Avon
Lynch, Wm.. Private H 28 Infantry National Home
Lynn, Joseph. Private D 46 Infantry Portage
Lynn, Marvin H. Musician G 7 Infantry Nekoosa
Lyon, Delos Private D 11 Infantry Valton
Lyon, Geo. H. Private C 1 Cavalry Augusta
Lyon, H. S. Private A 42 Infantry New London
Lyon, J. H. Private I 6 Infantry Glendale
Lyon, Samuel. Private D 25 Infantry Madison
Lyons, A. P. Private   18 Infantry Fond du Lac
Lyons, J. W. Private I 22 Infantry Loyal
Lyons, John M.. Private I 29 Infantry Loyal
Lyons, L. Private I 17 Infantry Waukesha
Lyons, Moses Private E 24 Infantry Wauwatosa
Lysne, Thomas Private K 12 Infantry La Crosse
Lysne, Henry. Private B 46 Infantry New Hope
Lytle, Henry Corporal H 22 Infantry Somers



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